Receiving the Gift of Giving

As a young teen, one Holiday season, my parents decided to spread the cheer to an underprivileged family in our area. We were to take a few kids out shopping with us, each of them was given a small stipend (with which to spend on gifts for their siblings). I remember that day vividly – never feeling more grateful for the things I had been given in seeing what others did not have.

So, when Sears offered to sponsor a $500 shopping spree under their ‘Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant a Wish‘ effort, I didn’t think twice about what I wanted to do with the gift card. It’s all about the toys at Christmas – and even though we don’t have kids of our own, Ponzi and I both thoroughly enjoyed taking a trip across town and down memory lane as we tore through the “Toy Shop.” The goal: to find $500 worth of toys to give to a local donation center.

Now, before I continue, I must again point out that Sears gave me this opportunity. I received the $500 gift card from IZEA, but these experiences are 100% my own. What would *YOU* do with this $500 – spend it on yourself or on somebody else? I chose the latter.

We filled a shopping cart and a half with new toys and remakes of yesteryear. I remembered getting a set of magic tricks for Christmas one year, so I snagged a magic kit from the shelf. I also remembered getting lost with a Rubik’s Cube on Christmas morning, so that was another must-buy. Then there was a time I really wanted a microscope (I still remember my onion skin slide), so a little bit of science made its way into our “buggies” – that’s what Ponzi calls ’em. Oh, and I can’t remember a single childhood Christmas that didn’t have a Star Wars something in it, so I snagged a few figurines, too.

We circled the Sears Toy Shop a few times, making sure we saw everything. Hulk Boxing Gloves: you don’t wanna see me when I’m angry! Chatterphone: rotary dial! Lincoln Logs: time to build something! Operation: don’t touch the sides! Let’s grab some Play-Doh, too – and we can’t leave without taking a few NERF balls with us. They make a portable Lite Brite now?! Man, I wish I was a kid again. For an hour, I felt like one.Ponzi saw some toddler toys she used to chew on. Well, not HER toys – but the same kind. There were a few other baby items we thought would make wonderful presents for some kid this Christmas season. The game Don’t Break the Ice (which I had received as a birthday gift one year), a tea set, a couple of Barbie dolls, a Hannah Montana UNO card game (another childhood birthday present), a Mr. Potato Head, and… oh, so many memories. We weren’t just buying toys, you know? We were buying future memories for children – who will hopefully carry those memories into their adult lives.

It felt good. It felt really, really good.

Hours later, I walked into a local donation center and asked if they accepted toys. One guy asked: “Depends on what condition they’re in.” I told him they were brand new, and his eyes lit up like *HE* was a kid on Christmas morning. The whole place was buzzing with excitement. We unloaded the toys and I thought to myself: “I’ve gotta make this a new Christmas tradition.” So, thank you Sears, for giving *ME* the gift of happiness.

But Wait, There’s More…

Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant a Wish - Receipt

It’s time to share some of that happiness with some of you. Another contest is upon us (Official Rules). I’ve created three separate Sears gift bundles worth ~$500 apiece: LEGO Wonderland, Star Wars Smiles, and Family Game Night. These, much like the aforementioned shopping spree, were inspired by my own childhood Christmases. If you’d like to receive one of them, it’s super simple to qualify:

  1. Leave a comment on this post with the bundle you desire (and why).
  2. Post to your twitter account if you have one, making sure you include – #Sears @chrispirillo – and whichever bundle you desire in your tweet.
  3. Make an entry in your own blog if you have one, making sure you link back to this particular post URL and mentioning which bundle you want (and why). I register most trackbacks after I’ve received at least one click from your permalink to mine.

You can enter once by commenting, once by twittering, AND once by posting in your own blog (that’s three chances to win what you want). The winner will be selected at random, mind you. So, which one of these gift bundles do you want most?

LEGO Wonderland

  • 10 Cool Lego Mindstorms by Astolfo, David
  • 10 Cool Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2 Projects by Ferrari, Mario
  • Adjustable links with Mini Kinght
  • Building Robots With Lego Mindstorms NXT by Astolfo, Dave
  • Creator Stegosaurus
  • Extreme NXT by Gasperi, Michael
  • Forbidden Lego by Pilegaard, Ulrik
  • Getting Started With Lego Trains by McKee, Jacob H.
  • Gold Hunt
  • Jetrax T6
  • Jin Sato’s Lego Mindstorms by Sato, Jin
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT-G Programming Guide by Kelly, James Floyd
  • LEGO Star Wars: Ultimate Collectors AT-ST
  • Police Headquarters
  • Programming Lego Mindstorms NXT by Bishop, Owen

Star Wars Smiles

  • Clone Wars Blaster Game
  • Clone Wars Galactic Heroes: Trooper
  • Han Solo Bobble-Head
  • Mad About Star Wars by Bresman, Jonathan
  • Millennium Falcon
  • Mr. Potato Head: Star Wars – Artoo-Potatoo with Princess Tater Figure
  • Robot Chicken: Star Wars
  • Star Wars – The Best Of
  • Star Wars Clone Trooper Helmet
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Plug N Play Game
  • The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia by Sansweet, Stephen J.
  • The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader by Windham, Ryder

Family Game Night

  • 1 vs. 100 DVD Game
  • Baffle Gab
  • Dance Maker Truth or Dare Mat and a Tote Bag
  • Disney Villains Combo: Checkers and Tic Tac Toe
  • Griddly Headz Racing Game
  • Harry Potter Scene It? Game
  • High School Musical 2 Deluxe Plug N Play TV Game
  • Karaoke Pop Culture Hip Hop/R&B Vol. 1
  • Monopoly Here and Now World
  • No Brainer Board Game
  • Rumis
  • Sea Monster Board Game
  • Tenjo Game
  • Trapture
  • Whac-A-Mole Tower
  • WordSpot – Bookshelf Edition
  • Yahtzee Free For All

For whatever it’s worth, I received the Millennium Falcon for Christmas when I was a kid – it was my very first Star Wars vehicle. I came close to buying it separately for myself, but couldn’t justify the expense (or figure out where to put it). My first LEGO kit was also a gift from Santa Claus.

I’ll also be using funds generated from this post to make further food bank deposits and donations to other charities. We’re all trying to make this a very Merry Christmas (Happy Holiday) for as many as possible.

792 thoughts on “Receiving the Gift of Giving”

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  4. I loved Don’t Break the Ice when I was a kid! Also Don’t Spill the Beans, and all the other ones like that. I’d like to win the Family Game night package. I’d probably keep one or two for my own family, but I’d like to do the same thing you did and donate most of them. I usually try to give a lot to Toys for Tots, but just like everyone I have been laid off and can’t give as much this year. Here’s to a better 2009 for all of us, and thanks to Sears too πŸ™‚

  5. I would love to win the LEGO Wonderland set for my boys. Both of them love LEGOs and are budding engineers.

  6. I would love to get the LEGO Wonderland so I could send it to Australia as a gift to my FFundercats fellow podcaster, Johnny Worthington, who is the most deserving of such a LEGO prize.

  7. I’m really pleased that Sears is doing these promotions – advertising that gives something back is a good thing. All the Lego prizes sound wonderful and I’m torn, but I know all the family will get a buzz out of the LEGO Wonderland package.

    Hope this post does well and that the food back donations are high! Every little helps.

  8. Wow, just saw your pointer on FriendFeed and have to say I’m amazed as well. Put me in the running for Lego Wonderland. My son often has the neighborhood kids over and there’s *never* enough pieces to go around!

  9. Chris! How can you go wrong with LEGO. I do the Toys for Tots thing every year and go for what I wanted when I was a kid. I was a recipient of some of those gift baskets when I was little.. as akid you don’t get the whole story, but as an adult you come to understand that someone went out of their way to make sure you had a christmas.

  10. Ha… This is too awesome. I, too received (and still have in my basement along with my AT-AT) a Millennium Falcon one year. I was in Toys ‘R Us just last week and saw the new one which looks just as awesome.

    Here’s hoping for a Star Wars Gift Pack

  11. Sounds like a cool contest. My brother and lots of my friends love Lego. I would love to treat them this year, so the LEGO Wonderland would be my choice.

  12. I would like the Family Game Night (but any would do). My family is on the most geeky Star Wars lovers. We actually camped out for the midnight shows. I have taken the opportunity to ingrain the young one (she is 11) on all things Star Wars.

    Now the legacy has be passed to the next generation πŸ˜‰ She loves the 1st 3 episodes as well as the last 3 that she was able to experience in her life time.

    Now with a 4 year old niece we must “use the force” to indulge her is all things Star Wars…HELP me start the young Padawan off right!

  13. All the bundles are awesome! I have to pick the Family Game Night bundle though – so many ways to have fun with the family this Christmas.

  14. My son (six years old) has just recently started getting into LEGOS like you wouldn’t believe. We spend quite a bit of time building kits together and have a blast with them – both during the build and after! The LEGO Wonderland bundle would be just the thing to keep the passion alive and take it to the next level with the Mindstorm kits!


  15. My kids dream of going to LEGOLand, they watched a documentary about the park on TV and really want to go!! They love Legos and would love the LEGO Wonderland!!

  16. Wonderful of you to spread the holiday spirit, the stories from when you were younger are a nice touch. I would like to enter the drawing for the “Family Game Night”. My wife works in a middle school and she could donate these to kids she knows could use some additional family interaction. Thank you to all involved…

  17. Being an amateur Lego engineer and having five nephews (age 4 – 12) who all love lego building it’s a no brainer – the Lego Wonderland. Keep up the great work Chris.

  18. Chris, it is great to read about what you did this year. I wish more people would realize just how great it feels to give and help others. My father does something similar by requesting from others to only give him stuffed animals and toys as gifts throughout the year. He then takes this around Christmas time to the local children’s hospital and shelters for the kids to ensure that as many as possible get something this time of the year and aren’t forgotten. I know this simple act has led many others in the family and outside to start doing the same. His motivation is simple and I never questioned it knowing his past and growing up in orphanage and boys home.

    Anyway, I am also witting to request to be entered into the LEGO Wonderland give away. If selected I hope to turn the gift over to my father to help with his tradition.

  19. Wow, this is a great giveaway! I would love the Family Game Night Bundle because we are having family over for Christmas, and this would be a great way to entertain them!

  20. I would like the Lego Wonderland bundle because, as a child, I coveted every building and inventing toy in existence. I have a five year old daughter who is already doing puzzles she should not be able to – and I think, with such a Lego package, she could become an evil Supergenius (or…maybe she’d be the GOOD supergenius). In any case, that is one cool Lego package.

  21. I would really like to get the Lego Wonderland bundle because of those NXT things and the Lego Mindstorms. I’ve heard that they are really cool, but haven’t had enough money to buy one.

  22. I would love to win the Lego Wonderland bundle. My two sons loved building complex Lego structures and we still have some of the most treasured ones on the shelf of my son’s room. I think they are underestimated as a teaching tool and would love to be able to donate them. This is a very rough year for many folks so being able to spread such a gift around would be fantastic… besides..why shouldn’t some other parent get the joy of stepping on a lego block late at night…ouch!!! Happy holidays and thanks so much for sharing and setting such a great example!!

  23. Oh definitely the LEGO Wonderland!

    As a Civil Engineering student I still love the stuff – I’ve got a digger and a concrete truck on my window sill here at Uni!

    Have a good Christmas everyone!

  24. I know my son loves Star Wars a lot. But I’d have to say that Lego’s would be a best fit for him. (He loves himself some Lego Star Wars)

    I think that who ever wins this is getting a great gift, and I love this idea you and your wife are doing.

    I’ll be twittering in a bit. πŸ™‚

  25. I have an 11-year-old son who is a complete Star Wars fanatic. He would be thrilled to pieces to receive even a few of those items. And, since so many are less fortunate these days, we would also be happy to share as well. I’d love to be able to give half of that stuff to the Richmond Police department for their annual gift giving program.

  26. I’d love the family game package to be able to donate it to a local library that runs Family Game Nights. Their games are old and there isn’t a budget to replace them. There is hardly an operating budget. I just went to speak to the town council about giving them more money so they can stay open for 4 hours on Sundays.

    Personally we’d all love the LEGO sets but honestly, I’d probably give them to my child’s 3rd grade teacher. He has young boys of his own and he’s going to graduate school parttime to earn a PhD, all the while being the best teacher in the whole school. He’s really taken extra time to consult with us about our kid. Everyone in the district says he goes the extra mile and I can really see it.

    We are working on one small salary but we have plenty. I’m not being a saint here! I grew up very poor and could never imagine the middle class life I have (and worked so hard for) now. I don’t need to win anything. I’ve already won.

    Kudos to Sears and Chris and Ponzi! Giving makes the heart grow stronger! πŸ™‚

  27. Thats a fun Idea. I would have to say the Star Wars Smiles Bundle would be the best choice. I remember those years as a little boy, watching Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on the big screens and playing with the action figures and play doh sets at home with my older brother. Priceless memories.

  28. I Would LOVE to give like you guy got to It’s always something I’ve wanted to do. If I won any of the three bundles I would take them to the donation center in a town a few miles from my house. That would be really exciting and a good memory. If I had to choose one I would choose the Star Wars Smiles Package. To be able to share all those great gifts with children would be great! Star Wars was a big part of my childhood and heck it still is. Every kid should have Star Wars Toys. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  29. I would love to get the LEGO Wonderland, my boys would disappear into their bedroom and play for HOURS!

    Can’t post to my blog, Worpress is broken, I have a ticket open. πŸ™

  30. I can’t imagine anything more fun than to do what you did. I’ve done that myself a few times, in smaller doses, not quite $500 but about half that each time, and oh wow was it amazing. One year, I knew my brother-in-law was having a rough time financially and he had two boys, small boys. I had no kids yet at the time, but I dearly loved these two kids as if they were my own. I knew that their parents were too “proud” to accept help or a hand out, so I went out, spent a ton of cash, literally about $250 and remember, this was probably 25 years ago so that was a lot of cash back then…..
    Anyhow…. I took all the presents home, wrapped them and labeled them all for the two boys, then went to the hospital where I worked and contacted the minister of the hospital and asked him to find a “secret santa” to do the delivery for me. I knew if my brother in law found out it was me they’d never accept it, or they’d feel guilty and that they owed us something and I didn’t want that.. I just wanted those two boys to have a great Christmas…… So, they got a HUGE Santa delivery, and had the Christmas of their lives…… The best part, they never knew it was me, even tho they suspected the possibility they never knew for sure….. I was more amazing for me than it ever was for them…….

    NOW, that being said, I want the Family Game night because I’d want to make that happen for another family and give it all away to let someone other family have the Christmas least expected………

  31. I’m actually pretty torn between all three sets … my son LOVES lego and star wars. They’re his two favorite things in the World, actually. And, my family tries to spend every Sunday night playing a board game or two.

    However, I think the Lego wonderland would be the best used in my house. We have more games than we can play, and my son is at an age in which the mindstorms would really be fun … and hopefully get my daughter into Lego as well!

    Tweeted AND blogged it too. Go me! πŸ™‚

  32. My Choice – LEGO Wonderland.
    I have never grown out of loving my LEGOs. To this day I still collect and assembly them. Receiving LEGOs for Christmas as an adult and child has always been one of my favorite gifts. My favorite gift was the Collectors edition X-Wing. My favorite design was my version of the BatWing.

  33. Gotta be the Lego package! There is no such thing as too many Lego sets, or too old for Lego. I’ve officially hit a quarter century of collecting and I don’t intend to stop. My kids are now old enough to enjoy them and have started collections of their own. This would be another great way to share time and a great hobby with my kids!

  34. Put me in the running for the LEGO Wonderland! I have four kids ranging in age and alot of young ones I could share the gift with, they would all really enjoy them! Merry Christmas

  35. In an effort to continue the Xmas spirit, I would love any of these packages so I could donate to a local non-profit organization I help out throughout the year. It’s having it’s annual Christmas party later this week. Thanks to you, Chris and Sears!

  36. Okay, now this is a sweet contest, my kids and I hope to win the Lego Wonderland Bundle! All commented, posted and twittered!!!

    Thanks for coming up with some really fun contests.


  37. As a college student at Indiana State University, I don’t get to spend a lot of time at home. When I am home, my family usually sits in front of the TV, often in separate rooms. My mom does love to play games, but we don’t have any in the house. We could probably get my step dad to play to if it’s a game he would enjoy. With all options this giveaway provides, I’m sure we could find one for him to play. When I’m at school, my friends and I play board games all the time. That’s what we do for fun in our free time. So this Family Game Night pack would help in continuing to bring college students together for good clean fun and hopefully bring my family together at home.

  38. That was a really nice thing you and Ponzi did. I hope those toys do give many happy memories for the children who are going to get them.

    As for the contest I would like to win the Star Wars Smiles because I remember also getting many neat geeky gifts, such as Star Wars toys, for Christmas and being really excited about it and after reading what you and Ponzi did I’d love to be able to spread that feeling around to those who are less fortunate than myself.

    Merry Christmas,
    Evan Ross

  39. My family and my kids have plenty. They are not ‘wanting’ for anything. I would love to get the Family Game Night package so that I can take it and donate it as you did. Star Wars and Legos are fun, but as donations go I think that games that bring families together are a gift that keeps on giving. Our family always enjoys game nights and I wish we did them more often.

  40. That was truly an awesome thing you did for those children. I want to win the LEGO Wonderland prize because my family has taken a young 4 year old into our family this year because his mother did not want him anymore. We hadn’t planned it but we could not turn him away to fostor care. The most hurtful thing was that the mother did not want to keep him because he had a small handicap, and he wanted to know why his other brothers got to stay with his mom. I am almost in tears because I never knew I would meet someone that could do that to a child. I hope I win and can make him and my family smile this year. I would also like for you all to keep Jacob and my family in your prayers this year.

