Have You Tried SlingPlayer for the iPhone?

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I decided to relax by watching live TV on my iPhone, using the SlingPlayer App. It sells for about $30.00 right now. SlingPlayer is an excellent App. I can control the TV as if I was sitting right in front of a traditional television. I can tweak several different options, including the resolution. Also, I can access a full guide to see what’s playing!

SlingPlayer Mobile lets you watch and control your home TV and DVR via your Slingbox on your BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, or Symbian smartphones. Switch from your home cable box to your DVR – using your phone!

You’ll find all of the controls and features you’d expect. You can fast-forward and rewind, or even record. If there’s a feature on your television, then it’s on the SlingPlayer. This only works, of course, if you have a SlingBox, which I do.

The big drawback is that AT&T has throttled this App. They were worried about the amount of bandwidth usage. So I can only use the SlingPlayer if I connect wirelessly. That stinks. Boo AT&T. Big mistake screwing things up for us this way.

You might balk at paying $30.00 for this, but think of it this way: record all of your shows at home, and access them on the road. If you travel even a little, it’ll pay for itself quickly! Grab it for yourself, you’ll definitely not regret it.

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