Reasons That Religion is Unbelievable

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Before you read this, keep in mind that it is just an opinion.

Religion has always been a controversial topic. Let me begin by stating a few of my views on the concept of a religion, and why I think religions were created. I believe that people cannot understand how it is possible that Earth and the universe came to be, and they want to live forever in the afterlife. What do people do when they do not understand something or cannot find an answer? The answer is simple: they fabricate their own solution. Enter religion. Below is a list of five faults that I find regarding religion.


Praying is a common practice in almost all religions. It is a way people think they can have a one-way conversation with the god in whom they believe. Whether it is a prayer for happiness or a prayer for a new car, people are desperate to get what they want with as little effort as possible – which is why I think people turn to prayer. The fact is that it doesn’t matter to whom someone prays, the chances of their request coming true is the same in any event. If you can prove me wrong, feel free to respond with a prayer of your own.

An Invisible Man

When I was young, I had my own imaginary friend. He was great to play with, and was the perfect person to go to when I was feeling bored. But as I grew up, I realized that Billy was just a fictional character. God is an imaginary friend of the whole religious world (in my opinion). The only difference is that he purportedly has control of the whole entire universe.

Earth and Human Creation

Do you honestly believe that some god randomly decided to create Earth and humans? If God created the universe, what in the world is the point of other planets? Let’s dive in a little deeper. Christians basically believe that God created humans on Earth with a snap of his fingers. If you compare this to something more believable, such as evolution, you might think to yourself: “Hmm… either humans came out of thin air or they evolved over a long period of time.” (with real evidence backing it up). I don’t know about you, but personally, evolution sounds a whole lot more persuasive.

Heaven and Hell

Ah, the concept of a perfect and peaceful place versus a horrible, fiery, flaming death pit is just wonderful don’t you think? If God loves every person on the Earth, why would he want someone to burn in Hell? On the other hand, if you follow his ten magical rules (the Ten Commandments) and live a good life, you will end up in Heaven for eternity. This introduces a new idea that I have not yet mentioned – fear. Many people accept religion due to the fear that they might go to Hell, or live a horrible life if they do not accept that there is a god. Fear feeds religion like oxygen feeds a fire.

Religion vs. Religion

There are many different religions that are popular in the world today, so why is anyone’s religion the only one that is “correct”? Many might respond: “Well, because it is in the Holy Bible,” or: “Because the other religions are just wrong.” In other words, there is no way to prove that one religion is better than another and that is especially true when one believes that all religions all false. Perhaps I am wrong, but I have yet to find a logical answer proving that religions hold any truth; since there is no confirming evidence currently, it looks like I’ll be staying non-religious for quite a while.

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  1. You say that we are here by chance?

    So by chance we do not really have a meaning in life?

    So by chance we can be wipe out in a second?

    Or if we are planned by some being, then we would have

    meaning in our life.

    Personally I look to good to have come from apes. LOL

    I would like to think that God plan me, so therefor that gives

    meaning to my life.

  2. Every time I’m in church, I kind of think the same thing. “Is there a really a god out there? If so, why hasn’t he shown himself or given us any signs of his/her existence?” Also, I believe in the big bang theory. I refuse to believe that some God just spawned an Earth, animals, plants, and everything else out of nowhere… Nice topic by the way.

  3. Ok, technically, I am Christian, but I consider myself agnostic heavily. Now, I don’t care to debate it either way or to have it proven either way.I’d just rather live my life.
    Though, I have at one point or another looked into the idea of a soul. being a form of energy, and as we die, it leaves our body. I also do believe in the idea of a past lives. Though, as I said, I don’t really care to look into that kind of stuff all the time, or let it take over my life. Nor do I really care debating it, there are more important things to do, like living your life, or debating what cheese is the best.

  4. Yes, yes, and yes.
    My exact views. I mean religion started simply because people are ignorant and feel a need to believe in something so that they have an explanation for the unknown. I mean really why in the world shoul dyou blieve in somethign with no evidence like you said? Religion is ridiculous 😛

  5. I disagree on a variety of levels though I appreciate the time you took to made this.

    In regards to prayer, for me, it’s not a one-way conversation. My God answers my prayers – though the answers aren’t always what I want to hear and I’m encouraged to seek them out in the holy book that I believe is true and holy for a variety of reasons — the Bible, in my case.

    The true degree is that religion is not something that can be proven — by anything. The Holy Bible might be 100% accurate or .01% accurate (I’m using extremes that are both incorrect to make my point) but it would mean nothing to me unless I had the FAITH to believe in what it stands for.

    In regards to your heaven-and-hell theory, I think that’s a bit dramatized. In my opinion, the God of love took inherently damaged people and gave them a “get-out-of-jail free” card through His Son.

    I think the answer to all religious questions comes from the root of one question: Do you believe humans are born good or evil? I don’t mean it in the sense that humans are predestined to save the world or become a serial murderer. But I think the root of the question comes from whether or not humans are inherently good or evil. I think the true answer to religion depends on your answer to that question.

  6. Hey Jay Jay I have been thinking about all of what you have said in this article and the peice about fear is one that really jumped out at me beccause I have experienced the same and thought the same!

    I am a beleiver in Christianity but the scientific aproach is very convincing thank you for posting this Jay Jay.

  7. I accept that your opinion is yours and only yours; however, I have some comments that I must make.

    Firstly, your essay seems to be based more upon gut feeling than realistic fact. There are many ways this is evident; for example, your conception of heaven and hell is not only too literal but does not take into account that people certainly do deserve to be accountable to their own actions.

    Your views are too narrow. Feel free to contact me anytime, and we’ll delve far deeper into this subject…

  8. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Prayer: prayer is 2-way communciation with God. And it is accomplished through faith. If you have true Christian faith, then you believe that Jesus died for our sins. Therefore, Jesus…in the form of the Holy Spirit, is ‘in’ you.
    God: He did not ‘snap’ his fingers to create the universe, or ‘heaven and earth’. Read the ‘Book’.

