78 thoughts on “Ways Princess Diana Changed the World for the Better”

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  2. Ok… Diana was my favorite hero when I was growing up. I got up early to watch the wedding. I skipped whatever I was doing that day. Mom let me.

    I had the hair cut. I took really good care of my skin -minus the part where I had bruise and lumps on my skull from soccer…

    Thanks for the memories. I enjoyed reminiscing. Good luck!

  3. This is a good article I love princess Diana. She rocks.

    She rocks my socks.

    She rocks my socks OFF.

    Yeah, she’s a great person who helped the world a lot.
    Nice article!

  4. Jeffrey,

    this article is written very well. It grabbed my attention and really made me think. Thanks so much.I actually have learned a little bit more about Princess Diana from this article. Job well done.

  5. Great job, i really enjoyed the article. This holiday season i will try my best to act like Diana, and help this world. There are so many people who are less fortunate than i am. Great article on someone who made a great difference in this world.

  6. Wow Jeffrey. I didn’t know you could write something this long. It’s AMAZING! I would have never known this stuff if it hadn’t been for your article. I hope you win!

  7. Hey Jeffery! I have to say I’m really impressed. This is really cool! I hope you win I would be really proud of you! Good job!!

  8. Diana’s story is readable and captures the attention, from her parents’ horrible divorce, to her capturing but not keeping a prince’s attention. In short, her life had drama, pathos, joy and tragedy, the ingredients of a good story! She is probably one of my wife’s favorite heroes !!!

    Good luck and thanks for posting!

  9. Great job Jeff:
    I might add that Diana’s story is readable and captures the attention, from her parents’ horrible divorce, to her capturing but not keeping a prince’s attention. In short, her life had drama, pathos, joy and tragedy, the ingredients of a good story! She is probably one of my wife’s favorite heroes !!!

    Good luck !!!!

  10. Wow, great article. I just did a report on Princess Diana. All of the things that she has done really makes the world miss her. I’m glad you chose to write about her!

  11. that article was so good! i never knew how much good things diana did for this world, and it was really interesting to learn so much more about her!

    hope you win!

  12. A great insight into the life on a very down to earth, caring and loving person, who is still today greatly missed. I remember when it came on the news, i was speechless. She broke the cliche rules of being a royal and was so involved in doing good and is an example for all of us to follow not just during the christmas period but throughout the year. Well Done Jeff, nicely done! 🙂

  13. jeffrey! this is amazing.
    i really hope you winn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good job jeff.
    you deserve that prize.

    – brielle

  14. all this was very well written might i say you did a good job. He nailed 90% of it. The only reason he did not get the last10% was because no one knows it yet. But yes she was a great person and if she was here today we might of had a cure for AIDS but who knows.

    I like i said he nailed it she was a great person i got to meet her once and all of what he said is true.

    Great Article

  15. Great article. You did a lot of research, and it shows. I learned several things about the Princess. The world lost a great person too soon.

  16. Bravo Jeffrey! It really is very interesting and really caught my attention. Word use was very good. Really taught me things that I didn’t know….

    Really amazing!

  17. Jeffrey,
    Nice job! This article is so interesting! I definitely learned more about Princess Diana. I never knew how much she did for the world.
    I hope you win.

  18. Great job Jeff!! I never knew what kind of things she did for the world. Really fantastic article, hope you win! : )


  19. AHHMAZING! jeff of course u would take time to write an entire essay not even for school.
    kid ur determined.
    better win!

    it was GR8 just great.
    k well i didnt really reead it but i know its alswsome..
    k love ya <3

  21. Hey Jeffrey,

    excellent article. I had to investigate on her last year in class and I must say you did quite a good job.

    Good luck,


  22. Wow, I never knew that there was that much to her. She really seamed like a great person. I hope that everyone who reads this learned something from it and acts like Diana during this holiday season.

  23. I dreamed that I saw Prince Charles and Diana driving in a car. I looked again and Diana wasn’t there, in her place sat a dark shadowy figure who I couldn’t make out. Charles was in tears. I awoke thinking that this dream must be a symbol for the pain suffered by Charles because of his divorce. A week later I had to reinterpret the dream for Diana had died in a car crash. The tears were tears of bereavement. Anyway nice article, I really enjoyed it.

  24. Rest in Peace beautiful Princess. Thank you for everything you did while you were here. God love you.

  25. Princes Diana was a beautiful woman wish the press would leave her alone now. She deserves her peaceful sleep. Princes Diana she my hero i do hope she will rest in peace. She has helped many people in the past and she has two handsome sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Am sure she i proud of her sons ^^ god rest the Princess.

  26. those poor boys who grew up not gettin to know there mum that well x
    she was killed x because charles was deffo havin an affair with camilla n look how happy she is now diana is out of the picture! camilla should rot in hell! diana shuld of bein queen x she will always be out queen x sleep tight princess diana x

  27. my favorite words on the day of her funeral was from her brother….when he said” she didnt need a title or a crown, she was the people’s princess”
    i whould add she was more like the Queen of Hearts….
    dam you Prince charles, Elizabeth the 2nd and your old mom…who made her life a living hell….
    rest in peace sweet angel Diana
    your 2 sons will continue your work around the world…especially Harry…he is most like you…a fighter and true humanist

  28. It sure looks like you have a talent at righting articles. That was very interesting I will never forget Princess Diana.

