A Picture Perfect Christmas

No frost on the window panes, but plenty of snow on the ground. our presents this year are virtual. What does your Christmas Tree look like this year?

The Christmas Tree

A Picture Perfect ChristmasMy stocking is hung by the fireplace with care, but it’s not likely to be filled with anything but air.

C’est la vie when you don’t receive a wish list from your spouse, or if you’re tired of playing the gift-guessing game – knowing full well that gift certificates are sometimes seen as lame.

At least the weather is cooperating, and the roads seem relatively well managed. I’ll venture out once more tomorrow to see if I can discover any simple surprises.

When people already have what they want, and can get what they need, what else can you do?

4 thoughts on “A Picture Perfect Christmas”

  1. I envy your weather, where I live we can’t even get ice. I want an excuse to sit and use my computer all day, but it appears that I won’t get an excuse this year. However, there is still hope for ice in the next two months. I wish you all happy holidays.

  2. Yeah, the snow in Stanwood, Wa is at 26 inches. I am getting a little burned out on the driving hassles.

    Bellevue must be pretty though.

    Thanks for the Christmas card Chris


  3. Very nice tree, Chris. I’m up north of Lynnwood (South Everett, to be exact) and driving is still pretty sketchy up here.

    Can I ask what you used to record the video?

    Here’s to a Merry Christmas. 🙂

  4. Chris, Ponzi, Wicket and Pixie –

    Jenn, Reagan and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sorry that I have been away for such an extended time. I miss talkin to you both on a daily basis. I shall return to the chat room and vent with much haste.
    Here is to a successful year in 09 with all of your ventures.

    All my best,

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