    Big question: If you come across a pocket watch in the middle of nowhere, did Man create it, or did it ‘just appear’? So what do you think when you realize that the Universe ‘Is’?

    It is all explained in His book. Why don’t you read it? It is pretty hard to NOT believe when you apply what it tells us.

    One GOOD thing? God gave us ‘free will’, so it is entirely up to you to believe in your opinion, or to consider the many, many other possibilities that exist in your life.

    In the mean time, I will pray for you.

    God bless you.

  9. I think writing this article took a lot of guts! Well done!

    There are quite a bit of websites out there written by atheists that go into more depth with supporting the arguments you presented here, some even go so far as to pick holy texts apart and show them to be absurd and irrational. If this is the kind of thing that interests you to read, I’d be glad to send you some links.

    I like how the guy above seems to think that without God there is no meaning to life, as if we can’t make our own lives have meaning.

    Which brings me to something you didn’t bring up but that I’ve always wondered when it comes to religions–Ever notice how God is the ultimate cop-out? People start wars and do all kinds of crazy things and use the excuse that for some reason that is what God wanted, rather than just admitting it’s their own greed or bloodthirsty nature.

  10. What seems a mystery and difficult to believe for many people becomes worthy of more consideration when one considers “why do the fundamental elements stand the test of time?” When a large multitude of scholars and leaders would like to prove that a certain person never existed, why can’t they? Both Jews and Romans kept records. Jews don’t deny Jesus existed and performed great signs. They do choose to deny he was raised from the dead. Prophecy foretold of his coming. Prophetic foretelling of future events (now in the past and proven accurate) should get more attention from people who believe themselves wise before they discount that God exists.

  11. btw…. many of those pieces of “real” evidence you talk about but dont mention a single example of are fakes…….
    several times already national geographic and other normally credible sources have accidentally put out articles that told blatant lies about finding missing link fossils and new discoveries that point to evolution. Which is ,may i add, a theory and is absolutely according to the definition of science not scientific because it is unobservable in a controlled environment.

    so what does it come down to?
    well, both sides have many followers (creationism vs evolution)…… there is one major thing i enjoy about creationism, it is that we are sentient, have souls, and are different from animals; evolutionists would argue that they also believe that, but no where in evolution is there any support for the idea that we are much different than animals than the fact that we all have, we somehow can talk and express the ideas we have, had, will have, and are having right now.
    the point is that creationism covers more than the theory of evolution does…..
    which is why i choose it over evolution which is something i find too iffy and too adulterated. by what? by lies still taught today in universities and are still used in arguments despite being already proven false……..
    i cant find faults in creationism except that it might all be wrong…. in evolutionism there is that and also many parts within that could be wrong and parts that are actually wrong
    sry… i am done ranting my ideas

  12. This is a terrible entry for any sort of contest, you did not research well enough, and are far too vague with your descriptions.
    Pray is a communication not a wishing well, pray is a chance to talk to God not just a way to go to him for hopes and dreams to come true. People may in fact do that but they are more than welcome to do so, I know that not all followers under any religion pray just to have their wishes come true. Therefore do not categorize all followers and simplistic wishers. Pray also offers people hope and calling it worthless and pointless is just cruel despite how logical it may seem (to you.)
    It honestly disgusts me that you would compare God to an imaginary friend, whose to say that imaginary friend did exist and you simply ruined your friendship and he moved on? The idea of God is not that simplistic, nor does he run the universe as said early we were given free will you use the argueement that since there is no proof of God’s existance he does not exist, think for 10 seconds about that which we did not have proof for all through time and tell me that there are things in this world we don’t know about.
    Your understanding of creation is limited God created Adam from dust/clay I forget which (not christian -_-) then eve from one of his ribs…no finger snapping involved and if humans did in fact evolve from something what created that (don’t use that bs fish in a puddle days later argueement) so there is a lack of proof with the human evolution theory if you go a bit back.
    To be honest I don’t fully understand the idea of Heaven and Hell and is often a good point to make when I arguee with my Christian buddies, though I’ll go ahead and agree with Sean here ” In my opinion, the God of love took inherently damaged people and gave them a “get-out-of-jail free” card through His Son.” because Jesus did supposedly die for our sins.
    Finally your rebellious bash to every religion ” there is no way to prove that one religion is better than another and that is especially true when one believes that all religions all false. Perhaps I am wrong, but I have yet to find a logical answer proving that religions hold any truth; since there is no confirming evidence currently, it looks like I’ll be staying non-religious for quite a while.” That is fine stay an atheist no one thinks you shouldn’t but this entire essay sounds like a cry for not only attention but proof so you can be relgious but I’m afraid life doesn’t work that way you’re more than welcome to believe what you want but know this, religion isn’t simply believing in a god or not or finding an excuse for the unknown it gives people hope and that’s great
    I agree with Andrew Jin your views are far too narrow primarily bashing christianity, if you’re looking for a relgion that you can’t disagree with go to Buddism it’s simply doing what’s morally right

    Seriously though I’d love to talk more in depth with you on this subject it’s always a fun one ^_^

  13. The truth of the matter is that one would be arrogant to say they know for sure that god exist without any solid proof. For years religion has done nothing but divide humans.

    None of the “books” from any religion talk about the dinosaurs, go back further then 7-10k years. The truth of the matter is all religions derive from the Egyptians. the movie Zeitgeist pretty much hits religion on the head and unmask what the reality is. but you dont need a documentary to tell you that no one is talking back and this world is a messed up place no matter how hard everyone prays.

  14. Keeping it brief…

    This would not do well in an essay contest. Your points are based in personal feeling with little to no research involved. There is not much here to persuade someone that your points are valid.

