Star Wars Prequels vs. the Original Trilogy

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The Star Wars prequels are just as good as the originals.

That’s right. You read correctly. The Star Wars prequels are just as good as the originals. So many people have decried, insulted, attacked and derided the films – including Chris Pirillo himself. I am here to give you the top five reasons why those people are wrong – and why these films are incredible pieces of cinema.

Reason number one: you know when Dr. Phil says that couples don’t fight about what actually upsets them? Instead they just choose topics to fight over, like clothes on a floor, or doing the dishes? Does that remind you of anything? People argue over topics, when talking about the prequels. Not the movie itself.

  • “The acting is no good.”
  • “The scripts were terrible.”
  • “Jar Jar Binks is annoying.”
  • “I don’t like the CGI.”

They find any justification for dissatisfaction, but what they are really upset about is their own inability to enjoy the movies like they did as kids (on an innocent, awestruck level). They want their youth back. And when Star Wars doesn’t provide that, they get angry – angry at themselves. You don’t see seven year-old’s moaning and wailing about the quality of dialogue. They just enjoy the movie. Just like so many of you did as youngsters. You ignored the flaws in the original Star Wars films because you enjoyed them. George Lucas was never the world’s greatest wordsmith, and never claimed to be. Episodes 4, 5, and 6 don’t exactly read like Shakespearian sonnets, but people willfully ignore as much when bashing the prequels.

Reason number two: real Jedi. Not old men past their prime, or half-robots, with all their spirit sucked dry by the Emperor – or sissies from Tatooine who started their training when they were thirty. Real Jedi. Qui-Gonn Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi at their best. A ballet of lightsaber wielding protectors of peace and justice, who dispense of Sith and all the other troubles of the Old Republic. Nobody is looking at those battles and doubting their impressiveness, and if you are: you’re lying. This is what the romance of the Old Republic was all about. Before the dark times. Before the Empire.

Reason number three: the story. I don’t know how many times I have heard the “bad story” excuse. That doesn’t hold water with me. It’s a different kind of story than the originals – a political story of subtleties. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad… just different. And it has plenty of action and romance to sustain the duration of the exposition. This brings me to the next bone of contention.

Reason number four: the love story. Common criticisms include…

  • “I don’t believe they are in love”
  • “They seem so awkward together”
  • “That dialogue is so phony”

What, you mean like… every other teenage romance film on the face of the planet?! Throughout the entirety of human existence?! These were kids in love! The awkwardness is intentional. The naievity was well thought out, and the consequences of their immaturity clearly explained. It’s not a plot hole! It enriches the story four-fold!

And finally, my fifth reason. The prequels tie the entire saga together. They explain why the events (of the movies you claim to love) happened. You should be thankful that George Lucas still cares about his creation when so many other filmmakers would have lost all interest. The deleted scenes indicate that George wanted to go more into the creation of the rebels, since he didn’t have time for it the first time around (territory that will likely be covered in the live action TV show, which will most likely be somewhat like the Young Indiana Jones show). This provides more story for those who want it – but if you don’t want it, you don’t have to watch it.

Star Wars is one of the greatest sagas in cinema history.

So, don’t sour the experience for the kids who haven’t seen it yet – with your negativity and bitterness because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Because, in the end, this is George’s story – from his imagination. That is what made you love it in the first place.

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  2. I remember describing the new movies to someone once. Someone who had no idea of what was involved with them, just knew that they existed and that they were popular. I told him that they had a lot more action in them than the originals, that the light sabre fights were way more intense, and that it was set back in the past when OB1 was young, and the Jedi flourished throughout the land.

    I love the prequels. This was an awesome post. Thanks. ūüôā

  3. nice. its so true about not watching with the awestruck level like you did as a kid. i find myself feeling like that watching movies and even cartoons lol.

  4. Hear hear. While I still find Episode I disappointing (mainly due to the stilted storyline), Eps II and III were up there with the originals.

    And those who deride the special editions should bear in mind that that’s how Lucas would have done them originally if he had the technology.

  5. the star wars prequels could never live up to expectation because they could never be anything like the breath of fresh air that episode iv was to popular culture

    they needed more space battles though :p

  6. I honestly think when making I guess the new 3 movies that he was gearing that more towards the younger star wars audience. Due to the simple fact that most of the people.

    That wanted to honestly watch or even think that it was worth watching. Were more interested in the new good looking girl in the show. And a few of the female audience was more interested in who they were going to have play Luke.The other part were those in their teens.

    There were few that were interested to see what it was that they thought would really come before The original star wars. I honestly thought that they could say nor do anything that could even remotely make sense nor be worth my time.

    I honestly detested the entire new series. And thought anyone who honestly thought that their was any sort of substance compared to the original series had never really grown up with the series as a child. Cause like I said above most of them were not well old enough to really appreciate or enjoy the original trilogy who considered this new one to be even part of it.

  7. Growing up watching Star Wars has absolutely nothing to do with cinematic achievement and compelling filmmaking. The original trilogy had those two qualities going for them; the new trilogy simply does not.

    You can make a fanboy argument for the new trilogy, sure. That is your opinion, and that is your right. But making any kind of claim about the cinematic merit of the new prequel films will quickly put you on the bottom rung of any cin√©aste’s ladder.

    Simple experiment: Watch The Empire Strikes Back alongside another great film, say, The Godfather. Then watch Episode II. “Empire” is among the greats, meaning, the great films–films that are powerful and beautifully crafted, both technically and artistically. The same just cannot be said for any of the prequel films.

