Stop Spam from Reaching Your Computer

Over eight million people can’t be wrong! That number represents the growing number of people who use MailWasher to handle the spam problem. One of our security reviewers has used this product for almost a decade, so the recommendation for MailWasher Pro comes from years of experience with this legendary program.

MailWasher Pro is effective and it is easy to use:

Apart from being the most effective software to fight spam, you’ll find that MailWasher is probably the easiest anti-spam software to use. We took the view that if we can’t understand how to use a piece of software in under 5 minutes then it’s probably always going to be hard to use. Why try and learn a whole lot of new icons and procedures? You want a program with a minimal learning curve, is easy to use and looks attractive.

Everyone, with the exception of the spammers, hates junk mail. Spam not only wastes your time, it can be a means of delivering malware and various infections to your computer. One of the goals of MailWasher Pro is to allow the user to preview the email prior to downloading. Consider this as viewing the mail at the server level instead of handling it while it is on your machine. That is an added level of security.

Other programs claim to screen your email and filter it for you. The problem (and the danger) of those systems is that you may lose some of the mail that you want. Legitimate email may be filtered and eliminated. That does not happen with MailWasher Pro. You can have a brief glance at the mail at the server level and eliminate what you do not want. It’s easy and it’s an elegant way of handling the spam problem.

It is possible to set up friends lists, blacklists, and filters. If some spammer is mail “bombing” your account, for example, MailWasher Pro can handle this easily. MailWasher Pro includes a heuristic virus scanner. And it is possible to bounce the email to make your account look like it is an inactive account. These are just some of the anti-spam tools that MailWasher Pro offers. There are many more features but let’s just say that this is an excellent security program.

Now, our readers have an opportunity to buy MailWasher Pro with a fifty per cent discount. Yes — really — for a limited time, it is possible to buy MailWasher Pro at half price.

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This remarkable offer expires on April 27, 2009. (Contact us if you want this program in high volume. We’ll see if we can help.)

Mailwasher Pro works with AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, IMAP, and POP3. Stop just downloading your email to Outlook or Outlook Express. Preview it first!

And one final point… MailWasher Pro has an active support system. It has a live technical support system, as well as a forum. This is just a first class operation — and just an excellent program. You will consider MailWasher Pro a “must-have” for every computer you own. It is that good.

10 thoughts on “Stop Spam from Reaching Your Computer”

  1. I’ve used Mailwasher Pro for several years and can’t imagine email without it. 50% off, or not; it’s worth every single penny you’ll pay for it.

  2. I too have been using Mailwasher for an awfully long time! Probably since it was a one-man cottage industry and they were using quill pens on parchment. Started off with the free version and then got REALLY daring and went for pro. One of the most useful programs around. I always liken it to having a look at your snail-mail whilst it’s still in the sorting office and then deciding if you actually want the postman to deliver it. (Hope the UK terminology doesn’t confuse our friends across the pond!). The only aspect of the program which may not be of use these days is the “bounce” facility. Once upon a time, the false message it sent back to say that there had been an error might have cut some ice but it’s of little use now.

  3. I downloaded Mailwasher Pro and my McAfee indicated it was blocking a trojan during the download. I aborted the download. What happened?

  4. I’ve been torn about such programs for years.

    Over recent years, I’ve checked much of my PC email via the web, rather than using a program to download the email.

    I took a good look at the product description page.

    It appears this program works for both Mac & PC?!

    I’m still a bit undecided. I only get spam from my Gmail account, and not my Roadrunner or MobilMe accounts.

  5. Since I already know that you use a variety of operating systems it would really be helpful if in your articles you made at least some mention somewhere what OS programs you review/promote work with.

  6. When the spam hits your inbox it’s an automatic FAIL. I’m a strong believer in server-side filtering. I use two gmail accounts for that purpose. My public email address forwards to a different account that I actually check, so 90% of the spam gets stopped by the first account before it even reaches my real account.

  7. I’ve been using MailWasher Pro since it first came out. It’s quick and easy and their support is great. Well worth it. I always recommend it to everyone I know.

  8. C’mon Chris, this post is nothing more than an advertisement and affiliate kick back for you. Filtering spam, or in this case quarantining all messages, is a giant band-aid to the real problem.

    Facebook and LinkedIn have the problem figured out – its time to allow users to build their own e-mail network as opposed to letting a spam filter decide who e-mail users can communicate with. This opt-in model is a simple IT solution that provides e-mail users with unparalleled security and control.

    Our users love our product because it does just that, 100% spam elimination. While it looks like MailWasher allows users an added level of control over their e-mail (huge plus), at what expense? They are still left to comb through a “junk folder” to retrieve good messages and sort through the bad ones – an unnecessary waste of time.

  9. “It appears this program works for both Mac & PC?!”

    It only works on other platforms through virtualized windows operating system.
    If you are just running Mac or Linux, don’t buy this expecting it to work.

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