What is the Most Creative USB Flash Drive Casing You’ve Seen?

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I recently wanted to demonstrate a device I got from ThinkGeek. When I went to plug it in, I realized one of my dogs must have gotten ahold of the cable and chewed on it. Would you think by looking at it that it’s still worth $30.00? Of course not. It’s designed to look like a frayed cable on purpose. You can use it as a practical gag gift… or even to deter someone from wanting to steal it. A potential thief may see that nasty looking cable, and just figure it’s something broken or worthless. That’s the beauty of the Hacked Flash Drive.

We’ve got the tiniest flash-drives, and we’ve got flash-drives that are hardened against attack. Now, we’ve got flash-drives that look like they’ve been hacked! Imagine yourself, sitting in a coffee-shop. You pull out your venerable laptop, and fire it up. You may not realize it, but there are jealous eyes on your hardware. They see your computer and size you up. Is the computer you carry worth trying to steal? Are you enough of a threat to them? The mental-calculations proceed apace. That is until you reach for your flash drive.

You pull from your bag a seemingly torn and frayed piece of USB cabling. Immediately, your potential miscreant raises an eyebrow. Exactly what does he think he’s going to do with that cable? Grinning like a madman, you plug your phantom USB device into your computer, and happily continue on with your work, apparently oblivious to your devices obvious lack of connectivity.

It appears to all around you that you are, indeed, mad. In fact, what you’ve really done is plug in a 2 gigabyte flash drive that’s masterfully disguised as a frayed and broken USB cable. You’ve managed to make it appear that you’re insane, and as all thieves know – never EVER screw with an insane person.

So you see, it truly is still worth the $30.00! It’s 2GB, so it will hold quite a lot of important files and data. It’s definitely unique, and a very cool idea.

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