Do You Hulu?

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Who doesn’t love Hulu? No doubt you’ve heard about it. It’s a place where you can watch all of your favorite television programs. Hulu is not going away. If you have a broadband connection, you’re crazy if you’re not on the site. Today, Hulu announced Hulu Desktop – for both Windows and OS X! The software is easy to navigate, and looks great!

Hulu Desktop is a great-looking and easy-to-use viewing experience for your computer. It has a sleek look that is optimized for use with standard Windows Media Center remote controls – or Apple remotes! This lets you surf your way through Hulu’s library with just six buttons. For people who don’t have a remote, you can use your keyboard and mouse.

I’m not kidding… if you aren’t already using Hulu, you’re an insane person. How else can you easily catch up with your favorite shows – at your own pace and time? I use it to watch things I enjoy but am not able to catch during normal “air time”. It’s easy, and it’s fun!

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3 thoughts on “Do You Hulu?”

  1. Have to agree with you about Hulu and their new desktop. Been using since the day after it came out. Love watching their selection of the new “Outer Limits”.

    The only bad thing about it is News Corp is seriously looking at charging subscription fees to use some or all of Hulu. Since they own the Wall Street Journal and collect fees to view it…the head of News Corp believes the same should happen with Hulu.

    Guess Hulu doesn’t enjoy running all the PSA’s for the ads they could be running to generate their revenue. Having been in commercial radio for many years…looks like their sales people need more to do…even in this economic climate. When you have TV spots running all over the place about your website and people are using it…something is wrong with your sales force to not be doing their jobs.

    I have an old P4 setup with MythTV to record whatever programs I wish to record…with MPEG editing software for the commercials.

    With many people getting their fix for programming with Bittorrent and cheap TV Tuner hardware/software…there’s no lack of available programming for free. Guess News Corp and others love shooting themselves in the foot with the free choices viewers have available.

    Please News Corp…start charging me for what I can get for free with better quality without also giving me the gift of buying your overpriced seasons on DVD.

  2. HULU is available only in the USA. Partially coming to the UK around Christmas 2009.

    Your audience is global, try to write for them. The world does not consist of just America, and the tech world is global.

    A simple disclaimer such as “not available outside of the USA” would be polite, and also show that you actually know what you are talking about.

  3. Hulu sucks because I can’t watch it! I don’t live in the united states, fine. But why must they region lock it? Screw hulu

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