    As mentioned by a few others, your views on religion are oversimplified and inaccurate. Just like in science, we don’t have all the answers for everything. Some things we just have to take on faith. Can you scientifically prove that your parents love you?

    There are too many variations on religious beliefs to be lumped into the assumptions you’ve made. Religion and science are not mutually exclusive. Creation and evolution do not cancel each other out. To do better on this essay, you will have to do more research into both sides of things. Good Luck!!

  15. Some of your point are valid, but i don’t think you’ll convince anyone with the proof here. Try harder, man. The ones you DID try to prove often hold insufficient information, and you got some facts wrong.

    Also, i disagree, i guess, to a point…

  16. Chris, I am rather pissed off that you just wouldn’t post this right away. It is an opinion just like any other. I don’t care if upsets some people or not, you can not just deny him a publishing just because he is covering a controversial topic. Just for the hold up on the publishing I think you should add all of the comments on this page to his number of comments for his article. I’m sorry this happened whoever wrote this article!

  17. Though I do agree with some of your points I find that the presentation of them is in itself not the greatest. As stated in the comments above, try with some more research and inspire more debate in what you say in your essay. It would be interesting to see what research you could come up with to support your main points.

  18. First off i dont get why u dont believe in religion, this article is pointless. Its not changing anyone’s idea in their religion. Yes it is thought provoking; however thats why religious people hate scientists, because they think everything has to be proven for it to be true. Theres just one wrong thing about that faith as stated in Hebrews 11:1 says faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence in things not seen. So you dont need to prove everything, just believe in it.

  19. You’re preaching to the choir, boy. This succeeds in being lukewarm to atheists, who have had this affirmed so many times that it’s pointless without a new twist, and being flame-bait for christians. Not all christians, mind you, but a lot of the really stupid ones.

    One thing to be known, however, is that in these days often quantity of content is accepted over quality of content, as it is easier to string together many lesser-developed ideas that to develop a few to perfection.

    I feel that since this is for a contest, the quality of the content your post should be taken into account. The result looks grim, and I must say that you are far from being either a poetic, or a persuasive, writer.


  20. I think this is a fabulous start to an argument.
    Of course he could not delve deeper into the topic, seeing as this is just a short article, but I can see the beginnings of many strong points.
    It definately serves as food for thought for many people.
    Sure, some of it may be exaggerated, but I think that’s what makes the article more interesting. I thinks quite obvious this shouldn’t all be taken literally.
    You get the gist of the argument and I agree– to me religion is simply absurd.
    It amazes me the things some people genuinely believe, but I completely understand the use and value of religion to many people.

  21. I agree with some of your points, but most of it seems totally exaggerated. I believe there is some higher power, or else where did everything come from? Who made the first chicken or egg? I do agree with the religion vs religion part.

  22. @Wechtlien- I believe at the beginning of the article, he states this is an opinion, not a research paper. So either you fail at reading, or you didn’t read it at all. Obviously the quality of the article shows that he didn’t spend much time into it. I think you have it wrong… Quality is accepted way more than quantity where I go to school. You need to kind of think over what you say before you actually express. Everyone here has the right to express their ideas toward the topic. You telling someone off was uncalled for…

  23. It actually was a very interesting read. Being a Christian myself, it is hard to accept your opinion, but I do respect it. Your ideas posted here are a little bit vague as others have posted, but at least you had the guts to post this. Since I was brought up as a Christian, it’s hard to know what religion I would have chosen if I were not influenced by my parents. That is something else to think about – parental influence.

    @David Stark, I don’t really like your post. It does not make a lot of sense and the comment “I will pray for you” was not needed at all.

  24. I enjoyed your article and think you will receive many comments. You might like a book by Robert A. Heinlein titled, JOB: A Comedy of Justice.

    While I was raised by my parents beliefs, it was not until I was older and read this book that I formed my own thoughts and ideas on religion and other peoples beliefs. My opinion is my belief and as long as someone believes in something or nothing and have an opinion, that is their belief. Who? is to say that any one opinion is right or wrong. As long as you have an opinion, that is your belief and I respect that.

    As a bartender, I have learned there are three thing you should not talk about in a bar or pub:
    1. Religion
    2. Politics
    3. The other guys girl (no matter how ugly or pretty she looks)

    I have seen many a good friendship go bad in a drunken conversation on these topics. I hope the comments on your article stay civil and people are open enough to understand that this is only your opinion and that you have just as much right to your beliefs as they do to theirs.

    Good luck on the contest

  25. I think that everyone that is saying that it was a terrible entry should reconsider. I understand a lot of people’s arguments about why it is a bad article, but I think its a good overview of of the points that some nonreligious people make. I don’t think a lot of detail would have been a good idea for a blog post.

    @Walter, I definitely agree with you about adopting the religion of your parents. Who knows what religion I might have followed without their influence.

  26. This whole article is just stupid. Isn’t this a tech blog… I think this guy is just trying to get people mad so they will comment and so he will win this comment thing. I guess it worked, but w/e. I will always be Christian and nothing will change taht. If you think God is not real, then how was anything originally made in the universe.

  27. Lol.. why would someone come and post a link to somewhere else (cameron)?

    Meh.. I don’t know what to say about this article. I do pray every night and do wonder if God is actually hearing me. I have actually been considering going non-religious since I had no choice when I was younger and was forced to go to church and stuff. I am able to understand all the points you make, unlike other ppl who have commented. I am actually glad you posted it at least.

  28. My english is not best, but I just wish to say this is insulting me. There is God who sees everything. I think you going to be going to hell for write this. God answers my messages to Him. God create the humans and the planets. Why you so ignorant? I not have anyone I know who so stuipd. Tu eres un hijo de puta.

  29. yes, i forgot to mention.
    David Stark, your comment disgusts me.

