What’s New in iLife ’09 (iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, GarageBand)?

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I am taking a look at the new iLife ’09 for Mac OS X. As of the day I installed this, January 26th, it wasn’t available to the public yet. Due to a misprint in a BestBuy ad, Danny was able to purchase his copy early. Taking a look at it, I’m already liking what I see. The four components of iLife are:

  • iPhoto – Organize photos two new ways: Faces, based on who’s in your photos, and Places, based on where your photos were taken. Then share on Facebook or Flickr with a click.
  • iMovie – Make a great movie in the time you have. Choose a dynamic theme to enhance your movie in seconds. Or refine every shot with the Precision Editor.
  • GarageBand – Learn to play piano and guitar. Learn songs from the artists who made them famous. Rock like a legend with new guitar amps and stompbox effects.
  • iWeb – Design a website to share your photos, movies, and music just by dragging and dropping. Add new dynamic widgets and publish and share with a click.

Danny says that he’s noticed no speed improvements, but has definitely gotten excellent functionality improvements. He says that it is definitely well worth the amount of money it cost to buy the software.

I’m big into shooting live-to-tape, via Ustream. However, after watching Danny play around in iMovie, I’m willing to give it another try. He loves iPhoto just as much, especially the capability to publish immediately to Facebook or Twitter. iPhoto also lets you organize your photos in ways you may not have even thought of before.

The new version of GarageBand allows you to “take lessons” from beginning to expert level. There are new guitar features, and full-screen capability!! Assign instruments and styles to your guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboard player. Shuffle instruments randomly to instantly hear a new sound from your backing band. Create a custom mix using volume sliders or by muting and soloing any instrument.

And then we come to iWeb. iWeb makes it simple to design your own website… a task that is difficult for many people. Start by picking an Apple-designed theme. Each theme comes with coordinated fonts, backgrounds, and colors to give your site a consistent look throughout. Next, choose your template, and customize it using the tools integrated in iWeb.

I’m definitely getting my copy this week and getting it installed… are you?

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8 thoughts on “What’s New in iLife ’09 (iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, GarageBand)?”

  1. Ay mon, I be testing ya comment system at ya request. Peace to everbody. T – E – S – T . There you go ‘mon enjoy

  2. The improvements to iLife look pretty significant. With any luck, I may be able to upgrade sometime next month. I still have iLife ’06 installed…

  3. I will definitely be picking up a copy of iLife 09 this weekend. I don’t use Garage Band, but I heavily use iPhoto and iMovie so I am excited about the new features. All this for under $100? Amazing!

  4. RE: iphoto: yeah ive been using already ‘facebook exporter, v1.0.5’ and ‘FFxporter’ for facebook picture exporting for a long time now.

    RE: garageband: i have moved to logic express, waaaay ahead of garageband. and hopefully to full logic next year.

    RE: imovie: i use final cut express, again, way ahead of another kiddies app.

    dont use iweb. hardly woth $79 in my book. some nice added minor functionality but no need to piss your pants over it.

  5. well i think the new ilife 09 is the best peace of software for editing people and people that just like to do things for fun on ilife. Me i use my macbook for wat it is meant for, i just dont use it for web browsing and emailing and iming i am also using the software that came with it and the best software for the mac that is out there, and also for an example – Final Cut Pro- and also use imovie a lot for my youtube video editing and iphoto to keep all my photos organized and be edited to the best quality. i am forword to get ilife 09 so i can do a better job on my youtube videos and photo editing and being very organized.

  6. Hi. I stumbled across your site. I got a mac in 2007 and am just starting to use iMovie. I have a dvd I’d like to put on iMovie, but it won’t take, saying it’s not compatible. I tried downloading this thing called mpeg streamclip, clicked and dragged my dvd concert into it, but it’s telling me that I have to buy something from apple for it to convert to MPeg-2? I have no idea what that means. Do i really have to give apple more money just to convert my dvd into iMovie so I can edit and put on youtube? Can any of you geniuses out there help this dweeb?

    Thanks for you help!

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