Eliminate Body Odor Tutorial: a “How to” Cosmetics Beauty Tip

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Tonight’s final installment of Geek Eye for the Sloppy Guy is a rather sensitive subject. I’m guessing you know someone who could use this tutorial. If you don’t know anybody who has a B.O. problem, then you’re the one who has it. There’s one in every group.

For the record, I am wearing pants during this video!! I swear it!! I did this one shirtless for two reasons. The first, obviously, is because we’re going to discuss bad aromas coming from the general armpit area. The second is due to the fact that finally I can do a beauty tip in a way that no female can – at least, not on YouTube they can’t! So hah! In your face, gorgeous guru girls!!

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met in person who smelled like they hadn’t showered in the past week of their life. It’s called deoderant – check it out guys. Pop off the cap… hold it about six inches from your pit… and spray! If you’re using a solid stick, then swipe that sucker already. For the love of all you hold holy and dear – USE DEODORANT!!

Whatever brand you decide to use is fine. Whatever works for you to keep that stench at bay is the thing you need to throw into your shopping cart. I personally choose to use a combination anti-perspirant and deodorant. The first part keeps you from sweating, and the second keeps you from being stinky! Win-win situation from both angles.

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3 thoughts on “Eliminate Body Odor Tutorial: a “How to” Cosmetics Beauty Tip”

  1. I’m one of your undoubtedly numerous gay fans. I don’t admire you just for your hardware, I think your software is really cool too. It’s that combination that makes you so uniquely special a person. I watch your videos quite a bit. But It’s nice to see you without a shirt, its been a while since we could send messages for your chest. When will we see you without pants ? even with undies 🙂

    Thanks for everything you are and do.


  2. Oh my… I wonder how many geeky women are drooling over that video?!

    I gave up spray deodorants because all too often I ended up spraying them in my face, accidentally.

    Oh, a few times, I sprayed my pits with hair spray by mistake.

    I use Mennen stick deodorant, I think… something like that.

    I don’t use cologne because some people have breathing problems.

    If you’re clean, you should smell good, naturally.

  3. When I first got into computers I worked with a guy that smelled so bad… he cleared the call center. He was asked by management to correct it, after a week of no change, he had his own section of the call center.

    Finally, during his 90 day review meeting, again it was addressed and he was let go… “it just wasn’t working out”.

    Personally, I shower daily, using a deodorant “Dial” soap, then I use a Gillette anti-persperant / deodorant gel glide. Seems to work fine. If I go out I use Axe Cologne as a booster. The last thing anyone needs is to smell a smelly, especially if your going to a clients home.

    I will mention (not to deter anyone from using deodorant) that studies have shown that (IN WOMEN) using deodorant can lead to early breast cancer, because most women shave their arm pits opening the pores in the skin, the glands that are in the arm pit are attached to the breast. There are alternative natural deodorants that women can use, although they are not cheap. So if your a female, have a family history of breast cancer, smoke, and/or are concerned about this topic, it may be worth further investigating.


    P.S. Chris, no offence dude, but if you ever do a video in “all” na-tur-al…. please post a warning first….LOL

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