Top 5 Reasons to Switch to OS X

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The topic of OS X vs. Windows has been in a long and drawn out heated debate for well over 4 years now with the introduction of Windows XP and Mac OS X. Windows users will tell you that your current software will not work on OS X and that you will be stuck with a mediocre OS doing mediocre tasks. Mac users on the other hand will tell you that you are missing out on a much more powerful user experience. Today, we will discuss the top 5 reasons (I think) you should switch to Mac OS X.

Reason 1: Beauty

This sounds weird when talking about an operating system… but when you are talking about OS X… this is true. Mac OS X, unlike Windows, takes the user’s experience into account. When you click a radio button, the OS responds to your click in an appropriate way. When you open an application, the dock will bounce the application’s icon to alert you that the application is “doing something”. Not only does the dock do this, but also other applications throughout the OS responds in similar ways.

Reason 2: Management

In Windows, when you need to manage a specific part of the OS, you have to search around to find the one dialog box to allow you to manage that part. In OS X, there is none of that. You open up System Preferences, and boom (as Steve Jobs would say), there every thing is! If you need to change a network preference, instead of having to search around the Control Panel, then to the Network Setup Wizard in Windows, you just click Network and everything is there. Also, if, by any chance, your computer does crash… don’t panic. With Time Machine and an External Hard Drive… there is no need to worry. Just pop in the OS X installation CD, choose restore, and that’s it. Wait for the system to restart and everything is back to the way it was. Did I mention that OS X does all this with out outside action? That means, in laymen’s terms, that OS X does that all for you. As soon as you plug in a External Hard Drive, OS X sees it and automatically starts backing up your entire system. It’s really great!

Reason 3: Multimedia

As you have previously read, OS X was designed with power in mind. However, OS X was also designed to be the hub of your digital life. Now, what is a digital life? A digital life is basically this: your music, your photos and your movies. That’s it! That’s a digital life. I know for a fact that just about all of you that read this have your digital photos and music somewhere on your computer. With Mac OS X’s built in applications such as iPhoto and iMovie, making a DVD for grandma or grandpa for Christmas could not be easier. On Windows, when you plug in a digital camera, you more than likely get that annoying dialog that asks you “Hey! What do you want to do!?” Then, you have to choose an option, choose where you want to put the photos, what you want to name them, then after all that… import. With OS X, there is none of that. You simply plug in a digital camera, iPhoto automatically opens, and imports your photos into a new set. Its that easy. Once you have the photos into iPhoto, and you want to make a slideshow DVD as a Christmas gift. just click the DVD button. OS X does all the rest for you. Enter a title, choose some background music, and press burn. That’s it. There is nothing else to do but to see the joy on grandma or grandpa’s face when they open up a gift that you made.

Reason 4: Making the Switch Can’t be Easier

Making the switch from a Windows PC to a Mac couldn’t be simpler. If you have a network, (and who doesn’t these days?) just connect the Mac, give it a name, and watch it show up in your network connections. Once its there, just drag and drop your files into the appropriate folder and watch them show up on your Mac. Another way to switch… your iPod. Most geeks have an iPod. If you have one with a large amount of storage, just enable disk mode, open up My Computer on the PC, then just drag and drop your files. Once they are on the iPod, just hook it up to the Mac, open the disk from the desktop, then simply drag and drop the files into the right folder on the Mac. Yet another way to switch is to use an External Hard Drive. Just hook up the drive and drag and drop like I mentioned above. Switching couldn’t be simpler.

Reason 5: Social Benefits

For whatever reason, a Mac seems to have a social benefit that follows them wherever they go. I have a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air. Anytime I go to Starbucks or to any of the many small cafés around Louisville, I get asked all the time, “What kind of computer is that?” “Where can I get one of those?” Those are just a few of the questions that I get asked all the time. People want a Mac! Put simply, they are cool. People view them as a cool addition to any person. A Mac can boost your self-esteem and also your view from other people.

Mac OS X is more than just a operating system… it’s a way of life. I know that sounds weird, but as soon as you use a Mac, I promise you, you will never go back!! If you are a Windows user… I want to hear from you! I want you to disagree with me! I want you to tell me why I am wrong. If you hate Apple.. I want you to tell me why! Click the comments button… Let me know! I want to hear from you!

My wife, colleagues, and I will be awarding the computers (if I win) to a charity of our choice. Not only will that charity receive over FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of brand new computer equipment from HP, but I’ll be MATCHING the cost of the computers ($5000) and awarding that to a local charity, also of choice. In order for the charities to receive their awards, we need your help. Please post a comment in the comments section and help us make the day of a local charity.

117 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Switch to OS X”

  1. It’s sad to think that you have to love one OS and hate another. I just don’t understand it.

    I use both OSX and Vista and have no problem doing that. I use a iMac at home for managing iTunes/Movies/TV Shows (linked to 3 Apple TVs) a Macbook Pro for home use and for work I use a Sony Vaio SZ7. I need that a I want native (not virtualized) access to specific software, Outlook, Visual Studio etc.

    It seems there is this attitude that you MUST hate Windows to use OSX. Why?

  2. I’ve been a DOS and Windows user back since 1992. I thought Windows was amazing because all the software, etc, etc.

    I switched to Mac OS X this July and I’ll never ever will return to Microsoft crap NEVER!

    I’d rather go on Linux which is a very beautiful operating system too, but never will return to Windows in any of its hellish versions.

    Apple products make things work, period. Beauty is a plus. Everything simply works, and works fine, too.

  3. You are reinforcing the Mac user as a latté swilling elitist. Starbucks is the McDonald’s of coffee, get a clue, come and visit us in Europe!