    Now, don’t get me wrong: I appreciate things about the prequels and what Lucas did with the Star Wars story, but I cannot keep a straight face when I try to say they are good or great films.

  8. Not a bad article & certainly well written but I don’t agree that they are anywhere near as good as the original 3.

    The way they’ve been using fancy computer terminals etc to control their ships and they suddenly realise it doesn’t tie in & changes back to the basic ones from the originals.

  9. I’m still waiting for the sequel trilogy.

    When Star Wars first came out, Lucas said there was a prequel and a sequel trilogy. I waited for years for the prequel.

  10. Yes, I agree! I enjoyed episodes 1 through 3 as much as 4 through 6. A lot of things were explained in the prequels. Also, it was interesting to see where Darth Vader (and eventually Luke Skywalker) came from.

    When the Phantom Menace came out, I actually organized a large birthday party (it was on my birthday, in May) and I went to the movie theater with a large group of friends! So, that movie has a very special place in my heart as well. Not to mention, my email address is [email protected] and I’ve had it since 1999.

    Thanks for the article!

  11. I like the script of the old starwars, to bad that it doesn’t look as good as the new ones. In my opinion, episodes 1,2,3 are good looking, suck at content.

  12. I prefer the storyline s in the the newer films, I feel they’re much more action packed and fast paced. Maybe I prefer this becasue I have a short attention span? who knows…

    Altogether the star wars movies make one epic story and they all deserve as much credit as each other. If that makes sense.

  13. Nice article, but I can’t say I agree completely. I wouldn’t say the prequels were terrible. In fact, I enjoyed them thoroughly after seeing them in theatres. The main problem I have with them is in their lasting appeal. I could and I want to watch the original trilogy over and over, but I don’ t have that same desire to watch the prequels a 2nd or 3rd time.

    So what’s the difference? I feel the target audience is a key factor. While both trilogies have the same pg-13 rating, I can’t help but feel that the Star Wars universe was dumbed down for the prequels. The original trilogy on the other hand is intelligent and has characters that adults and children can relate too alike. Hans Solo for instance is a heroic figure to kids, but also a smarmy jerky kind of guy to adults.

    I was about 16 when Phantom Menace came out and I loved it. I saw it like 4 times (2 in theatres). I thought Darth Maul was an incredible villain, and Qui-Gonn a very cool Jedi portrayal. But it just doesn’t hold up for me now that I’m 25. I think I’ve matured since then and I see the film just doesn’t have the appeal for adults that it does for kids.

    I also feel the prequels have been overdone. There is just too much going on on-screen for the audience to get captivated. There’s lots of stimulation yes, but not meaningful enough content. It’s eye candy for the same of eye candy. The original did not have many scenes like that. Whether it was due to financial reasons or not, it was simpler and just better.

    Finallly I just think they could have done a better job with the story. It didn’t feel like a Space Opera, nor like a great follow-up to the mythology laid down in the originals

  14. Very well-written piece Rama, I couldn’t agree more. I watched Star Wars for the action, the awesome space battles, lightsaber duels, terrestrial mayhem, etc, and I have to say that Episodes 2 and 3 delivered in those areas more than any of the other Episodes. Episode 1 was definitely ruined by Jar Jar, Anakin’s huge age difference with Padme, and all that senate crap.

  15. I agree with your last point, Ramakandra. I myself have not seen any star wars movies because all I’ve heard from my friends is negative feedback.

    This article is making me consider renting the whole seriess…

  16. Like my name says, I am a huge fan of the Original Trilogy. When I saw the Prequels, I didn’t really fall in love with the CGI. It made me feel like I was watching someone play a video game. Sure in the OT they used mini-models to make some of the scenes, but I actually find that way more appealing than CGI. Watching characters ride in CGI generated creatures and vehicles doesn’t appeal to me at all(I know not every single creature or vehicle was CGI, but a good number of them were). Call me ancient, but that’s my opinion. That’s not the only reason though. The lines and the acting didn’t hook me as much as the OT did. Sure the saber fighting scenes were great, but that alone isn’t enough to make me love the movies. But, I actually like the simpler fights from the OT more. Yes all my points can be argued, but I just prefer the OT more.

  17. I am not a huge starwars fan, but i did watch the whole series, and i think the prequels were good in my opinion. For the reason i like to know the whole story, from start to finish, and the prequels tell and describe how everything came to be in the end. Very nice article.

  18. The first Star Wars movie was revolutionary. The second was a better film, but not the sea change that the first was. The third movie was bloody brilliant for the first 50%, and then the ewoks showed up and it all went pear shaped/toy selling/cutsie stupidity. The second trilogy is all ewoks.

  19. Oh, on more thing, about CGI. Compare Yoda in Empire to Yoda in Phantom. Say the cooking scene in Empire to the council in Phantom. Notice the difference? Notice how in Empire Yoda seems more real? Notice how in Phantom his expressions seem over-exaggerated? Notice how he feels fake? It’s not that I am opposed to CGI, but the CGI in the new trilogy was over-blown, over-exaggerated, fakey, stilted, and much more poorly done than it should have been. Shrek had better CGI. Terminator 2 had better CGI.

  20. While I did enjoy the new ones to an extent, there’s a certain nostalgia I (as many other people do I assume) get whenever I watch the original trilogy. I think this makes a good amount of the viewers of the prequel very biased. The original trilogy was revolutionary, so the prequels had a very high standard to meet.

  21. Really, we’re talking about people’s opinions here. You can’t change our opinions by stating your facts or rationalizations.

    I was a young man when the first Star Wars movie was shown. Those were exciting times indeed. I had Star Wars posters on my walls, etc.