  41. Here’s my blog post:

    Here’s my twitter link:

    I’d pick the Star Wars Smiles package. See, my bf is a big gamer geek and we have lots of gamer geeks come to our apartment on weekends to do roleplay games with us. Star Wars is a game we sometimes play. One year my bf made a bunch of figurines for our characters using Legos, so I almost picked the Legos package, but he liked the Star Wars one better.
    So, I’ve told him if we win I’ll give him first selection of what’s in the package and then we can give the rest to our gamers for being so awesome. We even have a few gamers that are children. They and their parents come to game with us on weekends. So toys for all!

  42. Cheers for this wonderful idea! I would go for Star Wars Smiles bundle because who wouldn’t want to have their very own Millennium Falcon!

  43. I always remember getting some rubik-like puzzle every year and getting frustrated with it. Finally I figured it out. I would love the Family Game Night Bumdle. πŸ™‚

  44. Our friends are missionaries at an orphanage and baby home in Mexico. I would love to take the Star Wars Smiles to the kids down there to create some Star Wars Smiles!

  45. Hi,

    I would love to have the ‘Family Game Night’ bundle because it would be great for all of my family to have some quality time together this christmas. Not sure if i can win it or not as i am in the UK who knows!!


  46. I’d go with the Legos for my nephew. I’ve got tons of my own, little guys that have been around so long they can’t stand up anymore. I had to make bench seating for them, and the oldest guys are sitting at the front.

    The other packages look great too, good luck!

  47. I have always loved board games. The best one that I remember playing with my family the most when I was a kid was Pay Day! I loved that game simple but very fun. If I would win this I would give most of it to my girl friends little brother. He is 10 years old and the only entertainment he has is video games. Now dont get me wrong I am a gamer myself, but he is locked onto them, and I think that if I would give him the chance on playing board games he would love it! I remember a year ago him and I played Clue and he fell in love with it, but sadly the game got destroyed when the back part of my house flooded. If I were to win it would be the Family Fun Night Bundle. But thanks Chris Pirillo for give me the chance to win this gift for him it would be the greatest thing in the world to him and I.

    Thank You and Happy Holidays

    Marcus Dunn

  48. I would probably take the Family Fun night package because my whole family can benefit from it. We had a tradition where we all would gather around one night and just play for fun. That was before we had a computer. Now with a computer in the house, all of that is gone. If we ad a whole bunch of board games, we can revive the tradition that we once had and then pass that down to our kids. Plus the games in the package will be new and we can add some modernism to tradition. Won’t that be nice?

  49. WoW Chris, this is just too awesome…If I were the lucky winner I’d definitely choose the Lego Wonderland as it has so many things to give to my family and also to family friends!!!!

    Please count me in!!!!
    -barbarabaker πŸ™‚

  50. I would love to receive the Lego Wonderland set for a few reasons. The first reason is that I am currently president of my school’s robotics team, and all the mind-storms utilities would make a great addition to the middle/elementary school program we are trying to generate. I remember when I was at middle school, starting with the First Lego League, the robotics stuff always intrigued me, and I would love to pass that feeling along to others. Also, my younger brother LOVES legos, and the look on his face when he is playing with them is truly a gift to see.


  51. I’d love to win the Family Game Night package. now a days families do NOT spend enough time together doing things that require interaction. Turn the TV OFF and let’s PLAY! What a great promotion!

  52. My family is all adults now, and I live away from home- but thispackage would really help us have fun and celebreate being together. Family Game Night. This will give us way more interaction than sitting and watching tc together! and i’m sure the Christmas Angel wish would use 1 or 2 of those things too! Plus in in grad school and they might be a fun break from studying with my friends!
    Great article!!

  53. Humm… can I change my pick? I didn’t realize most of the Lego stuff is books, and well I don’t think the kids at the hospital will enjoy most of those books if I win.

    I would like to put my name in the running for the Star Wars Smile pack please.

  54. wow this contest is awosome and i wish to add more legos to my lego collection. even though i dont really like star warz a little bit, i still want it. being a 12 yr old kid and still be having legos i think are still all right.

  55. I would probably take the Family Game Night package (although any of them would be fine). I would pass it along to our local Salvation Army and/or Operation Christmas to give to less fortunate families. Thanks for considering my entry.

  56. I am not particular about which bundle. All I ask, if I get drawn, is for you & Ponzi to make another delivery to one of your local donation centers in the Seattle area.

    Usually at this time of year, I try to drop off a few gifts for the kids. This season, i’m a bit strapped for cash…so thank you for the opportunity to share a few smiles with the kids. πŸ™‚

    This is a really excellent thing you guys are doing, Chris & Ponzi.

    Merry Christmas!

  57. The prize is pretty good exspecially the Lego. My brother loves Lego the prize will be just amazing for him because there’s so much of it exspecially at Christmas.

  58. Great Christmas Package Lineup Chris !

    I was a huge Lego Fanatic when i was younger!
    I know my god-daughter Zoe would go crazy with such an incredible Lego package, though I would probably give it to my favorite children’s home and animal rehabilitation center in the Atlanta area.

  59. I don’t want any of the collections. Don’t get me wrong, they are all very nice, but I would much rather see these gifts go to someone less fortunate than me. Perhaps to a hospital orthopedics ward or rehab center.

    I know how hopeless being in a hospital can feel. How terrifying, lonely and desperate it is. Especially during the holidays. I also know how good it feels to have something, anything, to take your mind to a better place.

    So if I should be fortunate enough to win any package (I don’t care which) that would be the right thing to do.

  60. The prize is pretty good exspecially the Lego. My brother loves Lego the prize will be just amazing for him because there’s so much of it exspecially at Christmas.

    Merry Christmas

  61. To put it simple, I would give away ALL of what I got from the Family Game Night bundle. I know plenty of families that could use a great Christmas. And this would be perfect.

  62. I personally was always a fan of family games so obviously i would like to get the family game night package but i would probably keep 1 or 2 for my own family but give most of them to friends and family as most of them are very young. I think i would donate a good number of them to a charity but i’m not sure which one just yet. My school is doing a special Christmas hamper which i would probably donate some of these to that as well if I won. I only have one chance to win so unlike some people that have three! I would really really like to win so please pick me.

    Andrew (pc_geek)

  63. A great cause coming from a great guy. Count me in for the Family Game Night package please, as it would be a great gift to give to my family.

    Thanks Chris, and keep up the great work!

    Merry Christmas!

  64. Chris – This is a rad idea!
    I would have to go for the Family Game Night bundle. With our fast paced lives and busy work schedules it would be nice to slow it down for one night and just enjoy some great board games together. I would be thrilled to win all of these games.

    Happy Holidays. Best of luck to everyone who enters!


  65. I love putting my legos together when I don’t do my homework. All of the other prizes are good as well! Merry Christmas

  66. I was just looking that Falcon this weekend.. I want to see the actual toy.. compare it with the awesome one I got for christmas in the eighties.. damn was that a good christmas.

    I think I would want that star wars bundle

  67. I want LEGO! I’ve been asking Santa for the Mindstorm NXT since it came out! That’s right, I’m entering this contest for me, although I might share the LEGO bundle with my 14yo son. πŸ™‚

  68. I personally would rather have the “family game night” bundle as opposed to the Lego and Star Wars bundle, mostly because that bundle offers more of something for EVERYONE. We love board games and party games, and we have plenty of friends with kids who would love the more “kiddie” entries in that bundle (and I’m sure that many of the Transducers (my old “Rocky Horror” cast) would love to play the “Harry Potter Scene It? Game”).

  69. I would love to get the family game pack. there are always times that people need a little excitement. We also have some friends who don’t gave much, and it would be great to give them some entertainment this holiday season! It is great way to also bring my family closer together! The possibilities are endless

  70. It would be really great if I could win either the Star Wars bundle or the Family Game Night bundle. They would be for my son mainly.

    He is 3 years old and so completely into Star Wars right now because of Clone Wars its unbelievable. We just haven’t been able to get him many things at all this year due to the way the economy is going.

    I just really really want to do good by him and I feel really depressed when I see the cheap stuff I had to get for him. Hopefully sometime in the future things will get better and we can make it up to him.

    Anything that we might win would be good, though, just to make things a little brighter around here when he sees new toys from “Santa”. πŸ™‚

  71. When I was a kid, I loved family game night and I’ve started the tradition now that I’m a parent. My daughter is 4 and loves to play Candyland and Chutes and Ladders among others. I would like to enter the Family Game Night bundle so that we can continue the tradition as she and her little brother get older and so that we can share some with other family members and friends. Thank you Chris for putting this together.

  72. I didn’t even come CLOSE in the HP Magic, but I’m going to try this one, mainly because this year I have an 8-year-old grandson (in-law) that I have to buy for as well as my 7-year-old granddaughter and I just had to take my 17-yr old “furry baby” (cat) to the vet today (potentially serious problem) so now I have no Christmas money left. I guess if I don’t win, I will have to try to explain to the kids that Christmas with “nana” will be in January.

    I have no problems choosing “girl” presents (been buying for girls for 28 years now ), but holy hoppin’ do I ever have a problem with what to get for an 8-yr-old boy who LOVES Dr. Who (yep, he loves Dr. Who) and Spiderman.

    Safest bet would be the LEGO prize pack (I know my granddaughter also builds things with her step-brotherso I could split it up between the two of them).

    Keeping my fingers crossed this time Chris…

  73. That sure would make a bunch of kids happy.
    They may be in the hospital for the holidays or kids in an orphanage or just kids who’s parents aren’t able to afford to buy them a gift this year.
    I’d like this card to make some one else’s kids happy this year.
    Now if some one has a little extra cash to donate, why not give it to the Salvation Army. They help lot’s of folks in need.
    I’ve made it easy to do that at:

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  74. This is kind of tough. Having been laid off earlier this year I would have to say I would like to keep a couple of gifts for my son since I still am unemployed. I would take the rest to our orphanage (St. PJ’s) where I adopted my son from. Things can be really rough for those little guys.

    I would think the Lego’s might be able to be stretched in their community room.

  75. I would really like the Family Game night.

    Now, I don’t have to use it with just my family do I? I don’t live near the rest of my family, and my son (2yrs) is too young for most of those games. I do however, have a group of co-workers (fellow geeks) that do like to get together and play board games. I know it is rare for geeks to put down the game controllers and play a board game these days, but my friends and I do it. πŸ™‚ And it is a lot of fun, every geek should try it.

  76. Wow! I still have my don’t break the ice game! I loved that one….
    What you did was truly and awesome thing Chris. You have brought joy to many people this holiday season. This Giveaway has really inspired me. I wish I could do this….

    The Lego set looks awesome! I love building Lego models^^

  77. Merry Christmas to all, I am a disabled Veteran and I really believe that what you are doing is a great idea. Thank you Sears. If I would win, I would like the Star Wars Smiles for my grandson who is really getting into the Star Wars.

  78. ponzi looked great in one of the photos.
    good job chris!I wish i had an opportunity to do something like this.

  79. I want family game night, because I can have fun with my family (It sounded better in my head). And I love Monopoly.

  80. I would like the Family Game Night. I recall fond memories as a child playing all kinds of board games with my parents and friends. If I win I would keep a few of the games for myself and share the rest with others.

  81. Gotta go with the Lego stuff. I grew up on Lego blocks, and still think that they’re one of the very best toys in existence. Great for budding engineers! πŸ˜€ (I still have a handful of stuff, including a little truck that i built in round 1979β€”with a few alterations later.)

  82. Id have to go with the family game night .Id bring back me memories as well as my 2 kids. Id might also donate some of the games to some of my local charity.keep up the good work chris

  83. Chris, this is pretty cool. I’d love to receive the Star Wars smile list since I am a huge Star Wars fan but haven’t been able to delve seriously into the hobby since we had twins 3 years ago. It looks like there is alot of stuff I’d be able to share with my kids on this list and share with them the joy of Star Wars. Thanks!


  84. I would like the LEGO wonderland bundle.

    I’ve been a LEGO fan all my life really. Since 1999. Such a great toy, and I’ve advanced my building techniques over the years.
    A few of my younger friends in my town might find LEGO as well, so that’d be nice.

    Trying to get on Twitter…

  85. Family Game Night. What’s better than getting the family together and doing something other than watch TV! Of course, there are way too many games here, so I’d have to donate half of them to a local shelter or school.

  86. I would love to get the Lego Wonderland. I remember getting my first Lego set as a kid, and my mind was just blown by the possibilities of what I could create. And if I did win, I would love to be able to pass that on to some of my nieces and nephews, while hanging on to a few of the sets myself πŸ™‚

  87. Chris I am your father. Of course star wars FTW ! I was 11 when A new hope (Episode IV) was released and it still brings me back to my childhood watching it.

  88. Hello,
    I would love to recieve the Lego Wonderland as my top choice but when it comes down to my reasoning, it doesn’t really matter which bundle I get. I would love to donate a majority of these games and toys to my local Christmas Drive at my shopping mall. I think there are a lot more kids that could benefit from these toys and I would be honoured to donate such a prize pack to them.
    Happy Holidays,
    James H.

  89. Man, this is a tough one, but I think I’m going to have to go with the Lego package. My kids would go bonkers with that.

  90. LEGO Wonderland. I might give a few to my nieces and nephew, but I’d give most to local charities. I’m involved in helping our community a few ways, and I know there are so many families and children that are really struggling right now.

  91. Hi Chris boy did your post bring back some memories. I was champ on “Don’t Break The Ice” game. It was my all time favorite for a couple of years. Do you remember “Don’t Spill the Beans”? I switched to that for a year. Monopoly, we would play for 6hrs or more just to finish a game and my brother was always the winner. My sisters and I just couldn’t seem to beat him in that game. I still play “Trouble” and “Sorry” with my kids now on family night. The game “Clue” is my favorite so we play that once in a while too. Game night is a big thing in this house and we always are looking for something new to try.Our games are getting pretty worn out so I would definitely pick the “Family Game Night”.It looks like you had a great time of giving. It must of been so fun doing that. Thanks for Sharing and for Caring. Happy Holidays from our house to yours~!

  92. I’m having trouble making my links active for some reason but I did blog about this wonderful story and giveaway and left the link and instructions to copy and paste in their browser to come directly to this site. (Sorry) Any suggestions on how to get my links active is appreciated. Thanks Again.

  93. I would love to have the Lego giveaway. Growing up for Christmas I always got Legos for Christmas and had countless hours of fun building, playing, and tearing down my Lego castles! If I win this contest I promise to give these Legos to the Boys & Girls Club where I live (I am a board member).

  94. I’ve seen how many hours of fun and joy Legos can generate. We have a Lego-like submarine in the library that tons of kids love to play with. If I won the Lego bundle, I’d use them as prizes in next summer’s reading program at the library because we’ve offered prizes the past two summers and have seen more kids read and read well while having the excitement of winning something.

  95. What a wonderful idea. We have a stack of toys to be fropped off at Toys for Tots this week. My kids always are so proud to carry them in and hand them to the volunteers, knowing they are helping other kids. It’s a win-win.
    We would love to win the Family Game Night set.

  96. I would love to be in the running for Family Game Night. Our pile of games we currently have (munchkin 1&2, taboo, monopoly and settlers of catan) is right under our Wii, so that we can have HUGE amounts of fun in our living room, plugged in or not!


  97. I’d love to win Star Wars Smiles and give it to all of my friends who are PhD candidates in Computer Science. I’m far away from them at the moment so it would be nice to send something to make their day!

  98. Me personally would like the Star Wars or the Lego Package, but this wouldn’t be for me, this is for my daughter. We moved from Michigan to Arizona at the beginning of the year in hopes of more work. My wife has a job, and I have already gotten laid off. We all know the economy is tight, and I don’t want to sound like everyone else, but it really is hard to buy Christmas presents for a six year old on one income. So, basically I want that package so I can give my daughter an awesome Christmas, plus, board games are her favorite.

  99. My favorite gift EVERY Christmas is the way my family all comes together to celebrate, and I think I learned that because there were some years when money was tight and as a family we decided to make gifts for each other. Now I’m older and money is tight for my own family, didn’t really see it coming, but my gift to my family is to forge ahead doing my best to provide a safe warm home, food and clothing, basic needs. The silver lining, they may take away the importance of family and the true meaning of Christmas. My older children will understand, but it won’t be as easy for my 6 year old, still believing in Santa and expecting toys under our tree. I didn’t mean to present a sad story, I am happy to have my family together and healthy. My son has a spectrum disorder and is fascinated with Legos and building, he constructed his own “palm pilot” just the other day, I am posting a photo on my profile, it even had a “stylus”. If he won the Lego set, the entire family would be overjoyed to see him happy Christmas morning. Thankyou Chris and Ponzi for your generosity. Merry Christmas to all.

  100. I would love to win the Star Wars Smiles package! I am sort of a big star wars fan, and have a uncle (Phil no relation to the chat room phil) whom suffers from muscular sclorarosis ? I dont think I spelled it right, who is a huge star wars freak! I would love to give him something this year.

  101. I’ve been a star wars fan for many years now and I’m a kid at heart to say the least. That Star Wars Smiles pack caught my eye simply because a lot of the stuff shown there was a lot of the stuff I wanted when I was younger but couldn’t afford it or didn’t bother getting with it. Anyways, to finish this off. I’m very grateful to you for doing this and helping share in the community. It seems as if you are having fun every day on your live stream and we enjoy watching you have fun!


  102. The bundle I would desire is the LEGO Wonderland bundle. I would want this because it brings me back to my childhood and how much fun I had playing with them creating my sculptures and literally letting my imagination run wild! If I win, I would like to donate some of the toys to charity to share the Christmas spirit! LEGO’s is something any child can learn to love, I know it’s something I still love!

  103. starwars collecting has been my thing since i was 6 years old and i know many kids who would love to have the stuff your giveing out some of those items your giveing away will be a good christmas present

    chris you have the biggest heart ever!

  104. That sounds so fun to be able to do!
    I would want the Family Game Night.
    In this electronic age I think that the fun from a board game is getting lost.

    I would probably only keep the Harry Potter Scene It and give the rest away, a couple to my niece & nephew then see who my church knows that needs gifts for needy kids.
    I can’t wait till I am debt free so I will be able to do more fun stuff with giving.

