How to Open Files with Unknown File Extensions

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Files – those freaking files – are all over your computer and your Internet. Sometimes, people even send you files. What if you have a file you know you need access to, but you don’t know how to open it? What do you do? You can go to a search engine and type in something like “how to open xyz file extension”. Why take up so much time? Why not just head over to OpenWith?

OpenWith provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file. There are plenty of great programs out there that will cost you hundreds of dollars to do what you need. What you probably don’t know is that there is usually free software that it just as good.

For almost any file on your computer, the OpenWith Desktop Tool will tell you what type of file it is, and show you free programs that will open the file. It will even download them for you! You simply right click on a file and select “How do I open this?” and the OpenWith Desktop Tool will look up the file!

Many of the things you could download on your own not only costs money, but could also be riddled with Spyware and other nasties. All you need is a simple and fast way to open and view your files. OpenWith’s Desktop Tool is the perfect answer! It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s fast!

How did you ever manage to get along without it?

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8 thoughts on “How to Open Files with Unknown File Extensions”

  1. I could kiss you. This has been a fretful thing for me forever.

    Thank you so much for the opening unknown files article.

    Smack !

  2. Thanks, Chris! looks highly useful, as I’m always downloading something I don’t have the software to open.

  3. THis Site helped me out alot to figure out some files that were just sitting around….good thing …..anyway great site hope to see more useful sites likes this posted on here

  4. At the top of their webpages it says “free programs to open any file extension”.

    But some of those programs are not free. For instance, EditPlus and WinRAR are both Shareware. They require a license after a trial period.

    When I see “Free”, I expect free.

  5. Hi interesting site but the mad thing is that you say: “You can go to a search engine and type in something like “how to open xyz file extension”.”
    And the site doesn’t contain any information whatsoever about the .xyz extension files, Funny!

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