What is PSP Homebrew?

Geek!This is Casey Chevalier’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

Do you know what homebrew is? If you don’t, this is a must read. To use these applications on a PSP, you will need Custom Firmware(Cfw). Cfw is only available on the PSP 1000s and 2000s without the TA83v3 motherboard. Homebrew is where the firmware is “hacked” to run applications that people make – and unfortunately, it will void your warranty. After you go to Cfw, you will never go back to official firmware.

With Cfw, you can do so many things that you would never of thought of doing on your PSP. You can even write programs for your PSP! There are literally thousands of applications, and more coming out each day (for PSPs with Cfw). The applications range from emulators, to programs that enable you to watch YouTube and other video web sites. The possibilities are limitless for you when you have a homebrew-enabled PSP.

Some of the best homebrew applications include:

  1. Cxmb – this allows you to put custom themes on your PSP. This is great because you don’t have to mess with the flash 0, so there is no risk of bricking your PSP. You can find custom themes at many sites – just search Google. You can also create your own custom themes with Ctf manager available at: http://dl.qj.net/CTF-Manager-v5.00-PSP-HomebrewApplications/pg/12/fid/24760/catid/151. This is really cool if you want a unique look for your PSP. Note: you have to download this for the specific firmware you have. That is why I am not providing a link for Cxmb.

  2. The next application is Ultimate PSP Tube. This allows you to watch videos from YouTube and many other video web sites. When you use this, it connects to your wireless network, so that you can watch videos from wereever you are. The current PSP browser doesn’t allow you to watch videos via your PSP. You can get this application from: http://dl.qj.net/Ultimate-PSPTube-v1.2-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/24992/catid/151. This is a must-have application if you have Cfw – it might even tempt you to switch to Cfw.

  3. RemoteJoyLite allows you to stream what is happening on your PSP directly to your PC or Mac via USB. This is great if you don’t have a PSP 2000 and the appropriate cables to connect it to your television. Also, it is perfect for when you want to make videos of you playing your games. I would really recommended this if you are tired of playing your games on a small screen. RemoteJoyLite can be downloaded at:http://dl.qj.net/RemoteJoyLite-0.19PSPHomebrewApplications/pg/12/fid/25081/catid/151 and the source code can be downloaded at: http://dl.qj.net/RemoteJoyLite-0.19-(source)-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/25082/catid/151 – yes!

  4. iR Shell is one of the best programs for the PSP with Cfw It has so many features. You can program it to be your remote if you have a PSP 1000. The PSP 2000, unfortunately, doesn’t have infrared capabilities. To program your remote to your PSP, all you do is point the remote at the PSP’s eye and it learns it. The utility also has an alarm clock that you can set to play one of your songs. It allows you to listen to music when you are playing a game, use your computer as somewhat of a memory stick via WiFi, and many other features. You can find iR Shell at: http://dl.qj.net/iR-Shell-v4.8-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/24861/catid/151

  5. Finally, in my list of must-have applications is Portable VNC Viewer. As you might have gathered, this application allows you to control your computer remotely – but there is more. You can see your computer’s screen on your PSP’s screen. This works via WiFi. It is a MUST HAVE. You can find it at :http://dl.qj.net/Portable-VNC-1.2.8-CFW-3.x-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/16758/catid/151 – and the source code is here: http://dl.qj.net/Portable-VNC-v1.2.8-source-PSP-Homebrew-Applications/pg/12/fid/16759/catid/151

Cfw will open seemingly-limitless possibilities with your PSP. The list of things that you can do with your PSP just keeps getting longer by the day. If you are a geek and haven’t tried Cfw yet, you really should.

81 thoughts on “What is PSP Homebrew?”

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  3. My father just modified the battery pack to get homebrews working on my brother’s PSP. Result: you just have to change the battery to come back to the original kernel. Useful, isn’t it? Well this article is good, but not so right. We’ve got iRShell working on the PSP for a long time now and it works like a charm with the modified battery back. Don’t know why we couldn’t get back to the original kernel.

    By the way, VNC on PSP is very slow. Almost useless.

