How to Unzip ZIP Files Online

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Transferring large files to any type of service or media is a pain in the rear. It takes forever and ends up causing you to want to tear your hair out, right? This is why you should ZIP your files before sending them along their way or trying to place them onto a USB drive. Likewise, you should be crossing your fingers and hoping that every time someone sends you a large file it is sent in this manner to save you serious download troubles.

With a ZIP file, you generally have to decompress them. In some cases, you may want to look inside a compressed file, but you may not have the proper software lying around. Did you know you can view what’s in an archive without un-archiving it onto your hard drive? All you need to do is go to the Web, and head to WobZip.

To uncompress files from your computer, go to the main page and select your file by clicking the “Browse” button then on “wobzip it!”. To uncompress files from a URL, go to this page and type in your URL. Click on “wobzip it!” to upload and uncompress. A list of files will appear, and you can save your files by clicking on the filename. You can also save your files as a ZIP file by clicking on the “Download files as .zip” button.

Now you can unzip your files in school, at work or anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. No longer will you be limited by the inability to install programs onto admin-protected computers. Your files are scanned using BitDefender, so you don’t have to worry about downloading something that is infected with nasties onto your hard drive.

Don’t let the fear of what’s inside stop you from opening ZIP files. Use WobZip to safely and easily decompress those files!

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3 thoughts on “How to Unzip ZIP Files Online”

  1. That’s a very useful site, especially for someone who doesn’t want to download winzip or a similar program.

    I will also be using this to unzip files from the web so I do not have to download them prior to unzipping.

    Thanks, Chris!


  2. This is a cool online service. I don’t see myself using it but thanks to that website I saw a ad for JZip for Windows.
    I checked it out and made sure its legit and isn’t a scam or anything. Its a little archive app for windows and so far I’m liking it.

  3. Site doesn’t seem to like me… All it does is refreshes the page…. All I’m trying to do is unzip some manga chapters.

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