Video Camera Comparison Test: Mino, Zi6, Vado!

I kept the camera(s) as steady as possible as I panned across the landscape from the vantage point of my bedroom window this evening. Watch the full HD version on YouTube, or scroll down to watch the high-quality embedded version.

Each series of clips were taken back-to-back – the first series, earlier when the sunset was striking the clouds in a dramatic fashion; the second series, when it was a bit more overcast (and there were both pink and blue hues on the horizon).

In each set, the cameras were used in this order: Flip Mino HD, Kodak Zi6, Creative Vado HD. You’ll see annotations lead off each scene (then quickly disappear).

I removed the audio from this video to alleviate volume level discrepancies, as well as to provide further concentration on the video quality at hand. Obviously, viewing in HD is required for fairest judgment.

Processing was NOT done to any of these videos; these recordings were sewn together in a seamless fashion and uploaded to YouTube in their near-original condition.

  • The Flip Mino HD pretty much washed out the sky’s vibrant colors in the first set, and effectively made a drab mountain view appear even more drab in the second set.
  • The Kodak Zi6 did a good job with the colors, but couldn’t strike a good balance between the bright sky and the dark landscape in either set.
  • My verdict still favors the Creative Vado HD – not only with its wide-angle lens capability, but its truer-to-life colors and exposure balance (between dark and light in the same shot).

9 thoughts on “Video Camera Comparison Test: Mino, Zi6, Vado!”

  1. Thanks for the shootout Chris, it was very helpful!

    The Vado’s video quality does blow the doors off of the other two. There were some motion artifacts on the Vado, but negligible given the fact that it’s a microcam.

    Looks like I’m getting a Vado!

  2. How do you get it to show as HD in Youtube? Mine are able to be viewed at High Quality but no HD? Thanks.

  3. curious if any tests were done in a moving vehicle with the Vado HD…i saw a video shot out of a car window with the Mino HD and was really disappointed that the morphing…i do a lot of traveling and want to be able to take decent video from inside the car…so how does the Vado HD manage from a car window?

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