What’s the Best Gamepad Game Controller?

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Here’s a question for you all: what kind of game controller do you use on your computer, if any? Is it wireless, wired or even a USB-connected controller? Mac OS X really doesn’t have a lot of options for game controllers, sadly. Believe me, I’ve looked for them! I really wanted something that would work with both Microsoft and Mac operating systems. That, until recently, was just something you couldn’t find.

I’ve been used to the way game controllers work in Windows. You plug it in, and it works with pretty much every game you want to play. This isn’t true of OS X. I’ve tried third party software to no avail. I’ve tried different hardware, including the drivers for the unofficial Xbox 360 controllers for the Mac. So, for about $20.00 I picked up Logitech Dual Action Gamepad. I can even get you a coupon if you want one.

The Dual Action Gamepad is all about control, comfort and convenience:

  • Versatile controls – Take charge with 12 programmable action buttons (including four shoulder buttons), analog joysticks with digital buttons, and a precise eight-way D-pad.
  • Analog performance – Expect precision from two analog sticks with digital buttons and smooth, precise action.
  • Logitech Profiler software (PC) – Get serious about your game with advanced button customization, multiple controller configurations, and printable gaming profiles.
  • Comfort grip – Play longer with less effort.
  • Plug-and-play setup – Simply plug it in and start playing.

It’s supposed to work for both Windows and Mac OS X. However, I maybe had one or two game that kind of worked in OS X. The reviews for this controller were really bad. Why did I buy it? There are literally no other options available. So, I decided to give it a shot. On Windows, I love the Xbox 360 game controller. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work seamlessly for a Mac. I know you feel there are no games for OS X. That’s just not true. Ask people who were watching me play earlier. They were asking me where I got that game, because it looked cool. So see? There ARE games for the Mac!

I have no other options for OS X. This is a call for help. If you know of a USB game controller that actually works for a Mac, let me know. The Logitech isn’t cutting it. If I could just get it to work, I’d really like this SO MUCH. I can just tell, by the way it is laid out. Sadly, I’ll never get a chance to know now.

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27 thoughts on “What’s the Best Gamepad Game Controller?”

  1. Well, I use a Wired usb Logitech Dual action controller, it works awesome i use it for the Grand theft auto game that i have for the computer i haven’t had any problems with it i use it allot i would recommend it to a gamer on the pc/mac

  2. I have been looking for a controller to use on mac os 10 and Windows, but like you said the specs are horrible for this controller but i went ahead and bought it a few weeks ago (funny that you blogged about this). So hopefully someone does know of a controller that is better and is compatible. If someone does please contact me!

  3. I have had plenty of success with the regular Logitech Dual Action controllers, although I’ve had an issue with one after dropping it where the electronics seem stuck in one position that won’t change.

    I’ve never really tried any super-nice controllers — they’ve always been prohibitively expensive.

  4. I really enjoy gaming with a good controller as well, and soon I am jumping over to Macs. I would really like to know the results of this post. Gaming with a controller gives it so much better of a feel.

  5. I have one of those but chose instead to use a Saitek P990 gamepad as it has two more buttons above the four on the Logitech. Oh shill mode. Seriously though, I like the Saitek because the buttons closely resemble the N64 controller for MAME games.

  6. I use the Xbox 360 corded controller right now…that said I’m using Windows so there really isn’t any compatibility issues with it. I actually had that logitech dual action controller for awhile…the left analog stick kinda crapped out of me about a month after I got it (it started only sticking in the down direction despite treating the thing like a baby) so I can agree with there at least being some sort of issues about it.

    I’ll actually be getting the Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition arcade stick when I get it in (I have the thing pre-ordered right now). It’s for the PS3 but it’ll work on the PC and I’m big on arcade style games.

    As for the mac there’s a program called GamePad Companion which is supposed to work with any usb pad but I don’t know how well it works. You might want to give that a shot if you hadn’t already tried it.

  7. well chris i like using my xbox controller for some games and i use a joystick on games like flight sim but the xbox one is the best

  8. Has anyone ever considered the game controller N50 or N52 from Belkin?

    I use one of these for RPGs but these are very programmable with the available software for both Windows and Mac OS X users.

    These are not your conventional hand held controller but once you get use to them they perform very nicely.

  9. I like the Microsoft SideWinder. Even though I haven’t been doing much game playing on the computer lately the sidewinder has always been my favorite.

  10. I like to Use the joystick for flight sim but for some other games like some action games like frontlines, i love to use the xbox controller it is the best thing to use

  11. I never understood why finding a gamepad for mac was such a big deal at all. I got my mac in 2004 and I have been using a NYKO AIR FLO Ex since back then and its absolutely fine. never had any problems in fact i’ve grown to like it more than any other controller. All you have to do is download the mac driver from their website

  12. we just purchased the logitech apple only dual controller and it wont work with our iMac OS X 10.5.8 or our updated powerbook….tried setting the controls from inside the games such as CoD4, Doom3 and Qauke 4, all to no avail …. controller is either broken or has mind of it’s own, or possibly there is a driver we could download from logitech but we just can’t find the proper driver anywhere soooo is anyone out there in gamerland able to offer some productive advice ? I’m in need of learning and hoping for a decent game pad for us MAC lovers….thanx

  13. If you own an iPod Touch or an iPhone you should check out this App called Jumi Gamer. It totaly ROCKS. There’s no Mac support yet but they say it’s coming.
    What it does is it turns your iPod/iPhone into a motion detecting game controller so you can plat any game on your PC by tilting your phone around. You also have all the keys and throttles on the touch screen so it’s realy comfortable. Everything is realy close and you can control the whole game with two thumbs.

  14. I use a Saitek Controller, cant remember which one, for Mac OS 10.5.8, works good and ON THE FLY.

    Played Doukutsu and with Mupen64Plus, works like a charm.

  15. all anyone need s is Gamepad companion for mac OSX. This program will configure any controller to any game. As of right now I’m using an old retro nes controller for sega genesis and snes games. All you need to do id map the keyboard to the controller. its amazing.

  16. I tried a Logitech Dual Action GamePad on my Mac OS X 10.6.3 with X2: Wolverine’s Revenge and it didn’t work at all! I even tried using the Gamepad Companion from apple and it still didn’t work properly.

  17. I find that Saitek controllers work with almost every game I played. Anyone ever use those gamer keypad things?

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