How to Find the Best Computer Mouse

I recently uploaded a video in which I reviewed my new Microsoft Arc mouse. After the video aired, I heard from many people who claimed that Logitech mice are better – along with several other brands. So, I decided to ask some of you what mouse you prefer, and even why.

have always loved logitech meeses. But then, I’ve heard better things about Razor mice. – alphaxion

I prefer A4Tech / i have A4tech X6-20MD – DSaad69

I’ve never used a Logitech mouse so I can’t really say. I’ve liked all the Microsoft mice I’ve used though. – Daryl Burns

I have both and generally prefer Microsoft’s. – Kol Tregaskes

I like my Logitech Nano. I seem to like mice with lots of extra buttons, though. – Mark VandenBerg

I tend to prefer mice with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Ones on the thumb get activated by accident when I’m using it, their main function appears to be making me speak cursive words ๐Ÿ˜‰ – alphaxion

I like my logitech, very function w/ the extra buttons ~ for Mac there’s no such thing as a good mouse – sofarsoshawn

Better for what? – Bwana

I guess it depends on what it’s for. I really like microsoft’s arc mouse; it has served me very well. – Brandon Titus

Wow, you’re the first I’ve heard with an Arc mouse Brandon… how long did it take you to get used to the form factor? – Bwana

I used Microsoft mice before I tried the Logitech G5. Love the weight customization feature and programmable buttons. – Jody is unwired

I use an Evoluent vertical mouse and I absolutely love it!…April Russo

I think it’s a hand preference. I have tried logitech, and now matter how ergonomically pleasing they make them.. I still don’t like the feel. Ironically I still have an old version of Microsoft mouse that I love. – Strong One

I have better experience with the Logitech ones. – Amit Morson

razer diamondback for shape, feel, programmability and accuracy. Anything with a DPI around 1600 is ok. – Toby Graham

i LOVE microsoft mice (mouses) – andy brudtkuhl

My MS mice have always rocked – ditto their keyboards. – Soulhuntre

I have always had great luck with MS mice. but, in reality, it’s probably a Nikon vs Canon thing. They both rock, it’s a matter of personal preference. – Jason Shultz

What mouse do you prefer, and why do you love it so much?

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  1. The last good mouse by MS was The IntelliMouse Optical with the 5 buttons. Later mouses, including MS, are more trendy but less useful.

  2. You must be one with the mouse. I’ve been using Microsoft’s Optical Intellimouse which is OLD now for a mouse. And sadly, I’m a huge gamer and have been using it for several years, roughly 5 I’d say. Never felt limited by it’s age neither… Got a Logitech G5 comming in the mail today so I can retire this old guy. He’s pwnd thousands virtual lives. It’s not the mouse.. It’s how you use it.

  3. I have always preferred ultra-cheap (5-20 pounds/about 10-40 bucks) Logitech mice with cords. They’ve never let me down and they look very good (a bit generic, but then again it’s a good thing). They work unbelievably good with every OS and there’s no need for a better mouse.

  4. Right now I’m using a Microsoft mouse (not wireless)
    I’ve only every used one Logitech mouse (wireless) and it just stopped working in less than a year. I had a few MS mices before that (both wireless)
    The first MS mouse broke as well (the sensor had a bad design, it swiveled on the end and the wires inside broke because of it)
    The second one, well i’m not sure what happened but it stopped working and I tried it again a few months ago and it worked (on a different computer)
    The one i’m using now is the first wired one I had and its working the best.

    I know everyone says that wireless is the way to go but it can be such a pain sometimes..

  5. I like the logitech mx revolution for a couple of reasons:

    1 – rechargeable docking station. you dont have to deal with a dying mouse and change batteries. just dock it when your done

    2 – hyper scrolling. you can scroll quickly through large documents or long webpages

    3 – extra buttons! in addition to left, right, and scroll it has a thumb scroll (i use for zooming on pages), left and right scroll on the scrolling wheel, 2 thumb buttons (i assigned ctrl+tab for switching browser tabs) and the one-click search button that googles (or yahoo’s, etc.) anything you highlight and click that button with.

    the things i assume mice must have are laser and wireless. the one thing i don’t like a whole lot is that i have a large hand and despite the ergonomic design, i still could use something bigger. i’d like to see a mouse specially made for the large palmed population.

  6. I used a Microsoft mouse when I was using Windows but now I have switched to the Mac, I won’t use anything but an Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse. They are great, I don’t care what people say about them, it is the best mouse I have ever used.

  7. I currently use a Logitech LX6 wireless mouse. It is a good mouse with a very long battery life. I have a MX revolution coming in the mail and I can’t wait. The reason I wanted the revolution is for it’s rechargeable batteries, hyper scrolling, and the design. It fits into my hand nicely.

  8. I’ve used hundreds of different mice from many manufacturers.
    My favourites are the logitech g5 and g9.

    the g9 is probably slightly better.
    As a wireless mouse i love the V range with the nano receiver, you can leave it plugged into a laptop without worring about it breaking off.

  9. I like my Logitech MX1000. It has the features I like. The number of buttons, cordless, rechargeable, good fit for my hand, battery indicator. Mine is about 3 years old still has good battery life, even after never turning it off. Recently replaced the 10 user switches inside, (thanks Newark) that cured an annoying double click issue.

    Yes I like it that much that I’d rather repair than replace. Bought a couple used ones from ebay. Spares.

    Tried other mice, have owned other mice still like the 1000 the best.

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