How to Travel Back in Time

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When this application hits 88 miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious stuff! Visualize data in a completely different way. If you were naive to believe that there’s no software available for Mac OS X… think again. Here’s another breakthrough product that’s only available for the computer you claim is “too expensive.” Bee Docs allows people to create timeline charts. The cool thing is that once you create a chart, you can “fly” over it with a 3D perspective.

Your audience will think you spent days crafting your timeline, but it does not get any easier than this… Choose a “look” and enter your events. Got images to add? Drag them onto your events. That is it!

Present your 3D timeline in full motion. Browse your timelines with Quicklook. Search for events using Spotlight. Share you timeline using iChat Theater. Present your timelines in full screen interactive 3D or export your timelines as PDF to include in your documents, movies, or websites.

People can use this instead of using traditional presentation software. It’s built to be a part of a whole ecosystem of presentation. It works fantastically with Keynote. You can automatically chart out iCal calenders, as well as many other applications.

Once again – check with me for a coupon before buying any software!

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