    Here’s my blog post:
    Here’s my twitter link:

  105. While my brother in law (40+!) would go absolutely crazy over the Lego package, if I win I’d instead take the Family Game night package. I might keep 1 or 2 for myself, but the rest I’d donate to organizations that support local youth. I love that you gave away all of your games and I hope to pass it on as well!

  106. Me and my family would love to have the Family Night Pack. We really cant afford things like this and with school and all its hard to get a little of time in to have a family night. This Pack will really help with that…

  107. It’s not all about me really. But when you announced that you were giving away a LEGO bundle it instantly brought back memories of last year when I was building LEGO NXT robots at my Technical school! We were to build a robot or machine and the best one would win a $1000 scholarship. My teacher went online with us all and bought tons of NXT kits and cables and books, bluetooth dongles, etc… to get this project rolling. Me and my partner made two test bots. The first one was a car that would drive to my instructor and throw a ball at him, the other was a scanner that you could attach a pen to and it would actually draw what it scanned on paper! I was amazed at how LEGOs could be so much fun. After looking back on their website I see that the kits are just about $240 per. I really wish I could just buy it all because the products LEGO made inspired me that day. What could I build, what could I have this do?? I would really appreciate it if I were chosen to get the LEGO Wonderland. I wouldn’t be needing everything on there. Most of it would go to the younger ones in the family as they would get more use out of it than me. I mean…you read how much fun I had with an NXT kit, imagine how much joy they would get out of it!

    PS: If you were wondering my partner and I did not win the $1000 scholarship. We built a Trebuchet / Catapult that came in 2nd place. We lost by other members of our class that built something the night before the competition (go figure..). And I did put a video on youtube of it throwing a ball: (sorry if it’s a tad shaky at first)

    Thanks for reading!

    – The actual Aaron from chat

  108. Lincoln Logs – boy does that take me back, as did your whole post. I think I’d have to go for the Lego bundle. Our six-year-old grandson would go nuts! πŸ™‚

    Bless your heart for thinking of the kids that have to go without. If I win this, the grandson may get some and I just may pay the rest forward.

  109. Chris Pirillo what a great thing to do. Keep up the Christmas spirit. Big thanks to you and Sears. The Lego Wonderland is what i would go for. I would give it to the church to be passed out to family’s in need. Merry Christmas Thank you

  110. Hi chris… to bad i’m not an US resident.. and don’t live in US soil πŸ™ hiksss
    I want Star Wars Clone Trooper Helmet soo badddd… I never win any stuff in my life.
    I hope u be the tropic Santa to flew it to my doorstep in Indonesia.. πŸ™‚ pleeeazee

  111. Wow this is great.
    My childrens school is sponsoring a family with two boys, ages are 8 and 12 with a single mom. This would easily put a smile on everyones faces. My boys would be able to take this to school and donate to a family that is less fortunate.
    We have been wanting to do this the last couple years, and this woold actually make it all possible.
    The data sheet says they are interested action figures, so i think the Star Wars bundle would work out the best.

    Thanks Chris, keep up the good work!

  112. Chris Pirillo, thank you for being able to give these gifts. It’s really something that’s inspiring me as well to do the same thing. I just wanted to say thank you in advance for making the christmas spirit flourish.


  113. I’ve got to go with the Family Game Night package. We love playing board games at our house. Growing up my favorite game was was the first game I bought my son for Christmas. I was also a big fan of “Go to the Head of the Class”. Nowadays we play Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly so it would be nice to add a little variety into game night.

    Great cause…great package!

  114. Oh my gosh! What a fun shopping trip! You can sit back Christmas morning and imagine the smiles you brought out!
    I would have to pick the family game night since I have 14 grandkids. Lately they have been telling me that my games are all old and tired! ( What do they expect after the wear and tear of all their little fingers?)
    Thanks for the chance to win and for having a caring heart. Happy Holidays!

  115. I think it’s an awesome thing you and Ponzi did, Chris ….We tend to forget that there are so many children in the world who dont get a gift in their sock, a lot dont even HAVE socks, so any bundle would bring so much joy to those kids, if I would win, I’d love for you guys to donate it to a childrens home over there πŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas and God Bless you both πŸ™‚

  116. well IM not that big on starwars but if i ever got the game iD Give it to my Brother that is it
    see ya later

  117. yes i said it.. LEGOs! it would be awesometacular to have this Bundle.. B-but not for me but for my future step-son Tion who’s 5, going on 30 (currently a know-it-all in the 1st grade) that believes the only joys in life are Guitar Hero & Naruto. The boy has the brains, but lacks creativity. Yea i know the boy is only 5, but to have such an awesometacular gift for Xmas would possibly turn em into Di Vinci! ok, ok i’ll cut the malarky, maybe a minime lol Honestly i grew up with a few sets of LEGO (many from happy meals too!) & my most fondest memories were of building the impossible with the sets i had. (a Limo, apartments for my fishtank, etc.). I know this would cause me to spend more time with the lil lad & this fantabulous LEGO bundle (i’ll ground ’em if he doesn’t share) but i think it would be a great one for the both of us (maybe more for me than for him……?)

  118. HOw wonderful this is,I keep foster children,an the lego gift set would be great for them,I have older ones sometimes, but they can help the littler one,we just adopted one of our foster daughters at age 16,so we have already been blessed,thanks for the chance

  119. Chris,
    This is amazing. I’m very touched by your generosity.
    We need more people in the world willing to do things like this.

    Now, as far as the contest is concerned, I would love the Family Game Night gear. Not only would my family love it when I am home on various holidays, but I am a college student and it would be awesome to give my fellow collegiates a blast from the past with some of the games, and even moreso, the memories associated with playing family game night when we were younger.

  120. Very Nice!
    My wife and I did something similar a few years ago. We bought a handful of Barbies and Hot Wheels and dumped them in a “Toys for Tots” bin. We had such a good time picking out the gifts for anonymous children that we’d never meet. It’s a little anti-climatic after spending an hour picking out “just the right gift”.

    Way to go Chris. Your efforts are inspiring.

  121. Wow, my boys would love the star wars wonderland… as they live, eat, sleep and breathe star wars.

    Great thing you’re doing Chris… keep up the good work.

  122. I’ve got three young boys at home who love Lego, and Dad’s a computer geek – the Lego Wonderland would be, well, Wonderful ! I’d be sure to spread the joy to the boy’s daycare too of course. Thanks for the contest – such a cool idea.

  123. I’ve posted to my blog:

    I’ve Tweeted (and will probably get ReTweets)
    theretrometro #Sears @chrispirillo – For Christmas Friends!!! Please RETWEET! I want them to have this.

    I want Christmas Friends to have the Family Game Night Package…. AND….

    As per my blog…I CHALLENGE any of you to match my $25. I’d prefer it went to Christmas Friends but I’m sure that matching it to your locale would be equally wonderful.

    Wishing everyone an incredible holiday with lots of love….

  124. I’d love to be able to give the Family Game Night package! We do a toy drive and additional activities throughout the year with the Trinity Children’s Foundation and this year we have come up short for gifts for the kids in the San Bernardino/Riverside county foster homes. The Family Game Night package would mean so much to them and provide them with hours of entertainment!

  125. I dunno i want lego starwars then i could build it i guess and use for display unless it shves in closet and collects dust. ahah. I see the 2 qualifcations up above it says i just ned to leave a comment. with other to qualification U meantion the word “IF” that tell me this is optional if you dont have thse anyhow id love building stuf hehe. it be kewl if id win

  126. wow the legos- we have alot of the games for family game night, but could take it and donate all we already have—stopi it- you are making me think and my brain hurts when I do that lately

  127. My favorite of the three is the Family Game Night. Spending time playing games with the family is wonderful! This is a wonderful giveaway! Thanks much!

  128. Aw gee whiz – I just realized that only people in the US can enter this, so can I change my entry so that the gift pack is donated to St. Jude’s Hospital for Children ?

  129. I am a noob. Just to let you know I love your programs.
    As I can remember, I have been an Star Wars fan my whole life. Now that I have a young pad one, she would love to have the Star Wars smile package. We thank you for this opportunity.

    God Bless.

  130. Chfis, this is a wonderful idea. I have three boys between 8 and 12, and all are Lego freaks. I can’t imagine what happiness they’d have with what they would think are all the Lego things on the planet. I’ll spread the word on Twitter and my blog as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  131. The Lego Wonderland from Sears is fantastic! Legos remain my kids’ favorite toy. My aunt toured their factory in Denmark. She says it’s as wonderful as we would imagine it to be.

    Generous giveaway. Nice going!

  132. This sounds like a great give away idea Chris, bless you for sharing the spirit. There is a lot to be said for each package, but in the end, I think the Lego pack is the one for me and my family. The Mind Storms would be the perfect way to add more science to the home school courses I use with both my children as well as having plenty to share with my two nephews. You can read more detail about the what and whys here

    I also joined twitter at

    again, thanks to you, seems your good at inspiring me to do things I had never considered before.


  133. Would love the Family Game Night pkg..We have large family and love to play all sorts of games when we all get together..Lots of competition, taunting, etc. but lots of fun, too.

  134. I’d probably go with Family Game Night. We all play a lot of games around here as is and it would be fun to spread the wealth by giving out some of the others to other families!

  135. I would love to win the family game night. My sister and I were given “Don’t Break the Ice” as kids also…what a blast we had with that all-plastic toy that (no electricity/technology involved).
    I don’t have children either, but I usually participate in our company’s Angel Tree drive and donate a gift. However, this year is a lot tighter than usual, so I didn’t participate. I would definitely give the majority of it away to a big shelter in my town, and toss a couple to my nephews/niece. Nothing like seeing kids’ eyes light up, especially the less fortunate ones. Thanks for the chance at this!

  136. I wouldn’t care which package I received, living in SC, there is such high unemployment and charities have totally run out of toys and food for the holidays. That is where the package would go .


  137. I wouldn’t care which package I received. The area I live in within SC is in dire need of food and gifts for Christmas. Many charities are out of everything – meaning children will go without toys and in some cases even food.

    If I could just help in some way I would welcome this gift

  138. I would love to get Lego game set, it has been my favorite as a kid, but I have not played with it for a long time now. It would be fun having it again. πŸ™‚

  139. I am also a disabled veteran and was proud to serve our country. That being said. I would like to take this chance to wish all our Geeks community and Chris a very Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the gifts being given
    away are real nice in my books. Though I would appreciate
    any of the gifts, the games would be just fine for me if selected.

  140. I would love the Star Wars package for my 30 year old son. He is out of work because of back surgery. I have already taken care of Christmas for his 3 small boys. Like you, Michael got the Millenium Falcon for Christmas one year. (Santa found the last one in town!) He still has all his old Star Wars toys from when he was a kid. He would absolutely want to run around like a kid if he received this. (back and all) Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  141. Great cause I think if I won i would re-gift the gifts to others that need them. It would be cool to give it away. I just don’t know how to find someone who would need it.

  142. i think that you are doing a great a good thing this year the bundle that i would like is the lego one because i am also a big lego fan

  143. I would like to win the lego because i ever since i went to lego land when i was a kid i have loved them ever since. So hope i win. Thanks

  144. Hey Chris
    name is Bart
    I am 20years old cant get a job and I would like to give some gifts for some of my close Friends and Family.
    Why Should I win this
    I cant get a job because my back is not able to move or pick up a lot ever where I go in for a job and I tell them about my back there like no we dont want you working here.
    I looked for so many jobs and still nothing no luck now that the Christmas is on the way I really want to buy some gifts.
    That is why I should Win.

  145. Lego mindstorm. My son and I would love that set he is 7 and just getting into the more complex legos and I would love to play with the mindstorm stuff with him.

  146. i would like to win the family game night, me and my family don’t do much together any more. the last time we played a gameor did anything together was when my father was home on R and R. now it’s just most boring at times. so yeah i would like toplay some games with the family and get back in touch with them.

  147. I would love the Family Game Night I can give that as you did to the less fortunate donate it i mean .God bless sears and people ho do this kind of things this is what Christmas is all about.

  148. I choose Family Game Night bc I’m a lover of games, but mostly because I feel it would be a great package for the Asian Resources charity 501c3 organization. They help people of all cultures (russian, chinese, hmong, vietnamese) get jobs, clothe them, and provide whatever needs they may have.

    The games would provide many gifts for the needy families and make a lot children and adults happy.

  149. i wont the star war fun pack .
    becuase i huge star wars fan and get it becuase i dont have the money.and i wold gibe half of it to all of my freind not all .
    and im cheap and saveing up for a macbook .

  150. I would like to win Star Wars Smiles package because I have some great memories playing with them when I was a child and it would be great to be able to go down the memory lane and also share some of it to others.

  151. I like the Star Wars Smiles package because I have a lot of neices and nephews that need toys to play with when they are at my house.

  152. I would choose the Family Game Night package. I’d probably keep a game (1 vs 100) and see if anyone in my family wanted one. The rest I would donate to local fund-raiser raffles and the nursing home in town.

  153. I would love to win the lego wonderland. The whole family loves to sit and play with legos. This would be a great gift for my kids. Thanks for the giveaway.


  154. I’d be happy to win any of these great prize packages, but my first is the LEGO one. My two boys are getting at the age where they are able to play with the small LEGOS and they’ve expressed an interest in owning some.

  155. Well I’m not quite sure which one i would want but i have always liked building things with Lego’s when i was younger so i would say anything Lego. Lego’s bring out the creativity in kids and i think that’s really important.. Hope you get all the comments you need

  156. I vote for LEGO Wonder Land.If I win it, I will be giving them to kids in my family. It will be a big surprise for them on Christmas.


  157. I think its great your doing this and props to sears as well hope you get to your goal Merry Christmas

  158. I wouls love the Star Wars Smiles, I really love Star Wars and i am trying to get my nephew into it. Lets not forget Star Wars isn’t just a film it’s a lifestyle.

  159. We’ve got loads of StarWars stuff (although my three boys always want more) and LEGO coming out of our ears (again, they always want more!).

    I’d choose the Family Game Night and force the kids to spend a few evenings with my wife and me (bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaa)…

  160. I loved Lego when I was a kid, so if there’s a bundle there that stands a chance of making memories for someone, it’s that. Do I want to win it? No. Would I want you to find a deserving cause — a childrens’ home, say — to donate it to? You bet. If you pick this comment to win, please donate the Lego kit to the best possible home for it. And Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚

  161. Great list of toys there any prize won would be great :). Brill web site keep up the good work.
    MERRY CHRISTMASS ! to you all.

  162. I’d like to win the Lego set, as it’s still the best toy out there. But if I do win, please give it to the charity you visited previously or another, so more kids can learn to build for their futures.

  163. I still say the family game night package would be the best. It’s a little something for everyone. I am not much into Lego’s and I don’t like Starwars *no offense* I watched part of a movie and that was it for me lol.. Too bad you didn’t have a family movie night Hmmm… I would LOVE to have the Jerry Lewis movie package hehe…

  164. I’d love to win Family Game Night because it would be a great way to bring my family together and spend more time together. Thanks.

  165. Star Wars Smiles FTW. My 3 year old son saw Star Wars 1-6 for the first time this year and he loves it almost as much as I do.

  166. Without a doubt I would give the Lego Wonderland set to my son who is now a design engineer. It all started with LEGOS when he was a little boy. That is all he would ask for at Christmas time or his birthday. He would make marvelous things with Legos and I am sure it is a contributing factor in his career choice. He has a 3 year old son that he would introduce to his love of Legos.

  167. My two teen like anything HPotter or STarWars. I also would like to K++++++ to “Mr.Geeks” and all his support staff. Its wonderful to think of others.

    Peace and Health,
    Happy Holidays

  168. I serve on the board of our local Ronald Mcdonald House which is a home for the kids and their families going through treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Without the donation of toys, some of those kids wouldn’t have much of a Christmas. I’d like to donate the Star Wars package to the House.

  169. I would like to go for the Lego wonderland package, please. I used to have a million Legos, which were unfortunately donated to my old school a while ago. Those Lego NXT thingermabobers look pretty awesome.

  170. LEGO Wonderland would be my choice. I have three nephews age 7-11 who would love these!
    Chris, you exemplify the spirit of Christmas..:)

  171. I’d love the Family Game Night. Our family loves playing games together. It’s a way to stay close and have family time.

  172. Id like the family game night bundle if I win..anything to bring my family closer together and actually have a chance to enjoy each others company is a beautiful thing!

  173. Honestly, I would love the Legos Wonder Land. I have a 6 year old who doesn’t know what legos are lol (And his school friends) And, I’d like to share it to him and let him have fun building things, like what I did as a Kid. Kids these days, watch TV and such. What a waste of a childhood.

  174. i loved those cold friday nights where i could gather my family and play Monopoly all night long. those were the days…it’s important that kids nowadays understand the meaning of this. it’s not just a game. as someone said, “it’s a lifestyle”.

  175. That’s a really cool idea. I would probably pick the games so I could give them to my nephews and maybe they’d play together more – and not just shooting each other in the back with rockets on Halo.

    Here’s hoping you make it to 500.

  176. My favorite game was Simon and I still remember getting the Barbie Cabana swimming pool the same year my sister got the Jaws game. This is such a great idea, I would love to do something similar in our house.

    The Lego bundle would be a great auction item for the Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMCSI) annual convention silent auction. My youngest son was born with the condition (multiple fixed limbs, joint contractures and low muscle tone). We are constantly looking for toys to help the kids learn to use their limited hand function and raise money for the non-profilt

  177. It is so hard to decide, my kids love Star Wars and Legos. Since I have to choose, it would be the LEGO Wonderland. They are really getting into building things and the mindstorms would take it to another level.

  178. Chris,

    This is a wonderful idea and a great tradition to start. I live in one of the most expensive towns in NJ – Short Hills. We often donate to the Settlement House, which is located less than 5 miles away in a town called Orange. Its amazing how 2 towns, that have such a different economic situation, can be 5 miles apart.

    My wife has memories of getting assistance from Settlement House when she was growing up (I think they are all over the NY/NJ area) so its been special for her to keep giving back. It would be great to be able to give them any of the toys above. In fact, I’m just heading over there this week to give them all the winter clothing that our kids (12 & 14) can’t fit in anymore.