    My top five reasons to switch to OS X (I got my first Mac in 2003):

    1. It’s UNIX, dummy. Today it’s even a certified unix. Okay, now I’m sounding elitist. But I used to use a lot of GNU/Linux stuff. Which I can still use on OS X, thanks to POSIX compliance.

    2. User experience. Less is more. Simple. Unambiguous. Get stuff done. Eye candy does not distract, even on a G3 iBook.

    3. Security. I don’t care what you say, OS X is more secure than a typical Windows desktop. Sure, Windows can be made secure but for that you need to invest your time and money. OS X ships with no ports open IIRC. Much less effort required. OS X is great for the layman and the lazy man 🙂

    4. Quicktime/iTunes/Bonjour. Hated by Windows users on Windows, but taken as part of the Mac experience they make my life so much easier than all the piecemeal utilities I would have to invest time in on Windows/Linux.

    5. Working with Windows servers all day there’s nothing I like more than to come home and think different!

  4. I just made the switch to Mac after using Windows my whole life (30 years old). The first week I was freaked out, not sure how to do anything. Now I love it. Every time I learned how to do the same task on the Mac it turned out to be easier and more “smooth” for lack of a better word. I still use windows when I use my wife’s laptop and it drives me nuts when I need to find a file and I must go through 5 or 6 folders. The Mac has made me more productive, because I don’t have to manually configure everything, it just works. Love it.

  5. Ohhh, delicious Apple. I recently got a Mac Pro (the first Mac I’ve had in a long time) and it’s already saving me a lot of time + trouble. Parallels and Boot Camp have greatly eased the transition, and now I have to figure out how to recreate some of my macros. I <3 a lot of the personal productivity and organizational tools on Mac, they’re so elegant and streamlined… in other words, I can capture my ideas more effectively!

    I have to wonder: if KY Wildcat wins this HP system, will he try to Hackintosh it? 😉

  6. When I used a mac it made me feel stupid. It’s like they took the ease of use too far, so I can’t do anything without it getting on my way. It’s like the damn thing has a life of its own. If I click something it will assume I want to do something completely different to what I want, so I get frustrated and end up having to work a lot more to get my stuff done.

    The typical example is the zip files. I use zip files a lot and most of the time (nearly 90%of the time) I just need a single file inside that zip, but the mac will automatically extract the whole thing, so I then have to look for my file, do whatever I want to do with it, and then remove the rest of the stuff that it unzipped.

    It gets even worse when I’m using a thumb drive, because sometimes there’s not enough space for the complete unzip, so the damn thing cancels and then I’m forced to copy the file somewhere else, unzip it, look for my file, then delete the rest, then delete the copied zipfile.

    And don’t get me started with the dock. Those damn icons like to switch places so much that I spend half of my time trying to find them because the more apps you run the larger the dock gets, moving the icons around.

  7. Reply to Jason –> I don’t think this article was saying “you had to love one and hate the other”. It simply lists reasons why people would switch. I like yourself use both, but I can tell you I do detest working with MS systems (that’s coming from a MS certified Systems Engineer) in comparison to Mac for many of the reasons listed.

    My PC/Mac Experience
    DOS/Windows 3.1/3.5/95/4.0/XP/2003/2005 from 1988 – now

    PowerBook 160 (1994 – 1999)
    iMac7,1 (2008)

    Is Mac perfect? No, but it is by far more enjoyable to use. I recommend to all my friends and family to make the switch for a the very least their home system and in a growing set of cases work as well too. With the ability to run MS natively or virtually on Macs, you essentially gain 2 computers in 1. Frankly, I recently removed WinXp from my Mac b/c I found no remaining reasons to boot into MS or viritualize an app. I’ve replaced all my MS apps and in most cases for free. So much for the “not enough applications on Mac” excuse.

    Lastly, when you factor in stability, maintenance, software costs and supportability, Mac is by far my choice for the beginning to intermediate end user. Honestly the only reason I see one “loving” MS over Mac is for high end games, and that gap is shrinking now too.

  8. Well, I’m a poweruser, so I gots to have the best I can get (though my P3 Laptop has been going for 5+years with not a problem and does what I need)

    So I go to Apple’s site, pick the Mac Pro and the default specs! $2800! Ouch!

    So, I go to Newegg. Add to Wishlist…
    Intel Skulltrail MOBO (@$600)
    two Xeon Hapertown 2.8GHz CPUs (@ $716 each)
    ATI HD2600XT (that’s a real low-end card too for an 8 core CPU)
    Vista, 2GB RAM, Hard drive, etc.

    Final price = $2530!

    Not Bad! Guess the “MAC ARE TOO EXPENSIVE” argument is not that warranted! Although, the sub $1000 market for laptops is one that Apple has to touch to really swap the world! Cheapest Macbook on is $999!

    Being a Linux guy, Mac might sway me. Dual-Boot on a Mac?

  9. Top 5 reasons for me:

    1. 3rd party applications. Lots of Windows advocates love to go on about how much more software there is on Windows. The problem is that 99% of it is complete and utter crap and most of the other 0.1% is bad. Sure a Mac app may not do as many things as a PC equivalent, but it will often do what it does to much better and much more enjoyably.

    2. Development environment. Xcode isn’t perfect but it is still a pretty good IDE and there is nothing available on any platform like Interface Builder and Instruments. Add onto this Cocoa and Objective-C and the platform for making native applications is one of the most enjoyable out there. And then if you want to there’s Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, SQLite and much more included with the system.

    3. Design of the hardware (not an OS X reason per se, but you need a Mac to run OS X). Yes they may be more expensive than a tower PC that takes up an entire cupboard, but there is no denying that the design of the hardware on the Mac appeals to a LOT of people. You can quote the price you got your desktop tower for to me as much as you want, it won’t change the fact that my iMac looks a damn sight better and takes up much less space.

