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I recently attended the WTIA Fast Pitch Forum & Technology Showcase. The conference featured two dozen of the of the hottest technology companies in Washington presenting their business in a competition for “Best In Show”. RedFin is an online Realtor agency that allows you to search for and set up appointments to see home right from your own office.

Probably the coolest thing about RedFin is the fact that they refund half of their commission right back to you! They also perform better, too. According to the Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) that brokers use to record deals, Redfin negotiates a bigger discount off list price than traditional brokers.

If you’re in the market for a new home, you definitely want to consider checking out RedFin. You’ll save yourself a bunch of hassle, and a lot of money.

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2 thoughts on “RedFin”

  1. Is this a paid ad or are you working for them now?

    I was just wondering because it’s not disclosed, yet you clearly state “When you’re ready, our local, experienced agents will get you into homes and guide you every step of the way.”

    I thought you, of all people, would be careful to differentiate between sponsored paid blog posts and commentary.

  2. I wish Redfin would go public so there would be some accoutability for these statistics that Glenn Kelman seems to spew. I’m surprised that this site is so biased after seeing an 8 minute presentation.

    They may pay their agents based on customer satisfaction, but Redfin gets paid on a commission, just like everyone else in real estate. Redfin makes more money when you pay more for a home. The conflict of interest he so elegantly denies definitely exists.

    Academic studies? The statistics he mentions are developed internally as an advertisement for Redfin. He makes it sound like college professors are analyzing their business. It is marketing, pure and simple.

    40% increase in revenues? Apparently you can achieve 40% revenue increases by entering a whole bunch of markets with teeny, tiny market share in each one. I’m sure that expenses have increased proportionately to support staff in each locale. They do not have an appreciable market share in any market they serve, and as far as I know, their market share in their biggest market of Seattle stalled almost two years ago.

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