How are You Helping Stop World Hunger?

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As human beings, we have a few basic needs: food, water, shelter and an Internet connection. Ok, so maybe an Internet connection isn’t a basic need. Food, however, is something we cannot do without. If we ate nothing, we wouldn’t need anything else because we wouldn’t be alive. There are many people near you who have to worry about finding something to eat. In some cases, it’s not even that food is not accessible, it’s that it’s not affordable. Starvation doesn’t only happen in remote parts of Africa, like you see on television. It happens right in your town or city.

I encourage you to donate food or money to a local food shelter, to help feed people in your community who may be going hungry. Ponzi and I have done this in the past, and it’s always something that means a lot to us. If you want to help feed others in remote areas, you should check out The Wall. This site is very trustworthy, and 100% legit. It is part of the United Nations.

Once you make a donation on this site, you can upload a photo and comments to the Wall. This is a real chance for you to impact someone else’s life. That, I feel, is what being a human being is all about. Your legacy is how you impacted someone’s life.

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