    4. The community. The Mac does have a much nicer community to it. Developers are much more friendly and open and willing to help each other out, even if they compete. Users help each other out to solve all sorts of problems.

    5. Simplicity. Some people like all the options Windows gives, or having applications with every setting in the main screen. I don’t. I want something to work and do what makes the most sense to me. I want things that I don’t care about put out of the way, but not so far that I can’t get to them. I don’t care how much something does, but how well it does what it does do. Something that does 5 things really well is much more valuable to me than something that does 20 things badly.

  10. @sergio Mac OSX is very powerful. Learn a little UNIX if you want to see power and flexibility. Windows can’s touch OSX in terms of elegance, power, or flexibility.

    Increasingly, I use the UNIX to develop workflows etc. and my efficiency far exceeds anything that can be done under Windows.

  11. One point about using an iPod as a hard drive to transfer files: Apple does not allow their flash-based iPods/iPhone to be used in this manner. Don’t know why and it’s a drag.

  12. As a Mac user for the past 19 years (at home) and a sufferer of Windows at work for many years, there’s no comparison between the two. We’ve never had a virus nor any other sort of malware on our Macs. Never. Without running any anti-malware software either.

    At work, the first five minutes or so after boot up of my Dull consists of nothing but malware checks, making the Windohs machine useless during this time. After all the anti-virus cycles, then I have to deal with MS’s cartoonish, clunky OS.

    I wouldn’t use Windohs at home if you paid me!

  13. Personally, I choose Windows because I’m familiar with it. I hear people talk all the time about how great Macs are (Is it me they’re trying to convince or themselves?) If you have a computer that works for you (Be it PC or Mac) that’s great. Do PC’s have problems? of course!. As do Macs. The difference is I didn’t have to take out a second mortgage on my house to get a PC. Just my personal opinion 🙂

  14. First, I really respect all Mac and Win users and their reasons to use Man or Win. I don’t want to debate. I just want to explain why I don’t like Macs…

    Since WinXP, I’ve never had any problems with any of the computers I use either at work or home. Today I run XP and Vista and love them both. The most problems I’ve had in all 2008 is one blue screen (I provoked it) and 2 or 3 IE freezes at bad designed, bug filled websites.

    I’m a tech-savvy. I love to configure my computers to run the way I want them to run. This is easily done with any Win OS. The Mac makes decisions for me and I hate that. It’s like driving an automatic transmission car vs. a manual transmission car. Most people prefer the comfort of an automatic transmission, but I hate it. When driving my car, I want to be the one who decides when to change gears…

    Someone here was not happy with the antivirus taking time to run and all that. The problem, I think, is the brand you are using… Heck, if it wasn’t because I installed it, I would of never known I had an antivirus/antispyware running on my PC’s. I use NOD32 and WinDefender, both configured to work silently in the background. Believe it or not, not a SINGLE virus in any of my computers and can’t even tell if they use any resources…

    I owe a hosting business and about 5% of my customers use Macs. It’s funny how about 30% of the support calls we receive is regarding Mac users, many not being able to configure their POP email administrators (whichever they chose to use in their Macs). Most Win support calls are regarding other more specific configurations of programs that are not available for Macs, otherwise that 30% I mentioned above would increase significantly.

    I guess that what I want to say is that, in my eyes, Mac is perfect for the professional designer and those that just want an easy to use computer that does most of the thinking for them with a very limited amount of programs. I also think these people just don’t like to have a lot of programs that do very specific tasks and prefer one or two programs to do it all.

    In the other hand, Win is for those that are a bit more tech-savvy that love testing programs of all kinds, that love power (and probably be able to unlimited increases in power), games and that know how to configure Windows to do what they want. Also, be able to find a program anywhere on the net to do a very specific task just the way we want to and not in an average or default way.

    If my kids don’t grow to be tech-savvy like me, I will probably get them Macs to make their lives easier.

    Well, here are my 2 cents. Remember, I’m NOT against Macs, they are simply not made for me.

  15. Thanks for the great article. I agree with you.

    I switched around a year and a half ago. The experience has been totally positive.

    I still keep a couple PCs around, for various reasons.

    But the iMac gets most of my attention.

  16. So far, I am agreeing with what everyone else is saying. I think it’s a complete matter of choice. I have an iPhone.., it’s basically mobile osx. When I’m at work, I use windows. When I’m home, I use osx. And I think that is what we are seeing more of these days. People are using more and different os’s to do work and play. Am I on the right track? I really think I am.

  17. So far, I haven’t seen one really good reason why one os is better than another. They all do practically the same exact thing… Seriously. How hard can it be to check an email on windows or get to eBay on os x. It’s not. I don’t know why this is such a heated debate. People are going to believe what ever they want to believe. That’s the American way anymore. It really is. If one person can give me one extremely good reason, just one, why one os is better than another.., then I may give anoter os a try.

  18. I agree with sergio. It doesn’t matter wheter you use osx or windows. Just as long as you are happy doing your daily tasks and it gets the job done. I also don’t understand why this us such a big deal. It’s been a heated debate fir ever. When will people ever learn?!

  19. The osx os seems to be fit for me. I am in he market for a new computer and since I
    Do photography work… I think a macintosh will be perfect for me to do my work on. Thank you for the great article. Why don’t people talk like this more often and persuade people like the author.

  20. Ok… This is how I see it based on what I have read so far:
    1. People don’t have the evidence to back up their claim of os vs. os.
    2. How do these people expect to persuade a group to come over to an os when they don’t know what they want them selves.
    3. I know way os I use and why I use it.
    The author wanted a good debate. Good grief, I think I am doing that. What do other people have to say about my comment. Bring it on.

