Has LOST Jumped the Shark?

I’m a latecomer to LOST.

It’s always tricky when you start watching shows mid-season, but it’s even more difficult when you start watching shows long after the first episode. I might not have the full LOST backstory, but I don’t really feel the need to go back and watch the first couple of seasons (even though we have them on DVD already).

I started watching LOST at some point in the beginning of the previous season, and this new season began just a few weeks ago. So far, so good – at least, in my opinion.

I heard a few people complaining about how this season is going so far, and so I decided to ask my Twitter followers: are you digging it or ditching it?

kyleheine: way digging it!

about 5 minutes ago

moderatelywell: love it nose bleeding time travelers whats better than that?

about 21 minutes ago

bettybeth: Have not seen the most recent episode, but definitely enjoying this season of LOST and will stick with it until its over.

about 32 minutes ago

JadeEJF: I’m enjoying Lost for now. At least it’s got a focus for both groups, unlike some other seasons I’ve seen.

about 35 minutes ago

jthrasher: Loving LOST.

about 37 minutes ago

beetleman08: So far I think this season of LOST is great!

about 38 minutes ago

lemonkey: I never watched it before but I caught a few minutes of it tonight and thought the commentary notes at the bottom were neat.

about 46 minutes ago

fancyfembot: definitely digging Lost

about 47 minutes ago

venson: digging LOST!

about 49 minutes ago

JRegner: digging Lost!

about 52 minutes ago

robertrosenfeld: I’ve loved LOST since the begging. Tonight’s episode rocked!

about 53 minutes ago

onewiredguy: digging it! Except tonight… Wasn’t very exciting

about 57 minutes ago

starlite528: Not even watching LOST, only saw the first couple of episodes from season 1. I don’t watch much TV.

about 59 minutes ago

Outsanity: I gave up on LOST. Just let me know when they ALL leave the island

about an hour ago

MCKLEIN73: I have to say im digging LOST how can you ditch one of the greatest series of our times?

about an hour ago

mtor82: I’m digging this season of lost.

about an hour ago

findingnewo: AKA I’m digging it

about an hour ago

findingnewo: LOST is getting so good now. Besides season 1, this is the best season so far.

about an hour ago

nicolosi: I’m liking it still. @mmatassa keeps asking me why I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Then again, I liked twin peaks to the end

about an hour ago

shellyroche: definitely digging. especially hurley a) throwing hot pockets or b) in orange jumpsuit

about an hour ago

golddeath: i have to much time invested in LOST to just abandon it after 3 subpar episodes, have faith!

about an hour ago

adamwgodfrey: digging it

about an hour ago

infinitelypie: I’m still loving it. Particularly since they’re getting more into the time travel aspect.

about an hour ago

scwilder: I ditched antenna, satellite, and cable all together. Just heard of the HDTV upgrade last week 🙂 LOST — no clue, lost myself

about an hour ago

mayhemstudios: I’m loving #LOST so far. Taking it to another place, from where it first started.

about an hour ago

Dave0: Two words: Freakin’ Awesome. #lost

about an hour ago

onespartan: Totally digging it.

about an hour ago

icequeen057: Still trying to get caught up – but I’m into the end of season 4 and loving it. Friends have only said great things about 5.

about an hour ago

joshua_w: totally digging it!

about an hour ago

sperling: I’m so far behind in “Lost”. I haven’t even watched last season’s finale! Should probably do that soon before TiVo erases ’em.

about an hour ago

mattsnod: Digging Lost. I’m understanding everything that’s happening this year. I’ve always been good with time travel in fiction.

about an hour ago

tangomega: I have stayed away from “Lost” since the beginning. So, “Ditch”, I guess.

about an hour ago

harrysaxon23: It’s fantastic and getting better, IMO. I think they’re proving how well-mapped the series arc was admirably.

about an hour ago

javajive: No way I could ditch it after following it from the beginning. No matter what route it takes, I need to see it through.

about an hour ago

jandrick: still digging

about an hour ago

Superbad24: DIGGING IT by A LOT!!!!

about an hour ago

smabjure: Digging it to the max.

about an hour ago

drpants: Digging it, big time.

about an hour ago

11 thoughts on “Has LOST Jumped the Shark?”

  1. Well that’s a shame.. that you didn’t watch the first few seasons I mean, it would be quite an experience processing all the phony clues and mysteries only to realize how trivial they seem three seasons later. *keyboard headbang*

  2. Honestly Chris, I think if you started at the beginning with Season 1 and got caught up, you’d thoroughly enjoy the series much more than you already do. It’s worth it. There are things in the current episodes that might have you asking questions that would be answered if you’d watched the entire series up until this point. Wow, run-on sentence. Anyhow, yeah, I liked LOST but I fell in LOVE with it when I started from the beginning.

  3. Really? Liking Lost but not having seen the first two seasons of it is like enjoying the music of Paul McCartney but not having heard The Beatles. Only Wings.

  4. Look out Marty, we have to go back to the future. Look we can make an island go back in time, or forward, or rather just disappear to some but be in a time cycle for others. Lame Lame Lame. I want my 4 years back. Shark Jump = yes. What a shame. They really could have stuck to trying to at least making it realistic instead of just saying the hell with it, we are now a science fiction show. Pretty soon Jack will have light sables and Sawyer will make the kessel run from bounty hunters. Damn it I hate what they did to theis show.

  5. The start of this season wasn’t great at all. However, in order to appreciate the series you need to see the first 2 or 3 seasons. Those are solid!

  6. YES..it has jumped the shark with season 6. Why make it if we will be dissapointed. Loads of NOWAY situations that really pisses me off for spending time watching. Really…the only part interesting now it with Locke. Anything else besides that, i’ll skip.
    Just seen episode 3 and really..really is that bad.

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