The Top Windows 7 Tips and Tricks List

Community member Michael Coombes saw one of my recent videos on Window 7 and he thought it would be prudent to pass along a few more tips and tricks.

  • Windows key + Left: docks current window to the left side of the screen.
  • Windows key + Right: docks current window to the right side of the screen.
  • Windows key + Up: maximizes and/or restores foreground window.
  • Windows key + Down: minimizes active window.
  • If you want a more Vista-esque taskbar rather than the superbar (why anyone would revert is beyond me), right-click the Taskbar, go to Properties, check the ‘Use small icons’ option, then change the “Taskbar Buttons” option to ‘Never combine.’
  • Windows 7 now burns ISO files themselves instead of making users grapple with third-party applications.
  • For those lucky people with a multi-monitor setup, Windows + SHIFT + Left (or Right) will shift a window from monitor to monitor.
  • Gone is the “Add Font” dialog. It’s been replaced with a much nicer system. Download a font and double-click it (you’ll be greeted with the familar font window, but you should notice it now has a ‘Install’ button).
  • Windows 7 now includes Gabriola. This is an elaborate display typeface that takes advantage of OpenType layout to create a variety of stylistic sets.
  • If you press Windows + 1, it will create a new instance of the first icon in the task bar. This is handy if you do a lot of coding and need to open several instances of a program.
  • If you right-click on a Taskbar icon, it brings up the much talked about Jump List. However, the same can be done by clicking with the left mouse button and dragging the icon “out” (so to speak). This was specifically designed for touch-enabled computers, such as your lovely HP TouchSmart PC.
  • To run a program as an Administrator, it’s now as easy as holding CTRL + SHIFT when you open the application.
  • With Windows 7, you can now create a ‘System Repair Disc.’ This is a CD bootable version of Windows 7 that includes the command prompt and a suite of system tools. Very handy for those really tough spots (which, with this still in beta, could be just around the corner). To get to this, simply open the Start Menu and type: “system repair disc” in the search field.

I’m sure there are plenty more Windows 7 tricks up floating around, but these are just the ones that Michael shared with us. Have you discovered any others? Leave a comment and keep expanding this list!

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  1. Nice set of tricks and tips there. Might try these later on when I get home from college, I have Windows 7 running in a Virtual Machine. Should be good.

    Thanks for sharing these Chris

    – John

  2. Very nice and helpful tips!
    Win 7 is more user friendly ๐Ÿ™‚
    the first 4 seem like Mac OS X tricks… hmm


  3. there is a really cool hot key that i really like… windows + (+) or (-) its used for zooming in or out.

  4. I put the Win7 beta in my home computer as a dual boot with my Vista OS, however after 2 weeks I have had it crash only once and have felt no need to fire up Vista at all. BTW, I made the icons in the task bar small but left the functioning as default, I like the new functioning, just not the larger sized bar.

  5. I have always used pirated software from windows 95 up to windows vista,I think I will buy windows 7 when it comes out this is a good OS

  6. One tip that i have seen is ” Clicking” center wheel on mouse over any icon on the taskbar to open a new instance of the program…Thanx for the other tips….good stuff

  7. thanks for the tips, i think windows 7 will be a great os. but vista sp2 it’s better now, and more secure.

  8. win + tab gives you a scroll system like the i-tunes album covers. pretty awesome alternative to alt + tab

  9. Adding to the Win + 1 key tip, pressing Win + any number will open the program corresponding to its position on the taskbar (ie Win + 2 opens the second thing, + 3 opens the third, etc).

    However, it appears that if the program is already running, it simply makes the application the active window and doesn’t open another instance (only tested that with IE and Firefox).

  10. if you have multiple windows open you can grab one by the top and “shake” it and it will minimize all other windows, to get them back just re “shake” the program.

  11. if you have much more windows visible in front of you than you wanted, just take one of them and shake a little ๐Ÿ˜€ all others disappear (minimize)

    =) hard to say how usefull it is…

  12. if you have a program open on the taskbar, hold shift and click it again to open another instance of the program.

  13. thanks a lot friend u really rock,
    but can u help me solving this-
    here are the symbols for
    numbers from 1-9
    not having @ and # at correct places in keyboard

  14. As mentioned, Win + 1 opens the first application on the tastbar, when pressed again it will activate the running app… but… Win + Shift + 1 will open a second instance of the application

  15. I just upgraded to Win7. WOW, wow, all programs runs allot faster. Browsers, Opera, Chrome, Safari take 1 second to open on cold boot, did 5 to 7 in Vista. Photoshop, everything opens very fast, the systems works like a charm and the superbar is really usefull not just nice looking like Vista but is really helpful. I love Windows 7. Its a rock solid brilliant software. I can say the same for Windows Server, which is an amazing piece of software.

  16. nice list there.. i am windowsw geek..thanks for the share…i personally loved it thanks..!! Made my work simpler and easier ..i am loving windows..!

  17. How about Setting up Godmode in Windows 7 !?

    This Allows you to see all system control panels in one place for easy access.

    1. Create a new folder and then rename the folder with the following:
    Thats its your ready to tweak your system from one easily accessible control panel. From Checking your security status to task scheduling.

    **NB The โ€˜godmodeโ€™ works with both the 32 & 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista 32-bit, Windows Server 2008 32-bit should also work. ** However, it is known to crash 64-bit versions of Vista : you may need to boot in safe mode or to the command line to delete the folder. Be warned..

    Taken from a website called Geeky Tips

  18. I think Windows 7 is the best OS of Microsoft Corporation.It is very comfortable to use.Win+tab is a great option

  19. click on the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar, keep holding, and move your cursor up. a menu with options will pop-up.ย  (it works with all the icons on the taskbar)

  20. Alt + shift + down arrow turns the screen 180 degrees or alt + shift + right/left arrow to turn screen 90 degrees.
    Windows + R then type in Magnify.

  21. nice tips …..

    thanks for the share…i personally loved it thanks..!! Made my work simpler and easier ..i am loving windows..!

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