Can You Describe Yourself Using Only One Word?

In my travels around my community today, I came across another thought-provoking post: Can You Describe Yourself Using Only One Word?”. ONE word – are you kidding me? That’s honestly harder to do than one would think. There are many words that can be used to describe each and every one of us. Kat, for instance, has an “about me” page on her blog, listing fifty words that describe her. They are all perfect – so how could she sort through and choose the one word that describes her and all she is? I know I couldn’t do it for myself, either. It’s nearly impossible to come up with that one word that sums up who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in.

Can you do it? Can you come up with one word to describe yourself to all of us? Leave a comment here, and let us know what it is – and even what one you would use to describe me! While you’re thinking of your answer, why not take a read through everything else that’s been catching my eye today on Lockergnome and Geeks?

37 thoughts on “Can You Describe Yourself Using Only One Word?”

  1. As you say, it is extremely difficult to be able to describe one’s self in a single word. I think the only two words to choose from which could sum up a person would be dynamic or adaptable, because this manages to pack everything you can into a single word and can mean everything you want it to mean.

  2. I like to describe people by making parables, e.g. the word that I think desicribes me is “Tree” because I’m like a tree, the wind makes me bend a little bit but I’ll still be at the same place as before the wind. And you Chris, I think the best word that describes you is “Campfire”, why? Well I think you’re like a campfire, you’re buring for what you’re doin’ and your fuel is new things that happening, and wherever you’re burning, things is happening around you and you’re always in the center of the “happening”.
    Well at least this is the word that I think describes you, I don’t know you personally so correct me if I’m wrong.. Well, keep on doing what you’re doing because you’re good at it.. =)

  3. Words are only pointers to the truth. If you had to describe anyone, “Being” would probably be the best word that doesn’t cause that person to instantly filter their experience with you.

    This is the deeper meaning behind not judging people. When you call something a word, you think you “know” it and move on from ever really getting to know and experience that which you just judged.

    Hope that helps! I enjoy your stuff!


  4. Intentional – Most everything I do is pre-determined with a desired or expected result.

  5. one word to describe my self… aah .. well i have recently come to realize how much i am like my cat precious… we both are up all night.. want to eat all the time , sit and never get up ….and Only do what we want to do so the one word that describes me.. would probably be.. i kno its cheezy.. but ” precious”… or even ” feline” or” cat”:) lol those are three arent they:)

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