HOT: Personal GPS Devices Help You Locate Stuff

Are you the kind of person that loses your keys, forgets where you park the car when you go shopping, or neglect to close the gate only to find the dog has escaped the yard? Do you wish there was something that could help you find all these things? Use a GPS locator! Small and easy to use, these devices can help ease your worries.

Personal GPS devices are hot this year, and are very thoughtful gifts. The best part about them is they work best when you leave them lying around. They can help you keep track of your car, your teenage driver out on the road in a snowstorm, your precious children and your family pets. Here are some of the products you can try:

  • The GPS Homing Device – Retails for $79.95 and batteries are not included. This locator is about the size of a coaster (3 1/2″ diameter) and it is VERY simple to use – only two buttons.
  • Zoombak A-GPS Universal Locator – Zoombak has three products available, this one is the Universal. There are 3 ways to do an on-demand search, too. Retails for $199, but Amazon sells it for less and it’s a great deal, considering all the options and abilities of the unit.
  • Zoombak A-GPS Car & Family Locator – Zoombak’s second product, for the Car and Family. Said to help monitor teen drivers when they are behind the wheel. Can also assist in finding your car when stolen! Installable or portable and retails for $249.99, but available for a lot less at Amazon.
  • Zoombak A-GPS Dog Locator – Yes, you heard right. Tired of chasing your dogs all over town, never knowing if they are okay or not? Try the Zoombak Dog Locator. Small, lightweight, water resistant and recommended for dogs over 15 lbs. Comes with a pouch that attaches to their collar. A great little unit that retails for $199.99, but once again is available for a lot less at Amazon.
  • The BrickHouse Child Locator was recently featured in a Duracell Battery commercial. There’s one thing that frightens parents more than anything else – not knowing the location of their children. Are they lost or hurt? Did someone take them? GPS devices can bring great peace of mind to parents. BrickHouse Locator has several products you can use to keep tabs on your children; they have devices you can place in the coats or backpacks of your children as well.
  • The KeyRinger from Sierra Systems is sold in sets of two, and will always be able to locate each other. For example, you can attach one to your keys and one to your TV remote. If you lose the remote, use your keys to find it. Likewise, if you lose your keys you can use the device on the remote to find them. This device works for up to 300 yards; it gives a distinctive ring and flashes a bright light. Okay okay I admit… it’s not a GPS device. Instead they use radio frequency to locate the other unit, similar to how you page your missing cordless phone handset.

Have you seen other personal GPS devices you’d like to recommend? Please share your product experiences and hey, why not go to ExpoTV and do a video product review? See you there!