    Thanks again for providing this great opportunity for people to think about doing something to help others, even if they don’t “win” the toy packages.


  179. I’d go for Star Wars Smiles pack. I remember watching Episode II about 5 or 6 times on 3 different occassions just because Yoda kicks ass, so you can see how much of a star wars geek I am.

  180. Lego Wonderland. Why? Well, I don’t need them, although I always thought that Legos were cool. So, I’ll take the package to Toys for Tots.

    Now, if you were giving away a Wii, I’d have to say “sorry, Tots”… πŸ˜›

  181. I would like to enter for the Lego Wonderland prize pack. I have two sons that would be so thrilled with this package. They really could spend hours putting lego’s together. Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  182. I would love the Star Wars Smiles gift pack, I will be moving soon, and living with an ultimate star wars geek, and I know this would make him happy.

    Also, not having any money for the loss.

    (does this giveaway also apply to the UK, cause if not, that sucks.)

  183. What a great contest!!!!! We have have a weekly family game night. The Family Game bundle would provide hours of fun for our family

  184. My family (and any family) would love the family game night bundle. Anything that brings the family together is a GREAT thing!

  185. I live with three men. Did I mention that Star Wars is 99% of the conversation when we aren’t building Lego’s. I know my little men would love more Star Wars items around. Thanks for the great contest!

  186. Family Game Nite would fit us well as we have six children. Our house seems to be the gathering place for the neighborhood and friends from school. We’ve got an 8 foot long kitchen table that serves as a lot more than just a place to eat supper. Never a dull moment.

    Plus, the crummy economy brings them home. They aren’t out spending money. What will we do with them all?!

    A load of games would be the perfect spice for this recipe!

  187. Ok after some long thinking I think i would go for the “Family game night”, I personally would go for the star wars pack, but because Christmas is an family holiday, the “Family game night” pack would be much nicer because then not only me but also my brother and sister and mother would have a nice present πŸ™‚

  188. Family Game Night.
    My friend works at a youth centre. There is a range of ages of youth at the centre, they don’t have the privilage of a home to go to for Christmas. I would donate the package to them to give them an oppertunity to share at Christmas.

  189. I’d love to win the family game night bundle. I am trying to spend more time with my daughter without the TV. This would give us a chance to play some games (most of which I’ve never heard of) and have a great time together.

  190. I love Star Wars however I would go for the FamilyNight package. As a Veteran and member of the VFW, we are big Toys for Tots donors. Every year we have a Toys for Tots day at the Post. We have games for kids and adults, an auction, tip boards on items, a bake sale and the famous Jail and Bail. Everything earned on this goes to Toys for Tots. I have a couple of nieces that I would probably give a few of the games to, but the rest I would have my 4 yr old twin nieces go with me and turn them over to the Toys for Tots. Great thing Sears is doing and you also Chris!

  191. There are 532 families in Greene County Indiana that will get some assistance with clothes for the kids and toys for the tots thanks to the local Civitan (Like Rotary) club. If you have any packages left, we will happily break them apart and add to giving. The best part of gifts is the giving.

  192. After all is said and done, The Family Game Night is truly the only way to go. Wheither it’s for a Single Mom with Her Child OR a Stressed Small Family in Dire Straits, The mere but important action, not act, does more for them now and beyond. As for Me: pish-posh and bah humbug. Just do it!

  193. I would really like the Lego Wonderland bundle. My story is not as heart wrenching as others, unemployed, mortgage is slowing killing me, pretty typical really.

    Winning something would certainly be a bright spot in an otherwise dark winter.

    Happy holidays!

  194. I would choose the Lego Wonderland package because my 16 month old grandson would love it and we could all play with him together.

  195. Chris – This is an awesome experience for us all. Thanks. I would love to have the opporunity to win the LEGO Wonderland pack. I have a great friend who is strapped this Christmas and is stressing over how he will provide for his 11 year old son. How wonderful it would be to be able to give him this LEGO experience when I know that LEGO is one of his all time favorites (Star Wars is as well, but I’ll go with LEGO).
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.
    Fellow Geek,
    Laura C.

  196. Let me start off by saying that you are a Saint doing this deed. It really means a lot to me and many other people that you’re showing the true Christmas Spirit.

    I would really love it if you would give me the Family Game Night bundle. You see, I myself am rather poor. Less than $10,000 income yearly. My mother works. She shouldn’t. I should, but I can’t as I am in college.

    The reason I would like the Family Game Night bundle is so I could give it to me niece. She doesn’t have many board games and I would love to give her some games that we could play together. In fact, I cannot afford to give anyone anything for Christmas this year because of the lack of funds.

    I think that giving my niece all these lovely board games would also help strengthen our relationship. I am not the best uncle I could be. We hardly spend time together. I believe that with those games, we can get to know each other better as we play.

    When watched your video on Youtube about this offer, I was so happy. It filled me with a child like glee. As soon as the video ended, I typed the address to this blog and waited for the better part of an hour for the page to load, due to my crappy pc. I never wait for things to load. I just get annoyed and click out of the site. This thing that you’re doing is so important to me that I decided to stay and plead my case.

    Thank you Chris Prillo.

  197. I would choose the star wars package, why because it’s the greatest movie phenomena to ever be, I can’t live without my Star Wars!

  198. I’d chose the Lego Wonderland because I’ve been into Legos, but I haven’t had anytime to go out to the store and buy a couple packs. The first thing that really me want this is the MindStorms. Thanks! Colin H. at

  199. I used to play boardgames with my family every weekend we had sorta of a game night thing but as we all got older we decided to give the games away to our less fortunate family members that live in mexico it be awesome to play some board games again and give some more to my family in mexico

  200. I was thinking about the Star Wars Smiles. I was in my early 10’s when the fenom hit, and I have been thinking about my son and the experiences he will have soon in his young life.

    I have all I need, so I would give it to him to keep, play with, or whatever he would like. I want him to know what it is like to enjoy something like Star Wars. (My first date with the wife was a Star Wars movie).

  201. You’ve inspired me. I’m writing a check now to a needy family I know to help with the Christmas Expenses. $500 doesn’t go far with 10 kids, but I hope it’ll help out.

    Really I was going to write the check anyway, but I wanted to help you reach your goal of 500 comments.

  202. Family Game Night. I would keep Monopoly, and give the rest to those less fortunate. I usually donate more to charity, but times are tough…and getting tougher. The tougher the times, the more family becomes vital.

  203. I would chose any of the three but either The Lego or Star wars. Lego because building is good development for him and legos are already really $ he’d flip, He loves using building blocks to build guns, Spaceships and light sabers, he is such a star wars nut and only 5 and already has 6 lightsabers. The only thing he wanted from Santa this year was the build a lightsaber kit. he loves building almost as much as he loves star wars.

  204. Family Game night is my option.: With our culture family time is the best gift for the holidays. We recently had a young loved one pass away and in my opinion the most healing happened around the game table. We could laugh at getting the latest trivia and HOPE for the last minute win.

    So based on this experience we have been placing family game time into the schedule over the latest holiday fad. Take your focus off of things and put them on your loved ones. They are the ones that might not be here for the next holiday.

  205. Family Game Night package would be awesome. We have Family Game Night every Friday. It has brought many hours of joy and brought us closer together as a family. It was a tradition started when I was a child myself. This package would give us so many different options that we wouldn’t get bored with the same games over and over, for YEARS.

  206. Regardless of if you are experiencing a power outage, or if you are up in a cabin for a week in the summer during rains storms, whatever, you can play Monopoly. The game is ageless. Anyone and everyone can play and many of my best memories are of taking my parents to the cleaners as a child playing the game. I love how you can stop the game for an hour, a day, or longer, then sit down and resume playing. Monopoly has stood up to all the latest and greatest new games and still has the ability to include the family in a fun, loud, and boisterous game. Monopoly gets my vote. Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for keeping the true spirit of the season going.

  207. Of course I don’t give big hopes on this but here it goes:
    I would like The Lego Wonderland bundle because I have never really played with Lego in my life and I think that would be a wonderful present for everyone .
    Wish you all luck.

  208. Thats wonderful what your doing! We always go and let the kids pick something to give to toys for tots. They look forward to each yar as they are always buggin me to go and do it! If i won a package i would want the family game night. We always love sitting around playing bored games. I prolly wouldnt keep all. we will prolly donate to the childrens hospital here. Merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!!

  209. I love them all and am really impressed you are doing this. The fine folks in my family keep asking for gift ideas and I tell them I have everything a person could want so give a contribution to a charitable organization and you’ll make me happier than you can imagine. So, here is my comment, lego. Very cool!

    Good thing they don’t have some of the toys I had as a kid back in the very early 1950’s. Like the big giant erector set. Tons of little metal parts, beams, brackets, screws and nuts to put it all together with. Also a 110VAC electric motor with an open gearbox. Insanely dangerous but I loved it.

  210. I would donate the Family Game Night pack to my old elementary school. I come from a small town that doesn’t get much school funding and this would be great for the kids there, especially when it rains since they have to stay inside for recess.

  211. I would like the Family Game Night package. I work at a restaurant and many of my fellow servers have familes, which include smaller children. The problem is that they have to work all the time to pay their bills, so they do not get to have enough time with their family. In January we are going to have our work christmas party and there is nothing more I would love to do than to give them all a family game that can help them get closer with their families and have a great time.

  212. I really LOVE your christmas tradition and used to do something similiar for a domestic violence shelter every year, but unfortunately I just can’t afford it this year. I’d love to win the LEGO set so I can give something cool to my nephew and then give that shelter something too.

  213. I have three boys who all love Star Wars. Of course, I remember standing in line outside of the theater an hour before the show started to see the original. Needless to say, if I win the Star Wars bundle, the Han Solo bobble head is mine!
    The other bundles are great, too but I already have tons of Legos and games for the boys… but not the millenium falcon.

  214. I never stated which I would prefer to win… I would choose the Lego setup, one can never have enough fun with Legos.

  215. The LEGO Wonderland would be wonderful because I work at a small, underfunded, but extraordinary private school. Working with LEGOs is part of our Grade 1-2 curriculum – it develops certain neural connections necessary at this age. We have many LEGOs, and the children love to play with them, but it would be great to have more structured activities with complete kits that actually do something.

  216. I’d want the LEGO bundle, because LEGO played a big part in my childhood. Of course, we didn’t have all those fancy sets. We just had a huge box of pieces, and we made so many things with those pieces. My son loves LEGO now, and he builds some amazing things, too. The more pieces you have, the more stuff you can make!

  217. I would really love to win the Family Game night. We love to play games and have “family fun”. That is actually all we have done in the past 2 days because school is out for bad weather. Thanks for the chance.

  218. What a great giveaway. My son LOVES Lego Star Wars…hmm, so which to choose? Have to go with Legos…..Love that it challenges him to think, be creative and explore, and he doesn’t even know he is learning πŸ˜‰


  220. I would love to win the Family Game Night bundle for my family because we had a house fire that destroyed just about everything including all the the kid’s toys and games.

    πŸ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! πŸ™‚

  221. The Family Game Night bundle is great, and we’d love to have more games here…b/c the kids actually like to sit down and play!

  222. My sons would LOVE the LEGO Wonderland. They have lego’s and are so great at building all kinds of different things. They would have a blast with this!

  223. I would love to recieve the family game nite I would give it to my grandson who is 9 and loves board games and does have some problems with school. Thanks for what you did for the kids who need a smile on christmas

  224. The pink dress and hulk gloves would be the ultimate gift for any child. Some of those pics were way funny. Good luck with your goal and happy holidays!

  225. i will be blessed with any as i would give the gift to our local tv station for a local charity we have every year. im shure some child would be so happy to recieve a gift this year thay that would normally not get. It is the season for giving….

  226. The lego would be great, There are a few old memories in there. My Son and Daughter would love a few of them, So many are from the classic lego from the first ages of lego.

    Merry Christmas To all!

  227. I like the family game night. Our family loves to play games and these would be fun to have. Thanks!

  228. Thank you so much for bringing joy and excitement this tough holidays. We the Vegas’ family thank you in advance.
    I have to say we are hardcore or trying to be hardcore Starwars fans, so with that in mind, I believe my family of 4 would love the Starwars bundle.

    Thank you Chris and Sears for this opportunity to participate.

  229. I’m all about Legos! Missed them as a kid but discovered them while taking care of my little friend Riley (a friend’s son). I’d like them to share with him. Yes! I promise — we’ll share.

  230. In order to have more Geeks in this world, we need stir the creative gene in our kids. I vote for the Lego set. I would donate it to the the local Career and Technical school Pre-engineering program. I think this would help encourage the young men and women there to think creatively.

  231. Great idea Chris! I would love to win any of these and divide them among the students on my bus. I drive school bus for an underprivileged part of town and many of my kids won’t have much Christmas if any. This would be great for them and me! Thanks again for doing this!

  232. We love to play games so I would choose family game night. If I got this before Christmas, I would get a few names off the Angel Tree and make some needy kid’s Christmas.

  233. chris thats really nice of yourself. To give kids some games for christmas.
    I want a bundle because since I am jewish, I have never had a christmas gift. I see people happy, decorating the tree, having a good dinner. And for me, its just another day
    I would like the star wars or the lego one. It doesnt matter aslong as i feel holliday-ish.
    have fun

  234. LEGO Wonderland OMG lets do this! I admit I’d play with the programming part. I’d give the rest to my niece and twin nephews!

  235. Hi, If I were to win this competition, I would like the Lego wonderland, I would like this to give to charity because you have inspired me with your giving.

  236. I would love to win the LEGO Wonderland as my boys LOVE legos and my oldest who is 13 is in a Robotics class in school this year that is sponsored by Lego and he would so love to have those type sets at home but there is no way I could ever get those for him.

  237. Two years ago, my neighbor, Brett was diagnosed as having cancer in his liver; when they went to operate they found cancer in almost every organ; started chemo & Last Christmas he was cancer-free;

    Last week, the cancer in his liver returned; I don’t know which of the three sets his 16 year old daghter & 9 year old son would prefer – but they are who my wife & I would give this gift to !!
    Hope for the best – Plan for the worst !!!

  238. Chris, i would like to have the starwars pack because,my friends ages (4) and (10) just had their parents divoriced and they really like starwars and i would really like to have somthing their, because as a 4 year old you think they broke up because of him. But i would like to give them somthing for christmas becausethey are feeling left out for christmas.

    Your fellow geek,

  239. My kids would love the family game night they are both old enough now to want to play games.Family games that is and this would be awesome for them to get.I just think it s an awesome thing you did giving away all those toys.That was most generous.

  240. I would love the family game night. The kids are bringing their significant others and we sure could use an infusion of new games! It helps to keep everyone together and engaged.

  241. My twin 8 year old boys would LOVE the Lego Wonderland. They always build things together and have Godzilla attacks and hidden army man bases.

  242. Chris,

    I would like the family game set because i have a child thats likes to give to other kids and less fourtunate people. His name is Austin Kent and he is just sooo good . See he Plans to giveaway his presants this christmas instead of ke-
    eping them because we all have soo much just to have family in our lives. But anyway i would just like to give something to him (and make him keep it) this christmas. ohh and did you see that your name chris is in the word christmas w00t.

    Yours truley,

  243. the thing me and my family would love the most is to get the power turned back on in my house , that would be nice πŸ™‚

  244. Hey! Great idea! I would love the Lego Package because I would like to pay it forward. I belong to a Mommy Group and there are plenty of Mom’s who are struggling this time of year trying to come up with $$$ to buy gifts for their little ones, many (like myself) are military and are trying to celebrate with Daddy gone (which isn’t easy.) I don’t have the money to help nearly as much as I would like to. This would be a great way to help some fellow Mom’s who are struggling. Thanks!

  245. legoland

    it just seems like a wonderful magical place

    seriously for my roommate’s nephew


    my roommate made me post this under duress. he has my little cat Fluffy dangling over a pit of flames that he dug in the backyard.

  246. I would like the family game night. I watch my grandchildren during the week and this would be great for us to do rather than video games.

  247. This is great! Well, I would love to get the Family Game Night bundle. I have a 14 yr old son who loves playing video games, but also wants to have a family night playing cards, board games, etc. He decided he wanted a Family Game night because loves it when we go to my mom’s house and stick around for board games on holidays. Not wanting to play the “sob story” card, let’s just say this would make an awesome gift for him.

  248. I’ll bet that was an amazing feeling! Kudos to you and Sears!

    Id love the Family Game Night bundle. I’d keep a couple of the games my husband and I could play and donate the rest to our church youth group.

  249. I want the Lego bundle!

    I want the Lego bundle because I have three younger brothers, two of witch play Legos on a regular basis. It’s probably been a year since they have received a new set of Legos, and having a lego bundle like this one would make an amazing Christmas present!

    That looks super fun to be able to go to Sears and buy hundreds of dollars worth of toys… for someone else!

  250. What a hard choice! My kids are in between stages right now, my older ones are a bit out of Star Wars toys, and my younger ones are not quite there yet, lol.
    But everyone loves Legos and everyone loves games. We all love Star Wars, too.
    I would choose the games because that would bring family togetherness to our house, the most important gift of all. Plus, there are so many that I would be more than thrilled to share with other families and our local charity places, too.

  251. As always Chris is up for giving things away. This time it is for such a wonderful cause. What could be better than to make a child’s Christmas one of joy and happiness by receiving a toy?

    In my city, we have many shelters for woman with children who have had to leave their homes because of abuse. During the holidays, I feel that it must be very trying for these families to find any joy.

    I would love to give the “Family Games Package” to many of these places. What better way to bring that hurting family together than with interaction games?

    If only I could buy 500 dollars worth of toys for needy children, I would have already done so.

    Thank you Chris. No matter who wins, if they give to the less fortunate, it will all be good.

  252. I’d love the Family Game Night package. We need some togetherness around here with teenagers. And there’s enough to share with a family down the road with 7 kids. They could really use the help.

  253. Chris, you merry young, elf!

    Great prize packages all around. If I could give one away it would be the Family Game Night package. I can remember card games and dominoes in our house growing up, and my Mom teaching me to play jacks.

