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Wicket is one who believes RSS is dead. He thinks that Twitter has replaced RSS as a means of receiving information. Just about every site out there has an RSS feed, which can be delivered to you via your Email if you choose. Did you know that every Twitter user has their own RSS feed? At one point, I swore that Email was dead, and was being replaced by RSS feeds. So it’s funny that Wicket claims RSS is now dead!

Let’s get back to the whole receiving RSS feeds via your Email. There’s a service out there that will easily allow you to add and manage your feeds, and have them delivered right to your inbox. Feed My Inbox is a free service that allows blogs, feeds and news to magically show up in your inbox.

Find the site you would like to track, such as a blog, a news site, twitter feed, or even craigslist search results. Most browsers will display whether there is a feed on the page or not. Find the RSS icon on the right side of your browser. Once you find a feed you would like to subscribe to, simply type in the URL for that site on Feed My Inbox. The service will locate feeds available on that site, and allow you to choose what you want to subscribe to.

After you verify your email address, you’re set. You’ll receive an email each time the feed is updated – but not more than once in a 24-hour period. This cuts down on clutter in your inbox. So, if there’s one update or twenty, you’ll receive only one email with everything inside.

You can also easily unsubscribe to any or all of your feeds whenever you choose. At the bottom of each new update/email, there will be an unsubscribe link. Click it once, and you’ll never receive updates from that particular site again.

Feed My Inbox is a great way to stay connected, and stay on top of the news, without having to go searching for it.

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22 thoughts on “How to Get RSS Feeds via Email”

  1. I just made a video on this subject, actually. I wondered if RSS in email is even worth it, if there aren’t that many adopters.

  2. I moved onto RSS to reduce the email clutter totally, by avoiding having to depend on newsletters that often died out mid way even though the site was still there and being updated. If you want to live in your inbox, gmail has a Reader gadget, Thunderbird lets you read feeds in its interface and Outlook 2007 also has a method for you to check your feeds. Why’d you still want your inbox to fill up with content from some website?
    Still not agreeable? I’d suggest you get another email address for all these types of periodic seemingly important mails, so your main inbox is kept clean to help important mails stand out.

  3. I’ve just changed from FeedBurner email subscriptions to Feed My Inbox. Apparently Feedburner’s new email subscriptions have not been working for nearly a month. Their feedback group is full of unanswered complaints. Not good enough Google!

    Hopefully Feed My Inbox will provide a more reliable service. FeedBurner aint what used to be! Why is it that everything Google takes over goes downhill quickly? It happened with Blogger. Now it’s happening with FeedBurner. What next?

    Thanks Chris for finding this one – it sounds like they really want to provide a top-class service.

  4. I guess there are 2 people in the world that like the idea of having all the stories from a day in 1 email, but it’s a horrible experience.

    You can’t delete, filter, forward, file, sort or otherwise organise individual posts. It makes the whole matter unmanageable. I hate having one humongous email with dozens of images that takes forever to render. It’s basically useless.

    Anybody know of a service that will send 1 email per story.

    Come on guys, we have powerful email clients with all kinds of functions. You don’t have to have your RSS feeds come to your inbox. The notion that it’s somehow more convenient to have less emails instead of more just disregards all the features our modern email programs have.

  5. There is another service that provides rss to email This one allows you to receive updates on an hourly basis and let you create your own feeds.
    I think getting all news in a single email is great. email is still the most accessible medium.

  6. Thanks for the couple of free suggestions – feed my inbox is limited to 5 free feeds now and I would like to add lots more.

  7. is there any way to get rss feed to inbox real time ? for every article ? i ve search the net but i cant find nothing… can somebody help me ? 

  8. Feed My Inbox exists, but isn’t exactly free. You can have two (count em, 2) feeds delivered to your email for free, but after that it costs $15/mo. If you absolutely have to have the 100 feeds sent to your email, then I suppose it might be worth it. Otherwise…

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