  21. Ok… firstf off, I must say that this debate is getting on my last nerve. I’m tired of hearing people complain why Windows is better or why Mac OS X is better. I hate it, Why can’t people just understand that people have differnet needs and differnet views on what makes a computer good for them. If, and when, people can decide why a comuter is good for them and not the next person is when I will actually listen to another geek. Here is the problem with OS X… its too damn expensive. People say that its cheaper per unit than Windows, but there is absoutely no way in hell that that is true. If that were true, we may see more Macs at the same price as some cheaper PC’s. Please, someone tell me that I am wrong. But I really don’t think I am.

  22. I use OS X because its easier for me to manage my massive iTunes library. I hav well over 10,000 songs on my iTunes account and I have figured out that windows just doesn’t do well over OS X when it comes to good media management. I’m wondering why Chris Pirillo chose Mac over Windows. I know he still uses windows, but why would he use OS X over windows? What makes it better? I think that is what KY_Wildcat is trying to tell us, and it seems to be working to some people. I truly hope KY_Wildcat wins. He seems to be a real down to earth person would would help people and not keep the computer to himself/herself. Maybe thats just me though. He seems cool.

  23. Sergio,

    Do a little research.

    Yes, Mac OS X handles Zip files rather ham-handedly. There are several excellent compression utilities (BetterZip or Stuffit Deluxe) that can open zip files and let you drag and drop files to and from them.

    Mac OS X’s supposed “simplicity” you complain about has reason behind it. It’s DESIGNED like that. It’s full-blown UNIX with a Mac GUI. In fact, if you wanted to, you could do almost everything in the command line Terminal application. Apple actually hides MANY features… too many if you ask me… so that new users are NOT daunted and frightened by their Macs.

    I’ve seen experienced Windows users nervous to do some things on their machines for fear of “messing” them up.

    With Mac OS X, and generally, if you’re not intimidated by the interface and features, you do things, are rewarded by success, gradually feel more confident, will explore, try and discover new things. This is encouraged and expected. This is the Macintosh Way.

    If you look at the Mac OS X built-in Help application, which is automatically linked to EVERY application, there are literally hundreds of features and functions to discover.

    There are also many utilities that allow you to “unlock” or activate many of these hidden features. MacPilot, TinkerTool and Onyx come to mind. In early every application, the Finder and System Preferences there are tons of settings hidden away. Poke around and try things. It’s very hard to irreparably “break” anything.

    Above ALL, Mac OS X is NOT Windows.

  24. I appreciate what everyone is saying here. I too am in the market for a new computer and found this page via google. You guys sure have a clear grasp on what you guys want in a computer. I have a question though… I hope someone will get back to me. In terms of security and stability, what should I go with? A mac or a pc? I’m rather knew to the Internet as I am not that young anymore, and I love these sorts of discussions. Thank you, Brenda.

  25. @Sergio: I’d disagree with your comments regarding software. As I’ve said, Macs don’t have as much software but the software they have is of a much higher quality. I find Mac users are more likely to try out 3rd party software than Windows users.

    I would also question your comments on how tech savvy the various groups are. Just because someone is tech savvy doesn’t mean they want badly design user interfaces. The Mac works by making the easy very easy and the hard possible. The GUI makes operations much easier but if you need the power you just fire up a terminal window and have the full power of UNIX at your command. This is why so many developers and moving to the Mac, because they can have the ease of use of the UI and the power of the UNIX under pinnings which is something that neither Windows nor Linux is offering.

    Again, it’s all a situation of quantity vs quality. Microsoft and 3rd party applications on Windows often go for quantity, Apple and 3rd party applications on the Mac go for quality. Microsoft doesn’t push any sort of consistency or benchmark in UI and user experience, so 3rd party developers don’t bother, Apple does and so 3rd party developers like myself have to match and exceed the standard Apple sets.

  26. I think that OS X runs better in my opinion. I find it more stable, more user friendly, and.. well… just better. For those who use Windows, I know you would probably say the same thing, but I guess we all have to agree to disagree.

  27. I agree with you. There is one obstacle, Apple is going to have to get the prices down. Most people won’t spend $1,300 when they can get one for $600. The thing is most “normal” people (not geeks) don’t understand the difference. I am sure if they tried a Mac they would love it. I know everyone who comes to my house is amazed at what I can do so easily. Also when you pull the price card you have to think about this. If you bought a computer with the same specs and added virus protection, office, and other stuff to make it a windows equivalent to the mac then the price is about the same. In the end though there will always be things that Mac is good at and things Windows is good at. Right now it seems to be that Mac is better at more things and has a better UI no doubt.

  28. I don’t use osx but after reading about it on this article… I am thinking that I am going to give it a run and see what I can do. I don’t need a computer and I am confused… Can’t you buy os x and just install it?! Like I said, I’m a newb at this stuff. Thanks.

  29. I use PCs and I don’t have anything against Macs. But, are these really your top 5 reasons to switch? Beauty? Social Benefits? ‘Making the switch can’t be easier’ is not an incentive to switch. That’s just a statement.

    I would switch to a Mac because of its Unix backbone. But, they’re too pricey for me. Plus, I like playing video games.

  30. Will someone please explain to me why people find it necessary to yell at each other just to get a simple point across. I don’t live in America and we here in Ireland just go to the damn pub to get things figures out. It’s not even that big of adeal… It’s a freaking operating system people. Use it like it should be used.

  31. @DigiGeek .. no, you can’t just buy OS X. The only way to get OS X (legally, but that is another story) is to own a Macintosh computer buit by Apple. Since Apple is the owner and designer of the OS X operating system, they can say who gets the rights to it and who doesn’t. I think hat is why they don’t allow other computer manufactures to use OS X as an operating system on other computers beside Apple’s. I’m sure there are lega things as well, but I hav a feeling it is about the money.

  32. I like widows because I am a gamer. True that there are some good games out for the mac platform but there needs to be more games for macs before I even think about making the switch. Now… There is an exception. When mac osx starts to run windows applications natively is when I will make he switch. I’d love to know, but it’s too damn expensive.

