Who Are You on Twitter?

Who Are You on Twitter?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo – I was quite surprised to fire up a Web browser and check out my “Twitter Grade” (which I’m sure doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still an interesting statistic to know – considering just how many people are using Twitter these days).

Turns out, I’m in the Twitter Elite – outranking everybody else. I have no idea how the hell that happened, but I’m in some good company there.

Then again, I consider everybody on Twitter a part of the elite – one person’s tweet is equal to another’s (despite what some might claim). Just because you have more or less followers than me doesn’t make you any more or less important than you already are.

Twitter is instant gratification, instant validation, and a chance for you to tell the world what you’re thinking… before you’ve had a chance to think about it. Then again, maybe it’s more like an exclamation of feelings before you’ve felt them?

What is Twitter to you? Is it anything? Are you there? Is it a fad – like this blogging thing? Will Twitter be around in 10 years? Will you?

Oh, too many questions – but I dare not pose them directly ON Twitter, lest I be lashed with the 140 character limit. Beh.

So, you can follow me if you choose to follow – I’ll auto-follow back, because that’s how I wish to use Twitter.

It’s a firehose of information and emotion – a digital microcosm of life itself.

10 thoughts on “Who Are You on Twitter?”

  1. Interesting you should ask Chris. Last night I hopped onto Twitter for the first time in quite a while … and decided to block all the users that had no value to my use of Twitter. This included a lot of CSS/HTML gurus, a dozen marketing/networking giants, and peeps that simply advertised themselves.
    See, I like to chat with people. Twitter doesn’t seem to be for that purpose anymore: People just advertise their self-written articles. Admittedly, I’ve been doing the same with TwitterFeed, yet I realise that if I want to use this online-tool more effectively I need to actually listen more and talk less, except to respond and converse where warranted/asked.
    Subsequently, I blocked over 30 people, thereby removing all the clutter and advertising from my time-line.
    How glorious it was when I found only my closer friends discussions easier to notice, read, and respond (and favourite).
    Being top-of-the-pops is no big deal. In fact, it’s completely over-rated. Achieving karma on Plurk is similar … it’s unnecessary once you get into the act of chatting with real people.

  2. …i joined at the insistence of others…
    …and im not getting that much out of it…
    …maybe im not using it right…
    …but im determined to give it a fair try before giving it up…
    …im at twitter.com/SvenVollstag

  3. I’m hooked on the thing. I can’t stop tweeting sometimes. I tweet in my pool, by my (broken) dish, in the shower… time to create twitter’s annon!!!

  4. Firstly I do not think Twitter is a fad. It is a bit like when the SMS first came out everyone thought that was a fad but look at it now!

    Also Twitter is getting bigger every day, take the @jkrums photo, he has brought Twitter into the spotlight. People are now wanting a new way to communicate with out all the silly ads, poking and spam that come with other social media.

  5. I think Twitter is an amazing tool. I prefer it more for news and interesting links, rather then someone letting me know they are eating lunch. But that is just my preference. I wish more of my friends used Twitter, but it seems a lot of people are stuck on the Facebook “status”.

  6. Twitter kind of amazed me when I dug deeper and discovered all of the news, magazines, blogs, companies, etc. Twitter really can be useful I set my browser so it opens to Twitter then I scroll through the latest tweets local, national, personal the headlines are all there at my fingertips.

  7. I use it for a multitude of things. I drop links I think will be of interest to others. I converse with people. I ramble thoughts that pop into my head. I retweet some things I think may be of interest to followers who may not follow the same people. And I occasionally drop links to my own articles in hope of drumming up readers.

    Then there are some days when I just lurk and don’t post anything.

    I tend to follow people who don’t spam their business link and actually interact with others.

    IMHO, if you’re only using Twitter to get business, you’re missing out on a lot.

  8. If you follow someone, do it because they are of interest to YOU. I don’t need to follow SM, SEO etc folks because I use Tweetdeck and have one of my searches follow all conversations on SEO for instance… That way I can still interact in the conversations or merely follow the links that are suggested for my own investigation. This also helps keep me uptodate without having to follow that stuff elsewhere. I use it for the subject I have myself which is Expression Web. I use that to help anyone that needs it. (Chris you will understand this) I’m a mvp and my hobby is to help people with FP and EW use the prog and further to help them with their sites to bring them to standards. I don’t sell anything I just point to tutorials that will help with whatever their problem is. I also talk to a few fellow mvps that I otherwise would not. I notice people taking great delight in saying ‘Well I don’t follow those low fellows that spout about sm seo etc’ …why say that? Firstly you don’t need to follow them, but why were you following in the first place? Cut the clutter by not following blindly in the first place if you find yourself needing to cut clutter later. Others like Chris use Twitter in a different way…they want to know what everyone has to say because their in the business of doing exactly that in all media forms. I would like to know why people follow me. To be honest the more i see followers and the least follows on someone’s profile .. they peak my interest…what have they got to say that so many people find interesting? To me Twitter is not so much about general conversation ( i can join a coffeshop type list for meaningless drivel) its about conversations that peak my interest, helping people. Twitter to me is about being to the point … quickly because the amount of text to get there is so small. ‘Getting Twitter’ is about HOW you use it, what your motives are. Don’t expect twitter to be something you have used before, a list, a forum, a chat room, a im, even email….its a mutliple focused media… its exactly my forte…its like a super list that I can interact with on any given subject, and the subject stays on topic, because that’s the way I’m using it. I’m hooked…not because I like to chat… but because I like to keep my conversations focused but creative. Twitter is a super brainstorm and long may it continue.


  9. I just joined and follow Chris of coarse so far.
    Blocked “Whole foods” or whatever the spammer was.

    I can’t stand Myspace or Facebook type nonsense.

    I’ll give it some time to see if I like it. We’ll see how it goes.

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