    You cannot tell me that you truely wish to pray for this guy because of his article. You knew that 1-saying such a thing would upset any atheist, 2-your overly sarcastic and rude comment would be nicely offset by your ending remark, and 3-you’d get to bash him and remain a “good christian.”

    Also, it is just the kind of dissmissive comment that causes some people to believe the typical stereotype of a proselytizing christian. You cannot say his opinion is wrong until he has stated a blatant lie. Your attempt at many a snide remark was poor. I leave you to your opinion, just don’t call out other’s as “wrong”– you alone have committed a wrong doing here.

  30. Beginning with the issue of prayer: prayer isn’t necessarily, as mentioned above, means of an easy method to achieve what may happen. Again, we all have common sense. I pray to achieve good goals… (such as succeeding at Mu Alpha Theta), but I don’t do it on prayer alone. I have the common sense to go and study for it along with it. It may be used as a supplement to guarantee future actions and for self satisfaction, thus a benefit of higher self esteem with prayer. Also, I use prayer as means of praising and providing gratitude. Again, with an atheistic point of view, providing gratitude would basically be “counting your blessings” and proving another pro of a more optimisstic view of life. If you still have the notion that prayer is the “easy way out”, maybe you’re looking at people who are not using common sense.

    Invisible man? Islamic beliefs: no provided image or even supposed image of God. Little conception is even given because of the ominscence of God. Again, another conception of a powerful driving force. For example, gravity and electromagnetism. Not physically visible, but indirectly proven.

    Earth and Human Creation: I will not argue with creationism. I, however, may be seen as somewhat of a middle man between the ideals of creationism and evolution. I inadvertently support both, disregarding the contrasts. I agree with both cases for this one.

    Heaven and Hell: I agree that much of religion is run by fear of the conception of being punished in Hell. But it’s not the primary basis. It’s simple human ethics of general good actions being rewarded and bad ones being punished. It’s a mean of law to establish order in a realm of chaos. Just as we have our own laws, courts, judicial system, etc., we are also driven by fear of the punishments that may occur by certain actions. But however, it does instill, in my opinion, valuable and good morals to provide a working society.

    Religion vs. Religion: I disagree with arguments. Peaceful discussions are perfectly acceptable. If people wish to accept the faiths of a religion, let them. If they don’t, let them be. Personal opinions may be kept on oneself of what is “correct”, and that is all that truly matters.

    So before arguing against religion, analyze at how beneficial it is as an impact by it’s whole. It instills self esteem, self satisfaction, motivation, good morals, means of quenching the thirst for curiosity, gratitude, healthy fears for peace, acknowledgement beyond oneself, and numerous others.

  31. You’d better be right. I mean, think about it. As a purely existential exercise belief in God is not that different than belief in no god. If belief in no god turns out to be right, no one has lost anything. But if belief in God turns out be right, then the believer has gained everything. The unbeliever, on the other hand, has lost everything. Belief in no god is a pursuit of life from which, in the end, there is nothing to be gained, and everything to lose.

  32. You’d better be right! Think about it. From a purely existential pursuit, being a believer in God is not that different than being a believer in no god. If it turns out, there is no god, no one has lost anything. On the other hand, if it turns out there is a God, the believer has gained everything. The unbeliever has lost everything. Belief in no god does not advantage anyone anything in the present, but could prove to be an irrevocable loss in the end.

  33. “If God loves every person on the Earth, why would he want someone to burn in Hell? ” hey when u do this research it sez God sent Jesus to die for us so we go to heaven it is the present of eternal life. you either accept it and go to heaven or deny it and go to hell.
    “On the other hand, if you follow his ten magical rules (the Ten Commandments) and live a good life, you will end up in Heaven for eternity” once again wrong the ten commandments are the law(this was before Christ’s death) so everyone would go to hell. Now the gospel comes in with what I said above once again do research before you post these things man.(in a non, calm voice)

  34. Amber
    December 7th, 2008
    at 9:10pm
    ‘I think writing this article took a lot of guts! Well done!

    There are quite a bit of websites out there written by atheists that go into more depth with supporting the arguments you presented here, some even go so far as to pick holy texts apart and show them to be absurd and irrational. If this is the kind of thing that interests you to read, I’d be glad to send you some links.

    I like how the guy above seems to think that without God there is no meaning to life, as if we can’t make our own lives have meaning.

    Which brings me to something you didn’t bring up but that I’ve always wondered when it comes to religions–Ever notice how God is the ultimate cop-out? People start wars and do all kinds of crazy things and use the excuse that for some reason that is what God wanted, rather than just admitting it’s their own greed or bloodthirsty nature.’

    most of the time when people take things out of the bible they “translate” it differently then what it truly means.

    secondly how do you know that it wasn’t what God wanted?how do you know it was greed or bloodthirsty nature?most the time it is greed and bloodthirsty nature but not all of the time.

  35. “None of the “books” from any religion talk about the dinosaurs” in the bible (i forgot where) it does mention huge leviathans which could be dinosaurs. btw with this whole ‘sold proof” it is FAITH its like believing you will win a football game(now im not comparing those two on similar levels its just an example) the win isnt there but you have FAITH they can. I know that was a rough and not well explained example but you get the idea

    I do love this subject deeply because it doesn bring me back to God and how awesome he is.

  36. and for the research thing I said I’m sorry I didn’t read that it said this was an opinion. so disregard that it wont happen in the future.

    this was a good atricle I am christian and I to question if God made the universe it is hard to grasp my mind around. well have fun debating =)

  37. I absolutely love this article. I live in a Christian area and all of my friends are really religious and I’m the only that isn’t. I thought that there weren’t that many ppl out there that share my same opinion. I think your points are pretty good. Your imaginary friend analogy was interesting and thought this article might not convince religious people to go atheist I think he shows a good brief opinion.

