Which Do You Use More: Mouse or Keyboard?

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Which input device do you rely on more – the keyboard or the mouse? Are you someone who uses them equally? I still use a keyboard more than my mouse. I love keyboard shortcuts. They increase my productivity by quite a lot. There’s a really cool website I found that doesn’t require me to use a mouse ever. Simply type in the search query, and the results fill themselves in automatically. You can use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate through the results, as well. keyboardr allows you to search without ever using your mouse.

keyboardr is a homepage. It speeds up your Internet experience. And if you like, it helps you keep your hands on the keyboard.

In the first place, keyboardr is a meta-search. You get Google, Wikipedia, and Youtube search results all together in one easy place. The instant search and the keyboard navigation are replacing the feeling of “searching” with the feeling of “launching”.

keyboardr will utilize many more Web services. Apart from usual web search services like Google, we are planning to support Friendfeed, De.li.ci.ous, Twitter, Flickr, Google Docs and many more. And in the final stage, we will have an extension system, open for any developer, to integrate any web service into our interface. So keyboardr will be a central station for you to get all your common Internet tasks done much faster.

This is nice and clean, which I love. It’s very simple to use, of course. And the developer is right – it’s much faster. Why not try it out today? You might end up making it your homepage, as well.

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2 thoughts on “Which Do You Use More: Mouse or Keyboard?”

  1. actually, I’m finding myself use the keyboard shortcuts (that I know of) more and more often … it’s interesting how it changes my productivity…

    I plan to check out this website when I can! I’m interested in what other shortcuts that I can utilize

    Rightt now i obviously use the ctrl+c to copy, and ctrl+v to paste … and I’m using the tab button tho change between fields, and the enter button to publish this comment!

  2. I do not find myself using either more than the other. But preferably I love to keep my hands on the keyboard. Finding it very repetitive to keep using my mouse to find an icon on my desktop or quick launch bar, I rather use a program called Launchy. Basically it is a Run dialog box that you type in and as you type it guesses what your are trying to open. Once you choose a program, for example firefox i just type fire and it knows. In my case I prefer keeping my hands on the keyboard…now I just have to wait until we can control the mouse with our minds 😛

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