  33. It never fails… Someone would bring this up. Here is my viewpoint on this… If you use a computer, you are entitled to your own opinion on what OS you want to use. I also think that if you have never tried a OS that others are talking about then you have no room to talk. That’s m opinion.

  34. @digigeek… You can’t buy os x because it is specially designed to work with apple hardware and apple hardware only. If they wanted it to be conpatable with another manufacturer, I am sure they would be happy to allow that because that is just more money coming into apple. Lord knows Steve jobs needs more money. LOL.

  35. I use neither os x or windows. I’m a Linux person. I dont know why, but I think it has something to do with the amount of time I work with linux at work. Linux for me just offers much more management and network control. That’s the way I pick my stuff. The amount of time I work ok my network with linux is vastly different than when I did on a windows computer. I have a rather large network too.

  36. I make a lot of videos that get posted to the web and I use os x because of it’s media managment and the fact that it’s the gold standard when it comes to video production and sound production. Both of which are important to me in different ways.

  37. I am a friend of KY_Wildcat and I think you all are taking his words exactly as he wanted it. I’m at his house right and we just got into this discussion about os x vs. Windows. I personally use both but as we all know, KY uses os x as part of his business. If you use both, KY requests that you tell him why in a comment as soon as possible.

  38. I would like to just cancel everything everyone has said and just go back to windows 3.1 and the original macintosh. That would solve all the problems. I wish we could go back to those days and work with what we knew at the time. I think we owe a lot of thanks to windows and a ton to the macintosh. With out them, we wouldn’t have the computers we have today.

  39. I have this weird idea that if Apple and Microsoft could join together to make a good Apple and Microsoft relationship, they could take the entire industry by storm. I will be really happy when Apple takes the plunge and start running windows apps natively in OS X. That is the day when Apple will finally become a true competetion to Windows. I also believe that will be the day when Apple starts getting into the true gaming industry. I can’t wait for that day!

  40. I understand why people see the good and the bad of Windows and OS X. The Windows guys think that OS X sucks because if its lack of programs (which is incorrect) and also its increased cost (also increased). OS X people think that windows is horrible because it crashes (it does) and it also because it gets spyware and viruses. I’m here right now to tell you that all these reasons are false. ALL COMPUTERS CRASH and ALL COMPUTERS GET VIRUSES! Get over it! If you want a computer that doesn’t crash and doesn’t get viruses, go to Mars. To protect your computer, whether it be a Mac or a PC, you MUST use AntiVirus/AntiSpyware and also maintain good computer etiquette in regards to downloading un-needed things like games and programs. Its those things that can give you viruses and spyware. OS X and Windows are one in the same when you get down to the functionality of it all.

  41. I agree with ComputerNerd1… the day when OS X and Windows runs seamlessly beside each other will be a GREAT day. I can promise you that when that day happens, OS X will get the market share Apple wants, and the loss of customers Microsoft dreads. If Apple wants to take over the market, they will need to understand that all people do not want to use the Apple hardware. They want to use OS X and the features. Apple is expensive.. we all know that. Oh well… get over it. We need to understand that the greatness within OS X can’t be found in Windows EXCEPT, when you are running a “Hackintosh”…. which you should NEVER do!

  42. I am a long time follower and a friend of KY_Wildcat. I went to college with him. I know he knows his stuff. There is one thing though that he didn’t mention. Apple and OS X brings along an extra benefit. It can make you meet women. What KY_Wildcat didn’t mention, he met his now wife at an Apple Store in Indianapolis. Seriously guys… if you need a girl, just hang out in an Apple Store. What else do you need!? I think his wife is going to post a comment next. I am at his house right now visiting his newly born son and we are passing around the MacBook Pro. LOL. KY_Wildcat is a good guy! He deserves this stuff. He is going to match the value price of everything and give it to charity if he wins.

  43. KY_Wildcat’s wife here. He is a good guy, and yes, we did meet in an Apple Store. He is a great guy and if you haven’t heard, we, as in myself and KY will be matching the COST OF THE COMPUTERS… 5 Thousand dollars, and giving the money, AND the computers to charity. We would love to hear from you on this matter.

  44. As much as I would love to switch to OS X, hopefully one day I’ll be able to simply just do it on a PC I choose to do it on, not on a Mac. I’m impressed with OS X and its configurability, but I’m not impressed that I have to get a Mac to try it out. For now, I’ll still be waiting.

  45. I love that we have the choice to use what we want. I personally don’t happen to like OSX (or Vista for that matter), or the hardware interface for Apple’s computers (I need larger keys and proper springs under the buttons), but that people can use them and have a good experience with an Apple is awesome. Me, I like my old Northgate Omnikey keyboard, my old Dell 8400 and even XP Home has been good to me for the few months I’ve been using it.

  46. I LOVE MY MACBOOK PRO!!! I played on my brothers before I bought mine and ever since had wanted one. Finally after actually purchasing one I will NEVER go back to being a PC user!!! Macs just seem to work so flawlessly and everything just works like its suppose to. My sister in law technically speaking has a “faster” computer running Vista and yet every time we are using computers side by side mine is always faster in every way. Can anyone explain that? OS X ROCKS! Did you guys know it does 64bit and 32bit apps side by side, also almost every Mac computer runs 64bit! MAC 4 LIFE!!!

  47. Wow… I can’t believe you guys are going to be doing this!! It’s great.
    As for OS’ I choose mac osx bcause like a lot of people, I grew up with the macintosh platform. I really agree with ky in saying that a mac isn’t just a computer but a way of life. For those who grew up with a specific platform will agree with me in saying that changing from one platform to another is one of the hardest things you will ever do.

