Top Five Tips on Relieving Homework Stress

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Throughout my educational career I have witnessed many people fail classes simply because they do not do their homework. Sadly it happens all the time. This just sickens me because there are many simple ways to prevent this failure.

Are you someone who struggles with homework and needs a few helpful tips? If so, I believe you have come to the right place. Here are my top five tips on relieving homework stress:

  1. Get organized! I would have to say this is by far the most important tip on getting homework completed, or anything else for that matter. Organization allows you to focus, relax and get more things done. If you have an unorganized working area, room or even lifestyle, it can be nearly impossible to do any type of task. I would recommend carrying some sort of planner every day. That way you will be able to keep track of your assignments and try not to fall behind on anything.
  2. Make daily schedules. Making schedules is also a big part of relieving homework stress. A schedule will keep you organized and consistent on completing any type of task needed to be done. I would recommend making a schedule either every night or every morning, that way you have a clear picture of the events that are going to take place on that day. This will not only keep you on your toes, but it will make your day run much more smoothly. Also, make sure you get plenty of rest at night. Getting a lot of rest will dramatically affect how you feel the next day. This may take some getting used to at first, but over time you will see the benefits of having a schedule.
  3. Pay attention. In school, I have gotten homework for many reasons. Usually it was to review what the Instructor taught us in class. If you pay close attention while the Instructor is teaching, you will be able to complete your homework with absolute ease. If you have a hard time remembering things like I do, I would advise you to take some notes. I have heard some positive things about the Pulse Smartpen by Livescribe. Who knows, maybe that is something you might be interested in, to help you exceed in school.
  4. Study. I am sure you have been advised by your parents and teachers to study – many times – and never did. But, if you stop and think about it, you should! If you study for just a short time every day, you would be surprised by how much more things you remember from that particular subject. Then the homework, tests and pop quizzes become a lot easier because you will remember the studied topic.
  5. Be responsible. Yeah, I know I am not your mom, but when it comes to relieving homework stress you should always be responsible. By being responsible, I mean that if you miss a day of school, you should always get the assignments completed that you missed. Just because you are sick for a day or two does not mean that you can just not do the work that was given. Usually if it’s something really serious teachers will negotiate the due date to give you more time to complete the assignment.

How do you handle your homework stress? Please leave some comments, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Top Five Tips on Relieving Homework Stress”

  1. Blake, that’s some great advice.

    I went to college twice because I failed miserably the first time. I wallowed in self-pity for a few years, and went to a new college.

    By that time I’d grown a bit, and did many of the things you recommend.

    In addition, I never procrastinated on anything at school.

    If the instructor gave me a project that was due in a week, I started it that night. Quite often I was the first one finished.

    My high school teachers did an excellent job, and I followed their example later.

    In some cases, my previous academic or Real Life experience enabled me to get “A’s or B’s” without even opening a text book.

    If you’re in school, remember this is for your benefit, in the present and future. Take it seriously.

    Be good to yourself.

  2. i care a lot about my education and did everything you said before. I am 17 years old and take highschool and college courses but i have other responsibilities as well and i am way over my head. I hardly sleep or even eat. i need a reality check. Any ideas?

  3. All homework is annoying sometimes when they give you welsh homework which doesnt effect your life like music..!
    And religous studies.
    We get projects for 12 weeks in religous stuidies it is pointless….
    I understand why to do maths and english but geography and history…..
    Oh did i forget Physical Education….
    We can join some clubs outside of school….
    We grow thinner…
    The teachers say ”we try and get rid ob obeisity…..
    But they teach phisical education in yr 7,8,9
    Which is pointless but thats besides the point…..
    Teachers should know that we get 6 homeworks a day in yr 8….
    Why won they give us a break…
    and on half term we get 3 PROJECTS in music, geog and r.s
    Homework shouldnt tire us out….
    Plus im very organized

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