  4. “After you go to Cfw, you will never go back to official firmware“

    fortunately this statement is false, CFW can be reversed by using homebrew apps like time machine or by simply updating using the official psp update. For example lets say some buttons dont work on your psp, update it to official firmware and no one will ever know your warranty was voided because there is no proof of custom firmware ever being installed on your psp 🙂

  5. I think it’s very intriguing how you can make different themes for your PSP. The themes that come with your PSP are ok, but these ones are AWESOME!!! I love mine!♥

  6. I didn’t mean that you couldn’t go back to official firmware, rather you would not wan to. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the info in the PSP tube, I was using an outdated one and it wasn’t working. Also the PSP tube you listed has more sites than the one I was using

  8. Very informative. I knew about Homebrew before and I’d seen a few things that it could do, but some of these things are new news to me. Homebrew can do a LOT! If only my PSP was still working… :'(

  9. I enjoy reading items written by young people who still get excited about learning to hack their own hardware and not be out writing viruses. This was very well written and it seems that only those with closed minds are finding fault. It looks like a few people didn’t understand, “After you go to CFW, you will never go back to official firmware.” You have to understand a comment like, “Once you’ve driven a Maserati you’ll never go back to an Oldsmobile!” It’s an opinion folks! I can drive either. This comment is being written on a 500MHz P3 machine running Windows 98SE and I haven’t out-typed it yet. When I “Feel the need for speed” I have one for that too.
    Casey, keep feeling the excitement of learning and ignore those who nit-pick. It was around 1975 that a couple of guys said that they were going to build their own computer. I said, “Heck, you can go to the store and buy one easier. My mind was closed to what they wanted to do. I couldn’t think big enough to envision that they wouldn’t just build a computer, but a computer company.

  10. Thanks for the info on the requirements for cfw to work… I felt kinda dumb when I couldn’t get cfw on my little brothers PSP.. I didn’t know that it wouldn’t work on the TA83v3 MoBo, probably should have done more research

  11. Hey, Casey
    Thanks for putting cfw on my brothers PSP . I use it more now because of all the applications you introduced him to. I like an application, that you didn’t list, That lets you listen to music when you are playing games that isn’t iR Shell.. But you could have been more clear on some parts of the article, like the “After you go to Cfw, you will never go back to official firmware” That I have seen other people comment on and I think you should have listed more Homebrew applications.

  12. Like my brother said thanks for putting the cfw on my PSP. I like to use the emulators, a lot. I was using the universal remote program, that wasn’t ir shell because I didn’t know about it. I learned that programs were called Homebrew

  13. Thanks for the list of apps you should have put them on my PSP before I gave it to my sister… I probably would have kept my PSP if you told me about this sooner. Too bad you didn’t wright how to make programs for the PSP, It would have been interesting.

  14. The article was interesting, I didn’t know a PSP could do so much. You should make a PSP program for the PSP your making for TSA. You would probably win if you did that.

  15. The article was very informative, event thought it could have used more detail in some parts of it. The PSP is a facinating device that is very fun to use. Good Luck

  16. I think I will try cfw now. The article was semi-informative lacked info for beginners. I was glad to hear that you could go back to Official Firmware if you switch, because I was a little leery that you couldn’t before reading the comments

  17. I love my PSP with homebrew, it is awesome! I would never go back to ofw! There are so many programs its unbelievable, I like to use PSPFiller, I think you should have put it on your list and some links to themes would have been helpful, especially for 5.0m33

  18. Yeh, I agree with the article to the most part, you should have mentioned something about the Pandora Battery, and Magic Memory Stick. If it was me personally I would have made it a little more noob friendly, you probably would get more comments. I recommend going to cfw if you haven’t already, you can find some guides on the net just search google 🙂

  19. The qj.net web site has a lot of info, it had good tutorials in the forms that even a beginner like me could understand. Some of the stuff was also way way way over my head, it confused me bad lol…Kinda makes me want to know more!

  20. Personally I would never go to cfw, it would probablly comfuse me, but it sounded cool. The things the PSP could do were amazing, because if what you said is correct that new applications come out every day, so that would be surprising that there is new stuff every day. You should keep up in the tech world, it is the future.

  21. I have a PSP, with custom firmware, I used it a lot until i got my PS3. You may hear it a lot, but you kinda stop using your PSP after you get a PS3… I really only the PSP now for music and a couple apps like PSP Tube or play a few selective homebew games to pass the time…

  22. I would like to know more about PSP’s after reading this article. Most of it was over my head, but was still interesting. I would now be interested in getting a PSP.

  23. Hey, thanks for the auricle and all the info. I am kinda a noob at homebrew (have a psp without it). If i was more confident I would go out and get a new battery to make a Pandora, but I might just break the battery….

  24. I would like to have a PSP in general, but they are just too expensive. This article makes it more viable for me to fork out $200 for 1 because I had no idea that there was so much stuff to do with it, and i look up the Pandora battery on ebay and they were fairly cheep so I might try to get a PSP soon.

