Which Star Trek do You Like the Most?

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Setting phasers to stun, Captain! Shoot to kill! I have two phasers here! It’s like a classic Star Trek phaser, with several different settings. Don’t you wish you were this cool? You can toggle whether or not the light shines through the phaser or not, or you can pop out the smaller part to carry around with you! Do you see the light? This isn’t enough for you, eh? You say you want a Star Trek communicator, as well? Oh, well I have one of those too. So hah! In your face!

This is nice little set, if you happen to love the classic Star Trek. I was more a fan of the Next Generation, but not so much Enterprise. It just didn’t do it for me. What are some other toys from the original Star Trek? Oh yes! How could I forget my cute little Tribble? You have to be careful with those. They’ll multiply before you know it.

In the 23rd century, an enterprising trader named Cyrano Jones procured an interesting and adorable little creature. These tiny furry beasties had a calming effect on the nervous systems of humanoids – well most humanoids, anyway. They were called tribbles.

These tribbles, when they’re not busy being cute and purring, were prodigious breeders. As one country-doctor once quipped, “Well, the nearest thing that I can figure is that they’re born pregnant – which appears to be quite a time-saver!” In fact, their ability to multiply is so incredible, they can fill an entire cargo hold in three days – that’s one million, seventy-one thousand, five hundred sixty one tribbles… assuming one tribble with an average litter of ten producing a new generation every twelve hours. That’s some impressive breeding, right there. It would make any man want to high-five any tribble, except tribbles don’t have arms.

These tribbles, however, are genetically altered to be sterile. In fact, ThinkGeek will guarantee that, should our tribbles somehow begin to multiply, we will dispatch someone to remove the infestation from your starship or space-station – even if it takes seventeen-point-nine years.

If you’ve always wanted a phaser, or a communicator, or even a Tribble, you can pick them up at ThinkGeek! Make sure you ask me for a coupon, because I usually have one. Out of these three, I have to say I like the Tribble the most!

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4 thoughts on “Which Star Trek do You Like the Most?”

  1. TNG was my favorite Star Trek for the longest time, as the space-time storylines were more sophisticated. However in recent years I’ve been discovering TOS all over again. I imagine the new movie will boost its popularity even more.

    Plus you can enjoy the animated series and the old TOS comics, as most were written by the same team that wrote the series (including Roddenberry himself).

    Interestingly, Roddenberry allegedly said TNG was closer to his vision and TOS should no longer be considered part of official continuity!

  2. Actually, I liked all the Star Trek Series, although I didnt get to see much of Enterprise as the TV station that aired it here in Australia ran it late at night for which I was usually in bed on a week night.
    I think each generation of S.T. was great in it’s own right with TOS starting it all, to TNG improving on (human?) rights and with the spin-offs sch as DS9 and Voyager both exploring different avenues.
    I particularly liked Voyager and it’s travels through the Delta quadrant.

    As for S.T. merchandise, I have not gotten around to buying any, but with todays technology, I think it would be fantastic if someone designed a Tri-corder for purchase. I would be out there buying one straight off.
    (Maybe with enough program writers, we could turn an iPhone into one, or even with the Open source Android that Google’s GPhone uses could be adapted, and then just add some sensors and then maybe we would be that bit closer to having our own Tri-corder).

  3. I watched the first Star Trek debut on TV in September of 1966. I was only 7 years old, but I thought it was great compared to “Lost in Space” which debuted at the same time.

    While I will always have fond memories of TOS because of this, I suppose that overall I like TNG the best. It was all the things that Roddenberry couldn’t make Star Trek to be when he made his first attempt in ’66.

    The only thing that sometimes bothered me about TNG was the “political correctness”. As if we were supposed to believe that all of those aliens were wrong and the Federation was always right. But just sometimes.

    As for “Voyager” and “Deep Space Nine”, they were okay, but never held my attention like TNG. But I loved “Enterprise”, primarily because this was Earth’s first attempt and Archer and crew had to make thing up a they went along, stumbling all the way. And I really liked the Green Guys with the antennae (Andorians?), they kicked some intergalactic butt!

  4. ST: TNG was my favorite, though Enterprise had its moments while trying to get used to dealing with other species, like the Andorians, which also appeared in at least one TOS episode.

    I never bought any Star Trek books or toys, though.

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