Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks on the iPhone?

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Pixie is not amused with the Bark Machine portion of the new Dog Tricks and Bark Machine App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I can always move on to other aspects of this very cool new App, including ones that help teach her new tricks!

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine’s instructions were supervised by certified dog trainers, according to the App’s creators. The dog tricks part of this App includes commands, games and tips on how to correct behavioral problems. Dog Tricks and Bark Machine also features an informative section about popular dog breeds, as well as tons of photos.

The bark machine part of Dog Tricks & Bark Machine gives you eight different sounds that will get your dog’s attention. They include a woof, meow, doorbell, high-frequency whistle that only dogs can hear and other sounds.

Future versions of this App can let your dog be a star! Send in your pics and caption text to Dee to nominate your dog for future releases!

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