How to Create a Successful YouTube Show

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For the many of us who want to get our “tech show” up-and-running (and attract subscribers), it can be a difficult and stressful road. With my own experience (yes, I am still learning), I want to offer my top 5 tips for those who want to become popular on the YouTube front.

Success on YouTube can open doors to your other time investments, such as your website or blog. It is a great idea for those who want to be recognized and gain a following to start on one of the most visited sites on the Web. YouTube can open doors if follow the right steps.

Be Friendly and Active in the Tech Community

I found that when I started commenting on others videos and channels, or simply added others as a friend, I began gaining more subscribers and views. Now, if you want video authors to recognize your page, you best write thoughtful and meaningful comments. Avoid vulgar language, and offer an opinion on the issue. Better yet, provide further information on the subject at hand. (i.e., if they are discussing a new gadget, comment on an additional feature that was not mentioned in the video. The author will most likely feel that you are trying to benefit their own videos and thus check out your own page) Most of all, don’t be a jackass. There are a lot of kids on YouTube. Act like an adult through your comments and be respectful. It will pay off in the end.

Build a Following on YouTube Before Expanding

This may be a slightly contradictory, but hear me out. Before you start making videos on your new blog or website, make sure people will be watching in the first place. For new users, your views won’t be coming from subscribers, but rather people typing subjects in the search query. It will be a rare event if a video titled “Check out my new blog!” gets anymore than 100 views. Honestly, I started out my page in this manner; I set up a new blog and hoped to attract more viewers from making an announcement video on YouTube. Stupidly, I made this video before having no more than 5 subscribers and thus it was completely ineffective. If you want to start advertising your other content, you must have a significant follower base before doing so.

Plan your Videos

I can’t stress this enough. I’ve seen too many 10-minute videos of people rambling, stumbling over thoughts and spitting out random information. Before sitting down in front of the camera to record, write down the topics you will be covering and rehearse them. The average viewer has a very short attention span; if you start making videos around the limit with no coherent thoughts, prepare to be bashed (from experience, this happened to me). Don’t take it personally. Everyone has the ability to make a great video. It comes down to organizing your thoughts and having done good research on the topic. Don’t read an article and blab on for 8 minutes about your thoughts. Most of the time, many things will be incorrect and your viewers will definitely make this apparent to you. Plan, plan, and plan!

Make New Videos as Often as Possible on Timely Topics

If your videos are constantly on the technology page, you will gain a much better subscriber base. Also, people subscribe to people because they like their content and want to see more of it. If you want to be successful, don’t make videos weeks at a time. This may be acceptable once you have a very large following base and a few un-subs don’t matter much, but for new users, this is crucial. People want a constant flow of new and fresh information; that is why they subscribed to you after all. The best of example of this is when I started doing videos on new products. Even though I didn’t physically have the product, I attracted more viewers because it was a very popular search term. People listened to me because I offered my opinion on the product and because it was a popular product at the time. Don’t make too many videos of you simply discussing a product released months and months ago. Stay current. If you can provide with this, not only will your subscribers and viewers be happy, but also they will tell others about your page. It’s simply a chain reaction from there; please a few and you will inevitably grow.

Show Rather Than Tell

I put this as my number one tip because it is what really gave me more views. People want to see something rather than hear you babble on. Yes, it is annoying and hard for many of us. Not all of us have the ability to get their hands on all the newest and upcoming tech products. For newbies, getting test copies of new products from companies isn’t a reality yet. However, show them what you have. Do a review on that new iPod you have, the computer you run on, your speaker system, etc. People like videos in which you show them something because it shows more connection. They like to know that you are a geek too. Once you start showing rather than telling, you will begin to grow. Once you are off and running, you can talk about anything, but still keep those reviews/overviews a priority. This will, without a doubt, propel you on YouTube. People like to be pulled in by your shiny new toy, rather than your blabbering mouth.

If you follow these steps, you will begin seeing a better flow of viewers. Many people quit when they first start because they aren’t attracting many people. Market your page around the web on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace) and you’ll see a better turn out. Don’t give up if you aren’t seeing a lot of traffic; it takes a lot of time and effort to make good videos. If you put the time and effort in, you’ll reap the benefits.