    I actually like all the prequels too. But the original 3 will always be the Best and Classical movies to me.

  22. How refreshing: To read an opinion that contradicts popular reactionary conformity. Previous generations will, on average, prefer the original trilogy. That’s what connected with them at an emotional level. Future generations, however, have the joy of discovery the entire journey & building up gradually to the cult finale.

  23. Agreed! I loved the prequels as much as the originals, but I found it very hard to find people who shared that view. (Then again, not many people I talk to actually know/watch Star Wars) It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

    Still, you can obviously expect that the prequels wouldn’t have the same enthusiastic and exciting effect on people, since the world and the overall story was not as fresh as when the originals first arrived on the scene. That aside, I enjoyed them as much as the others.

  24. Good points bought up there. I grew up with the Prequel and i saw all three at the movies and i love them. I don’t really care that the acting isn’t that great and the dialogue is rather wooden, but star wars really isn’t about that. I also like the love story in the Prequel too. If they ever made a new star wars movie in 20 years time or so, i probably wouldn’t like it and would be critical of it cause i’m used to the prequel, and it’s one of the movies from my childhood.

  25. A very well written article by Ramakandra. I saw the prequels before I saw the original movies, and I agree with Ramakandra. Even though the original movies have a little bit better storyline, the prequels make up for it with great cgi and intense lightsaber battles. In my own opinion though, the Revenge of the Sith is the best of the 6 movies.

  26. I quite enjoyed the new movies but I don’t think they will ever be equal to the first three. Like episode 1, it was a good movie but compared to say the empire strikes back it was just plain bad. So I geuss I’m saying that the original 3 hold a special place in my heart and while I enjoyed the later 3 they just don’t have much connection for me.

  27. Really good article. I am one of those people who bash the prequel trilogy, and after reading the article, it made me think a little about why i disliked the prequel trilogy. I found everything awesome, except the love story, i just felt too much of episode 2 was taken up by it. I know it is a huge plot point, but i don’t know, i felt that it was just too much. Like i said though, really well written.

  28. when the DEATH of the female hero doesn’t make anyone care or cry, that’s a pretty big failure. If the temporary freezing of Han Solo is more emotional, something’s wrong. the two sets of characters are not on the same level.

  29. I was actually fascinated by the transformation of the little child Anakin to Darth Vader. I always wondered how that happened.

  30. Complete nonsense.
    Professional film critics and scholars with years of experience and expertise have judged these films and concluded, for numerous reasons, that the prequels aren’t as good as the original trilogy (and explained why). This isn’t a matter of having outgrown the saga. They have re-watched the originals and can judge them for their merits *today*, as adults (as can anyone). The critical consensus is that A New Hope is far and away the superior film, followed closely by TESB, then ROTJ and TPM, then AOTC, and lastly, ROTS. The dialogue of ANH is absolutely first-class. The *first* example of bad acting came in ROTJ between Fisher and Hammil on Endor but not everyone would agree. Han Solo may have been a weak character in ROTJ but Ford’s acting was fine. The first example of unquestionable bad acting in the saga comes in TPM with Jake Lloyd.
    Personally I never found Jar-Jar Binks annoying. I took him as he was meant to be taken – as a comedic character intended to appeal to kids. I was far more annoyed by lame attempts at humour via implausible incidents with 3PO (AOTC).

    The love story *was* lame and unbelieveable; there was nothing *to* love about Padme, not when she first walked into Wato’s shop or as a Queen decked out like a Christmas tree. The idea of justifying the naivety of the Anakin and Padme relationship on the grounds that they were just ‘kids’ (at 20 and 24) is a joke. There was enormous scope for this romance to develop far more intelligently with Ani’s Jedi-instructed disassociation from intimate attachments coupled with her likely worldly experience but nothing realistic was developed. They were like two 14 year olds holding hands in the school playground not knowing what to do or say and slowly discovering that they had nothing in common. There was more sexual chemistry developing between Luke and his *sister* in the first two films than was evident between Padme and Ani in their entire romance.
    I haven’t the space or the patience to go on but suffice to say that the only quality that prevents the final two SW films from being *poor* films is the extraordinary art direction and SFX. This is so special that it would be insane to dismiss them as anything beyond outstanding and breathtaking but sadly effects do not a movie make. I can admire the lizard creature OB1 rides on as a technical and artistic marvel of silver-screen wizardry but why was it there? It’s just one obvious example of visual padding in films with little else to recommend them.

  31. Deep Jedi is mean.

    Eric Ellenberg is wrong. The Prequels are ALL ABOUT cinematic achievement. Really the only thing interesting George at the moment is DIGITAL FILMMAKING. The podrace segment was a great experiment in it, and it came off FLAWLESSLY. I think the CGI of the Clone Troopers and Droids on Geonosis came off FLAWLESSLY. I don’t know if I think that Episode III’s complete reliance on the new digital tech was even good, but that’s what it was.

    Heck, even the new Clone Wars cartoon is all about establishing Lucas Animation as the standard-bearer in animation. PIXAR was a George Lucas creation for pete’s sake, and now Lucas Animation is making INCREDIBLE strides.

    The biggest fault of George Lucas is, in fact, his ignorance of the craft of filmmaking when it comes to the Prequels. It didn’t matter to him to make a great story. What mattered to him was telling the story he thought should be told, and using his fancy new toys to do it. He’s always been about the visual art. Turn off the dialogue and just let the music and visuals become an opera for the mind.

    Star Wars has always been very simple for me. One: Lightsabers? check. Two: John Williams’ score? check. The rest is all gravy.

