What Do You Like About Likaholix?

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There are many things in this life that I like. I like green tea. It’s Geekalicious, really. I like old video games, like back on Atari. I like bamboo. I guess I’m a likaholic. If you’re one as well, you might like Likaholix.

Likaholix allows you to share, discuss and discover your likes with people you know. Basically, you just like things. It asks me to enter the name of an item. So, I entered the word lamp. It gives me a few different options to choose from, or I can enter a web link to what it is that I liked.

Once you select the item, click an image that’s representative of the like. Next, you need to say something about why you like that particular thing. I can optionally select my location, and add tag words. I can edit my like, and leave a comment.

If others happen to like the same things as me, then they can say they like it as well. This way, I’ll find people who like the same things I do, and may meet new friends. This site is all about likes – and no haters!

Right now, Likaholix are giving away five Amazon Kindles to people who join and become extremely active at liking things and people. Why does the world have to be so full of negativaty? The glass is half full, not half empty!

Did you know your friends like the things they like? Do they know what you like?! Likaholix is a great place to find out.

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