How to Share Files on Twitter

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Twitter is a place to say things which are short, sweet and to the point. There may be times, though, when 140 characters isn’t enough. You might actually need to attach a file to whatever little missive you’re sending out. Yes – I’m serious. I’ve witnessed this strange phenomena!

I was surfing my Twitter feeds this morning, and happened upon someone asking how could they attach a Word document to a Tweet. They were actually serious! I decided to re-Tweet it, in a joking manner. However, I learned something new instead. Apparently, it’s possible to attach files to a Tweet… sort of. But if the day ever comes when people literally attach Word documents to them – I’m done! I will be out of that sphere faster than you can type the word Microsoft (or Apple).

This is what you do: upload your file to FileSocial, and log in with your Twitter credentials. Your file is then shared with all of your contacts on Twitter. What makes this different than the photo-sharing sites for Twitter is the fact that you can upload things like PDFs and documents, as well.

When you upload a file, you can include a brief comment or description and a tweet will automatically appear in your Twitter account. Anyone can see, comment on and even download that file through that link.

If you have any other cool sites that are useful on Twitter, or in general, let me know about it! You know where to send comments and questions to!

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  1. This is good to know. I’m sure I’m going to need this capability one day for something. Thanks!

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