  25. Thanks for the interesting info. I enjoyed it and made me wonder what the PSP was really capable of.. I mean if so many people are working on programs for the PSP it must be a really big thing. Like you said “Cfw will open seemingly-limitless possibilities”

  26. Cfw is just great I have had it for around a year now and I dont think I could go back to ofw…. I like all the programs and games that you can get for homebrew, when ever I get board i just go and find another homebrew game/app for my PSP.

  27. As a relative newcomer to the PSP world I appreciated your comments on using the Remote.JoyLite connection to stream the PSP screen to my PC. I’m still more comfortable working with a big screen. A good read – thanks!

  28. This article was well written. I like how you combined to of the things that you could write about, the info about cfw and the list of applications. I think because you combined them that you ended up lacking some information, but your idea was good. Overall well written.

  29. Like some people have said, you should have had more info for beginners. I understood the main points but there is defiantly room for improvement. You should try to put more information into what you wright, and you probably rushed when you were writing it.

  30. The PSP is a fascinating device when it is compared to there competitors, hardware wise. The PSP is far superior in those respects so it dose not surprise me that it was made to do this.

  31. Casey, you should make this more beginner friendly, for people that arnt too into the psp or computer world. I think it was well written for the people that could understand it.

  32. The PSP is my favorite of all the hand held systems, fo may reason besides cfw. It has some of the funnest games, I thas great graphics, and it can do mutimedia, and last(not really but in my short list) it can get on the internet.

  33. All the technology is overwhelming, I cant believe that just like 25 years ago the psp would have been a supercomputer with official firmware, but it would have been even higher up above super computer because you can overclock with cfw.

  34. I dont play hand held systems, but i do play consoles. I know that Ubuntu and many other things that can be done on the PS3 that other consoles cant do. Knowing that i suspected that the psp could do more that the “average” console.

  35. I am a fan of nintendo, so I am biased towards them, I like their games. I have minimal experience with playstation but i was surprised that the psp could do what was listed.

  36. I don’t have any idea what this is(over my head). I am not very tech inclined still in dial-up. But I think this was well written and looked good.

  37. I use a psp on a daily basis, mostly just for music and checking e-mails. I wold probably find a use for cfw, but i really don’t need it now until I find something I would use on a daily basis.

  38. PSP is great as a multi device, somewhat like ipod touch or iphone, I think that one of the i”devices” will eventually take over the PSP for the stuff cfw dose and start to emerge in the gaming world.

  39. Jeeze, i cant believe that such a small thing can do so much, for me its just flat out hard to believe. I mean its neat that things can do this besides a computer, I guess the PSP is one of the smallest powerful computers.

  40. I play a lot of video games, and personally I like the PSP on the go, for a few reasons. I do have cfw, so i use apps like PSPtube, and RemoteJoy, among other numerous apps. The PSP has a bright screen and a wide selection of games / movies.

  41. I was a big fan of the wii but when i found out about cfw on the psp i gave up on the wii and played my PSP for hours on end.

  42. I appreciate so much the dedication that Casey has shown in developing his presentation. He has covered “his bases” and given many good springboards which will lead to future success.

  43. Thanks for the cool apps, I was using universal remote until now. I use iR Shell now because of all its capabilities. Also,the psp tube was useful because all of its scripts are working.

  44. I like Portable VNC, If you get the newest version it works good, you just cant watch videos 🙁 But it is fun to play with and take over my moms computer. HAHAHA 😛

  45. The article kept my attention well, and I learned about the psp. Who would have guess that a psp could do so much.

  46. Unlike what Zach said, even when I got my PS3, I still used my psp a lot. I use Remote play quite a bit, especially when I am playing multi-player games with friends.

  47. I am a school teacher. I heard about this contest, so I thought it would be an interesting assignment for my students to read these articles and comment on one or more.
    This one caught my eye, because my daughter has a PSP. This will give her more to learn about.
    P.S. Don’t let life slip you by. There is a time for the computer/gaming world, but look around you, too. Good luck.

  48. I was uncertain about this homebew, loosing my warranty, but my warranty is almost expired, so what the heck. Sounds like a lot of people with a psp do this and I am getting board with the original stuff. Maybe I’ll have more uses for my psp with homebrew. Thanks.

  49. There are many things that go over my head, in the tech world. This is one of them, I guess I’m more of an out-door person. But it was interesting to learn something new.