  48. This is a bit of a story, but it makes sense at the end. When I was a little kid, about 5 years old, I got my first computer.I immediatly knew how to hook it up, set it up, and even get online. That was about 20 years ago.I’m old.. I know. lol. Every since then, I generally get a new computer every 3 years.. sometime sooner if I really want something. I started out on a Windows PC when I was 5. Today, I am on a Mac. I made the switch almost 10 years ago. I will NEVER look back. I will tell you this though… going from one OS to another was weird, hard, and confusing. But I did notice that the basic functionality of the OS was the same. It did the same, just in a different way. I like OS X.. I also like Windows (NOT VISTA!! XP!) and I think if you would just give another OS a try, you may like it too! Give it a try!

  49. I’m confused… why do people actually want to get people “rowed” up just to have a fight about a freaking computer?! It really makes no sense to me as it seems not to make sense to a lot of people. The only reason I am leaving a comment on this is because it is for charity. I support charity. I do not support people who think one person is better than another or that one computer is better than another or even that one operating system is better than another. That makes me mad. Ok, you wait my opinion, here it is. I use Windows because it was on the laptop I bought. It was cheap, I didn’t need anything special, and I needed something quick. This worked for me and i bet a lot of you guys have done the same.

  50. Why does Chris Pirillo use OS X? Here is my thought on why… I know KY is not affeliated with Chris, but its worth a thought… Chris uses OS X because a lot of people on TV and in the business of e-commerce uses OS X. He does a lot of video work, though not a lot fo editing, but he also does a lot of stuff for other companies. When people do that kind of work, they often use OS X. It’s great. I love OS X… I use it. I agree with everyone. It’s a matter of personal choice and what ever you choose is up to you.

  51. Osx sounds cool. I’ve never used it nor actually experienced it in real life. After reading this article, I’m thinking I should spend a day or so working with a mac at y local apple store. I’m on windows ecause it’s the only thing I can afford at this point. Wishing I could afford a mac, NG

  52. Windows works for me because I am a gamer. Of I were not a gamer, then I probably wouldn’t have stuck with vista. I hate vista with a passion. There was really no reason for me to stick with windows other than to game. Once the mac gets into a state of being a good gaming platfem, then I may make the switch.

  53. OS X seems to be right for me. I use Windows a lot now to do some podcasting, but after reading this, and looking into the software available for OS X, especially Garage Band, I’m seriously thinking about switching. You know, Christmas time is coming quickly and its not to late to have my parents run down to the Apple store in Indy. I would love a Mac for Christmas. Thanks KY for the suggestion. I could be the first one you actually persuaded. =)

  54. I use windows because I work a lot with people who use windows. I often find myself doing tech support and stuff for people who use windows. I have a Macbook, but I’m often on my Boot Camp of Windows more than I am on the actual OS which is OS X. Don’t get me wrong, I love OSX, its just that my work keeps me on one OS.. and not another. I’d rather be on OSX.. it just isn’t convient to me yet. I will likely switch permantly when I get VMWare Fusion soon.

  55. I love to find deals on computer stuff.. as if my name didn’t mention that. LOL. But when it came to finding a new computer, money went aside and I choose OS X because it was what I was used to. I like windows, but after a bad experience with “Vista”, I knew that Microsoft was heading the wrong way while Apple looked strong and looked as if they were heading in the correct direction to continue to gain that ever valuable market share. Everyone wants Market Share.. and Apple knows how to get it! Look at what they did with the music industry.

  56. I can actually see it in this person’s point of view. Honestly, in an Operating System, I look for the values of Entertainment, Productivity, and Ease in use. This person is right, if I were to explain to someone how to “edit a setting”, I have to actually do some “experimenting around” in order to answer someone’s questions. Recently, when I used a Mac and learned its ins and outs of the Mac OS X system, I explained it to my friend in a way that he could understand!

    As for the Entertainment Values, I just wish that as an avid gamer, there would be a bit more compatibility of the games for Windows to be able to be ported to the Mac OS X system. Making the switch from Windows to Mac seems easy to some people. As a gamer like me, I find it somewhat difficult. What I mean is, some MMORPG’s I play, for example, might not be available for Mac. While the solution is BootCamp, do I really want that? It’s just like saying “Keep Windows, spend a little extra.” It’s alright, though, I guess I can get used to it.

    Finally, I look into the costs. I didn’t see anything mentioned here, it sounds a bit as if the economy is going very well for this person, though I cannot verify it for sure. What I can say is that today’s financial crisis matters; people are losing money, can they afford an Apple System with Mac OS X? In order to access this wonderful Operating System, they need to get the machine or the upgrade to it. I can’t imagine spending a thousand dollars for the switch to a Mac. It might sound a bit worth it, but (again mentioning, being an avid gamer,) not having a full library of games that people, not just me, are playing on a PC might not work on a Mac. I think about it many times. It’s something missing.

    Ignoring money and usage, it’s an alright OS. It’s a robust and easy to use system that any user, beginner or pro, can get used to.

  57. Based on reading this article, I can tell that certain people have certain feelings about what they want to believe and what they do not. I’m not going to tell you what OS I use… I will only tell you that it is what works for me. Really, there is no easier way to settle this dispute than to tell people to stop crying about OS’s and choose the computer that fits them best. There shouldn’t be any reason for this. I like the debates, but there could be a beter way.. how about drawing from a hat? LOL. — William

  58. I don’t know wheter to laugh or cry. I am in the small film industry and I see people around me carying around Apple notebooks while I am carying around a Dell. I get laughed at. I don’t know what to say to them. I don’t know why I use Dell over Apple. What makes Apple so damn better than a Dell?! Why do Dell people get laughed at while Apple people get to reck all the glory!? SOMEONE TELL ME! This stuff drives me nuts!

