Exclusive: Sirius and XM Satellite Radio on Your iPhone / iPod

If you have an XM or Sirius satellite radio subscription, and you carry your iPod Touch or iPhone with you wherever you go, then you won’t want to be without StarPlayr.

StarPlayr iPhone Beta

In as seamless a fashion as possible, this app will connect to your account and immediately begin streaming channels directly to you – in 32k or 64k glory (although you need a WiFi connection for the higher quality audio stream).

I apologize for the lackluster close-up quality of the video – it’s the best I could do at such short notice. If you’d rather not watch this StarPlayr walk-thru, I’ve snapped a few screenshots which may better illustrate what’s going on with this app.

StarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone BetaStarPlayr iPhone Beta

29 thoughts on “Exclusive: Sirius and XM Satellite Radio on Your iPhone / iPod”

  1. This is the best thing I’ve heard in months. I’ve missed this functionality ever since a similar app disappeared from Installer back when the 2.0 iPhone firmware came out. Any word on the official release date?

  2. Sounds awesome – other than the fact that it’s not publicly available to anyone other than the 200 already chosen acolytes…

  3. Hey Chris,

    Looks good man, go ahead and release it, we can all deal with a couple bugs for a bit of function. This thing is the killer app for me and for those of us with sattelite, we currently have nothing. Dealing with a couple bugs for something won’t kill us. Fix it as you go and we will love you just the same.

    Pretty Please

  4. When i the starplayr for iPhone going to be avaiible for the rest of us – and are there any beta slots left?

  5. Brilliant!!!!
    I wanted five things in a portable device and could not find it…..
    until now
    1) cell phone 2) camera 3) mp3/podcast 4) Slacker radio
    5) Sirius
    Please release this app soon

  6. Do you know if XM Subscribers with the Best of Sirius and vice versa will be able to access the other companys content (ie; NFL, Howard, etc) under their XM account?

  7. All of this buzz and by the time Apple finally approves this app it will be worth a fortune. How much do you think starplayr is going to charge? I’m guessing about 200 shares of .12 cent Sirius stock.

  8. I can’t wait for this. Any way we can get emailed when it’s available? I’ve been waiting for something like this since the iPhone came out.

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  10. This is awesome I have been waiting months for this to come out. Hopefully this app will help assist in the companys financial stability.

  11. Tell itunes that you want Usirius Starplayr XM radio !! The more requests the better the chances iphone will get XM !

    usirius info : http://usirius.starplayr.com/

    the uSirius StarPlayr iPhone app – which will allow you to play Sirius XM Radio on your iPhone – will be going public soon.

    According to these sources, the uSirius StarPlayr app will be submitted to the Apple Store by Saturday, January 31st. After submitting, Apple simply needs to approve the iPhone app, and it will go public.

    It really needs to be highlighted that the developers have no control over how long the approval process takes. Apple sometimes will approve apps immediately, or sometimes will go back and forth with the developers until they’re satisfied.

    Bottom line: for many anxious iPhone users, the wait will soon be over and you’ll be able to listen to Sirius XM on the iPhone.

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