  32. I agree with you that the Prequel Trilogy is just as good as the Original Trilogy. However . . . did you just call Luke Skywalker a sissy/

  33. The biggest fault of George Lucas is, in fact, his ignorance of the craft of filmmaking when it comes to the Prequels.

    What ignorance? If anything Lucas’ craft in filmaking was just as good and pehaps slightly better (at least in storytelling) with the Prequels.

  34. Point 1: So you are arguing that a seven year old should be perfectly satisfied with these movies, and so should we? Since when is saying that a movie has bad acting, bad script, annoying characters, and an over-emphasis on special effects not arguing about the content of the movie? That’s not avoiding the topic, that IS the topic. What is a movie if not a script about characters performed by actors? If all of those three things are bad, then the movie is bad – regardless of who is watching it!

    Point 2: You’re right, and the battle between Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Darth Maul is one of the greatest fights in films I’ve ever seen. But after Darth Maul dies, there aren’t any ‘real’ Jedi battles. It’s all just people fighting Dooku – one of your ‘old men’ Jedis, and CGI messes with expressionless actors. After the battle with Darth Maul, the lightsaber battles cease to be interesting or well choreographed and just feature people holding a lightsaber while jumping around on wires an unusual amount.

    Point 3: The story is never actually explained. Why is there a separatist group? Who are the Trade Federation? Why are these separatists attacking the Republic? Why is the Republic attacking the separatists? What exactly is this dispute about? Why does the senate vote to give Palpatine ’emergency powers’ to pass a measure that they would never agree to pass in the first place? Just what the hell is a Sith? Just throwing politicians into a story doesn’t make it a story of political intrigue, you have to actually explain why these events are occurring. Everything in the plot is just a contrivance to move the story forward. Sure, you could look around on the internet to find out what these things are, but they were never in the movie. The movie outright refused to explain itself. I can’t begin to tell you how much this plot resembles swiss cheese. Again, this has nothing to do with attachment to the original trilogy, a badly written story is a badly written story.

    Point 4: If you think this is a typical movie love story that contributes to the plot, I can’t help you. I dare you to name another movie that has as awkward and contrived a love story as these movies. At what point does she fall in love with him? Before or after he commits mass murder for the first time? Maybe it’s when he’s talking about becoming a traitor and instituting a dictatorship? People who think this passes as any kind of a romance have clearly never experienced a romance themselves, or even seen a movie that does one well. They are in love because the plot requires them to be, nothing else. It makes no sense because there is nothing about Anakin’s character that is in the least bit likable.

    Point 5: It really actually creates a divide between the original trilogy and the prequels, because they don’t add up. Nothing seems to fit together. Huge plot devices in the prequel films are never mentioned at all in the originals. Where was Qui-Gon in the original movies? Why did nobody mention him? Why did Obi-Wan specifically say that he was trained by Yoda? What about this ‘prophecy’ that is so important in the prequels, why does nobody ever mention that?

    But you’re right, we shouldn’t ruin the movie for the people that it was made for. It wasn’t made for the millions of Star Wars fans that have made George Lucas rich and gave him the ability to make these movies. It certainly wasn’t made to be a classic, award winning movie for critics and movie lovers. No, you’re right – it was made for kids. This entire series of movies was made to sell new games, new toys, and other new merchandise to a new set of walking wallets to fill George Lucas’ pockets.


  35. I agree. I grew up with the prequels and they will always hold a special nostalgia for me. I became a fan with Episode I, a fanboy with Episode II and a nerd with Episode III. That’s when I realized I hadn’t ever watched the originals all the way through. I saw bits and parts on TV with my dad, but they never held any charm for me. A Star that can destroy a planet? A puppet Yoda? Ewoks? Everything just looked fake. But I never watched them all the way through. I watched the first one and something inside of me just clicked. I realized that thirty years ago, George Lucas had created a masterpiece that remains to this day. I started looking past silly things like the Death Star and special effects and learned to enjoy the films as I had the prequels. Now, these films hold a special place in my heart as well. I see Star Wars as Lucas intended it to be seen. One big saga, not two separate trilogies. I think they “balance” (sorry for the pun) each other out. For what the original trilogy lacks the prequels make up for. For what the prequel trilogy lacks, the originals make up for. I hope future generations will enjoy all six movies, not just three of them.

  36. In fact, I always wanted to see Darth Vader use that lightsaber like he did as Anakin in ROTS, but in the suit. This is why I hope they turn The Force Unleashed into a film!

  37. True, I did see the OT when I was a kid. It’s also true, however, that I also saw the PT when I was a kid.

    I still like the original films; the prequels are anathema to me.

    Your argument fails.

    1. ‘Your argument fails’- but the only reason you gave for that, Ezra is ‘the prequels are anathema to me.’ That isn’t an argument against the article.

  38. “Episodes 4, 5, and 6 don‚Äôt exactly read like Shakespearian sonnets.”

    In fact, they don’t read like any type of sonnet! Shakespeare wrote 14-line, iambic pentameter sonnets with an alternating rhyme scheme, save for the last couplet.

    And even if they did read like Shakespearian sonnets, would that have really fit? Can you imagine Hon Solo rhyming moments before he shoots first?

    I know this is a picky point, but I think it just goes to show that a detailed look at this analysis reveals less of an argument and more of a shot at attention.

    I’d like to congratulate Eric Ellenberg, Kevin, JJ Alexander, DeepJedi and OTLover on their well written, keen comments. Much like the Jedi during the final days of the Republic, you all are truthful and honest to the end despite the Lucas Empire you were sworn to love mass-producing disappointment.

