These are the Coolest Glasses on the Planet Earth

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I’m watching a movie in 3D playing in the screens within the glasses. It’s like I’m sitting a few feet away from a huge screen. The movie is running through my iPod. The Zeiss Cinemizer is quite possibly one of the coolest inventions ever. The new video eye wear from Carl Zeiss is your take-along personal video screen. In the future, you’ll be able to watch any movie stored on your iPod anywhere. You can watch movies from any model iPod, all the way down to the iPod Nano.

I have the newer version of the Cinemizer. The new update addresses some of the issues that the original version had. One thing in particular is that you can now plug in external headphones if you wish. Some people may not like the ones that are built in to the Cinemizer, so this would be a good feature for them.

Another plus, of course, is the lens. If you’ve ever had a camera that had a Carl Zeiss lens, you know what I mean. You get what you pay for when it comes to things like this, and Zeiss is nearly the best there is.

If you’re planning to get something like this, glasses to watch movies on, this is the one you want. I definitely want a set, but I sadly have to give these glasses back. I borrowed these from the show floor at Macworld, and have to give them back. They sell for about $450.00, but remember to email me before buying them. I may be able to come up with a coupon for you, as always.

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