  38. There are a few things that I like and dislike in your article. For one, I agree with you like prayer is pretty much one-way. God can’t speak to people if he is really up there if you ask me. I also agree with you about Heaven and Hell… I question why Hell would be there at all. I don’t like how you mainly compared your opinions to Christianity. There are other religions that counter some of your points.

  39. I love Sayeed T’s comment. It is very well laid out and I totally agree with you Sayeed! I do think that religion is great for self-esteem and everything else that you mentioned. I am not religious but I just like how you pointed that out. I like the article and I think it presents good ideas though.

  40. Great article but totally lacks in details. You should have done a lot more research to make this better. Even though I like it, I am Catholic, so it takes a lot to say that I like it. No one really knows how exactly everything came to be though.

    @Tim (too tall) Yes, I agree that polictics/ religion shouldn’t be discussed with other people but I think it’s fine to post something about it on the internet 🙂

  41. I agree with you 100%. I have always questioned the thought of religion. How could someone believe there is an all-powerful being that controls what goes on in the world, none-the-less, created this world! It’s completely out of the question. Also, to think that if there really was a God that only a select few have heard the words of God known as prophets? It’s very hard to believe in it. It’s just an excuse to celebrate a few holidays.

  42. This article just .. sucks. I am religoius but that isn’t why I am saying its bad. You talk to generally. You don’t have any specifics. YOu have no real examples to back up what you think. At least religious people have something to back up what they believe. -_-

  43. Couldn’t agree more with your article. I share your exact points to make on religion. I hate it. I really think it is just a waste of time… I think its cool you posted this. Your probably getting a lot of hate for it but I really do like it. Maybe you could eventually post something else but more in depth.

    @Xg05 It is a tech blog I think but this contest thing can be on any subject

  44. Tbh, I havn’t put mcuh thought into religion throughout my life… I just kind of say “whatever’. Now that I read your article I guess I agree with you. I have never really cared if there is a god or not. Is there anyone else out there that just dosn’t care at all? or is it just me lol…

  45. I have studied many different types of religions and think you neglected to show examples from them. Sayeed T points out some differences with Islam and I think it would have been a good idea if you would have explained something like Buddhism which is often debated whether it is a religion or way of life. Some “ways of life” deal with faith but not necesarrily the things you mentioned in your article.

  46. I agree and disagree with you. You have some valid points, but not enough to match with the invalid points. Most of the time, prayer is for someones healthiness rather than greed. Pretty much all religions are against those avarices. Also, the creation of the earth didn’t start with the snap of Gods fingers. It’s a bit different from that. You should try reading one of the religious books that explain the creation of the earth. It differs from your story.

  47. I pray everyday and I know that God hears me out. When I was younger, my mother had cancer and was going to die of cancer for sure. However, I prayed that she could live just a few years longer and the doctors were shocked when she lived way longer then expected. There is prove that God is real.

  48. Hello, I like your article. My parents forced me to be Christian but I hate it. I don’t even believe in God but my parents are really strict so I can’t tell them that. As soon as I live on my own I won’t go to church anymore. I definetely think religion is bs like you. I don’t think there is an afterlife… and I do agree that fear makes people adhere to a religion.

  49. I used to be a highly religious person, but lately I have been questioning the fact whether my religion is believable or not. I do not know whether or not I should believe in my religion any longer. It just seems unreal, but at the same time, I want to believe in religion. Gives me some hope and reasoning to this world. I don’t really know. I guess that makes me agnostic.

  50. I think some of the comments posted on here are better than your article but I am agnostic. No one has ever convinced me to go either way so I don’t know what to do. Whoever mentioned fear is right, I don’t want to go atheist just incase God is real and I will go to hell. Yet, I don’t fully believe in religion like you JayJay.

  51. Gah thats really aggravating that I think my comment didn’t post so I am going to sum up what I said…. I basically was saying that I am agnostic and do not fully believe religion but what is holding me back is fear that God is real. And I don’t want to go to hell. I agree with you JayJay, but I won’t fully be atheist.

  52. No you are wrong Jay. God is real and he is up there watching you. Be careful, you might end up in that fiery death pit if you arn’t careful. Christian is the best religion. It is the religion of the USA. When you talk about best religion, Christian is the most correct religion out there. I am going to Heaven when I die because I had faith, but all of you atheists are going to Hell..

  53. I have no clue where you got these ideas from. They’re filled with many flaws and stated with out research. Your ideas about the creation of the earth, prayer, and heaven and hell are all wrong. Prayer is meant to wish for ones healthiness rather than greedy thoughts which you seem to be filled with. The earth had a much longer process rather than God snapping his fingers. Heaven and hell differ from religion to religion. Not all religions’ version of hell is a fiery pit of death. Next time you decide to choose a topic this big, please research before causing an uproar.

  54. You know… by following a religion there are other effects. By having faith in something, your life can be improved greatly. Believing in something helps keep people sane sometimes also. I don’t like your article because it is kind of generalizing that religion solely means believing in a God that you think is fake.

  55. Yeah I think that god was something that people made up because they didn’t know how they were created. If religion weren’t made until today, for example, I seriously doubt anyone would believe it. We know far more about the world than people back then did.

  56. I, for the most part, agree with you. Your views on how God is the imaginary friend of the religious world is a very interesting statement. It tends to be true in most cases. Your religion vs. religion section is also very true. Just because it’s in the bible, people believe it’s right. I only disagree with prayer. Prayer for the most part, is wishing for gods help while you yourself do the rest of the work.

  57. Unlike most of the people here, I agree with you. I think your ideas are great! Religion is ridiculous… It was only created to give people hope when they are in tough times. If god was truly there, why hasn’t he shown himself? Why has he only passed on his knowledge to a select amount of people? It just seems highly unlikely.