    Boba Fett is not a clone.

  39. The whole prequel series is ridiculously bad! Acting, story, CGI madness! Watching episode 1 & 2 was torture , I asked to be paid to watch the third and honestly.. its was like a bad porn movie involving around a sci-fi plot but, with out sex! Just, terrible. English isn’t my fluent language so I can’t say with a total freedom of the mind how bad these films truly are.

  40. I first saw Star Wars in 2005. I was literally dragged to see ROTS. I’ll admit, I negatively judged Star Wars for years but ROTS and watching the saga as a whole changed my mind. Since, I saw Star Wars as a whole in a short time span, my perception might be different than some others who waited decades to see the next SW movie. I went in with no expectations and was even negatively biased against it. No one was more surprised than I was to find that I actually enjoyed it. There are flaws in both trilogies. I don’t wear any rose-colored glasses or have nostalgic memories of a Star Wars filled childhood to dispute that. However, despite the flaws, I still like both the originals and the prequels equally. (This isn’t about which is better but what I personally enjoyed…in the end, it’s all subjective)

    The prequels gave me this glimpse of a living universe filled with a working political system, a Jedi Order etc. Of course, we can’t really get that in the OT because the rebels are fairly isolated from the rest of the galaxy. I enjoyed the prequels because of the sword of Damocles that’s hanging over everybody. We all know everything’s going to go to hell in a hand basket but the characters don’t. They go about unsuspecting till it blindsides them. I find Palpatine fascinating. His machinations really sucked me in and as a poli sci/literature major, I loved the political disintegration along with the Greek tragedy aspects of it.

    I hate black/white stories. The prequels are definitely not that. There are so many grey areas: Anakin’s many faults, the Chancellor’s shifting identities, the Jedi who’re so blind to the embodiment of evil that’s living right next door etc. I mean, for most of the prequels, the Republic/Jedi don’t even know who the true evil is! By the time they do, it’s too late..The flaws of everyone in the prequels that lead to their tragic ends is fascinating to me. This lack of gray area is probably why ANH is my least favorite of the originals. However, Empire is amazingly gray and I loved the darker themes.

    I loved the originals for very different reasons. The way I see it, I love the prequels for the themes and I love the originals for the plot. And I don’t feel that I could love either fully without the other. If I had seen the originals first and seen Vader’s redemption, it wouldn’t have impacted me as much if I hadn’t known where he came from. The inevitable collapse of the Empire, the death of Palpatine wouldn’t be as satsifying. There are several silly things in Star Wars like the Ewoks and the Gungans but I just focus on what I like. As someone who would have never watched Star Wars without having seen the prequels, I hate seeing people bash it.

    I liked it. I was 22 years old when I saw the whole Star Wars. I wasn’t a kid like some people derisively say that the prequels were made for. I don’t care about CGI or even lightsaber duels. I couldn’t name much of the ships/technology. The romance is secondary to me. But the characters and the themes of the prequels were what resonated with me. As for the originals, nothing beats the father/son storyline for me as I am a sucker for redemption tales. Nothing gets me like the last moments of ROTJ. This was super long winded but I had to say my piece.

  41. You know I’m happy Lucas is messing up with the Prequels by making the Clone Wars cartoons and leaving (hopefully) OT for now. I’m already sick of seeing Hayden instead of Shaw in ROTJ. The prequels could have been way better if Lucas had other things in his head instead of $$$$$$$$

  42. Thank God there are still TRUE Star Wars fans out there. Not only were the Prequels Incredable Movies they were Incredable Star Wars Movies. Everyone thinks Mr. Lucas did the Prequels for Money. George did it out of Love for his franchise. Episodes IV, V, and VI were Perfect. Episode
    III was my favorite. All My questions were answered. Episode II was Amazing . True some of the Dialouge was weak, However an Amazing movie. The only flaw with Episode I was jar-jar. Everything else led to a great 6 chapter story. They are all Star Wars movies like it or not. To complain is just to show your ignorace at the Technique behind Movie making. George your a Star.

  43. the effects are great in the newer ones, but honestly who cares about the characetrs? I am 14 and I love the orignal trilogy (so there goes that they grew up with them argument). The storylines in the new ones are ridiculous and make no sense. Search Redlettermedia star wars on youtube. He’ll put you right.

    When Qui Gon died I didnt care. I found the movies boring and repetitive.

  44. Let me preface this short response by saying this: When I read that someone has composed a list of “Top # reasons why…”, I automatically have to assume that it’s a bullshit article because they’re being too gimmicky to enter into any meaningful discussion. As well, no meaningful discussion can hinge on any “Top #…” list.

    1. You begin your apologetics by inaccurately employing a very loose connection between couples arguing and legitimate movie-goers and Star Wars fans who have intimately dissected the prequels in order to that you can, again, inaccurately psycho-analyze why they feel the way they do about a film or series of films. Personally, I, myself, was a happy young child when I watched the prequels. Once I hit the age of reason, the originals remained cool and I became aware of how poorly made they were.

    2. The last I checked, the importance of story and focusing on a small few characters with depth and richness (originals) was far outweighs fireworks displays (prequels).

    3. That’s all you have to say on the story front? Yes, it’s a different kind of story. The kind that’s poorly planned and without substance. Political? Sure, but no characters seemed to be making logical and reasonable choices.When viewed closely, it becomes painfully obvious that these characters and story lines were not developed naturally, but instead were jerked around and forced along by a plot which GL himself couldn’t seem to pin down.