    I would wish for all families the chance to create such memories.

    Celebrate the season,

  254. Wow, those are some great prizes! I’d like the Family Game Night. I’d share them with needy families, but I’d probably keep one for my own family! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  255. I would like the “Family Game Night” Gift because I would like to help my family this christmas. I am 12 and I live in UK but my parent can’t get me and my sister much mainly because of the Stugelling Econimy and my dad had just lost his job.
    I would also like this because I would like to bring my Family togeather and keep up our spirits by playing these games.

    Thanks You.

  256. That is very nice of you to give away. I really like the Family Game Night package. My family and I have a tight bond, we’ve been moving to countries and states facing struggles and troubles together, and family nights make us all happy and united again. I have been busy with my studies and my parents with their shifts/works a lot past months, and let me tell you how much my parents’ve been happy and I’ve been happy to play games during the holidays. Currently during breaks we play scrabbles, checkers, chess and trivia games and boy it sure is fun and it reassure the bonds!

    Family Game Night is indeed a good gift. I will never exchange family time. πŸ™‚

  257. What a wonderful gift for someone! I don’t have a blog or twitter so am only commenting. I belong to a small Church that has an Angel Tree each year for the under privileged. Most people want to have a small child to buy for. There are many young teens (Tweens) that we end up trying to buy for at the end. How wonderful it would be to be able to really shop for these kids. I would be happy with any package but if I must chose one I guess the Family Package would be the one I’d choose if I win.
    Thank you for making this possible.

  258. I’d like to win the Family Game night package. I remember having family game night when I was a child, which is why I have incorporated it into our lives. Every Thursday is family game night. We don’t have many games as we can’t really afford to buy to often, so we play a lot of our games over and over again. It would be nice to have a set of new games for the kids.

  259. Duno if my 1st comment got through due to a system crash XD but here is what i was typing.

    If I won the Games Bundle I would give out the games to a few of the younger family members in my family as i cant afford anything this XMAS (Got to love this eco)
    I would then donate the rest to charity so that some other lucky boy or girl could have a very marry XMAS.

  260. Chris,
    It is interesting how my personal draw has commuted over to Thanksgiving as opposed to Christmas, because I profoundly believe in the spirit of thanks giving.
    That being said, an effort like this has real meaning and can bolster an otherwise dim Christmas. Thanks for your efforts. We’ll also do a mention on the GuruTrack blog to assist.

  261. Super Tough Choice – Thanks for the terrific giveaway! I guess I would go with the Star Wars Smiles package. It would definitely make my little boy smile. He started playing Lego Star Wars on the Gamecube and has loved everything Star Wars ever since. Now that the Clone Wars series is out, he is an even bigger fan.

  262. Hello my name is cody i am 13 and i live in canada

    if i win i would like Star Wars Smiles as my prize

    Why:i think i should win because i live with my mom and she on can get a little bit for christmas sence she on has 1 income and i have a lot of friends with xbox 360 snow boards and all the stuff i like but i cant afford it

    P.S i love star wars

  263. Days gone past and all the sweet memories of building Lego Projects with my daughter. I would definitely choose the LEGO Wonderland and give them to my daughter and grandson. Thanks! Merry Christmas

  264. Poor children don’t need toys. They need someone to love them and take care of them. They need a foundation of morals and positive role models. They need food in their bellies and a roof over their heads. They need a good education and training so they have a chance to make something of themselves Please give them those kinds of things instead of this useless commercial nonsense.

  265. Thanks for the opportunity we have in this contest! I would like to get the Lego Wonderland bundle. I would like this because I have a little brother who is completely obsessed with Lego. Each and everyday he wants more and more kits to build new creations with. Well, he doesn’t have that many legos, and I would be really happy to give him some more.

    Thank You!

  266. Great Idea. I think I would like to win the lego pack or the family game night package. can’t really decide. What I would do with it? Well, I think I would give it to kids in need of toys too. I remember playing with lego’s when I was a kid, but I also remember wishing my parents would play a board game with me- they never did but I played @ school or @ my friends houses and now I try playing with my own kids. Either one would be great and sure to put a smile on some kids faces on christmas morning.

  267. I would love the Family Game Night package so I could gather students here at the collage who could not go home for the holidays and have some non-digital fun (or digital if they want to play the DVD games). Though honestly we may just take tow or three to play and the rest donate to families in the area who need these more than we do.

  268. I would LOVE to have the LEGO Wonderland for my son Boston. He is SO interested in building and breaking down right now…he is approaching 1yrs old(Jan 25th). What a great opportunity you have here!!!


  269. Please enter me in the “Star Wars Smiles” package contest! I have 2 little boys that just turned 9 and 12 this week and now Christmas is upon us. Unfortunately, my husband was laid off on September 15th, so we’re getting close to the end of the bucket if you know what I mean. It is going to be a very slim Christmas this year, but this package would be a true Santa surprise for my 2 little boys if we were to win. Thank you!


  270. I would love to win the family game night package. We have a weekly family game night and it would be nice to add a few new games to our repetoire. I would giveaway the rest to a charity that could use them.

  271. Please enter me in the “Star Wars Smiles” package contest we are having Christmas at my Brothers house and I would like to get my nephew and cousins something this year, this is the first year I have been getting out of my house. Unfortunately I have an anxiety disorder that keeps me from working and my car is broken and wont start so I don’t have the money or the means to go out and shop for anything so this package would be great to give them.

    Thank You,

  272. Chris I would like to say that I am proud of you for making the choice you did. I read your blog at work and with tears streaming down my face I decided to write a blog about giving myself. You can read it if you would like here
    I so wish there was more people out there like you to help those in need. I would also like the star wars smile pack from above, but if I win it please just donate it for me to some child or family that are in need.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !

  273. Hey, Chris I would like to win the Family games (boardgames) bundle because i have big family of 7. And my family really doesn’t have many Boardgames all we have is a old monoply from a couple of years ago. Since we just only have 1 board game we really dont have Family meetings only at the Dinner table we talk and were all together as a family. We just lost our car due to the price of the Monthly pay Also this year we really cant afford Christmas present although im were getting them. So i would love to be entered into the Family BoardGames Bundle. Its very kind of you and companies that care to give away stuff for Free. I hope my wish gets Granted.

    Thanks, James!

  274. Wow…. Awesome Packages. I imagine it took you all day to compile the gift sets. Since I can only choose one I would go with the LEGO PACKAGE. For Sure…. Thank you for the chance of winning.

  275. M my son (aged 7) has asked for a robot dog and an iPod Shuffle for Christmas. The shuffle was no problem but where could I get a robot dog?

    Perhaps the answer lies here right on this page. For that reason I would like the Lego Wonderland to help build a robot dog for my son.A joint father/son project I promise!

    I used to be a huge Lego fan back in the day, my mother thought I might have become an architect! Alas, I left home as did my Lego soon after, hopefully it inspired other children by way of the local charity shop.

    Thanks Chris.

  276. very sweet of you Chris , i think i’d be a leggo block person myself .

    although star wars would be one i’d like to have to give away so many ayt work came from ILM that it would be fun. that or toy for tots is always taking stuff.

  277. It’s great that you give so much back to those less fortunate than you. It’s not something a lot of people do.

    We have a 1.5 year old boy that would really love the Lego wonderland gift you are giving away. He’s just now discovering how fun blocks and legos are and I remember building so many cool things with the legos I had when I was a kid.

  278. i would just like 1 of the 3 bundles because my sister could really give much of a christmas to her kids because of bills and it would really be cool if you could help me with that as i would buy presents for them but i dont really have any money right now but even if you dont im sure it will all work out but many thanks for helping out kids who are less fortunate than you byez

  279. That must have felt awesome to give all those toys to the donation center!

    I think the Lego package is the coolest, but I might take that back after stepping on one or two in the middle of the night. πŸ™‚

  280. Hey Chris,

    If I won the Family Game Night I would donate it to my university Residence Hall. We have a set of pitiful board games that are all missing most of their pieces. This package would encourage the residents to start checking-out the items again and may reduce the amount of vandalism and disrespect for our Hall Lobby. With residents playing games in the Lobby I expect there will be fewer hoodlums hanging around. We already have a system for checking-out and storing items like this, but with the economic slump we do not have the money to spend on things like this.

    Thanks for reading!


  281. That really nice of you that you giving away toy for kids, if you have a chase i would really like to have the lego wonderland because when i was young i had lego but I had to give to my cousin but I was happy about that but i love to build with lego and i really want to have a chase like that again, but no I’m not adult. But if you don’t give it to me that ok to Christmas is about giving not, taking. Happy Holidays

  282. Definitely the FamilyGame pack. I am in the first year of helping the board for a wonderful “older” kids based charity called Quakerdale back in your home state. Kids not so lucky to have had parents like we did that taught us the basics for what we know. These kids and this organization could use these to do wonderful things to make the “reason for the season” the right reason.
    This was a good day for me to read your message on this site. So easily we forget. You helped one person to remember.
    Best of the season to you and Ponzi. From your midwest elder geek.

  283. I’d love to get the LEGO package. Back when I was a kid, my family could barely afford much to make our Christmases enjoyable. The only times I could really play with LEGO were when I would go to friends houses or when they would give small kits away in Happy Meals.

    When the Mindstorms set was released, a friend of mine bought it for himself and it opened my eyes to them again. This childhood toy I always seemed to enjoy had grown up and became not only a powerful building set but a great way to introduce kids to the concepts of programming, robotics and machine building.

    Now that I’m older, I would love to have the chance to provide my kids (once we finally get around to having them) a fun and enriching experience. Maybe it’d even turn into a career for them someday.

  284. I would sit and play with my three children (all under the age of 9)… and it would not matter which one we received… we would be appreciative of your spirit of giving in these hard economic times.

  285. Hey Chris, my name is Jacob Jordan, and I think it would be so cool to win all of that starwars stuff, if i win i would donate some of it to toys for tots at my schools, if i win i would the starwars stuff.

  286. Would love to choose the Star Wars Smiles for my hubby who is a Star Wars fanatic and is indoctrinating our 5 year old son already into becoming one as well. He truly deserves it too. I slipped on one of our 2 year old’s toys in November and badly injured my knee. I tore my Meniscus, ACL. MCL and fractured a bone in the Tibia. I am unable to walk and am currently undergoing Physical Therapy to remedy that. Once the fratcure heals I will need surgery. Throughout this my hubby has been my rock. He works full time to come home and take care of me, our 2 year old and our 5 year old as well as cook, do laundry and clean. The man truly deserves to be spoiled and it is a shame I can’t afford to do so since I am unable to work. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  287. I would have to go with the Lego Wonderland. I have two 6 year old nephews that would love everything in the gift pack and it would make an excellent Christmas for both of them.

  288. What an inspiring story. I know I have a couple of items that I need to take to toys for tots, since they are for kids smaller than my own. We just donated some furniture and winter coats to our local Union Gospel Mission. Giving does feel good. Anyway, please throw my name in the hat for the Star Wars package. My sons just love Star Wars, and I’ve got to admit I’m a big fan too.

  289. This is my first time ever entering a contest!
    Phew! And it only took 30+ years!

    It would be an absolute gift to receive the Lego Wonderland giveaway.

    However, it would not be for myself. I think your concept of Christmas tradition is a noble one that more people need to undertake. There are a few friends I know, and others I know of, that have children and are not in the ‘middle class’ setting. There is one family I am thinking of in particular that has great parents and two young sons. I know nothing more than having the opportunity to light up their bright blue eyes with the a little Christmas joy.

    This gift of giving has reminded me of my poverty stricken life. I remember distinctly the night when people came by with gifts in their van. Unknown to me at the time, but later revealed, it was an organization that gives gifts to the ‘unfortunate’ families during the trying time of Christmas. The idea that people did this meant more than anything-more than the gift I was receiving. Even at my young age was the seed of humility implanted.

    So, I would love to spend the day with these two young little men and show them how to build a lego castle. And then watch them forget about any difficulties in life, even for a brief moment.

    This gift, if I were to win, could be directed toward the family I know-just to show I am 100% serious. And it would be a win for them, not myself.

    Happy Holidays for whomever wins!


    [email protected]

  290. Great blog! Great contest! Thank Sears for us. I would like to win the LEGO Wonderland – A variety of LEGO toys and books. I’m sure that LEGOs will never go out of style, and eventually, when I have grandchildren (which I hope will be soon) I can have toys all ready for them.

  291. I would love to win the Family Game Night package because it’s so fun to gather the family and friends for an evening of games. Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  292. What would I do with a $500.00 Gift Package? Hmmmm, let me think about that.

    Well, my sister just had a mastectomy and she has 2 adult children and one teen. I think that I would try to make sure that her teenager had a very nice Christmas. My sister raised her 3 kids on her own. It was very difficult for her and I have offered her moral support but I am not a rich person so financial support, from me, just isn’t feasible. The Family Game Night would be a Great Gift for her.

    If i could make her and her daughter just smile a little bit would be a very nice thing to do.

  293. It’s out tradition to play games over the holidays. This would be a wonderful addition to Holiday Game Week.

    Thanks for the opp. And happy holiday.

  294. I would love to have the family game night package. I grew up playing board games and card games with my family and would like to continue that with my children and grandchildren.

  295. Sorry… commented in the wrong blog. Confused. Caffeine deprivation. Was sayin’….

    I would individually wrap each toy, stick a gift tag from the K-Mart Wishing Tree , and make a little wish for those gift tags still hanging there, that someone will find them a prezzie too.

    But since I’m too far away and the postage will cost more than $500, I’d give it to Krystyn. She can be Mrs Claus and hand them out for me πŸ™‚

  296. When i was younger, I never really thought of how much i should be thankful for and how many families don’t have any presents under their tree on Christmas. This year, my high school, Avondale High School, is currently doing their annual Caring and Sharing week. Where we donate and help out oversea countries as well as some people in our own community. We have had the Advokate campaign, where a local 8 year old girl was diagnosed with cancer, the One campaign, where we helped out countries in Africa, and finally this year the GO campaign, where we help out part of our community and donate many objects and money to Uganda, Africa. I would choose the Lego set, because i know how much i have always hoped for a lego set under my tree, but this year I hope to have multiple lego sets under other children’s trees. I will also give half to a local charity in my area, and the other half to Uganda, Africa. You have my word.

    Brennan Muir

  297. I remeber the day for my 4th birthday I got the collectors edition Lego Tie Fighter and after about a year I broke it
    now the Lego is worth $700 I have sworn an oath never to harm a lego set again

    Hoping for the lego set

  298. how great it is what sears is doing! seems like you rather enjoyed yourself also πŸ™‚

    I would love to be put in for Family Game Night. Kids and I are always looking for something that doesn’t involve the computer/tv to have some fun!
    thanks so much πŸ™‚

  299. If I got the Lego Wonder land, I would make my kids so happy. Just seeing the smiles on their faces would make me the happiest man alive, plus I have always loved Lego and so I would also be able to bond with them big time, and I find that a rare thing. I do not have much money, so I really thing any of the sets would complete their Christmas!

    Thanks for the opportunity Chris!

    ~ Cal M.

  300. Lego Wonderland would be a huge surprise for the students in the after school program at our elementary school where I work

  301. Hey! just joined a while ago and leaving my first comment and at the right time, i see that you are giving away some cool stuff that eill make someone’s christmas this year, i know my 13 year old brother would love the Star Wars package, I got him into Star Wars back when the new ones came out. He would love this and I would be very thankful for it. Thank you so much for making cool videos for us to watch, I know that it must be hard to be married and run this show at the same time, thanks.


  302. I love the idea that you used your $500 Sears shopping spree to grant someone else a wish this Christmas! The spirit of Christmas still lives! I would love to win the Family Game Night gift bundle for one of my daughter’s classmate’s family. The little girl (her name is Vivian) would really enjoy this gift. Both of her parents are deaf. Our family participates in several activities that allow us to spend time with each other; however, Vivian has limited choices since both of her parents are deaf. For example, our family has movie night. Vivian can not do this with her parents since both of her parents are deaf. I think they would love to receive this Family Night gift package because this allows them to play with Vivian more easily. Vivian’s family is on limited income (disability) so I know they have little money to spend on toys/games. This would be the perfect gift for them! Also, I tweeted.

  303. For me the Lego set would be the win… My son is very much into Legos right now, I bought his first sets due to me having them as a kid. He plays differently from me though, he builds the set then leaves it alone, where as I had to remake and create new.

    Thanks for the chance for this.
    Rodney, in Wyoming.

  304. I would like the Family Game Night to be able to spend time with my daughter and her family interacting with each other through games, instead of either watching TV, playing on the computer or watching DVD movies. I mean actually take time out from the “Electronic Age” and play a game against a human.
    Happy Holidays To Everyone
    Bill K.

  305. i would love to have the Lego bundle! i make movies with Legos. I mean ive just started but they’re cool. i dont have money to afford the Indiana Jones Lego sets so i just use the same ones over again. 1 more thing. Legos are just simply great!
    getting the Lego bundle would be the best Christmas ever.


  306. Hey, My High School is doing the same thing! All the students were to bring a toy then we could give it to a charity in our own little town. I’m a member of a club called MaYa club, we were in charge of organizing all the toys we collected. It was pretty fun, I only had $50 bucks to spend thought, but I still bought something nice I actually bought two gifts haha. If i was to win I could still incorporate all the toys from the Star Wars Smiles Package to the toys we already have!

  307. Star Wars Smiles – why? For my best friend and love of my life. For the past 4 years he has made my life fuller, made me feel like a princess, spoiled me and made me smile more than I can ever remember. He loves Star Wars and this would be my way of saying thank you for the best 4 years of my life so far πŸ™‚

  308. I love this giveaway! Not only the one you have going on but the one you were able to participate in.

    I would love to win any of your giveaways, because like you I’d love to help out! I would donate them to our local Ronald McDonald house. We have a daughter with Craniosynostosis (no soft spot) that had to have surgery when she was about 4 months. Thank goodness we’re done now with Doctors, but we stayed at the McDonald house. I would love to do something to help out the children that aren’t in medical situations, but have siblings in them, take their minds off of it all.