  58. If this contest is for which article is the best I don’t think yours is going to win. I do, however, appreciate that you weren’t afraid to post it. You bring up some valid points in your argument which is good.

    @Wechtlein Uns, while it may not have been approriate to tell tell that person off, I really didn’t like his comment either.

  59. a lot of people probably won’t agree with me but I think this blog thing shoudl win. It looks like this person put more thought than just random technology stuff into the article. I may be biased since I am not religious and agree with the article main points but its just my opinion. I have never understood Heaven and Hell either.

  60. I don’t doubt that you could write form this into a better and detailed research paper but from what I have seen here it is hard to tell if you really know what your talking about. The only thing I agree with you on is religion vs religion because I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I disagree on the rest though (I am obviously religious).

  61. I disagree with you. You should have done your research. I agree with Sayeed T on his statement about prayer. It’s not up to God to do everything for you, it’s up to yourself. God is pretty much your motivation to get what you need to do. Also, the earth was created with the “snap” of Gods fingers…. I think you need to review the book of Genesis.

  62. I am prolly going to get flamed for this but religion is just crap. I think you are right Jay Jay the jetplane. You could have xplained yourself a little better but you gave a brief overview of whatcha think and thats good. It seems you have a few that agree with ya though! Peace.

  63. I agree with some of your points, but you should have done research. It seems you have angered a few people here XD Actually, I kind of understand why you didn’t research. As Jacob stated before, this is opinion based… I am muslim, but our view of heaven and hell are completely different from those of the christian religion. It would have been better if you used all points of view rather than just Christianity.

  64. I live in the UK and don’t know how it is in the US but I have noticed a surprising increase in the number of atheists out there now. Over the yeras it really has increased… I am kind of wondering why this is. A lot of my friends arn’t religious but I am. I do believe in God and I do pray when I need to.

  65. I agree with you. Religion, in my opinion, was created to set moral laws in which people live by to make the world a better place. It has worked to a certain extent. Religion was also created to give people hope, although, difference in religion has caused wars in the past, so how could it possibly give people hope? It’s a question most of us can’t answer.

  66. Your article is useless. It won’t help anyone. Besides I think trying to change people’s opinions is a waste of time unless it is something that would truly better the world in some way. As far as religion goes, it just doesnt matter.

  67. I was raised to be a Christian, but I have struggled with the idea of religion all my life. Part of it is that I do not agree with organized religions… But my main thing, is that I realize I have been laden with guilt that has caused me to feel the need to be a Christian and do everything as I should. When I was younger my parents pushed religion on me and I felt obligated to attend church. I didn’t want to let down my parents….

  68. It seems like everyone is putting up a good argument. I agree with Jeff. Believing in a religion and God gives you a meaning to your own life. If we did not have a meaning in life, why would we be here on Earth? I think life is sort of like a test. God is constantly testing you with various challenges to see if you have the ability to overcome these challenges. With these challenges, there are a set of moral laws you must follow.

  69. I just wanted to say that I agree with your idea about fear feeding religion, but in my case its not just fear of hell or ideas of a bad life, its also guilt and fear of disapproval from my family and many other. So I don’t even consider not being religious to be quite honest.

  70. I agree with you on just about everything you said. I had been agnostic for most of my life, but I have finally become atheist… How could ONE person create the Earth. I believe that the Earth was created just like all of the other planets out there. Also, if God were truly real, why hasn’t he shown himself. Is this all powerful being a coward?

  71. Cameron, I find it very rude to post a link leading to somewhere else on someones blog. I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate it either. You lay down some very interesting points JayJay. Some wrong, some interesting to think about. You idea of the “invisible man” is very interesting and probably has everyone in a knot when they try to argue about it. Nobody has commented on it… Nice work.

  72. This is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in my life. This is absolutely horrible. I’m sure people before me have said this, but let me restate this. God did not create the Earth by just simply snapping his fingers. Also, people are forgiven for their sins rather than God just sending everyone to Hell. People who go to Hell deserve to go to hell…

  73. Hmm. I have to admit that your passage makes me think and question my religion a bit. Is God just really my imaginary friend? How would an invisible man have the ability to create a large planet that supports life? Where could this heaven and hell be located? It just hurts my head when I think about it… I’ll just keep believing.

  74. Most people here are over looking that this is opinion based. Researched would have helped this a bit, but he’s just expressing what is in his head rather than the true facts. Some of his points are great, others are horrible. I love your analogy for your invisible friend, but on the other hand, your opinion on prayer is horrible… Remember, research is the key.

  75. I’ll try to type this comment as nicely as possible, but I disagree with this submission. Religion is something that I believe everyone in the world should have. Religion is healthy for the mind and body. If you don’t believe in God or don’t have a religion then you are living a very boring and pointless life.

  76. I hope nobody actually believe in his thoughts. They’re absolutely wrong in every way. It seems as if he didn’t think at all while typing this. He just wrote down stuff to take up space. Your views on heaven and hell are the only points that actually make sense compared to everything else. Invisible man? What were you thinking? Do some research next time.

  77. “Reasons That Religion is Unbelievable” – Going for a double meaning there? Haha, not a bad title. Below are some Pros/Cons


    Good layout, interesting to read, brief but good points to make about religion


    Narrowed to more of an anti-Christian like article, not enough detail, could have used more research and I think you could have thought of better points to use

  78. This is a representation of how corrupt the world today is. Everybody relies on greed, money, and power. Everybody is starting to slip away from believing what was always once believed before. It scares me on how God will have his revenge on all of the people who have committed sinful deeds. The day this will happen, everyone will cower in fear.

