Do Bacon and Chocolate Taste Great Together?

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While I’ve been known to refuse chocolate at times, I’ve never turned down bacon – even if I’m stuffed. Chocolate and bacon is a combination I’ve never considered. However, there’s a chocolate bacon bar on the market now. Mo’s Bacon Bar combines smoky bacon and sweet milk chocolate into one delicious combination.

Interestingly enough, this goodness came about after many years of the creator playing around with flavors. When she was six years old, she realized how yummy her crispy bacon tasted when drenched in maple syrup – or even mixed with the melted chips from her chocolate-chip pancakes! This has resulted in a company she now runs, which is dedicated to combining chocolate with many different tastes.

So of course I ordered one for myself. It contains deep milk chocolate, Alder smoked salt, and Applewood smoke bacon. Yes, I had to try it live on the video just to put my money where my mouth is. I love unique foods anyway, so why not?

Sniffing it, you can definitely smell both bacon and chocolate. At this point, I was having second thoughts – so I bit the proverbial bullet. The texture is like a toffee bar. You can taste the salt with the chocolate while chewing. However, you don’t taste bacon until after you’re done chewing. It’s almost like a bacon aftertaste!

I like it! Make sure to grab a few for yourself!

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7 thoughts on “Do Bacon and Chocolate Taste Great Together?”

  1. Next time you’re in SF, you’ll have to let me make you a maple bacon latte. Made with real bacon! — nature’s candy. And of course, espresso and maple syrup and milk.

    It’s like a big hot mug of breakfast.

  2. I’m glad you like it, but I won’t be trying it. I don’t eat pork. I do love chocolate and like you with bacon, I have never been known to refuse chocolate.


  3. Most of us think of chocolate as sweet candy but in Mexico and some other places, unsweetened chocolate is used as the main ingredient for makling spicy sauces.

    Mole is a tasty sauce often used on baked chicken. It’s made from plain chocolate along with several spices and is available in many supermarkets and specialty stores as a paste to be diluted or as a ready-to-use sauce. It’s especially good mixed with left-over turkey meat.

    Besides combining chocolate with bacon, one exotic food company used to make chocolate covered ants.

    Now that chocolate is supposed to be healthy, we can experiment with its more uncommon uses without feeling guilty.

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