  59. I use os x bexause like a lot of people here, I grew up with it. If it weren’t for my iPhone, I may actually have switched over to windows not too long ago. I love my iPhone and having a version of os x on the go with me is simply great. Thanks for the article!!!

  60. KY is a good friend of mine, so I’m really here to support him and his efforts. I do have this to say however…
    @Caren… I agree with you. OS X seems to be a great OS for film makers. I would highly suggest you get a Apple MacBook or something like that. It’s a great product. I think once you use a Mac for the first time, you may not ever want to even touch an old stinky Dell again. If you want a good desktop, save some money and get an iMac or if you want to go big time, get a Mac Pro. KY has a killer MacPro set up and there is nothing like it anywhere that I have seen. I know he, or I would use anything else than a Mac. Actually, we never touch a windows computer EVER! =)

  61. I have a question.. can you run Windows on a MAc? I have heard that you can, but I’ve never found a good way to do it. I’ve heard of this things called v m ware or something like that but I don’t know what it is or how to set it up at all. I hope you guys can help me . Thanks.

  62. Hi… this is my first time on this site and I ran across this blog entry when searching for things about Windows and OS X. I am wanting to make the swtich. This really cleared up several things. I want to get my iTunes library
    over to Mac when I buy it. I think Mac OS X will handle the media better than anything because it was built to handle this kind of stuff. If there is one thing I wish Apple would do…. I wish Apple would take a bit more incentive to get more gaming over to the Mac intosh platform.

  63. I use windows. I’m a gamer and OS X doesn’t have what I need. Like someone said earlier… if they ever run windows stuff perfectially and right along side of mac applications, then I would deffinatly make my switch. There is nothing more fun than opening a computer for the first time and also taking all the steps to set up a computer for the first time. I love doing that kind of stuff. Great article. Hope you win

  64. I too don’t understand the whole windows on os x thing. Does it run on a mac just like it does on a normal pc? If so, why argue. Just get a copy of windows and install it along with os x. I think that could be the setteling factor. It sounds like a good idea to me. Just in time for chistmas too!:)

  65. Yes.. I really am a geek. lol. I have thoughts though… how are the computer companies taking these hard times with the economy? I know they have to be taking a hit.. everyone is. But, what are they doing to combat the downturn? I know here in Arizona, I have found that some computer companies here, local ones of course, have gone under because no one has the money to buy computers. But, then again, you see Apple building more Apple Stores. Kinda ironic isn’t it? It’s weird. VERY weird.

  66. I’m worried. I’ll come right out and say it… I’m worried. I know its going to be a bit off topic, but after just watching the news, and knowing the current economic state, I’m worried all computer companies will have to begin downsizing. And I think when companies begin downsizing, we will see a LOT less “movement” in the development community. That is what I am scared of. I’m worried that we won’t have a computer or OS company to turn to when we want to pick a new computer. Like I said, this is a little off topic than OS X vs. Windows, but I felt like I had to get that off my back.

  67. I don’t know what is scarier… making the switch or taking the time to figure out how to work a new OS. I don’t think I would have that much trouble because I have heard that the basics f OS X and Windows are more or less the same. Things like Copy/Paste, and stuff like that are the same. If that is the case, then I may be able to handle it. The only thing I probably couldn’t handle is moving stuff from my old Windows 2000 computer (old I know) and I am not sure how it works out with a Mac. If anyone has actually done it, please let me know… I may give OS X a try.

  68. Macs have office in the correct? If so, is there a difference between regular windows office suite abs the suite on os x? I have heard that there can sometimes have a bit of version compatabilities problems… But that is just what I have heard. Is that true? I have a feeling it isn’t. Thanks guys.

  69. @ConsideringAMa(c)… I think you are correct. There is a change in conversion for the formats. However, in the newest forms of Office on windows, it will read it just fine. If you send a file however to someone on an older version of Office, there may be a conversion problem. Any more, Office comes with the updates needed to view those files. I can’t really tell a difference between OS X Office and Windows Office. I have used both, and I think they are basically the same. Or one in the same as some say.

  70. Considering: The office on Macs and the Office on Windows are the same. The documents do the same thing, and they run the exact same way. The only difference is the format they save in. I believe the Mac saves in a .docx file and Windows saves it in a .doc file. I’m pretty sure they will both open each other. I hope that helps. Thanks.

  71. I love my PowerMac. I know its a bit out dated, but where I live, getting a good computer is hard to come by. I’m a researcher for a local university and it seems to me that having a good computer is a must in this ever changing world of computers and digital devices. The main reason I use this mac is because the college gave it to me to use. LOL. I need to ask them for an updated one, but as some have said, with the economy the way it is, the university is struggeling enough. Thanks for the awesome article.

  72. I am a windows user. I use it because I really know nothing else. It’s what I use at home, its what work uses, and its what everyone around me uses. I live in a very small town in texas and I ran across this when I was searching for a video Kat and Chris did on Mac vs. PC a while ago. I couldn’t find it, but I think this is just as good. I just want to ask you why you really chose OS X. Was it because you needed it for a business? Was it because you wanted a different experience? What caused you to take the plunge a long time ago I suppose and stick with OS X.

  73. We live in the united states of America… The greatest land of them all. And since we live in a free country.. We are entitled to our own opinion and our ow. Choices are what makes us great. If one person wants to use osx, that’s there choice. If another person wants to use windows… That’s ok too. That’s what I think peopleneed to understand. We have choices!! Use them!!

  74. I has a strange idea… Why not make a BTO option to just include osx OR windows. I think that could actually lower the overall price because you could get windows at a lower price rather than at msrp. I just think that that could be a cool idea that you never really think of. Mate I’m just crazy.

