Online Backup Reviews and Coupons

When was the last time you backed up your computer? If the answer is “never” or “I don’t know what to use,” then you might try either Backblaze or SpiderOak. Online backup services trump traditional backup methods – so long as you have a broadband connection.

10 Reasons to Use Online Backup Services

  1. You know you can access your data from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Once you start using the service, it just runs in the background (virtually silent).
  3. No need to buy any additional hardware.
  4. With my links, you can save 10% off either service: Backblaze or SpiderOak.
  5. All data storage is off-site.
  6. The software is tied into the service directly (versus getting it as a “bonus” package).
  7. These particular solutions are cross-platform – which may not be important to you now, but think about what might happen a few years from now if you decide to get a new operating system.
  8. Redundancy! You don’t want to have a single point of failure.
  9. These are service companies, not hard drive companies – and when you need help, you know you’re going to get it (and if you’re not being helped by Backblaze or SpiderOak, let me know immediately and I’ll kindly thump a few skulls for you).
  10. Software updates come to you on a regular basis – that’s a very GOOD thing.

Why I like SpiderOak:

  • It’s easy to share your files with friends (with RSS, too).
  • You can backup multiple computers through one account.
  • File duplication checks to ensure you’re not wasting space.

Why I like Backblaze:

  • Request a USB stick or DVD of your data at any time.
  • You have the option to add your own encryption key.
  • It gives you a “changelog” to review (at the folder level).

I’ve negotiated an exclusive 10% off either one of these online backup services – Backblaze and SpiderOak. They’re now both Mac and Windows compatible! You can download and try each one of them for yourself (and PLEASE let me know which one you like more). If you don’t start backing up online, you’ll regret it.

And don’t buy ANYTHING without first asking me if I can save you money – because I bet I can.

14 thoughts on “Online Backup Reviews and Coupons”

  1. Chris, you rock! Thanks for the discounts. I was considering going with Backblaze after I saw an article on Techcrunch. Do you use an online backup service? Which one and why?

  2. Buying your own external hard drive would make more sense, that way you data is 100% secure and no one will ever have access to it. To be really safe you can get a few of them and double or triple backup your content.

  3. I have a pretty good backup system right now using a G-Tech 2 hard drive RAID with the redundant backup configuration (copies the same info twice, mirrored on both drives). Not all my Macs are OS X 10.5+ and those older systems cannot use Time Machine, so I use an app called AASync. Backups are scheduled, and if the machine is off at the time for the buck-up to run, the software automatically boots up the machines. I’m pleased with what I have in place.

    However, the “accessible everywhere” option is appealing. The Backblaze feature of having private encryption gets me over the privacy hurdle.

    Even with a good back-up method already implemented, I’m OCD enough to consider another layer of redundant security, and keeping it in the cloud would keep the data available to me on the go.

    I’ll take a closer look. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Buying your own external hard drive isn’t worth the headache. You get unlimited backup on Backblaze for under $5/month. It’d take me a lot of months worth of online backup to equal the cost of buying a hard drive (not to mention the backup software, time to configure, reminding myself to back up, and so forth).

    Plus, the external hard drive is only ever where my computer is. Here in San Diego, fires are a risk every year. If (god forbid) my house burns down, my data is not at risk and I’ve got the ability to access it wherever I am, whenever I want.

  5. I was 10 days into my 15 day trial with Backblaze. I was deciding whether to choose them or SpiderOak, funny enough. Chris, your coupon, put me over the edge. Thanks.

    BTW, I just wrote on my blog why I chose Backblaze.

  6. The best backup solution has a physical component (external hard drive) and an online component (I like JungleDisk, personally, which can double as a network drive for sharing files across computers).

    The hard drive on my MacBook died *four* times this past year, and thankfully I was always backed up … but even with a Comcast Business Internet connection (20mbps), re-downloading your entire iTunes library is a pain in the ass. An external hard drive makes this process much easier, but an external drive is equally susceptible to theft/fire/flood/loss, which is why an off-site backup is needed too.

  7. Online backup might be good for documents, pictures and stuff.
    But if you want a total backup of your hard drive I would recommend an external USB/Firewire-drive.
    If your hard drive fails, it´s easier to restore the OS, all your programs and settings if you have an external hard drive.

  8. I am actually using both of them at the same time right now. I have had zero issues with backblaze. Spider Oak caused my machine to run really hot for a few hours as it was doing the the on the fly encryption of my data. Both backed up everything in a hurry (took about 20 hours for 30GB of data).

    I can tell you this, customer service with Spider Oak is amazing. I have talked to their people a few times and I always get a detailed, accurate answer quickly. They are truly passionate about their product, and their customers. This goes along way in the way of choosing a company for me.

    I use backblaze on my wifes computer, as she needs to backup a couple of external HDs that she keeps all her design files on. The backblaze system automatically decides to back them up. She is only using this prodcut on her system right now.

    One weird point, and this is 100% cosmetic is that with backblaze it installs itself as a prefpane and you can hide the menubar icon. This is nice, as it is an always on app, that really should not need a menubar or dock space to remind me it is running. I am not going to be accessing the preferences so often it needs that much presence.

    My end conclusion is that you cannot go wrong with either one of these companies. I am using both for true multiple location failure plans. I am sure in 6-12 months I will choose one over the other. Right now though they play nice together, and work like a charm so it is hard to give up either.

    Wish you would have written this earlier Chris no coupon usage for me.

  9. Hello,
    Daniel Larsson at SpiderOak here.

    I just wanted to add that SpiderOak operates a 100% Zero-Knowledge solution (the Encryption key is create on the client, no password is ever sent clear text and ever our employees cant read your data!)

    We also offer logs and information on folder level and SpideOak 3.0 that was just released includes FREE Online Sync between any devices, keeping your files updated!

    If you have any questions feel free to email me anytime at : [email protected]

    Daniel Larsson
    Marketing, SpiderOak Inc

  10. As Adrian Rubio asked above:

    Is Mozy not a good online backup service? I believe Mozy to do all of the things the above products do with the exception of the “changelog” to review.

    I’ve been using Mozy for several months and it seems so simple and easy.. I love it!

  11. Online backup is always a good choice for your data. There are many online backup solutions available on net. With online backup solutions your data is backed up automatically as per your predecided schedule. Thus it saves you from the tedious manual backup procedure. And also, with online backup your data is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Before finalizing You can refer site
    My personal favorite is current topper I am using their service for last 6 months. No problems so far.

  12. I love online backups because they are a better for my files.I use safecopy online backup for all the backups i need.Here they offer a free unlimited 5GB trial version and if i delete any file by mistake,i can recover them back by just a few clicks.The setup itself doen not take more than 2minutes.This is so owesome and what i really love about it is that the prices are so effective.For 200GB of storage,i only pay 50bucks a year.This has saved me from spending tons of money.

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