What Luggage Do Geeks Use?

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Every so often you may need to leave the comfort of your own home and travel somewhere. When you do, you want to try to travel light, to be more convenient. Up until the other day, I had a satchel that I slung over my shoulder for my laptop and other things. It ended up being really heavy. When given an opportunity to check out the Travelon Checkpoint Friendly Wheeled Computer Brief Computer Case, I was all for it! A computer case with wheels? I’m down with that!

Yes, it has a handle that extends quite far. If you don’t want to wheel it around, you can carry it with the handles. It also has a water-bottle pouch built in! It slides onto a suitcase, to double up how you’re wheeling your luggage around!

The thing that makes this particular case wonderful beyond the wheels is the fact that it is compliant with the way the TSA expects you to have your notebook when you travel. It slides out easily from a pouch, instead of having to take it all the way out! That makes it so much easier when you are trying to get through the airport.

There’s an accordion pouch in the middle that zips all the way down both sides. You can get into any of the four sections quickly to find whatever it is you need. There’s a lot of room to store all of your gear. Since it’s on wheels… it’s not going to get too heavy to carry!

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