    Thanks for considering me!

  309. wow, love IZEA, Sears and Chris Pirillo for doing this!

    LEGO Wonderland

    Most definitely the LEGO Wonderland!! When I was 6-13 LEGOS were MY thing. I had just about all the cool Legos of the late 80’s. Of course, nothing close to what is now, but I remember when all the Space Legos started coming out! My cousin and I would build spaceships and whatever. I actually STILL have them and showed them to my 4 yr old son. He is NOW starting to like Legos as he plays with them at his daycare every day.

    I’ll be tweeting and posting to my blog…

  310. My son would go ape over the LEGO Wonderland gift bundle! He has been building with LEGOs since he was 1 using the Duplos and now he’s 5 and onto any he can get his hands on. It has helped his creativity flourish. Great Holiday spirit on your part and Thanks for the chance!

  311. Dear Chris,

    First, I am new to your site and would just like to say, “I’m loving it!”
    A huge thank you to Sears and yourself for this opportunity at a chance to make a difference in the lives of some very special little people and their families.
    I have been a substitute teacher at Ingleside Elementary School in Athens TN for close to two years now. Every day, my heart is blessed by numerous hugs and smiles from the young people I work with! I would like to take this chance to give just a small portion of that joy back.
    Their families have been hard hit financially due to our economy and lay offs from their jobs. Many of these students don’t have anything to look forward to this year for Christmas. Thank God for free lunches as this may be the only substantial meal many of them are receiving in a day! At lunch today one of the teachers expressed her hurt at the fact that out of her entire class there are only two students who are not on free lunch!
    This breaks my heart! My husband and I have no children biologically and I consider these children to be my own.
    It causes me such grief to look around me and see so many needs!
    I know that even if I were to win something from Sears it would not answer all of these needs but it would go at least a portion of the way to bringing a smile to the faces of a few come Christmas morning!
    I don’t know how to see such need without at least trying to find a way to ease it. I would like to win the Family game night package to donate to Ingleside to be distributed among some of these beautiful kids!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and God Bless!
    Tisha Pierce-Kissell

  312. I would like the Lego Wonderland because I have 3 grandsons and they would have so much fun with this! Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  313. What fun you had shopping and giving. That’s what Chrismas is all about. If I win were to win, I would choose the LEGO Wonderland bundle. My nephew still loves Lego’s more than any other toys. But, he wouldn’t get them all. I would give some away too at the Salvation Army Toy Drive, or take him with me to give them, so that he can feel the warmth of Christmas from the inside out.

  314. LEGO’s are fantastic. My boys have always enjoyed building with Legos and it is something they enjoy together without squabbling. I have had a good year so I we can have a nice Christmas. I have a dear friend who has separated from her husband and is struggling to make ends meet. She is caring for her sons, ages 5 and 10. Her oldest son has kidney trouble and has to spend lots of time indoors. He especially enjoys LEGOs and all of the boys let their imaginations run wild, building and rebuilding by the hour. He is a sweet kid. I work on the road and call and talk to him often. When I returned home, they came to see me and was on the receiving end of a long, caring group hug. I would like to be able to do more for them. It is tough being a young boy who is ill. The constant shots and hospital stays out of state. Having to be stronger than a child should have to be. And a special kind of maturity.
    He is special to me. To be able to take your mind off the pain, an escape for a time. Something that can travel with you when you have to go to another hospital.

    I remember my own struggle as a child.

  315. The LEGO Wonderland package sounds the best. I would probably give some of it to friedns, charity, and family. I enjoyed playing with LEGOs growing up, and I’m sure there are many other kids out there that would love to get some too.

  316. You’ve put together 3 great bundles! I think I’d go for the LEGO Wonderland package. My niece and nephew would be ecstatic to have those! And I’m sure it will keep them busy for hours, which is good every now and then! Thank you, Happy Holidays!

  317. It would have to be the legos. And if I got them I would donate them to the program I work for so kids who’s parent’s have HIV or AIDS would have great gifts.

  318. Put me down for the Star Wars Smiles. Both my sons and now my 7 year old grandson are Star Wars nuts! Thank you!

  319. The Lego one sounds great. My kids would love it. That is one of their favorite things to do when our youngest one is sleeping.

  320. I would love to win the Lego Wonderland prize. With such an awesome assortment, I could make a lot of kids happy, my own, and some I don’t know. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  321. I would love to win the LEGO Wonderland because I have six grandchildren and it would be great to have all the Lego’s for them to play with when they come to visit!

  322. Hands down it would have to be the Legos. I have a 5, soon to be 6 year old son and an 8 year old daughter that would love …love …love this. My wife and I were just discussing what we could get the kids this year on our very limited budgets. With the Real Estate industry in the dumps…and my wife an agent….and me…well I have not brought in much for quite some time with the Tech industry down here in Tampa…any ways I am sure there are others in worse shape. We have our health and family will be together so that;s pretty good. Since this is quite a bit here, if I were to win. I would encourage my kids to donate a good portion of this to other children in a local charity that would teach my kids the gift of giving even in the current economic climate we live in.


    Tom T.

  323. I would like to win the Lego Wonderland set for my daugthers kids, two boys. They have one income and my daughter is on an internship with no pay. They would love some Legos. Ages are 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 I believe. If they don’t qualify I have a brother with 3 older kids (8 to 12 years old) who would love the Lego Toys.

    I also could easily find a family who would love one of your games for Family Game night.

    Thanks for doing this.

  324. The “Star Wars Smile” package would be perfect for my son. I can’t afford Christmas presents this year. We don’t even have a tree. It’s a pretty bad holiday season for us, and this would really cheer him up!! Merry Christmas!!

  325. You are a very generous person. I would love to do something like that when I get back to work (stay at home mom now). I like the Family Game Night package best. Thank you.

  326. I’d Love the LEGO One i used to play with lego as a Kid But we Put it in the attic a few years ago and i havnet seen it since =]

    Peace Stuzilla.

  327. I must go with the LEGO Wonderland bundle. Lego was by far my favorite toy growing up. I really got into the city sets and had about 20 or 30 or them by the time I was 13 years old.

    Geeks love lego πŸ™‚

  328. I love the Star Wars Smiles one πŸ™‚ My Kids Love Star Wars . And It has always been a goto gift in our family.

  329. I’d love to get the Lego wonderland πŸ™‚ Afterall i’ve never had a Christmas day that i didn’t slip on one of those falling on the floor πŸ˜› And yes that may sound painfull but it’s not that much if you come to think about it ^^ My nephews would love that and i would love to see the Lego Legacy passing in the next generation of my family πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas Everyone πŸ™‚

  330. i like board game more than Lego or star war, Board are alot fun than blocks! So i suggest the Family Game Night!

  331. If i won, I’d HAVE to take the Lego set dude! There is absolutely no way an engineer geek could pass that up!!

    I would love to get the MindStorm sets. But I simply don’t have the room to store all of the others, let alone BUILD them all (cries).

    In the spirit of things, I would give most of the other sets away to other families. We have a pool guy, named Carl, who has 2 kids that we are more than happy to give gifts to. I’m sure they would LOVE a couple of LEGO sets under the tree!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  332. I am the girl in the group of guys . I am a serious fan of Legos having grown up with a Civil Enginerring Family
    so Building things to me is cool. I wouls Love the Lego Wonderland set It would be Fun for me and My nephewswho are Tech geeks in Training

  333. I would like the Lego Wonderland To Give To My Nephew. He Loves Legos and his mom doesnt have very much money, and he wants some of the items in the pack. I would love to give him these.

  334. This is a very nice thing of you to do, Chris. I know my younger brother wants Lego star wars and other Lego items for Christmas this year. If I hadn’t already bought his gifts I would enter the contest though!

  335. I would like the Star Wars Smiles bundle mainly because…”uhh had a slight weapons malfunction but uh everything’s perfectly alright now were fine.. were all fine.. here now.. thank you how are you?” and “laugh it up fuzzball”

  336. I would really like the Family game night package. My family loves games and they bring us together considering our busy schedules’. I think this gift package would be very beneficial to my family!

  337. I would love to have the family game night because i hardly spent time with my family due to our absence’s from home and cause i have never played any of those boardgames. I obviously wouldn’t want ALL those games, so it would be natural to give it to the less fortunate, for example a non-funded womens shelter.

  338. I am really leaning towards the Star Wars Smiles package, but the Lego Wonderland sounds awesome, too.

    Either way, they are great giveaways and thank you for doing so. πŸ™‚

  339. There’s nothing better than the gift of giving. I’m a fan of the Legos. I remember growing up with a box full of old school legos, the giant one’s, and used them to built a bootleg ghostbusters gun. They’re gonna make some kids very happy on Christmas morning.

  340. When I was a Kid I Loved lego, giving wings to your imagination, would have a blast playing with simple plastic blocks every day, didnΒ΄t really get the digital part of kinetics lego, but the pneumatic bulldozer was crazy… πŸ˜›

    If i got the LEGO Wonderland I would give it away to my poor neibores kid, because when I was a kid I was lucky enough to have alot of toys, my dad and mom were always there for me.. and sometimes giving what to you is a simple plastic toy can make a child smile, and some times a simple smile is all you need too feel the gift of giving…

  341. well i would like this lego set , well mostly because i love lego since i i was like 6 πŸ˜€

    and my sister is having a son pretty soon and i would love if i can get his into legos like i was since a kid

  342. If I won this contest, i’d definitely pick the LEGO set for the children at my old church. All the toys they have for sunday school are either broken or worn out.

    So I think it’d be really neat if I could win this for them. They’d absolutely love it.

  343. Wow, great packages you put together! I’d love to win the Lego Wonderland because I think it would encourage my kids’ creativity even more than the other two. Thanks so much for the great contest!

  344. I would choose the Family Game Night package, since there are a variety of games for every age and gender. πŸ˜›

    Ever since the “recession”, there have been many families in my area who have been impacted. I myself have been hurt by the economic crisis. It was so bad at one point, my bank was actually going to foreclose my house. (I’m fine for now πŸ˜‰ )

    I work part-time at an elementary school, where there are many kids who are living in semi-poor conditions, compared to myself at least. We have at least 10 families each night begging for food at the front door of the school. Even now, I see some middle-class families stopping by and asking for a couple of boxes of food.

    I would give the board games to the school, so the kids can play inside their classrooms during their breaks, and I would send the electronics to the school’s donation baskets.

    If I could send them a small bundle of joy, it would mean so much for them and myself included. πŸ™‚

    Anyways, merry Christmas to you all, and good luck!

    – TetsuwanAtomFuu

  345. I wanted to say hello and I am new to your community, You have wonderful information and I love to watch all the videos I would love to be able to give my adopted daughters the game night set cause their family is like so many others that thier mother has been laid off from work and thier dad is not in their life so I am the closest thing to that they have. They could really use some good forutune right now. Thanks for your time.

  346. thank u for doing this chris it’s really awsome that ur helping so many people out there. but anyway I would love to get the lego bundle because my parents have been having alot of money problems these past few months so much that we didn’t get a tree this year an I would love to give the Lego bundle to my little brother (he’s 10) because when he asked my parents what he was getting for Christmas and they looked at eachother very sadly I knew that we weren’t going to get anything this year so I just want to give my brother the chance to have a happy holiday even thought I might end up playing with a few legos myself he will still enjoy this gift afterall he’s only 10 and wants to become a scientist an austronaut a cop a firemen an architect a carpinter a soccer player and the president that just shows that he has hope an dreams and if he doesn’t get anything for Christmas some of those dreams might disapear and all because of a crapy economy. even if u don’t pick me I’ll still know u gave it to someone who needed it. thanx and have a merry christmas

  347. I was tempted to go with the ‘Star Wars Smiles’ package, because I’m still the BIGGEST STAR WARS FAN IN THE GALAXY (Well, at least in my household). Regrettably, my wife and daughters don’t share my love for the Star Wars saga! So I think I’ll go with the ‘Family Game Night’ package. It has something that every member of my family can enjoy! Because it’s only one thing I love more than Star Wars……And that’s spending quality time with my family. Thanks for the ‘AWESOME’ giveaway and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  348. You guys did a fabulous thing donating all those toys to charity at christmas and I know for a fact that whoever the luky kids were they would have loved them because I have had to rely on charity for my own Kids presents (not that I am proud of that)
    I would Love the family games night bundle as I have 3 children ages 14, 13 and 10 and we seriously need to interact together more. I am also a single Parent and don’t have a lot of funds to purchase things that my kids would like plus I always miss out at xmas time because I just can’t afford the food and presents for kids as well as something special for me.

    Keep up the great work πŸ™‚ I hope I can find more spare time in the new year to visit Geeks More often.


  349. LEGO are the ones for us. The whole family can build things together with LEGOs.

    I grew up building and just stacking LEGOs as a kid. We had the very little ones up to the jumbo block ones and don’t forget the LEGO people.

  350. Would love to have the Lego bundle to give to my 36 year old son and 14 year old granddaughter. My son has played/collected Legos for 30 years and got his daughter into them also. Always give them the Lego Advent calendar each year and they argue over who gets to do what. I would also make sure some of this great gift would go to some deserving kids in my area.

    Thank you.

  351. My grandson would love to have the Star Wars Legos. I am raising him on my own and lost my job in November because of downsizing. What is left in the savings account is for the bills and mortgage. I have very little for him this christmas with only two toys and some clothes for school. He is a really good boy and I’m afraid if he doesn’t have toys from Santa then he will think he was bad or something. I’ve told him since he was very little that if he’s good Santa will be him a bunch of toys. He usually does bring alot of toys but not this year. Thank you for the offerings your are giving this year for everyone.

  352. Family Game Night is my choice. I love games and you have a great selection. I remember when I was a kid playing games in the evening with the whole family,

  353. While I’d love the Legos for myself, the Family Game Night would be my choice. We’d be able to enjoy the games and share them with others very easily.

  354. The Good Book had it right when it said “It is better to give than to recieve”. Giving, esp. at Christmas time, is good for the soul. It helps us keep perspective–that no matter how tought we might have it, there is always someone needier, who needs our help. God blessed the Widow’s Mite precisely because it was such a gift of the heart.

    I have 7 year old special needs twins, and we’ve been talking about the gift of Sacrifice, and what it means to give. They have been saving their allowances to buy toys to give to Toys for Tots. My 7 year old daugther cut 12″ of her hair off in August to donate to Locks of Love, because she wanted another little girl to feel pretty. I was so very very proud of her for that decision (and it was her decision).

    I am blessed to have two very special, loving, giving children. They give of themselves to others so much.

    We’d love the Lego bundle, because we love Lego. It encourages creativity and engineering (and does not need electricity, batteries or electronics πŸ˜‰ My twins love lego. The gift package you mentioned is enormous, so if we were lucky enough to win, we’d probably keep a few pieces and share the rest. Pay it forward is a good philosiphy for the soul.

    BTW Chris I’ve been reading your emails for many many years, since my single days πŸ™‚ Probably back to the IRC and ListServ days. Always enjoy them.

    Merry Christmas!

  355. I’d enjoy being able to give my son the Star Wars Smile package. He loves both Lego & Star Wars, so what better present for a kid than to combine his two fave things

  356. LEGOS would be my pick since my son turns 5 just five days after Christmas and absolutely LOVES Legos (who doesn’t?).

    Even though he’s only 4, he’s been putting together, completely on his own, the LEGO sets that are marketed to those 7 – 12 for over a year now. He’ll put them together, take them apart and put them back together again and again and again until he no longer requires the directions in order to do so.

    LEGOS are probably the best “invention” ever since they provide so much for a child (or child at heart).

  357. I would like to get the Family game night package. Like you, Chris, I have no children of my own, but I have scores of nieces and nephews. My sister’s family is having a difficult time this Christmas, and I would like to give them something like this that they can play together.

  358. Star Wars for us to play with our grandkids! Nothing like a 7 year old and a 5 year old Jedi master team to battle with grandpa!

  359. Family game night brings back some memories. When I was a kid we would play games like Monopoly and Rummykin on Friday nights. With my Wife’s work schedule we havn’t been able to set anything up like that but I would love too.

  360. LEGO Wonderland

    I used To build Lots of Stuff with legs with my freind and i remember it was lots of fun. and build airplanes and crash them and watch them smash to peices lol.
    legos are awesome =)

  361. I would like to have the game night bundle. This is something for my wife more than anything. I never knew a more addicted gamer in my life. POGO is her life. I should have never got wireless and a laptop for her. Anywaym we have game nights every so often and we meet with her family and play games it is alot of fun and brings all of us, her family and friends together. It is awesome.

    For myself i would love to have the legos bundle. I remember growing up getting at least one kit each year for christmas. I usually had the space theme kits. We would open all our gifts then by dinner time we would have our new legos already built and up and running. Somewhere i have a huge bag of legos but we are talking from the 80’s so it would be awesome to get some new sets so when we do start having kids I would be ready to go. Well I might play with them to make sure they work for you know quality control. LOL!!!

    But more I would want to kit for my wife. I think that would be awesome.

  362. I don’t have any kids, but I do know a young child ( the brother of a developer I know ) who I think would really appreciate the LEGO Wonderland. He’s starting Grade One next year so he’s at the stage in his life where Lego is like (to him) what a MacBook Pro is like (to me).

  363. Wow! I want them all, but to choose one, I’d have to go with the Family Game Night.

    I love board games (much to the dismay of my other half…but, that’s beside the point!)

  364. Sorry I noticed I typoed my own name *blush*

    Denny Parker
    December 18th, 2008
    at 2:19pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Well I do not have any kids but if I did they would be spoiled enough so I would love to give all of those bundles to some needy children. I guess I would choose the Family Fun night because everyone should have one of those. And the games should help bring more familys together. I usually buy items from the disney website and they always throw in a few extras. I gave those to my friend who was giving toys to needy children and it felt great to do so. I would love to do that again if I had the money.

  365. I would love to have the Star Wars Smiles because my whole family loves Star Wars (including me) and they would enjoy it a lot (-

  366. *Agent*Night*Hawk* deserves the SW pack for her kids. Poor girl’s been to hell and back.

