How to Be a Happy Person

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America’s Declaration of Independence started by saying that everyone has an unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, yet many Americans have anything but a happy life in spite of how much we have. It doesn’t have to be like that though. Here are some tips on how to live a happier life.

  • Realize that more things only bring temporary satisfaction, and a short period of happiness. Happiness is something that does not come with more, or less possessions. Happiness is something that comes from within. The first step to being a happy person is to stop trying to get material things to make you happy.
  • Make someone else happy. It’s amazing how much you can brighten your own day by brightening someone else. Little gestures can go a long way in bringing satisfaction. If you need a little something to boost your spirit, do a little something for someone else. The holiday season is the perfect time to get in a habit of doing little things for people. When you make others feel important, you will find that you have made yourself more important. It is better to give than to receive.
  • Stay busy doing good things. Studies show that the most depressed people are people who do nothing all day. If you have spare time, fill it up with something good. Volunteer for something. Be active all the time. If you make yourself useful, you will feel more valuable.
  • Listen to positive music. Music always been known as a tool that can effect people’s attitude. If you want to make a crowd excited, you play exciting music. If you want to calm a crowd down, you play soft music. Music has a direct effect on your spirit. It’s not healthy to always be listening to music that is negative.
  • Use uplifting words. Just like music, words can effect your mood in a direct way. Try to stay away from people who gossip, and tear down each other, and don’t be the person who tries to belittle others. When you belittle someone else, you always belittle yourself. This disrupts your spirit. Instead, find something positive to talk about. Keep conversation upbeat as much as possible.
  • Guard your mind. Don’t think about things that aren’t true, pure, lovely, or of a good report. Think about things that are praiseworthy, and virtuous. By guarding your mind, you are guarding you spirit, and by guarding your spirit, you are keeping yourself from becoming an unhappy person. You can always find something good about a situation. Even the most horrible things have had good come out of it.

Being a happy person is not about what you have, or what your position is in society. Being a happy person is all about perspective. Some see the glass as half empty, and others see the glass as half full. Which do you see it as?

4 thoughts on “How to Be a Happy Person”

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  2. Kind of bullshit. I mean, first off, the comment that “most americans aren’t happy” or whatever is just not quantifiable, lacks integrity and is just fluff. A LOT of people I know in the states are happy. Lots. Lots maybe aren’t. The rest of the article is surely simplified, kind of coming from someone just saying shit but not REALLY having a focus on…I don’t know what. Have you been through the fire? Have you molded yourself out of that into a happy person? I hope to GOD your happy, but coming from someone who has molded it themselves, here are some more focused thoughts:

    1. Your core. Get back to the CORE of who you are. What is that? Your mind is a massive computer – just stating that to yourself and letting yourself GRAVITATE to that core is a good start. Don’t force it, just feel it. What is that core? its different for everybody, but if, when you do that, you feel angry, BE ANGRY. Say “*&$&” if you want. Don’t put pre conceived, bogus notions on what “happiness” is – you will feel satisfied getting back to your CORE, the gravitational center of who you have become – and BEING THAT. “im supposed to be nice” – “I’m not supposed to say that” – “I’m supposed to z,y or L to be happy”. BULL BULL BULL. You will feel centered and satisfied just being yourself, whatever that is. You’ll know it. But it often doesn’t come in the form of dancing with flowers and a happy face. Sometimes it comes with a much needed and over denied “F&(#&*#(*#”. Sometimes it doesn’t. Different for everybody.

    2. Start thinking of goals that you like. Not “I need to do x y or z and that is my goal” – Goals that your actually excited about. And they may not be grand. Go to china next year, buy a new TV, get a new home, move from this city to that. THAN…define the exact steps to get that done. The more time you spend your days going towards goals that actually EXCITE you – not ones that make you feel fearful, or things ” you should be doing” – but things you just WANT to do – want to have etc- the more time you spend GOING TOWARDS those things – the better.

    3. Diet, exercise, sleep. Your a machine of sorts. Figure out your rhythm. Its different for everybody. Figure it out. Eating only plants and meditating every day may make you miserable. Warren Buffet is VERY happy and OLD and FULL OF ENERGY eating nothing but burgers and drinking coke and pepsi. Some are happy being vegetarian. Do what feels right but better yet, what feels good to you.

    4. Go towards what FEELS RIGHT (feels ‘happy’, ‘good’, exciting, interesting, etc) – drop things that sap your energy, even if its certain friends, family, etc. BE RUTHLESS in this regard

    5. As best you can, let go of the past. Seriously. Those people that you can’t figure out, try to impress, blah blah blah…drop them. Love them in your hearts, say thank you and move on. Let ’em go. Sometimes its just the realization: “holy crap, I actually DONT NEED those people” and than move on.

    you’d be surprised what you do and go towards when you stop doing things that are supposed to make you happy and you just go towards and do things you feel like doing – based on your gravitational center – your being – which you arrive at by literally snapping your fingers and saying “dude, go towards my center – go towards me” and just letting the internal shift happen. “To be happy, grow flowers, ,listen to music, go on a walk, pet a dog, blah blah blah” is a bunch of horseshit. It wont make you happy no matter how flowery it is until you address your soul and go towards what you want. Pepsis or vegan food, yelling or sitting in silence, music or a dog…it dont matter. if its coming from your internal core, you will feel better, and perhaps good.

    and stop thinking.

  3. I thought you conveyed your point very well. Most PEOPLE aren’t truly happy, whether they are American’s or not. They are pursuing the wrong things which is why they can never be truly happy.

  4. That’s a great article. I’d like to add just one thought:

    Happiness is something you can choose to have. You can also choose to be sure no one takes it away from you.


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