    4. What I’ll say here goes for a majority of your blog on the topic: Just because everything else in the market (Like teenage romances) is shitty, it doesn’t follow that you should lower your standards and say, “Hey come one guys. That movie’s shitty so why can’t this one get away with it too?”

    5. This is entirely contingent. Of course the prequels tie it all together. That’s what they’re meant to do. However, there were far superior ways to tie everything up. You’re speaking from an entirely after-the-fact standpoint on this one. George could’ve thrown in dinosaurs which raped and killed Padme just after giving birth to the twins and you’d be sitting there going, “Hey, it ties it all together. It explains why the mother died. I’m satisfied.”

  45. Why do I get the feeling that the only people impressed by the prequel trilogy are all under the age of 18?

    1. Why do i get the feeling that most people who write these sort of comments are sheep?

      Seriously all of you. Shut the fuck up? I’m not using offensive language just for using offensive language here, i’m making a point. Seriously, why can’t you let people have their own fucking opinion? I grew up with these films, I loved these prequels, i overlooked their mistakes because overall, i enjoyed the films as they were, and to a certain extend, ¬† I loved these movies more than i loved the originals. Yes, hayden Christensen, can be a bit eary in his dialouge delivery, yes yoda was better as puppet, yes Jar Jar Binks was annoying, I fucking get it. Can’t you see that you’re making new generations hate these movies just for being? This is seriously what it looks like: “Why should i let other people have fun with these movies when i was so dissapointed as i was.” I even heard people making similarities between the prequels and the fucking transformers movies. Shut the fuck up! I’m not even being a troll here, i’m just sick of all this hating, all this brooding over something, that maybe, sort of, kind of, wasn’t as bad as people like YOU thought it was. Fuck you. You made me hate people just for hating the prequels.¬†

  46. Finally, someone out there agrees with me! I thought the prequals had just as much heart and soul as the originals, too. Thank you!

  47. The Star Wars Prequel wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the terrible acting and unlikeable characters like Jake Lloyd’s young Anakin and Jar Jar Binks. Please, do not excuse the travesty that is the so-called romance between Anakin and Padme. The love scenes are not awkward. They are plain terrible…badly written and acted.

    StarWars is one one the greatest sagas in cinematic history and the prequels totally sours it.

    1. Every point you made there was referenced and either debunked or given effective responses in the article. The same article could be made if a writer had simply read your comment and based their article on that. You phrased them in ways that the article refutes.

  48. The prequels are SO much more epic than the original trilogy. Don’t hit me, but I actually preferred them. IMHO, Episode 3 has the most epic storyline ever: the whole loss of innocence, turning over to the dark side…it gives Darth Vader a whole new dimension that the originals just couldn’t provide.

    1. You are so blind. Star wars use to be something that people of all ages could enjoy, the original star wars films have stuck with people and stood the test of time. Why? Because they had solid content, great plot, awesome lightsaber fights. The fact is that the prequels are just kid films, you see them enjoy the CGI and fireworks of it all but kids can not look deeper then that…they like that sort of thing. They will just mature and relise that they are not all they are cracked up to be… I know because I am one of them. I remember seeing TPM for the first time and loved it but the films that have stuck with me all my life and I can watch over and over and over again..Star wars, Empire strikes back and return of the jedi. The REAL star wars fillms.

      1. Dude, the story of the prequels hold so many historical references,¬†mythological¬†elements and¬†psychological¬†truths that many professors in the subjects rave about the movies. Even big film makers like Peter Jackson and Kevin Smith. There are so much more to the stories than you can see. You have no right to say¬†George¬†Lucas’ story is bad especially when every story he’s ever created has been brilliant and has become an instant hit.

        The reasons people have always been more favorable to the originals are these. The Originals were fun films. George had brought back the old fashioned romantic fun movies that had been missing for so long. The story was about the rise of the rebels. Who would hate fun movies with fun iconic characters? Of course it stuck. 

        The new ones are more depressing and¬†dramatic¬†which is cool as well, but a larger audience (especially the fans) wanted another fun ride which wasn’t possible with the¬†exception¬†of TPM. Of course they’re not gonna think much of it.

        Fans from the 70’s ruined Star Wars. They’ve been talking so much hate since 1997 and have been putting it in their kids heads and the heads of those who think they’re smarter by liking old things. They’ve started a bandwagon so strong that anyone who watches Star Wars has to at least get some blow from it. So everyone is being told this rhetoric all the time which causes them to hop on like everyone else. Even though they really have no¬†arguments.

        The hate on the prequels has kept the prequels from rising to where they could have been up there. The same would’ve happened if everyone started hating on Empire when it came out, then Jedi. The only real famous one would be A new hope. A movie can only be so great until it needs support from fans to rise.

        Sorry dude, but I think you ruined your own memories of Star Wars. I think if you just take your hate cap off and watch them with un bias eyes, you won’t hate them so bad. Worked for me.

      2. I think you are absolutely wrong! All Star Wars films have a story, but the old ones are so boring. I don’t know what you are thinking. The actors were so ugh. You don’t see them around anymore. Sorry if you aren’t happy but many others are happy so yeah.

      3. I like how you think the prequels are kids movies even though the prequels have the only PG-13 star wars movie.

    2. You are so blind. Star wars use to be something that people of all ages could enjoy, the original star wars films have stuck with people and stood the test of time. Why? Because they had solid content, great plot, awesome lightsaber fights. The fact is that the prequels are just kid films, you see them enjoy the CGI and fireworks of it all but kids can not look deeper then that…they like that sort of thing. They will just mature and relise that they are not all they are cracked up to be… I know because I am one of them. I remember seeing TPM for the first time and loved it but the films that have stuck with me all my life and I can watch over and over and over again..Star wars, Empire strikes back and return of the jedi. The REAL star wars fillms.