    Maybe it’s time that she gets that lucky break, dang she deserves it. That little bit of happiness, may just make things a little more tolerable and even a Merry Christmas.

  367. I’d like to enter. I choose the Star Wars package and would like it to go to Agent*Night*Hawk if my entry is chosen. I’ve no doubt she deserves it more than anyone else here.

  368. Chris…what you did was truly amazingly awesome. And it makes me feel the need to give i’d like to participate in the family game night…I also blogged about you and two other bloggers that moved me. Keep up the awesomeness! πŸ™‚

  369. I like the Lego Wonderland…I played with Legos, my kids played with them, and soon, my grandchildren will be playing with them. I still have all the Legos that my kids used.

  370. My Star Wars crazy boys (this includes my husband) would love the Star Wars Smiles package. They can’t get enough of this stuff.

  371. Hey there chris. I would like the Family Game Night package.

    I say this becasue my family is little by little falling apart. My brother got a girlfriend so hes gone. My dad comes home and watches tv until lights out, and my mom is always busy cleaning the house. I think it’d be great if I won this package so I can RE-declare “family night”. We used to have one, but it diminished away.

    This package would give my family hours upon hours of fun together.

    Hope I have the opportunity to win,
    Jerry Gonzalez

  372. As far back as I can remember, I have always gotten something LEGO for Christmas. Whether it was a big rocket ship kit, or a few of those little tiny packages, I have been a LEGO fan my whole life. Winning the LEGO Wonderland prize would bring back so many great Christmas memories for me.

  373. OH and I would go w/ the Family Night bundle. Except I have to read all the rules again. Truthfully, I’m not a big game person, but the Family Pack would be a really nice way for my folks and I to do something fun together, besides watch old movies on AMC. πŸ˜‰

  374. I think your one interesting and entertaining guy with a BIG heart!!! I’d be happy with any package!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  375. I love the fact that Sears gave you the opportunity to feel the gift of giving. It is a great thing you are doing to bring wonder back to children that wouldn’t have as bright of a Christmas before.
    As for me, I always think of my kids when asked what I would want.
    I would have to say that I would ask for the Legos gift set.
    I have three kids of which the two oldest are Special needs.
    My middle one who is 12 has numerious disabilities or as we call them ” abilities”. He happens to be high functioning autistic which makes him obsessed with building/ legos/ and all things architecture.
    He LOVES legos. He wants to grow up to be an architect. So, I encourage him in all ways that I can. Legos are one way that he feels good about himself, since he can put anything together. This helps his self esteem which is something we worry about in school with being teased.
    He has a great anylitical mind he just needs the opportunity, the encouragement, and the time to learn all he can, then he can achieve it.
    So, I would ask for the Legos for my son who is our future architect. We have many of his creations around the house and pictures he wants to send to Lego Corp. Who knows what he can attain??
    Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

  376. I think the family fun night bundle would be nice. First, lemme say it says a lot about someone who chooses to do this annually. The two of you are way too cool.

    My reason is quite simple: this year sucked and I’ll tell you why… in more detail than you’ll ever need. Back in March my husband was forced to resign from his job because someone he didn’t even know accused him of harrassment and it couldn’t be disproved. His unemployment checks are less than half of what he was making and since then we’ve been scraping by. Finding a paying job in his field has been next to impossible. Not having health benefits has been worse. I am on serveral meds w/o generics and it’s been eating away at what little savings we had. My husband went into a depression and emotionally distanced himself to the point I made him seek help because I knew he was getting to a bad point and it was ripping our marriage apart. We have a 9 year old daughter who has been repeatedly been told “we can’t afford it” over simple things like Fruit Roll-Ups and stuff like that. At 9 it’s tough to understand why you’re all of a sudden being denied everything. Living in CA is expensive so when gas prices were high, we couldn’t even take our daughter on mini-vacations over summer break because again we couldn’t afford it. We live in the central valley where it’s hotter than sin and there’s nothing for kids to do. I am ready to see the end of this year and if we were to win the game bundle, I think it’d help cheer us (mainly our daughter) up over a horrible year. Thanks and again, way cool to your generosity!

  377. i’d love the star wars bundle, because all my friends are star wars nerds so it would be easy to spread the love

  378. I would love to get the lego collection. Many years ago as a teen my mother sold off almost all my legos and handed me a $20 bill to pay me for my share of the legos and star wars toys that she sold. Always wanted to rebuild my collection and for some reason people just don’t seem to take me seriously that I’d like legos for christmas.

  379. Me and my Son would Love Lego Wonderland! It would be hard to figure out who would like it the most!

    Happy Holidays!


  380. I’d love the Lego Wonderland set because Lego is so classic and has stood the test of time. I can remember playing with legos when I was a child, and now it’s time for another generation to have those same memories!

  381. hey there head gnomie…

    I would like to win the Family Game Night.

    I am sure I can find some families in our area that could use some new games in the coming year, especially for the duplicates of games we might already own.

    Like you and all the other participating bloggers it would be fun to spread the joy.

    Greetings from cold, cold Iowa Chris. I am sure you do not miss that part too much..!!


  382. I would love to receive the Star Wars Gift Box to give to my sister’s children; She has two girls, 5 and 10 and two boys 12 and 13. The youngest, Anya, knows nothing about Star Wars. The oldest girl, Gabby, loves Padme Amidala and Princess Leia and the two boys swordfight with their plastic lightsabres all the time and know the movies scene by scene.

    Recently, my sister lost her job and has had to put what little money she has into repairing her car (as much as I’ve been able to help her, there are some things that require a lift and heavy garage equipment). She’s gone through most of her Christmas savings just trying to get her car to pass New York State Inspection over the Emissions devices and has no money left to buy her children Christmas gifts this year. My father is visiting and staying with her over Christmas and I know he will buy what he can with some of his retirement money that he brought with him to New York. With all the pressures my sister is facing, if I could help make the kids happy and bring her some joy this Christmas, I would.

    I’ve already told my wife, Jamee, that I don’t want anything for Christmas other than the World of Warcraft re-subscription that I was going to buy anyways, I’d rather it go to my nieces and nephews so that they can have a Christmas that my sister and I enjoyed when we were children their age.

    My parents used to buy me Kenner Star Wars Action figures for Christmas between the releases of Star Wars and Return of the Jedi… I’d get a handful of figures and playsets set up under the tree, and that’s what made my Christmas. That’s the kind of memories I want Joey, Jacob, Gabriella and Anya, my sister’s children, to have.

  383. I would choose the Star Wars package for my boyfriend, who at 38 years old still loves all things Star Wars.

  384. OMG. Chris, I actually DID think hard about this. Your article was wonderful. Truly, all three of the packages would be excellent. I would donate the entire package to the Zonta House here which is the battered women’s shelter. After visitng there yesterday it reaffirmed how much they need and how grateful they are for whatever we give. I had decided that I was too late to enter this contest so I did not come back to your site. SO GLAD you wrote again. It really bothered me. I guess I’ll put my name in for the Lego one since when my son was young he loved them so much. But, like I said, any would be great. Thanks for a GREAT contest and Merry Christmas.

  385. My 10 yr old son would probably pee himself with excitement over the Lego Wonderland! He is (and always has been) a legomaniac, but they can be EXPENSIVE and finances aren’t always what we wish they were so he mainly has had what my little brother passed down to him. I would love to win the Lego Wonderland for him πŸ™‚ (no worries, I will make sure to give it to him directly after a potty break πŸ˜‰ )
    As for remakes of old classics, my 10 yr old actually asked for 3 things this year…a Wilson basketball, a “real slinky, not one of those lil ones, one that will actually walk down my stairs”, and a Rubix cube! (he’s a good kid πŸ˜‰ )
    Thank you SO much for the chance to win and for the post. I took a lil walk down memory lane just reading your post!

  386. Okay, this is easy! I’d love the Lego Wonderland! My nine year old is a serious Lego fan. I’d love watching him open the Lego Wonderland pack – he’d be so happy and excited! And get right to work – I would seriously have to make him take food and bathroom breaks! πŸ™‚

  387. How great that you were able to give such a wonderful donation like that.

    The family game night sounds right up my alley. My sisters and I love having game nights with our significant others…It’s a great way for us all to get the kids together and have some fun.

  388. I have 2 boys (5&7) they would absolutely love the legos. Having worked with some charities around Christmas I can truly appreciate the excitement of the staff to see new toys that they know the kids they are helping will want.

  389. My kids are finally old enough to do family game night. We’ve been trying to do it every Sunday night for the past few months and it is really a blast. Sadly, we are already tired of Uno, Pickin Cherries, Sorry, Trouble, War & Flashlight tag.

    I’d go for the game night. The games are perfect for my kids and my wife gives them all a big thumbs up!

  390. Personally, I would love to give the gift to others. No matter the result, it always leaves a great feeling when you have done so. I am looking forward to the Family Game Night bundle. I think that it would be a wonderful gift to give my niece some nice board games. She really loves any type of board games, and I believe it could bring my neice and nephew closer together.

  391. That’s awesome. We just donated a bunch of Beanie Babies to my brothers school to give to some kids at Christmas time.
    Getting older can in some ways take the fun out of Christmas but it is a great feeling to see people so happy after you give them gifts. It’s almost better than getting all those gifts you got as a kid… almost πŸ™‚

  392. This is a great idea. With the economy the way it is some people are not able to purchase things like this on their own and for the people who can afford it, it’s great to spread the wealth. Of the packages I think the family game night one would be a blast.

  393. Chris, I’ve been a fan of yours since way back in the Lockergnome days..loved the shareware! Also when you were on CFH that was pretty cool!

    Anyhoo, I’d love to win the Family Game Night package!

  394. I’d love to have the LEGO Wonderland bundle. I wouldn’t sleep till I finished doing it. I have been in the LEGO store where they were having like a huge, blowout like sale, I think the store was closing down. They gave everyone a shopping bag, there was loose LEGO’s all over the place, and they said take what ever you want. I still have buckets of LEGO’s from 4 years ago when this happened.

  395. A comment more on the season of giving, rather than me trying to get something for free from Chris:

    Christmas, the whole season, is about the spirit of giving, and receiving, yes, but more importantly it -is- about family. Students get time off school, adults get time off work, all so they can spend time with loved ones.

    My family has always had an interesting tradition. We don’t put up our tree till the 24th. Weird? Maybe, but then again, we don’t take it down until early January. Why? We celebrate not only Christmas day, but also the 12 Days of Christmas as well. (Yeah, the 12 days from the song.) During each day, each person has a small gift that they receive. They’re usually more utilitarian than anything, and start as small things, usually having what you may consider a ‘real’ Christmas day gift on the 12th day. A pair of gloves, warm fuzzy socks, I got a new 10″ teflon frying pan last year as the 12th day.

    What I guess most people would consider ‘stocking stuffers.’ The interesting thing though, is that often, I find myself using these gifts more than the ones I get on Christmas. Sure, I’ve taken pictures with the Nikon Point and Shoot I got, but I’m sure I wear more socks than I do take pictures, and my fingers sure like those gloves a lot.

    I guess the entire point that I want to get across is that while gifts are about giving, and the joy that it brings someone, something like getting a Lego Dreamland kit would be a lot of things I would like myself, or like to give to other people, would they be things that I would use everyday? Not really. Gifts are best remembered when you put on that pair of gloves, or put the frying pan on the stove, and you remember that someone -gave- it to you, and you remember them, not your gift.

  396. I thinks its great what you did Chris. I really think you have made some kids christmas. I would like to win the Family Game NIght bundle and If I win I will donate the whole bundle to the local salvation army to try to help out some kids in need. Keep up the good work you do Chris, and you and Ponzi have a good christmas.

  397. Hi Chris. I would love the Lego Wonderland Package. I have loved Lego’s since I was a child. But as a girl I never received a set from my parents. I to this day have been trying to save the money to afford to by the Lego’s set by set. Since I fell off of my truck and became disabled in 2002.. I have not had the money to buy anything but the most important items for day to day living. I also hope to be able to use my assistance dog as a therapy dog. I could take my Lego’s for the kids to play with. This would be fantastic. He is still in training and it would depend on how he does. But it is something I could add to the visits to make it more enjoyable. Thanks

  398. My seven year old twins love Legos. I love Legos. I have the Police headquarters from a Long time ago myself.

  399. I think it is great that someone so great like Chris does such a great thing. If some company gave me 500$ and I was to do something with it, I would buy toys for children in need. We all want toys, especially during the Christmas time. I just got a new computer for Christmas and I was not expecting it or asking for it. I never expect anything for Christmas but my parents usually do get me something but usually nothing to interesting. I am still greatful for their efforts, though.

  400. Family Game Night
    — my family is going through a lot right now.. with the recession.. we hardly have enough to buy any Christmas presents

    i’d like to sit together with my family and play a few board games… no better way to fight through these hard times than sticking together as a family

  401. The Family Game Night would be pretty cool. My wife and I expect to have a fair amount of children (plus adopt) so having good games around the house is a must. Right now our boys are too young for most of the games, but eventually we could all have a Family Game Night.

  402. I’d gladly choose the Star Wars package, as I am surrounded by Star Wars fans (I’m a Star Trek person myself) and all those toys would definitely make their Christmas very special.

  403. So many children will be so happy getting a gift they would never have gotten. Christmas is all about the the gift of giving but most of all it should be for the children. We all should feel thankfull for what we have and unfortenitally some of us dont, but now is the time we can change that give what you can give if you cant give money give your time volenteer somewhere like Salvation Army,Good Will, just do something for someone else this year.

  404. Wow that family game night package looks fantastic but my family has never really been into .. family.. activities.

  405. Oh how I would love to get the LEGOs, I haven’t played with any since I was like 10 years old, I’m 19 now but it was sooo cool. I even had the Lego Land PC game, it was like the first game I ever played on the computer.

  406. I would love to receive the LEGO Wonderland package. I have always loved LEGOs and they helped me develop me love for computers and engineering. I could use the set to show anyone I know the joys of building and creating.

  407. Legos have been a classic, no matter which one it is! It is great to know that you are spreading the gift of giving this year! You and Ponzi are so down to earth, nobody can be better than you two!

  408. Wow, that is really sweet of you guys to give $500 dollars worth of toys away to a donation center so they can be given to children.

    With the economy in the state it’s in this day and age I am sure there will be a few more very happy children thanks to you guys. This really warms my heart.


  409. This is so difficult!…I remember the Millenium Falcon as one of the best toys of my childhood… I travelled the galaxies with Hans and Chewy on it…

    Lego was another classic best gift every year… I had so much fun with it and i still can….

    This is a difficult one, but LEGO WINS!!!
    I could really spent some quality time with my nephews with it! I could become the coolest uncle too! hehe

  410. I really want the game package. This would be a great way to spend more time with my family while having fun together.

  411. I wonder what the world would be like without Lego and all the possible creations you can do with them. It be awesome to have the LEGO Wonderland package and give it to my 3 year old nephew and let him play with the toys I grew up on!

  412. This is awesome Chris – not only are you a smart guy, but you’ve got a heart

    I wrote quite a long post about how I’d love the Lego to play with my daughter with (I used to play with my Dad and it was some of the best times of my childhood) but Word Press decided I was posting too quickly (I work on a PC for living, I type quickly!) and I lost it πŸ™ Ah well, that’s the interwebs!

  413. I would really like to win the family game night pack as my sister has 4 young children all under the age of 10 and she is really struggling this year for cash to buy gifts for her children due to the rising price of food ect.
    It would also really like to win as i think it would help bring thier family closer by bringing hours upon hours of fun and joy during this festive season.
    It would lift so much weight of my sister should having not to worry so much about buying so many gifts for her children.

    that is all i have to say, I know it is not much but i could not think of anything else to say.

  414. I, too, think what you did, Chris, was a great thing. I don’t know too many people that would be willing to spend too much money, just to give it away. Then too, most of my family is selfish with their money… Great job, though.


  415. I would like to have one proper lego theme bundle. Over here in India, i have never seen any themes Lego pack, it is mostly the building blocks packs.

    Being a Start Wars fan, i would like to have atleast one minifigure somewhere in my room!!

  416. I desire the Star Wars Smile because–believe it or not–I’ve never watched any of the Star Wars movies, and I think I’ve now evolved to the level of evaluating the Star Wars phenomenon.

  417. Chris this will definitely make a difference in so many people’s lives.

    I have purchased $900 worth of toys and games for my brothers and sisters whom I’ve never met before that live a life of misery. I hope it shows them what a real Christmas is all about.

  418. From when i was young i loved lego (mind you i still am only am a thirteen-year-old) building with it building cars and other random things that came to my head. I never really had a lot of legos since my parents always said that it is only a toy and i will grow out of it. But you can never grow out of Legos i sure you understand yourself Chris so this is why I am applying for the Lego Wonderland bundle.
    I really hope that i will be chosen (drawn or any other way you decide to pick the lucky winner of these goodies)

    ~LostUchiha (Benny)

  419. There is nothing better on christmas, than spending time as a family.
    With that in mind, the family night bundle is the most desired – it’s for everyone in the family, and you can get a good laugh too

  420. I’d like the Star Wars Smiles package for my 10 year old stepson, he has Asperger’s Syndrome, and he loves Star Wars!

  421. Chris, we at the radio station here is a small work force. If we would win we would donate the toys to a childrens shelter.But we would add in one of our guys that play santa for a childrens home.And he doesn’t need and stuffing or fake beard. He really looks like santa when dressed up.The children that we touch with gifts makes our hearts fill with warmth. It just makes you feel that we made a diffrerence in our lives also. One of our guys that goes out to the visits has recently been hurt in a auto accident and he is still going out to see his children . He feels that he would be letting the children down if he didn’t go out to see them . He plays one of the elvs. On Christmas eve we go to the local hospital and see all of the children that are sick . We make them laugh and smile. At this time we here at Z100.1 fm would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . Your friend Dave – owner of the station.