  50. Emulators are pretty good on the PSP. Some don’t run at full speed, like the N64 emulator. They are working on making a lot of the emulators that don’t run at full speed better.

  51. I have a psp but recently bought a PS3, which is great. I wish that I would have done research into homebrew sooner. Guess it isn’t too late to put cfw on my psp once the “newness” of my PS3 wears off.

  52. I am somewhat of a casual gamer. I like to see what the systems can do besides what they are meant for, kind of like you(I think). It will surprise most people if you tell them what you can do on a simple gaming unit.

  53. You should have mention in the article that there are a lot of homebrew games, Few of which are good. There are still quite a few of them that are Great.

  54. NINTENDO ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to give Mario credit, it is one of the best games out there. And the DS had 2 screens and one of them is a touch screen!, It is fun to play no mater what anyone says. It also looks cool.

  55. Lol! I saw a vid were a guy took over his schools tv with PSP, Not sure if he was using ir shell. It was great, I want to figure this out now. Thanks you made me hooded now.

  56. I have friends with PSP’s I’ll pass this along to them and maybe they will try to get cfw on theirs. I hope that it will work. Thanks for the article.

  57. A am a avid gamer and I have about every system out there except for a few older ones. Ill have to give the best hand held to the original game boy, because it was st revolutionary, but the most powerful would be the PSP.

  58. If any one can tell me where can you find a program to make a magic memory stick for vista that would be appreciated. The article its self was good but info on how to get cfw would have been nice. Thank you though.

  59. I have been doing a little research on the PSP and some people are saying that official firmware is better, I don’t see how. I am determined to find out why, I’ll post again if i find out any thing.

  60. It was cool using my psp to play with my computer. I could load flash games and even some other games that I didn’t think would work like Guild Wars(Was glitchy though)

  61. I found a program that allows you to make a Pandora without Hard-Modding the battery. If you are thing about Hard-Modding you should do some research first(not sure if it is real, granted I am not a programmer)

  62. When I try to listen to my music I keep getting the PSP saying that the folder does not contain music when i try to select it. I don’t have the same problem with ir Shell, so if any one else is having the same problem they might try it.

  63. This was well written and was informative for the more advanced users. My favorite part was the explain of what Cfw is, it could have been more elaborated, but it was still good contrary to what some said.

  64. I like the classic games that came out for the NES and other systems, so when you said that there were emulators for the PSP I was very excited. It like carrying a vintage system in your pocket!

  65. I have heard that some people have modded the PSP to host a mini HDD in the UMD drive, But when I checked it out, I found that the PSP cannot do that. I was wondering if It was possible by writing a program or something?

  66. The PSP when over clocked makes the battery life shorter(obviously), but I found that it also decreases the overall live of the battery. I recommend that you only set it to 200-233MHX not 333.

  67. The computer had evolved over the years. I remember when the commodore 64 was on top. It is so surprising that things can do so much more. I haven’t really done much with the computer since back then, but it is impressive what the PSP can do. My grandsons have been playing with these for quite a while. It just amazes me how they can spend so much time playing games.

  68. You have quite a bit of info, but as said in earlier comments, you have implied a lot. If you want to be a good writer, you should try to make everything understandable for every one so they arnt left confused.

  69. I have found a few games that I liked after browsing the website you gave. They website had breathe new life into my psp and the fun I have with it. Thanks 🙂

  70. Just a little note: If you sent in a bricked psp to Sony trying to ge it fixed they will charge you $90 because you put custom firmware on it. Thought you might want to know that 🙂

  71. The gaming is superior on the PSP compared to other hand- helds. The graphics are great for a hand-held. I like the large collection of games and feature length movies.

  72. When I first heard about this, I was intrigued, but i ended up with the conclusion that it was illegal. This made me start to wonder is my assumption was wrong, so i did a bit more research and came came to a totally different conclusion more powerful than the last, like you said its legal as long as you don’t pirate!

  73. “the possibility are limitless” I know that you meant it as a phrase but I’m going to use it in a different way. I find that the majority of homebrew games/apps are kinda pointless. But that is my opinion, some people might use what I consider useless everyday.

  74. I am on dial-up and wanted to try Ubuntu but the download was taking so long, and I found a use full Bit-torrent app for the psp on qj.net Thanks for the head up on the site.

  75. I have a xbox 360 arcade, and I can use the psp as a music device on it, That surprised me because there rivals. So I like them both because they arnt putting up blocks because of brands

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