  49. The prequels are SO much more epic than the original trilogy. Don’t hit me, but I actually preferred them. IMHO, Episode 3 has the most epic storyline ever: the whole loss of innocence, turning over to the dark side…it gives Darth Vader a whole new dimension that the originals just couldn’t provide.

  50. When you mentioned this was George Lucas’s story, there is truth but the prequels are not based from his original concept. I’ve done plenty of research and Lucas’s first and second drafts for the story are complete oppsites! Another point is, Lucas wrote all three originals where as with the prequels, he didn’t wrote them all, first episode 1, filmed it, episode 2, filmed it and by the 3rd movie he was like “wow, I have alot to rap up”. No offence, but Revenge of the Sith was very poor, filmwise. The shots are very short, scenes don’t last more then a few minutes, it’s cut, cut, cut and sloopy. Anakin being suduced does not add up.

    And there is another point that is very critical. Back in the 70’s Lucas was limited with what he could accomplish with his ideas. They didn’t have the fancy effects as we do today. The ability to make C.G.I. and advanced graphics majorly effected the concept of the prequel films. Had they been made back in the 70’s they would be much different.

    In this generation, movie directors are all into “special effects” then the actual story. If you enjoy the prequel films, that’s fine. But I’ll never come to a point where I can say “they fit with the originals”.

    1. Well, I think that’s kind of unfair to say, I don’t think directors care more about CGI than the story (unless it’s Micheal Bay) and I don’t like the “everything¬†old is better bandwagon” they’ve been saying that for decades. Which means the old silent films with no plots were better than movies today. And I don’t think CGI effected the concept at all, if it did, then you’d be watching pointless scenes of nothing, but CGI, but no, every scene had a purpose, I think having CGI inspired let Lucas do exactly what he wants in his head so he takes good advantage of it. And Honestly I thought Revenge was great. The cutting up of the movie was how George has been doing Star Wars for years, I liked it, and of course Anakin being seduced added up. They’ve been pushing him their since episode 1! Plus, Roger Ebert and Richard Roper both gave a good review to it, so if you’re talking critical¬†flaws, you just told two of the greatest critics of all time that they’re wrong. You turned down a Two thumbs up movie.

  51. the prequels are just as good as the origonals except they took out some of the most iconic charactors. han solo, technicaly darth vader, luke skywalker. why?

    1. Probably because none of them were born yet… And didn’t even meet up yet and it would be a boring story of luke farming, Leia flying ships everywhere talking to politicians and Han smuggling. Where’s the plot?

  52. I have a few things to say, not sure where to begin:

    Ultimately, when the entire story and themes and everything previously deiscussed here were established, could there have been some filmmaker who would have accomplished it all it a far more artful and realistic level? Could someone have made that story and those characters as epic as Peter Jackson and LOTR? Obviously. In hindsight there is always a better way to do something.  The point is, George Lucas made it happen and had the vision to start this whole universe, and if for nothing else, we should be grateful and appreciate him for that much.  Do we say the Wright Brothers are crappy engineers because they couldnt invent a 787?

    In a similar vein, I believe very strongly that star Wars does not, cannot, and should never exist in the solitude of the movies.¬† Star Wars has long been embellished, enriched, strengthened, and made infinitely cooler and deeper through the various forms of media it has experienced.¬† Star Wars hasn’t REALLY belonged to George Lucas exclusively for a very long time.¬† I know most people dont have the interest or time to do this, but Star Wars has to be understood within its continuity.¬† there’s 30,000 years of history in books and other media.¬† Taking a look at almost any of this for perspective on the Anakin Skywalker saga will reveal something that is so much bigger, more important, and infinitely more interesting than the movies alone.¬† Star Wars, to me, is not defined by the films; the films are a part (albeit an important and entertaining part) of a cultural phenomenon that continues through today and I dont think will ever disappear.

  53. People who go all “The prequels are shit, they ruined it all” are the typical “I liked Star Wars before it got all famous”-people.¬†
    They are not angry with the films, they are angry with the people who like the films, I believe… They should shut their traps and get over it. Didn’t like the new ones? Fine, don’t tell everyone ¬†– I don’t walk out of the bathroom and tell everyone about how that shit I just had sucked. No – Keep it to yourself and let everyone else have their own opinion.¬†

  54. In a sentence, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. All of your points are so flawed, that it immediately informs me of the level of ignorance I’m dealing with. Simply put, all of your criticisms against the originals berate the elements that constitute a good plot and solid character development, and all of your pro-prequel point disregard everything that makes an interesting story. What this review tells me, is that you know nothing about solid storytelling, and that you like it when things go boom. And it’s not “George’s story”. The only reason Star Wars worked is because people like Gary Kurtz told him that lots of his ideas sucked and had to be changed, and thank God they did. Otherwise Han would be a weird alien, Luke would be a midget, C-3PO would be a sleeze-bag, and who knows what else.

