Are You Sending eCards Instead of Traditional Cards?

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I received a cute little eCard from a friend on my iPhone. It was a nice surprise, and one that made me smile. You can send your own ecardlets, which are especially customized for the iPhone. Best of all, it’s completely free! Just head over to ecardlets to send yours today.

ecardlets are 3-D ecards you can send to friends with an iPhone. The ecardlets beta has cards in more than a dozen categories, including holiday designs, thank you cards, and frienship cards. Users may also upload their own images to send as an ecardlet.

You don’t have to register for anything if you don’t wish to. Congratulate someone for finally buying an iPhone. Send your best friend a hug. Heck, you can even wish someone a happy birthday on the go. What a fun and simple way to send someone a happy (or funny!) message.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Sending eCards Instead of Traditional Cards?”

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  2. I’ve been sending only e-card for the last three years. My wife and I send them for every holiday. I have not heard of the site you mentioned in your artical before today but will check it out. I currantly use Yahoo cards I pay $14.00 or something like that per year to access all their cards, which is a lot cheaper than spending 3 to 5 dollars per card at the store plus postage… so the savings are big.

    I have received different replies to our form of card sending from “thanks for sending the e-card and saving a tree”, “thanks for that histarical card I laughed so hard”, to “why are you sending e-cards there so impersonal and aren’t as heart felt”, or ” I didn’t get your until 2 weeks after the holiday, I thought you forgot me, I don’t check my e-mail all every day”…. Although most e-cards are positivly accepted, to those that have issues with it, I tell them I didn’t forget, I pay real money to send them a card, the thought was there because I had to spend time to pick it out and personalize it, and I’ve helping conserve the enviornment by saving a tree. After telling them that they usually understand, but I’m still having to explain it to the older generation (my mother) who thinks I’m just cheap. 🙂

    Thats all I have to say on the issue, Have a Great Holiday Season Everyone.


  3. Nope. eCards are too impersonal — too easy. Like you like the person only enough to essentially type an e-mail to wish them Christmas joy.

    Plus, when you have kids, it’s U.S. federal law that you must send photo cards of your children — punishable by death.

  4. With the holiday season upon us, people will be sending their greetings via paper and electronic greeting cards. While paper cards will consist majority of this tradition, ecards have their places. A carefully selected quality ecard with personal message can almost replace a paper card. Sending ecards are much more environment friendly. It is also economical, particularly during our current financial downturn.

  5. Thanks Chris!

    I am the co-founder of ecardlets…and I agree that ecards historically feel really impersonal, and sometimes outright annoying.

    Obviously I’m biased, but ecardlets really are different – the tactile properties combined with beautiful photography and the personal nature of a phone evokes much more of the traditional card experience. Try it for yourself and see….

    Happy Holidays,
    -Eric Silverberg

  6. I love the idea of saving paper when sending ecards instead of traditional ones! And I’ve discovered a company that sends cards on the mobile phone (even if to ppl like me! who don’t have an iphone..yet!)

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