  422. I would pick the lego wonderland, all the kids Like to play with them, and Us adults kick in part of the time lol

  423. Family Game Night bundle is my pick!

    Sundays and Christmas day have always been traditional days for a games with the family! This would come in so handy!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  424. we would love them all but i think we are going to go for the Legoland Wonderland – somethiong great at Granma Zha Zhas’ house

  425. My choice would be family game night. I am SO glad that games (and family game night are FINALLY “cool” again) I truly feel that families who spend time together (and what better way that FAMILY GAME NIGHT??) are families that STICK TOGETHER!!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  426. I’d love the family game night package. Playing games is a good way to have everyone relaxed. Sometimes, the teenagers actually forget we’re their parents and they TALK (gasp!) to us!

  427. I would love a chance to win the Lego Wonderland prizes. Both of my sons love playing with Legos and it’s one of those toys that my husband and I enjoy playing with them.

  428. I would choose the “Family Game Night” package. My family was never one for family-bonding. We never took family vacations, never played games, hardly ever had the entire family together for holidays, and to this day, I’ve never seen a family picture with both the parents and all three kids. Hopefully, I could whip some sort of gathering together, and force the family into some bonding time!

  429. Oh my! This is fantastic!
    It would totally rock my face off to be able to play with all thse LEGOS with my future some one day!
    So id totally pick LEGO Wonderland!

  430. Lego Wonderland, for sure! My boys absolutely love building legos – our basement looks like a LEGO Wonderland. I love the idea of sharing this gift with others. I think it would be great for my boys to be able to give these awesome sets to other kids – they would totally “get” what a great gift it is. Wow, Sears! Nice effort.

  431. I always looked forward to family game night in my house growing up, but it wasn’t a regular thing. I’d like to make sure my daughter has the same experience, but more often so I’d choose the family game night package.

  432. I won’t pull any punches. My family has fallen on hard times since my divorce. As we speak, my children have very little for Christmas and we do not have a tree. However, I do my best to provide for my boys even though their father is not actively in their life.

    All the toys they had while I was married and we lived with their father were either thrown out, destroyed, or left behind, so they don’t have very much. Again, I do my best to compensate for this.

    I would love to win the Star Wars Smiles. My kids are very much into Star Wars (like their mom, how funny) and they would be so thrilled and appreciative if we were able to receive the gift.

    Chris, you do so much for your community. Thank you for your time, your efforts, your donations – everything you do. I’m proud to consider you a friend. πŸ™‚

  433. I would choose the Family Game Night. It would be gifted to my sister and her family. The kids really need a few family bonding games while they cope with joint custody issues.

  434. I choose Family Game Night.

    If I win the package I will donate it to the Sacramento Children’s Home. It’s a home for kids without parents (sometimes temporary) for those who are fostered.

    My friend mentioned she was a Big Sister to a child there and I’m sure any package bundle would brighten the faces of these young and impressionable kids.

  435. I would love the Lego prize for my grandkids. This is a toy that i enjoy playing with them. Never too old for Lego’s

  436. I would love to win the game night bundle! I’ve always loved games, my kids love games, and I would LOVE to be able to donate these games to some kids who don’t have any.

    What a wonderful thing you’re doing!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  437. I would like to win the Star Wars gift bundle. For starters, members of my local Starbase17 club would be thrilled to recieve some Star Wars memorabilia from me (via you). Secondly, I would keep the complete dictionary to satisfy _my_ inner child. Third, I would donate a few items to a local charity so that some kids could share in the joy (holiday is all about kids joy anyways). This is another wonderful idea from that ceaseless idea factory called the mind of pirillo *grin*

  438. I would love to get the Family Game night bundle. This year my wife and I are on a budget and are not buying that many gifts and the family game night bundle will allow us to invite everyone over, have a great time and give the games away at the end of the night to each of our friends.

    Chris appreciate all you do! I often check out your site for product reviews, etc before making any decisions. Keep it up!

  439. I’ve chosen the Family Game Night, but not for me.

    I have a younger brother who really could use not only the games, but knowing someone really cares enough to do something like this for him and his new young family–2 kids, 4 year old girl and his 8 month old son.

    The full story’s over at Pandora’s Chest,

    You can Tweet me at and my email is serrathescented at the gmail place. Sorry to disguise it but I get a lot of spam already.

  440. well Chris if i where to win id guess id go with the family board games nothing like to get the family back my parents are divorced we all don’t spend much time together my mom works a lot as my sister its just me and if i where to win i bet i could convince my family to set down and have sum family time with out the t.v and computer that’s whats wrong with the world not enough people like you to give us this chance to bond with are family buy just giving us free stuff so help me get my family back together with some board games so we can stop watching TV and fighting over the computer we can finally relax as a family hopefully

  441. What a great story. Kudos to Sears for being so generous and to you for spreading some holiday cheer, especially in these turbulent times. I would like to enter for the LEGO Wonderland prize package. I grew up loving LEGOs and now my little nephews are starting to discover the joys of building with these marvelous plastic blocks. Even my older, jaded nephew will pull himself away from his video games if the LEGOs are out. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy holidays!

  442. I would love to win the Family Game Night Package. We always try to set aside one night a week to get together as a family and do fun activities. It is a great way to bond together!

  443. I’ve always wanted lego mindstorms. I would love to win them from this contest, but I wouuld rather someone else won them and I got to watch their reaction.

  444. As a single Mom, funds are always very tight, but I understand how you felt. I bought two extra bikes for my son’s friends whom I know don’t have the money to celebrate christmas this year. I bought two big bows and my son and I are going to leave them at the doors to these kids homes early christmas morning (OK, it’ll probably only be me since my little guy is NOT a morning boy!) I can’t wait to hear what they think. They are all big Star Wars fans as well so that would be an awesome gift pack to share! Thanks

  445. What a great giveaway! Thank you so much for hosting and thanks to Sears for the great prizes. I would definitely love to win the Legos prize pack for my sons. They are 7 and 4 and are totally into Legos, and I think they are the best toys on the market to inspire children and spark creativity. They would be the happiest and most grateful little boys to get these. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

  446. My family did the family night every weekend when my 4 kids still lived at home, something we still talk about! I think that would be a great gift for my Mom who adopted my neice a couple years ago, she’s always taking care of grand kids and grand neices-nephews during troubled times for any family members (even one of my teens) . She lives way out of town (so they have a hard time getting into any trouble out there) with a small SSI check she has a hard time afording things like that. I pay fo a movie rental club for them through the mail because that was my kids favorite thing. Games would be great ways to make those lasting memories we all think about now and then. This is a great idea Chris! Good luck everyone and happy holidays. Denii not sue if this is how to link this but here goes.

  447. I would be excited to have the Lego Wonderland to inspire my 3 daughters to create, build and geek-out on the fun of robotics! Things like this excite my husband and I (geeks that we are) and we’d love for our girls to learn that they can do anything they set their minds to.

    Thank you Chris and thank you Sears! Sears always does such WONDERFUL things to give back! We shop at Sears!

    πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!


  448. Family Game Night is a wonderful idea to bring the family and friends together. Thanks for the giveaway.

  449. If i were given the $500, i would buy 2 wii consoles then raffle them off for .50 cent tickets then all the money made from the raffle from churches etc. i would then take that money which is now more then trippled its value to say the least, now i have more then 3 times the money and i would do the same as chris did ( except with a larger sum now )and spend every single penny of it on children in foster homes and other local charities. this is my way of maximizing the free gift money!

  450. Man i would love to see someone’s eyes light up bright like you described. I always loved (and still do) game night with friends and family. It”s a great social activity. I would definitely love to give away the family game night pack to someone. Instead of giving it to some donation center though, I’d ask them to let me deliver the games to someone by hand. I’d love to see the recipient’s eye’s light up. I want to save someone’s holiday season this year. Thank you for doing this Chris as that is one of the nicest things you could ever do.

  451. How exciting! I think any of these bundles would make anyone’s holiday, but for my practical self, I would choose the Lego Wonderland bundle. Legos are the classic, multi-dimensional, built it over and over again, kind of toy. There are way too many items in the bundles for one or two kids, so definitely enough to share with relatives, friends, and neighbors. Maybe even host a Lego party!! I think every kid should have at least one set of Legos. Thank you for the contest.

  452. Family Game Night is something we all can enjoy for a long time. It would make the winter vacation easier, and I hope help the cabin fever.

  453. I hear what yu are saying about the good feeling that comes with giving. I was able to provide a lot of gifts for a family that our church sponsors. I would want the Legoland. I would donate some and keep some

  454. I’ve been a supporter of W.E.A.V.E., Sacramento’s women’s shelter (stands for Women Escaping A Violent Environment) for years, giving an auto donation from my paycheck.

    Well, last Friday I retired, so they won’t be getting their regular money – so I’d love to give them the family game night present.

    How about it? Pretty please


  455. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! Any of the bundles would be fine. I will be giving the gifts to my students and nieces or nephews (depending upon the toys). All come from financially stressed families and any gift will help out and be appreciated. My niece recently told her mother that it was a good thing that Santa brought them gifts and toys with the economy and situation their family is in. My mother passed away less than two months ago and all were very attached and close to my mother. My siblings were financially dependent upon her and this unexpected loss has severely hurt us emotionally, secondary to finances. Since my Christmas wish is to be with my mother again isn’t possible, a gift to my family and students of any of the above bundles will greatly ease everyone’s burdens this holiday time. And perhaps, bring a little Christmas cheer to my family’s hearts as we experience our first Christmas without Mom.

  456. I think this is what Christmas is all about. Our kids have so much. We’ve had a blast this year giving to others. If I could get the LegoLand I’d give it to Metropolitan Ministries. Their donations are down and their demand is greater than ever. Many who were donors in the past are no in line for a handout. We donated food, clothes, toys and cash, but giving legos too would be so so awesome.

    Thank you, Chris. You rock!

    ~ Lizz

  457. As I am far off and in a different country, I do not want a package but just stopped by to say- what a lovely idea and effort. Wishing you and Ponzi a lovely christmas and a new year and lots of joy to all the people you are gifting.

  458. Family game night seems like an awsome way to reconnect with the kids and grandkids. So many wonderful childhood memories of monopoly games that lasted most of the day, searching for the missing bone so we could play Operation, screams of “UNO” ringing through the air lol. Those are the kinds of memories I would love to leave my kids and grandkids with!

  459. I’d have to pick the Lego Wonderland. My husband and kids would never forgive me if I turned down Legos for something else! Also, almost every child loves Legos so they’re easy to pass on to others!

  460. I remember how we loved all the board games as a kid, way back in the stone age before computers, or Atari, or even Pong. Old, huh? Any way working with the youth group at church, and Knowing the problems of living on a very small fixed income[disability]. I would love to win the “Family Game Night” pack for some of the lesser monetarily advantaged kids in our town.

  461. Great thing you did/are doing.
    Like a lot of others we have had tragedy, death, layoffs etc so i’d choose the lego wonderland so I could share with a lot of them and donate some as well.

  462. well i would go for the lego because my brother is mental about lego and he would probably play with it for a whole week no stop
    h my brother is really that mad about lego!

  463. I would like to win the Lego Wonderland bundle. I have a three year old son who LOVES lego’s…this would be over-the-top excitement for him and daddy! THANKS!

  464. While the Mom in me is wanting the Family Game Night package I have to go with the Star Wars Smiles for my husband and son.
    Why do I want to win this package?
    When my husband was a little boy he collected and played with Star Wars toys, he loved them. His parents divorced and when they did his toys had to be kept at his Dads house, still to this day we really don’t know why, there was never an explaination. Anyway, his Dad’s house burned to the ground and with it all of his cherished Star Wars. Fast forward to our son, he loves Star Wars I think just as much as the husband. They can walk in a store, and no joke!, spend hours looking and talking about these toys. It is something they enjoy together. While it kills my husband most of the time because he would like to keep the toys perfect our son enjoys playing with them. He is proud of the lego star wars he has built and displays them on his shelf, the figurines, the air crafts.
    So in short, I know if I won the Star Wars Smiles package I would put two HUGE smiles on the two most important boys in my life.

    Thank you for the chance.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours Chris & Ponzi πŸ™‚

  465. All of the gift packages look great but I really would love to win the Family Game Night.
    Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway. It must be fun getting to play Santa Claus.

  466. I would like to win the Star Wars Smiles package because my 8 yr old really wanted the trooper helmet for Christmas but we couldn’t find one.

  467. enter me for the lego wonderland, i truthfully despise the lil pieces but its my sons fav toy lol

  468. What an incredible opportunity you had! I have run toy drives and got a little misty reading about your great donation. I would enter for the Family Game Night so that we could spread the love around.

  469. My 30 year old son-in-law is one of the biggest Star Wars fan I know and he is taking his two sons, 5 and 2, along with him. Their eyes just light up when you even mention Star Wars so I would just love to surprise them! Thanks! [email protected]

  470. I would choose the Lego Wonderland. My cousin LOVES Legos, and I’d have presents for him for the next several holidays!

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  471. I would love to have the LEGO Wonderland set. When I was a kid, we would always play with LEGOs, and what I’ve come to realize is that constructing buildings, cars, planes, etc, helped to expand our minds and make all eight of my siblings and I a more creative bunch overall. I have never had more of an appreciation for any other toy. Right now, I am at the university and I am studying to become a teacher and I’ll graduate with a degree to teach Kindergarten through 12th Grade and a world language degree in Spanish. No matter what language I teach in or what grade I teach, I want to help expand my students’ minds in the same way mine was when I was just a kid. It’s not about receiving, but rather giving back, and that’s why I would like the LEGO Wonderland bundle, so that I can give back to students.

  472. I would choose the lego pkg because my husband has a degenerative disease and had to quit playing Hockey and Golf. Legos are his only hobby now. He can do them in bed and the kids enjoy crawling up with daddy to help because he can’t really do a whole lot with them!

  473. We love Family Game Night! We have always had it- wayyy before it was “marketed” as cool! Board Game Geek!

  474. I would prefer the family game night collection. It would make a wonderful addition to our family game collection.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  475. This is a hard choice. I think the Lego Wonderland Bundle would be great fun. This never goes out of style. Thanks for the chance to win.

  476. I would love to win the Family Game night, we have wide age ranges in our family but all of those games sound great for us to get together and spend time having fun.

  477. Normally I would say Star Wars all the way, but my roomate collects Star Wars Legos so I would have to put her first and say the Lego prize would be what I would like to win.

  478. Growing up, my brother and I loved everything Star Wars. Now his sons and my sister’s son have grown to love it as well. I would love to give them the things in the Star Wars package, especially since getting any of the really cool toys at the store is too expensive.

  479. I definitely would want the Legos Wonderland. My son LOVES Legos and we’ve got a robot that we were building and have ran out of parts. We enjoy working with the robotics kits a lot. We don’t compete because we are too far out in the boonies but we like to build this and that for fun. Thanks Chris!

  480. We need the Family Game Night package desperately. We are caught up in a horrible cycle of homework, computers, and video games with little time to connect as a family. My 9 year old son keeps asking me when we can play together, but there’s never enough time!

  481. LEGO Wonderland has got to be the bundle for me me .

    Why ? you may ask ,

    My reason for this is because lego gave me my life , it helped me have a successful future, as a young kid i would always build things . when i came home from school it was lego lego lego . This addiction to lego helped me get a job in designing websites.

    Im only 15 but , building lego when i was a kid helped me decided that you could build something in many different ways and still have the same effect .

    lots of love

  482. Definitely would love the Family Game Night package. I’m trying to resurrect game night with my own family, and this set includes games that feature our favorite things: trivia, wordplay, strategy, and, of course, karaoke!

  483. Family game night rocks, something for everyone. I have a teenage daughter who is always looking for games to take to friends houses, this would be great

  484. Wow, look at all the feedback! Good for you Chris! I’m sure you have made more than one child’s Christmas this year!

    As for me, i remember as a child playing board games with family and friends. Monopoly, Spill The Beans, Ice Breaker, even Candy land were regularly played. So, if I were to receive any of these packages, it would have to be the Family Game Night package. While I might have to keep the Monopoly Here and Now for the family, the rest would go to Toys For Tots. As a child, my father was a Marine and he was very involved in the Toys For Tots drive. It has always been and continues to be a family tradition to donate to them every year. This year it’s a bit less than I would like to donate so this would allow me to give some to the family to donate in their names as well.

  485. The Family Game Night would be my pick! Lots of great games to keep the whole family entertained for hours!!!

  486. Package One is truly a wonderland. My girls and I love playing legos together and it is such a great toy for kids to really use their little imaginations with. Happy Holidays and thank you for putting together such thoughtful and fun packages!

  487. family game night for my brother and his family he cant afford cable and tv so they play games all the time this would sure help him

  488. I would love the Family Game Night Package. We are always looking for new games to play as a family. We love having a game night and really enjoy being with one another and building those memories! THanks for a fun giveaway!

  489. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love the 7pc American Tourist luggage set Item #01455034000.

    sharr1226 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  490. I would love to win the Lego Wonderland for my son. He’s just starting to be old enough to play with Lego’s and this would be something he could enjoy for many years to come!

  491. I would love to win Family Game Night because my family (husband and three kids) play a lot of games together. We could use some great new games!

  492. very bad year for us so we could not give but have in past and what a feeling. i am trying to think of which giveaway but, actually any of the 3 would thrill my family (we have a wide age range so any of them would be a winner. Thanks for giveaway

  493. WOW! A great giveaway. If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the Family Game Night. This would be great for game night. Thanks for having the fantastic contest and Happy Holidays to all!

  494. I’d love the Family Game Night package. All of the games sounds fun and this package has something for everyone in the family. We love playing Yahtzee.

  495. I would love to be able to win the LEGO bundle for my two young boys. They have really been great. I was laid off in February and my husband is in the Army, so it’s been a little stressful around our house. They’ve been so good and my oldest son has excelled in school this year. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win.

  496. I would like the Family game night package. We love spending time together and playing various games. This package sounds wonderful! Thank you!

  497. These are all great prizes and it was hard to choose. I think because Family Game Night is a tradition with our family that’s the prize I’d like to win and share with other families as well. Your blog post was inspiring.

  498. So, when do we find out who won? I’ve been looking everywhere for a post or something about the winners, but not finding anything. Anybody know where to find out who won? Thanks πŸ™‚

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