  79. Whazzup from Canada. Most of my friends are catholic but I am part of the Jewish minority. I don’t really like being Jewish, and I actually did experience some discrimination when I moved there from the US. In your article you talk about religion vs religion and expanding on that I would have to say that there still is religion discrimination in the world…

  80. Have you ever gone to church before? The first thing I was taught was how the Earth was created… Your view on how the Earth was created is absolutely wrong. You can learn about how it was created from wikipedia… Also, your views of prayer are from a greedy point of view. People who pray the correct way pray for gods assistant rather than just demanding for him to do. Please do some research or even use wikipedia… It all helps.

  81. So, what should I say. I think religion is a lot easier to talk about on the internet than in real life. In real life arguments can start a lot easier…

    Responding to Terry Spencer who said “But if belief in God turns out be right, then the believer has gained everything.” I think that goes with what the author of the article was kind of talking about with fear.

  82. I don’t really know a whole lot about this contest, but just by looking at your article I don’t think you have much of chance. Some of the other blog posts I have read are much better written than yours and give more details. Yours is really ambiguous in my opinion. You don’t even mention any history of any religion. You kind of just say religion “sucks” and heres some detail-lacking support.

  83. I wish there was hard evidence so people can prove that God does exist, but there isn’t. That is why this article is true for the most part. God isn’t real and people just need to accept it. Yes, I am saying I agree with you. The creation of the earth was through the Big Bang Theory rather than this all powerful being known as God.

  84. I hope God punishes you for what you have said. You have committed many sins just now. If you have read the bible, you would actually know them. The Earth was created by God, but over a long period of time rather than just a snap. Also, prayer is your connection with God rather than just asking for stuff. God isn’t santa you know. You have expressed the christian view of heaven and hell, but Christianity isn’t the only religion out there….

  85. Ugh I don’t think my comment worked. Guess ill retype..

    I go to church every Sunday and have always thought about Heaven and Hell. Even if the afterlife isn’t real, there is no problem in someone believing that it is real. It can give some people a sort of hope. And even if you don’t follow a religion you have to admit that religion can make someone follow the law and do good in their lives.

  86. I would normally put up a strong argument against yours, but i’m incredibly tired… I will tell you that you’re all wrong. Your view on prayer is wrong, your view on how god is just an imaginary man is wrong, religion vs. religion is wrong, everything is just wrong. I will continue to believe in god because just like Jeff, it gives me meaning to my life…. It’s better than believing in no god…

  87. I wasn’t going to post on this and get involved but God is not like an invisible man.. I think you are misportraying him. He is an ultimate ruler of the universe. He is not a person.

  88. Religion was a terrible idea to begin with! I have no clue why people started following. It was probably for the horrible time they lived in with war spurring up between everyone. It’s just disgusting. People were converting from religion to religion left and right due to fear of not being accepted by society. People were just big conformists back then. Today, it’s even worse. Now people are confused whether or not they should follow what they’ve followed for centuries. It’s quite funny.

  89. This is a very interesting article. It also makes me question my own religion. I’ve always wondered how the earth actually got here and if the Big Bang Theory was actually true. We always study it in science, but then constantly reminded it’s just a theory, not a statement. I wish there was a way to view the past and see how it really started.

  90. I find this topic very interesting. You had some guts to post this up here considering most of the world has their own religion in which they follow. I do not know much about religion like you because I have never followed one. I’m not atheist nor do I follow a religion. I do not know how to reply to this, but it’s a very interesting read.

  91. I don’t know how you weren’t struck down while typing that 😛 God is always watching you so you might want to watch out what you say. God isn’t just a powerful being, he’s the earth, the air, everything around and he lives in your heart. If you don’t believe that then you consist of evil… Sorry, but it’s what is true.

  92. Posting from Canada here 😛 Your topic is a very interesting and debatable one. I can see why you picked it for this contest. I like the variety of comments. Some random, some agreeing, some disagreeing. The majority disagreeing probably because they’re all religious. I believe in what you say. Religion is unbelievable and that’s fact. There aren’t any hard evidences that say any of this stuff is real. On top of that, there are many different religions that tell the same thing but in different ways. It’s all quite confusing.

  93. A while back, I punched someone in the face for saying “God isn’t real” in my face. To bad I can’t do that through the internet…

    If your trying to argue religions are fake this is a horrible article for that. You need to get your ideas together if you even want to make an attempt at that, even though you would still fail.

  94. I think exactly the opposite of what you think. Your views are very narrow and carry no facts with them. They’re absolutely false. Ugh, religion is a very difficult thing to explain to a nonbeliever and hard to convert others nowadays. Back about a thousand years ago, people always converted from religion to religion. Now, it’s impossible. You’re probably gonna stay on what you think no matter what I say, so I think I’ll save my time.

  95. My dad would flip if he saw me post this but I secretly hate religion like you Jay Jay. I find it really faulty and flawed. I have tried praying and it hasn’t done anything. My dad would probably tell me that I would go to hell for writing this. Forget it, I don’t care.

  96. Well, first off, I’m just going let you know that I am an extremely active Hindu, so I really do believe in a supreme being.

    This piece is in desperate need of actually support for all of your statements…you criticize all of it, but you don’t back up your accusations.

    Also, this is for anyone who criticizes any religion/religion itself, but exactly who are we in this world to judge thousands and thousands of years of belief?

    I’ve gotta commend you for your effort, but your writing falls on deaf ears (or in this case blind eyes, lol), I think that you’ve got a good start but you seem to have written this in blind sight and seriously, did this take you what, 10 minutes max?

  97. Without a hereafter (Heaven/Hell) there will be NO morality in this world, and innocent killers like HITLER would never get their punishment, even though Atheists agree he needs punishment.

    Is robbing a good or an evil act? A normal balanced person would say it is evil. How would a person who does NOT believe in the hereafter convince a powerful and influential criminal that robbing is evil?

