Which is Better: A Microsoft or Logitech Mouse?

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I’ve been very happy with my Apple’s Mighty Mouse for awhile now. Before this, I had been happy with Microsoft’s line for years. When I began having trouble with the wireless mouse that came with my HP TouchSmart, I went shopping. I picked up the new Microsoft Arc Mouse. I really like this thing.

The mouse folds down to 60% of its normal size using the strong metal hinge. Folding the mouse closed automatically turns it off. It has customizable buttons, so you can enjoy your music or access your documents with just one click. There’s also a snap-in receiver… plug it into a USB port on your machine to use the mouse, and snap it back into the mouse to preserve battery life when you’re finished.

I know you’re probably thinking that the Arc just looks funny. Who would have thought that the mouse having an arch the way it does would be comfortable? It truly is, though. It forces your hand to arc naturally, and it just seems to fit. I was wary about this, to be sure. But it really just works. My pinky and ring-finger seem to just settle comfortably to the side, and it makes for a good experience.

The Arc works really well precision-wise. I never used to use the side buttons on a Microsoft mouse, because they always felt they got in my way. This one is designed a bit better with the way they integrated their side buttons.

If I have one drawback, it’s that the mouse is almost too curved. It feels good, but I think if I had to use it all the time, it may just drive me nuts. It won’t be my primary mouse though. My hand is either too small, or the Arc just arches too much compared to my usual Mighty Mouse.

There’s no way I could ever go back to a corded mouse. Cords are so yesterday – they’re just blah! Wireless USB is coming, seriously! It’s not quite there yet, but it will be.

The Microsoft Arc seems to be a good mouse, and will work well for what I need it to. It looks cool, and works well. I know a lot of people like Logitech mice, but I tend to avoid them. I don’t like their software, it just sucks. Microsoft’s software is ok with their hardware. But Logitech software with Logitech hardware is just… yeah. We’ll save that for another day.

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19 thoughts on “Which is Better: A Microsoft or Logitech Mouse?”

  1. I’ve used both Microsoft and Logitech mice (mouses? meeses?). Both companies have created some good mice, while creating some clunkers as well.

    My preference now it for Logitech’s MX Revolution as the mouse I use at work (with intentions of getting another for home), and the VX Revolution when I travel. The MX’s rather neatly geared scroll wheel (notches release if you give it a good spin) just adds to the fact that it fits my hand juuuuust right. The VX is a nice compromise of smaller (yet not too small) size and features (unfortunately, my VX does not have the cool automatic scroll wheel thingy – it’s manually set via a switch on the mouse).

    However, I do still have my older wireless and wired MS mice laying around. I’m never disappointed when I need to use them for any reason. They are quality mice, just not as nice as the Logitechs.

  2. I currently use logitech MX 1100 for my desktop environment and logitech VX Revolution for the on-the-go mouse.
    I would highly recommend both of this mouse, they are really a well designed mouse and I am don’t feel to bad about the software, I just configure the mouse once and off I go.

  3. I didn’t know you had to install the software, everything I’ve bought worked out of the box. I’ve always had problems with wireless mice and keyboards, so I stick with corded. In my honest opinion, the Logitech Trackman trackball has to be the best mouse ever made!

  4. My favorite is the Microsoft Optical Trackball.

    I think they’re not making them any more.

    Logitech has a trackball that is almost identical to the MS one.

  5. Thanks for the info I use the MIghty Mouse but I played Quake Live and that was the first time not being able to right click and left click simultaneously has been a problem so now I’m in the market.

  6. I have a Logitech Cordless Click Plus Rechargeable Optical Mouse and I have to say it is comfortable for me as well.

  7. For desktop work I prefer the Microsoft mice because they fit my hand better.

    For portable use I prefer to use the Logitech Nano Notebook mouse due to its compact Nano transciever. The Nano mouse is a compromise, as the mouse itself is painfully too small for me to use for extended periods, but it beats the heck out of touchpad use and the inherent danger of breaking-off the notebook’s USB port with the leverage from the giant transcievers included with other wireless mice.

  8. Just recently upgraded to the Microsoft 1000 wireless desktop after years of using Logitechs’ products. While I do like the wireless features and media interface of the keyboard, the old scoot it around the desk mouse has to go in favor of a Logitech wireless trackball. The only rub being the wireless trackball costs as much as I paid for the combo Microsoft desktop.

  9. Well that is sort of like asking what is better… a Ford truck or a Chevy Truck.

    Ford makes a pretty good full size truck, and so does Chevy. Ford is very truck like, while the Chevy…. well you don’t know if your driving a truck or a nice car, they just ride and drive differently.

    Microsoft and Logitech both put out some good mouse’s (is that proper english, mouse’s vs. mice ). I think that Microsoft mouse’s last long and do what a mouse is supposed to do, and their somewhat configureable. While I have never had a Logitech last very long, however the buttons where very configureable, and the shape and size of the mouse’s typicaly are conforming to the hand and/which make them more confortable to use.


  10. Logitech all the way

    Dont get a MS desktop ket thing 5000, the wireless distance is like less than a foot

    you might as well get a wired mouse

    And i like logitechs innovation, like the vx nano

    I want the bluetrach though, so if that thing actually works, then i might reduce some of my non-love for MS

  11. The main scroll wheel on the Logitech MX Revolution is superb and makes this the mouse to beat. I also like the three configurable buttons. One is just below the scroll wheel and I have it set to delete. The other two buttons are along the left edge where your thumb can reach it easily. I have the rear button set to minimize.

  12. Neither.

    Razer is far and away the leading manufacturer of any type of mouse. Even logitech doesn’t compare in technology or technology vs pricing.

    They are marketed as gaming mice, but for work like graphics design and even in general desktop use they absolutely can not be beat.

    Even when everyone jumped to optical, I stuck with a Razer ball mouse. With infrequently required maintenance on the rollers it still tracked better and with MUCH higher accuracy (2000 DPI in 1989 people, logitech didn’t hit that benchmark until the late 90’s)

  13. I have the DeathAdder, Diamondback 1st Generation, Krait and VX Nano.

    DeathAdder = Fav desktop mouse
    Diamondback = 2nd fav, this one you have to hold it lightly
    Krait = the scroll wheel sucks – it tends to get stuck if heavily used
    VX Nano = Fav on-the-go notebook mouse.

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