MacHeist: Mac Software Discounts, FTW!

When someone offers you hundreds of dollars worth of software for a fraction of the cost (legally), you’re insane to ignore the offer. This is what MacHeist is all about: a bunch of crazy people running around the Web, completing puzzles, and getting tons of digital bits in return. This time around, I scored dozens of apps (valued at $500 in total) without dropping a dime.

In a short period of time, I have collected over 900 awesome applications for Mac OS X – and I keep most of ’em inside a Tools folder. Few of ’em needed installers, and most of ’em were either free or part of these Mac community software bundles. I’ve effectively disproved the wildly-outdated “no software for the Mac” theory. In all my years of using Windows, I never saved that many EXEs (for posterity or otherwise).

I met the MacHeist Directorate at Macworld this year, not realizing that I met one of ’em (Scott) when I was still at TechTV. They asked if I wanted to participate in one of the missions – and I was all for it. Pretty soon, was set up and revealed to the masses. They’re transferring the domain to me soon, although I’d love to turn it into one of those simple sites where you can do wacky things with text (turn it upside-down, backwards, cHaNgE cAsE, etc.). That’ll be fun. 🙂

They invited me down to SF to film the live bundle reveal show with Veronica and Lisa. I was more than happy to take them up on their offer, given my appreciation for their efforts and the general Mac community. We broadcast the session to 4,000+ people over the course of a couple of hours. I’d do it again in a heartbeat:

As of this moment, there are 11 more days for you to take advantage of MacHeist 3 – so you’d better get in while you can. As mentioned in the video, the unlocks will be available to you even if you buy into the bundle before they’re attainable.

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