Are You Looking for a Free Internet Whiteboard?

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I had some of the people from our live chat room draw and write on my virtual whiteboard. They managed to quickly fill up 24 pages! I created this for free, using a cool service I came across that you can use for school or work!

Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application that’s centered around the whiteboard. With a new type of drawing interface that’s actually easy and fun to use, Dabbleboard gets out of your way and just lets you draw.

You can either sign up or not, it’s not necessary! There are different levels of use… both free and paid-for accounts. You can freehand draw, add text, or use one of the tools to make your drawings more precise.

Your Dabbleboard can be private or public. You can also go a step further, and click “voice and video chat”. A box will pop up and detect your camera and microphone. You then add friends or coworkers. Once you’ve set it up, you are given a URL to share with others. They can then see what you’re drawing and writing, and add to it – as well as being able to see and hear you!

Whiteboarding is a perfect way to communicate when you’re snowed in, sick or just have to work with people who aren’t all in the same location. Make sure you pass along any other collaboration tools you know of!

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