Are There Musicians in Our Community?

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I was taking some live calls the other night when David Crandall called in. He said that he’s a musician, and wanted me to check out his MySpace music page. I did – and was blown completely away! Who knew we had such amazing talent right in our chat room?

His latest song took about 48 hours to write and record. He does all of the instruments and the vocals himself, including the mixing! You have to listen to it… this stuff is seriously excellent. I am honestly, literally blown away.

David uses Audacity to do the mixing, and also uses FL Studio. He forms his own synth sounds using software, as well. As we’re talking, I clicked on another one of his songs, where he’s singing. I was speechless, as was Kat.

David has serious talent, guys. Keep an eye – and an ear – on him!

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11 thoughts on “Are There Musicians in Our Community?”

  1. As a musician and a geek and a part of the Creative Providence project, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I remember from college how many of my music friends were into computers – and that was, you know, the early ’80s. @batterista notwithstanding, I find that most musicians are good with math, and I’ve always felt that that was the connection.

  2. Good stuff, David…and Chris, too. I’m a musician/composer, myself, and I do electronic music using an old Ensoniq ASR-10 as my MIDI controller, combined with Acoustica Mixcraft 4.0 (as my software sequencer) and a boatload of VSTi’s (virtual instruments, most of which are free). You can hear some samples of my music at:

  3. Hey Chris, just wanted to post a link to my stuff. I also write/perform/produce my own songs under the name hollygorock. I have a few songs at my MySpace page as well as a free digital EP. I do all of my recording with Adobe Audition 1.5. Posting this from my hotel room at SXSW in Austin, TX!!

  4. hey chris! i suppose i could be called a musician, but ive never recorded anything.:( i play mostly irish/scottish traditional music on tin whistle/penny whistle, flute, and bodhran, but i also play clarinet and im currently writing a few 80’s style pieces for like keyboard(me), guitar, and drums…if i get time ill record some stuff and put it up on myspace or youtube 🙂

  5. There are scores of people all ages, all over the world collaborating together using similar software and real voices and instruments to make music.
    Check out
    I have done my own stuff there and collaborated with a musician who lives clear across the US and another who lives in NorthhamptonEngland.
    David Crandall is way good. He needs to get on icompositions and feature himself and also create a press kit on (which btw is offering free press kits for a limited time).

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