How to Place Your Face on a Sticker

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Making stickers out of pictures of myself is just kind of fun. I’m sure all of you played with stickers when you were younger, right? If you’ve always wanted to turn your face into a custom-cut sticker, now you can!

The person who started this service asked me if I’d be interested in receiving some face stickers. I thought sure – why not! I get them in the mail, and they scared me. It’s not the fault of the stickers… it’s simply because my mug could scare off robbers! Maybe you have need for some theft deterrent. If that’s the case, you can use my Chris head stickers for that purpose.

My Sticker Face is a brand-new way to get your face anywhere and everywhere you want it to be. Upload your picture, edit it to look its best, and then place your order. They use high-quality vinyl to print your stickers, instead of cheap paper. The quality could be better, but hey… they’re fun!

One thing I wasn’t crazy about is the fact that you cannot view your actual sticker sheet prior to purchase. However, you will receive an email within 24 hours of ordering, with your proof attached. The cost per sheet is fairly low, at $5.99 each.

What a fun, unique gift idea for a younger person in your life… or even for your mom! Send her a sheet of stickers with your adorable, smiling face on it for Mother’s Day. She’ll love it!

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