  29. Jeffrey that is a wonderful article you wrote. Ever since I did my student teaching in England I was always a huge fan of the royal family. I use to watch the news and specials about the family all the time because I thought all the things Princess Diana and her boys did for charity and other organizations was truly amazing. Your article does a great job teaching others what Princess Diana truly believed and stood for. Great job.

  30. Good job. I had always admired this wonderful woman and
    knew she had done good things. But did not realize just how much she had done. Very good article. Thank you.

  31. Jeffrey – well done analysis of Princess Diana. It is nice to see that people who were young when she died are still remembering the good work that she did.

  32. Jeffrey, I am so proud of you! From the moment she entered the world scene, Princess Diana became one of my personal heroes. In fact, on her wedding day, I hosted a formal English breakfast for a group of friends at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. I believe the wedding began at about 6:00 a.m. DST. Diana’s contributions to the world were rich and varied. She left a great legacy to her beloved sons and all of us to carry forth. Mazel Tov, Jeffrey, on a job well done. I hope you win the contest!

    With love,
    Susan Friedman (-:

  33. This is such a good article, I was just looking through this website, and this article grabbed my attention. Its really well written

  34. Wow, I must say, this article really has inspired me. You’re a good kid, Jeffrey. Very well written.

    Princess Diana is a fabulous human being and you show this well in your article. You have all the facts right, and everything fits together very nicely.

    Good job, I’m proud of you.

  35. Golly gee, this is great! I just adore Princess Diana, don’t you? I especially like that she was involved in 119 charities. That’s sooo much!!!!!!!!!
    She’s a great person.

    Love the article!

  36. Princess Diana definitely is a very inspiring woman in history. She had been through so much and unfortunately passed away before she should have. I think this is a very good article about her and I giv major “cootos” to the man who wrote this. GOOD JOB!

  37. This is a very good article with a lot of interesting information. I am also a fan of the Royal Family and always watch or read anything that is written about them. I especially was interested in Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry. Job well done.

  38. great! A++ you spent so much time and effort and it shows! i learned so much from this! good luck and good job!

  39. Superb job. I was doing my own research for a paper on Princess Diana and I came across your essay. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading it. It gave me a lot of ideas about where I should start my research. Thank you.

  40. I found your research quite informative. I was studying in England at the time of Princess Diana’s wedding and I was actually at the fireworks display in London that evening. People were so hopeful and enthusiastic. She was a wonderful woman who unfortunately in her later years lived a tragic life. She truly cared about the less fortunate of the world!

  41. This is a fabulous essay. I learned things about Princess Diana that I didn’t know, which impressed me. It is well written and showcases her comapssion for the world. I wonder if Princess Di ever played soccer growing up?


  42. you totally rock, i could never right something this long. i never really knew that much about princess diana, it is really a tradgedy that she died. We need more people like her, especially in this time of ecomic trouble. thanks for the article it realy is great. hope you win, keep writing

  43. Well done, Jeffery. We are impressed with your motivation and your resourcefulness. Most times, life is what you make of it. Princess Diana tried to use her fame and fortune to make life better for many. Make the most of your life and the opportunities presented to you. The Goldberg family

  44. It’s great, Jeffrey, to have you paint the portrait of a woman who could show how celebrity can be used for important, deep acts (rather than the superficial ones we see all too often). Nicely done.

  45. Jeffrey, your work is so very impressive! I was a big fan of Princess Diana and loved following her career as she became more and more involved in such noble causes. You really seem to have gained wonderful insight into her incredible legacy. A job well done! Kol Hakavod!

    Hamorah Danon

  46. it is important to be reminded of exceptional people and to be inspired by them to cary on there work she captivated many people in all countries. I remeber she had walked alon side mother tereasa i did not relize tht princess diana vistied a man in a comma alot or that she establish the first aids ward in a united kingdom hospital
    i also did not know that when he embraced those with AIDs the disease was thought to be highly contagious

    she was a very brave women who hade a huge impact on the world and atually made changes

  47. Jeffrey – What a thoughful anf thorough essay. I am impressed by your initiative. Thank you for reminding me about all the important causes that Princess Diana was involved in.

  48. Jeffrey,
    This is an extremely well organized and well researched article. You included a lot of detailed information and pulled it together in a very articulate way to support your thesis. Not only have you shown how Princess Diana was a great role model, but through your writing about her philanthropy and altruism, you have inspired your readers to follow her example and devote time towards continuing her work. This in itself is certainly worthy of praise.

  49. Great essay, Jeffrey, and great topic. You really researched it well. I have never really paid much attention to Princess Diana, but your essay lets me know what a special person she was. Good luck with the contest!

  50. Jeffrey,
    What a wonderful essay! I hope your essay will inspire others to follow Princess Diana’s examples of giving not only your money, but your time and love to others.

  51. Hi Jeffery
    Just leaving another comment to get you more comments. Great job once again!!

  52. This article is truly great, thank you for it! This was the perfect time of the year to write it as this is truly what these holidays are about. Good luck and I hope you win!

  53. Exelent c’est vraiment interessent bon vent. Grace àce travail je baucoup decouvre à propot ” Diana” elle est parfaitte’ elle nous manque baucoup:DIEUX LA PROTEGE enchallaa! Hayfa_Tunisie

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