  75. I have a question. If I were to get a mac, how hard would it be to actually put windows on it? Is it really as simple as putting a disk in and restarting the computer? If it is, I may look into something like that. BTW: the iPhone 3G is awesome. If osx is as good as it is on the iphone, then I am heading to the apple store right now. LOL.

  76. I just had a point brought to my attention from a close friend… People have said that Apple is loosing people and that there is no way they can even compete with Microsoft. I think that is ridiculous first off. Secondly, what computer had been voted BEST computer to run Windows… the iMac. Also, in recent publications within the past 3-4 years, I have seen much much more of an Apple presence in the PC magazines such as, well.. PC magazine, and PC World. I just think its funny that people have been talking down to OS X when they can’t even back up their claims that it isn’t going anywhere. Apparently it is!

  77. I know it would be hard to do, but I recently heard that 50% of the Mac’s Apple sold are to first time Mac owners. I want to know how many people that is. I mean, especially during the holidays, you would think it could be in the millions of “switchers”. I think a lot of it is thanks to Vista and its utter demise and also the nifty Get a Mac ads. I love those ads!! They are awesome! lol. But I also am thinking about why people take a chance on an OS when they know that they will like it. Maybe we need a trial OS X. LOL! That would be AWESOME! : )

  78. Be nice people… But since we are discussing it, I’ll tell you that I use osx because I am a graphic designer and all by designing software runs in osx only. I guess that us why a lot of designers use osx rather than windows.

  79. I love my mac. I uae it more than I do my windows system. I think it’s ease of function and the overall GUI appeal draws me to it every time I turn on the system. I hope the macintosh platform continues to grow. If it does, the price may drop a bit. I hope so.

  80. I like my mac… Don’t get me wrong. But I have been on a mac so long that I am wondering what it is about windows that everyone hates. I guess this is a reverse switcher. LOL. Do we get a nice name? Anyway… Thanks for the article. It really was a great read.

  81. I think that Windows is better for certain things and I think that OS X is better at certain things. OS X is better at media, production, and its stable. Windows on the other hand is good for word processing, office type work, and gaming. Now, if only we could correspond the two into one killer OS.. that would be cool. If the two would be great at the same exact thing, then I think they could VERY VERY easily rival some of the larger companies like Microsoft. Take Lindows for example, it did nothing like what people want.. and what happened? They failed. Plain and simple. Thanks for your article.

  82. I love my macintosh. I do a lot of home movies with my kids in them and then send this off as christmas presents just as KY_Wildcat was saying. I think if Windows could match the easibility and overall stability of OS X, then there wouldn’t be a problem any more and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Now, with that said, I do use Windows for work. I keep a VMWare session opened and I do a lot of office type things on it. (I’m not a fan of iWork) iLife however, I love!! iLife is simply AWESOME! It has everything you could ever need right at your finger tips and all the programs integrate into each other and the rest of the computer! It’s awesome!

  83. I think that this is a great article to post somewhere. It has stuff to buy it up, and even stuff to make people decide to switch as we have seen. I think if people switch from Windows to Mac OS X, they will likey never go back to crummy ole’ windows. Now, if a person really wants to make a drastic switch from Windows or even Mac OS X to another operating system.. then try going to Ubuntu!! Ubuntu is, as Chris puts it, just an African word meaning “Can not Configure Debian” or something like that. Thanks for the article! =))

  84. Hi guys.. I’ve watched chris for a long time now and i think that there is a great thing going on. I love being able to long on to a computer and see some true indepth conversation. This debate stuff is the kind I like. I like hearing why something is not as good as another or why something doesn’t work as good as something else. It’s just another way of boasting an opinion. Thanks for taking time time to read this! I have to get back to this basketball game now. =)

  85. The first computer I ever used was a Mac. I used Macs all the way through grade school. However, my first computer I owned was an old PC that originally ran Windows 95. I eventaully upgraded to XP and then to Vista. WINDOWS computers are just fine!

    P.S. I think its great KY_Wildcat that if you win, the PC’s will go to charity! Good Luck!!!!

  86. Hi. I want to thank you for persuading me to get a Mac. I read this article about 2 days ago and thought about going to check out OS X. I went to the Apple Store in Birmingham this morning to see what the big deal was. I got there just as the store opened, I walked in, checked out the iMac, and saw that it simply was amazing. When I clicked something, it just worked. That is what I want. I want it to just work. And OS X did. So, today, I come to you from a new 20″ iMac bought today at the Birmingham Apple Store. Thank you a million times KY!! Thanks a million! Thanks EVERYONE!

  87. I love this website. I also love my Windows computer! I use it a lot for gaming. I have a Sony Viao and I just learned that Sony is laying off 800 jobs. I know someone above posted about how the financial hard times will affect the computer companies… and here we are. The first of probably many lay offs are going to occur. It’s sad. But on the other hand, I have noticed that the price of Windows and Linux based computers have been dropping VERY quickly. Thats great if you ask me!! Maybe Apple can follow the same track. : ]

  88. I am wondering how long it took you all to real get proficent with osx. I gave had a mac since around thanksgiving and I get the basics of it, but it seems there are so many underlying features that are buried deep within the os. I actually like this!! As I hunt for something, I end up finding something I wasn’t even looking for. That’s great and cool if you ask me.

  89. While I was reading this, I recieved a call from the apple store telling me that my iPod is ready for pickup after a repair. I found that pretty ironic. LOL. I use windows because I really really like how simple it is to work with in a network setting. I have a mac but it’s just a stand alone sytem. I think if I learned more about os x and how to work with it in a more professional and indepth way, I would like go completely over to OSX. Thanks. TwittedQuiter.

  90. I had another reason to switch to osx. In the past years… The growth of macintosh has been nearly double than that of windows. Also… There has been a great growth with the applications that have been developed in the last 2 years. It’s great!!! I can’t think of any thing else anyone would want.