    Example: Suppose I am the most powerful and influential criminal in the world, who has police, governments and ministers in my pocket. At the same time I am an Intelligent and a logical person. I say that robbing is good because it helps me lead a luxurious life. Thus robbing is good for me.

    If anybody can put forward a single logical argument as to why it is evil for me, I will stop immediately. None of the arguments can be defended on the strength of reason and logic. It is no surprise that there are so many criminals in this world.

    Therefore, WITHOUT a hereafter there would be NO morality in this universe.

  98. The NUMBER ONE reason why Atheism is IRRATIONAL, ILLOGICAL and non nonsensical:

    1) Did we create creation?
    Logical answer – No

    2) Did creation create itself?
    Logical answer – No

    3) Who/What did?

    Any Atheist would be too arrogant to give a logical answer for Question 3 which is NOT creation itself.

    This definitely proves that Atheism is nothing but trash and made up of man made laws. No wonder so many Atheists acts like fools.

  99. you asked:
    “If God created the universe, what in the world is the point of other planets?”

    Science tells us today it is VERY possible that there is life on MORE than 1 planet. And also, these planets are signs for idiots like you Chris, who are too arrogant to understand that:

    These planets did NOT create themselves.
    We did NOT create these planets.
    They did NOT just evolve from a small created cell, like you Atheists believe in the joke of evolution.

    And yes, the Sun just happened to create by itself and evolve JUST in the correct place, where it does not burn us all. The Big Bang just happened by itself, for no reason and out of NOTHING, just by accident.

    The chances that ONE Protein Molecule coming to existence by chance, was calculated by Frank Alien . And he said… ‘the chances are 1/10 raised to 160’. That is 1, with 160 zeros after that, which mathematically = 0. How many Protein Molecules are there in the universe? TRILLIONS.

    So according to Atheists, it was our lucky day. We won the lottery of chance. Yes. IF I was that brain dead and ignorant, I would become an Atheist, just like you crazy and deluded Atheists are.

    Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind – Einstein.

  100. I find this post quite offensive, it is clearly aimed at Christianity and blatantly mocks it.
    Prayer is not a way to get something with as little effort possible, it’s the method we use to communicate with our God. I pray every day to ask God to forgive me of my sins, and to help me and other people I know and love.
    Explain this one to me:
    I was born with bad eyesight, I had hoped that it would get better and it never did, it got worse every year, I had been weaing glasses since I was just a few years old. It had never occurred to me to pray for my eyesight to get better because I was getting by just fine with my glasses until one day when the eye doctor said that because our family has a history of glacoma, I have a very chance of getting it at a young age. That’s when I asked God to heal my eyes. The next morning I woke up and I could not see out of my glasses, I was healed. To make sure it wasn’t me just making things up or thinking my eyesight had gotten better, my mom took me to the eye doctor again and the doctor “couldn’t explain it” but she said my eyesight actually improved, which had never happened. Ever. In the history of my life. I don’t find that a coincidence, I find that a mericle, an act of God Himself.
    I really like you Chris, I like your videos on tech and stuff, but this post has made me seriously consider unsubscribing and removing myself from this community, not because you have a different opinion, but because you didn’t disagree with it in a way that was respectful.
    I hope you see the truth one day Chris, I really do.

    1. You are incredibly ridiculous, all Chris did was explain his feelings about religion and giving a completely logical response.

  101. Oh, boy, where do I start? First off, Chris Pirillo doesn’t understand Christianity at all. It’s obvious no one has ever shared the Good News (Gospel) with him. You don’t follow the Ten Commandments to get to heaven. No one can earn their way to heaven by doing good works. Salvation is by grace through faith, and it is not within anyone’s own power: “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:” (Ephesians 2:8). After hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, you have to “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31). It’s trusting in Jesus to save you, because you can’t save yourself no matter what. You are dead in your sins from birth. However, a person cannot just believe something if they don’t believe it. Faith and all of salvation is a supernatural work of God. In fact, faith itself is a gift from God as stated in Ephesians 2:8.

    Chris also seems to believe that the Bible teaches that God loves everyone. That is not true at all. That is a lie taught in most Arminian churches today in America, and it is not true. It may sound nice to folks if you tell them God loves them, but that may not be true. For example: “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated” (Romans 9:13). It’s obvious to me Chris Pirillo has never even read the most important book in the history of mankind: the Holy Bible. I myself once neglected the Bible until I realized I shouldn’t die until I had read the entire thing from first page to last. I set up a Bible reading plan, and I read the whole thing. I also studied the history of the Christian faith and learned the true doctrines of the faith.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that Chris Pirillo is confused about Christianity, and that’s really sad. I hope someone shares the gospel with him. Oh, and Chris? The reason there is damnation is because we’re all filthy sinners and deserve damnation. Ever lied? Ever committed adultery? Every committed fornication? Ever hated someone without a cause? Well, the Bible calls that sin. Ever got drunk? I know I have. Well, that’s considered a sin, too. And, every sin must be answered for unless Jesus is your savior. You can never be good enough to please God or gain acceptance by a Holy God. “”Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again'” (John 3:7).

    I sure do hope Chris Pirillo reads this message, because there’s only one life to live and then the judgment. Our relationship with God should be the most important thing in our lives, and there’s only one savior and it’s the Lord Jesus Christ. If Jesus didn’t die on that cross, there’s no hope for humanity. You might as well drink, eat and be merry, because no one gets out alive. On the other hand, if Jesus died on that cross–which deep down I believe he did–then there is hope for God’s children. Chris, maybe you’re one of God’s children, and God just hasn’t saved you yet? Peace out.

    p.s. Google these things, Chris: doctrines of grace, TULIP, the gospel, Jesus, salvation. Do some research Chris. At least, look into it. Your eternity means much more than this temporary existence in which we live on earth.

      1. Sorry. I must have stuck my foot in my mouth when I wrote that. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. 🙂

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