What do You Treasure Most in Life?

I love how during my travels through our sites every day, I come across something that really makes me stop and think. Today’s post is found on Geeks, and it’s called What do You Treasure Most in Life. Not only did I have to stop and take time to think this through for myself, but I also am curious to see your answers. Reading through the thread, it’s heartening to see that many people place their family/kids/friends at the top of their lists. Too often, we let the material get in the way – or at least our quest for what’s tangible. Kat summed it up beautifully, reminding us:

Even with the economy in the toilet – we have much to be grateful for in life, and much to treasure. Don’t let a minute of life pass you by without remembering things like this.

We are seeing news articles daily about people taking their lives over losing their jobs, or falling far behind in their bills. Heck, we’re even reading about people who are taking the lives of others – including their own children. We hear of the layoffs, and many of you have been affected by them yourself. But when you take a moment to stop and really think – you are still blessed. You have family and friends who love you. You have your health (hopefully!) and mental well-being. You have your brain, and the ability to think, do and create. You have your freedom (in most countries). You have YOU.

While you’re thinking about your answer to the topic question, why not take a read through some of the other interesting things found today on Geeks and Lockergnome?

  1. My family (which includes my friends, blood doesn’t really matter much to me) and my pets. Maybe a couple of books: Galaxies, by Tim Ferris; AE Van Vogt novels; To Sail Beyond the Sunset by Heinlein. But most of all, my family.

  2. Most important to me is the love and support of my husband. Second I would have to say would be my sight, followed by my hearing and then sanity (what precious little I have left at 55).

  3. The most important thing in life seems to be other people, believe it or not. Once a person has food, shelter, and a roomful of techie toys (wink wink), then people are the most important. Like Susie Ormans list, first people, then things. I have had lots of enjoyable moments with my computer and the Internet, but the truly best times have been 99.9999 percent with someone else, or elses. And usually, I did not realize it at the time how lucky or wonderful the moment was util later, looking back on it.

  4. well lets c.. i have my husband.. the dude who actually went WAY beyond himself to come and marry me and has loved me a little more every day, then theres my family that can fight with me all they want but have always been there when i need them, Before i needed them..my friends who have allowed me to trust with their lives…. and then my cat.. whos kisses make the world go round.. and then my coumputer, my camera and the list goes On and on. so i if i think about it.. the thing that i treasure most.. HAS to be LIFE it self.. which lets me treasure all this that i have and can never be thankful enough for:)