Saving Money and Eating Strange Foods

A day in the life of a Geek – helping all of you save money, and eating foods that others would never try! I began the day by posting about amazing savings you can take advantage of on Sunbelt Personal Firewall. Later in the evening, I posted a video of myself eating a candy bar that combines chocolate and bacon of all things. That’s the thing I love about live streaming – you never know what will be happening from day to day, or even minute to minute.

Many of you are out there working hard to produce great content online. I appreciate the time, effort and dedication you all show when you’re writing and contributing on both Lockergnome and Geeks! All of you are what makes this community work and grow. Have you looked around at what others are up to?

2 thoughts on “Saving Money and Eating Strange Foods”

  1. Hey im all for strange foods……try nutella and cheese 🙂 or jelly and cheese

    those are my two entrys 🙂

    i would love to try the bacon chocolate thing im all down for trying new food

  2. Me and my 6 year old daughter have planted a garden in the back yard to help save a little on the grocery bill. It has actually been a great way for us to bond. I wouldn’t call it strange food, but for a city boy like me, it’s different.

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