Would You Like to Try the Bumptop Beta for Windows?

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We’ve been doing GoToMeeting sessions again. I thought this time around, I’d ask presenters to show off different tips and tricks they have. Marc Billow decided to demonstrate BumpTop for us. You, too, can sign up for a Beta code – without having to wait five months for it! We’re going to be giving away 100 instant access codes so that our community members can help test this out!

BumpTop is a fresh and engaging new way to interact with your computer desktop. You can pile and toss documents like on a real desk. Break free from the rigid and mechanical style of standard point-and-click desktops. Interact by pushing, pulling and piling documents with elegant, self revealing gestures. BumpTop’s stunning interface makes clever use of 3D presentation and smooth physics-based animations for an engaging, vivid user experience.

As Marc shows you, you can literally make your virtual desktop look more like a real desktop. It’s a lot of fun to play with, and very addictive. Instead of losing everything with a standard Windows desktop, you can make things stand out the way you are comfortable with using BumpTop. You can create tidy piles with documents and icons, move them anywhere on your desktop, and even let everything have a ‘messy’ look.

So as I said, we’re giving away 100 instant-access codes so that you can run this utility now. If you want to be one of these people, you need to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and subscribe to Marc’s YouTube channel. You also have to leave a comment in this blog post on my website. Make sure you leave a good comment, which is something that adds to the discussion here. If you leave an insipid comment such as “wow this is cool!”, your comment will be deleted and you will not be eligible.

Thank you so much to Tim and the team at Bumptop for putting this together for us!

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164 thoughts on “Would You Like to Try the Bumptop Beta for Windows?”

  1. I couldn’t subscribe to Mark’s channel but I wouldn’t mind giving this a try. It seems like it might make things a lot easier but I’ve seen my real desktop. Don’t know if this will be a good idea!

  2. As the way we interact with computers changes, I wonder if something similar to this will become the norm as it’s more like real life. I think that an interface like this would be great for a touch based system or even a gesture based system.

  3. This is nothing new, back in 1994 my first PC (a packard bell *shudder*) came with an application called “Navigator” that sat between you and the windows 3.11 interface behind it.

    Items on your PC were represented by objects in the alternative interface and “spaces” were personalised areas with a “kids space” designed to have engaging imagery such as a jungle or space environment.

    Interesting that this concept is being looked at once again.

  4. It would be interesting to see if this helps me becaome more organized, since it would mimic the way I currently organize…please send me a code. Also…we can’t subscribe to the second YouTube account that you gave us.

  5. Please send me a code without the 2nd YouTube subscription, as I won’t have access to Twitter for a while. I will subscribe to it when it becomes available. Thanks in advance!

  6. I find that for vista, if you have a slow system turing aero off helps a lot. So having this would be awsome so you dont have to reply on explorer.exe for desktop which I don’t like. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Well, we can’t complete your request because we cannot subscribe because you have no videos right now …

    I can wait for BumpTop though …

  8. I think programs like Bumptop,Beryl, and Compiz are the wave of the future considering the newest PC’s have all this amazing graphics power that is only being tapped by the most extreme games or 3D programs. I’m just suprised that Microsoft hasn’t done something like this already. They will probably just want till one company creates the best application and then buy the company. By the way, the link to Mark’s Channel is wrong, his youtube name is tornados65

  9. Talking about Bumptop, I have seen a video of it around 4-6 months ago, and I thought it was fake.

    The whole idea of this is really cool, and imagine what you can do with multi-touch! The productivity would increase ten-fold, I predict, and working would be more enjoyable. ๐Ÿ™‚