How to Create an Awesome Twitter Profile Background

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Do you Twitter? If so, then you know you can tell the World what you’re doing in 140 characters or less. Many people who tweet have jazzed up their home page background on Twitter. Do you know how to amp up yours? All you have to do is head over to my tweet space and create yourself a great-looking background in minutes – for free!

Choose your style, create your badge, and then update your profile. There are over 100 premade templates to choose from. Choose your badge style, and then enter all of your information – or at least as much as you are comfortable with sharing on Twitter!

You can add your own personal comments, and various profile links for different sites. When you’ve entered everything, choose your fonts and text color, and then preview your layout! Save your background and then upload it to Twitter! That’s all there is to it.

Thank you to everyone who follows me on Twitter, and to all of you who followed me during the making of this video, to get me past the 29,000 subscribers mark!! You guys rock.

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11 thoughts on “How to Create an Awesome Twitter Profile Background”

  1. Am I the only one stuck with the “Returning User” error on this? There seems to be no “New User” option for me, regardless of how I hit the site.

    This is one of my many frustrations with flash-heavy and javascript-heavy sites. On a related note…

    Chris, for people using NoScript, your site sets off virtual alarm bells with all the nested scripting sites that each page contains. Making matters worse, even if I choose to unblock them permanently (based on blindly trusting you to not embed nasty stuff in your page), a few days later, it seems there are new scripts. The current count for this page is 16 sites *other* than your page that you’re drawing scripts and content from. It’s dangerously close to me just looking at the RSS feed, grabbing the links from there, and not returning to the page. – Tim

  2. Actually a really helpful video, thanks Chris!

    I made one with Ponies and Unicorns… and iPhones and Macbooks.. and rainbows and fire and blood and gore and death in general.. and Chris’s face.. and… twinkies..

    I’m lying, I don’t use twitter. But Chris is still the coolest geek in the world 😛

  3. This is really a nice post…
    Thanks so much for such great information.

    I started thinking about creating a unique profile for my twitter account and that’s what I’m searching for. You really help me out…:)

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