  55. You know, the star wars saga is the story of anakyn and luke skywalker, the original trilogy give us a once great man who turns into darkness, and the prequel trilogy was meant to show us that great man and his fall, but that didn’t happen! yes, anakyn becomes vader, but he only was the ”chosen one” he never did anything to be a great man, he was just kinda unidimensional

  56. At 40, I was around to see the originals, and this¬†author is right.¬† Back in the day, my friends and I would have loved the prequels just as much (if not more) than the ones we got.¬† How do I know this?¬† Because we loved comics that had Han Solo fighting beside a green talking rabbit.¬† Because we watched the Holiday Special, ate C-3PO cereal,¬†even liked the¬†Ewok TV movies…because, frankly, ¬†I might have aged, but the story didn’t.¬† George Lucas made the films exactly the way he wanted, and he added the Jabba and other scenes to originals to get closer to making it one overall arc.¬† He did his job very very well.¬† And the ten year old version of me would have gone gaga over REVENGE OF THE SITH, or the new CLONE WARS cartoon series, or even the added Jabba scene in Ep.4.¬† I know this to be an absolute fact.¬† Great blog.

  57. Movies that tell good stories in an interesting, cinematic way can be great in many different ways. If they can’t do that, they are an insult to bowel movements. CGI is NOT A SYNONYM for pacing, tone, character, logic, framing, dialogue and other elements that make a story come alive in the medium of cinema. If you just love CGI and have an attention deficit need for CGI spaceships and lightsabers, then any discussion of good storytelling will be lost on you.

    Let’s look at what’s good and bad in the original trilogy.

    1. Star Wars (A New Hope) was a fresh and brash take on space opera with classic archetypes with the naive hero, the pirate and the princess put together in a rousing adventure with an epic arc. What George didn’t have was a ton of money and time so he actually worked with what he had, some really interesting characters bouncing off each other and faking or inventing effects shots to propel the story. ILM created the special effects industry ad hoc in a cheap and dirty way. The result was a space opera so well executed that you just couldn’t help loving it.

    2. George made a truly inspired move, one we should all be thankful for, when he got his film prof to direct The Empire Strikes Back. Of course, he probably did it because he knew he’d get bad reviews for the middle of a three act play, so the cynical among us might accuse him of gutlessness and passing the buck. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Empire took every one dimensional element from Star Wars and made it richer, more satisfying. Luke wasn’t just a farmboy, he was wrestling with his responsibilities to the Rebellion, to being the sole inheritor of the Jedi order and saving his friends. Han got to show how badass he was when going up against star destroyers and had terrific banter and chemistry with the princess. Leia finally got more to do than bark out orders to the boys, with an *actually believable* romance developing with the scoundrel Han. Even the force developed from vague hippie references to “relax” into something with some heft and gravitas. The scenes with Yoda and Vader both trying to convince Luke about the force stick with the viewer, his dilemma feels sincerely troubling. A brilliant middle act, not because it was dark or the Empire kicked ass or because the effects were better, but because it brought more emotion and drive to the storytelling and myth-making.

    3. Return of the Jedi was a mixed bag. There were some golden moments of character-driven cinema mixed in with a swamp of special effects and some badly written and poorly executed elements. No, I don’t hate the Ewoks. But what in holy hell did he think was brilliant about little fuzzballs having so much cutesy screen time that even a 6 year old could see his hand at play “trying to be cute”? You see, it’s ok to be scary, violent, brusque or even opaque with characters, but to be so obvious pops the viewer out of the movie to think “why’d they put that in or why’d he say that?”. Han Solo was written like he’d forgotten what a badass he was in the previous movies, a complete waste of Harrison Ford. However, other elements of the same movie are nicely realized and bring a satisfying conclusion to the dramatic arcs with tasteful use of special effects to get a sense of scope, urgency and danger.

    Which brings is to the prequels. First, let me list the things I don’t have a problem with. They had a nice font for credits. The John Williams music rocks. Tatooine still looks like the dusty hole that it was in A New Hope. The special effects were crisp. Some of the light saber fights were ok.

    Unfortunately, every one of these elements (except the fonts) was heavily subverted and pretty much everything else was done poorly by film student standards, much less professional. What in hell is going on in The Phantom Menace. A trade federation has a negotiating problem and side deal with some shadowy sith figure and there’s some boring stuff with this teenage girl who was *elected* queen, as if that makes any sense whatsoever, and then Qui-Jonn and Obi-Wan get stuck on some backwater planet where they depend on some bratty, annoying kid winning a race to get away. Oh but there’s also the excitement of a fruitloop in a Halloween mask running around desecrating the idea of Darth Vader by calling himself Darth Maul but having no character whatsoever beyond a nice paintjob on his face and some derivative wushu wirework. And then a doped-up rasta alien name Jar Jar! Who in blazes are these people? The movie fails to have interesting characters who we know what they are about and care about what happens to them involved in an interesting story with pacing. The fact that you can’t follow it doesn’t mean it’s intellectual, it means the filmmaker is a pretentious jackass. Complex can be awesome cinema, a few examples are The Usual Suspects, Inception, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fight Club, The Matrix, even Harry Potter. The dialogue is flat, boring, inane and forgettable. And don’t even get me started on the virgin birth an refusal to even stay consistent with the canon laid down in the earlier movies. It’s not that the Original Trilogy was the greatest moviemaking ever known. It’s that the prequels have nothing that great movies are made of actually cheapen the entire series.

    The worst thing George did was turning Vader, the most badass film character of all time, into a simpering little bitch of a kid that you just wanted to smack around the ears and send to bed without his pop-tarts and xbox for a week. Let’s not blame Jake Lloyd or even the horribly miscast Hayden Christiansen. Natalie Portman absolutely rocked in Leon, the Professional. She can act if the writing and direction isn’t total shit so I give all the actors a break, especially Ewan McGregor who looks in episodes 2 and 3 like he’s in a completely different movie from everyone else. I mean that in a good way, even though everything his character says and does is as inane and pointless as everyone else. His performance just rises above the crappy material now and again. George puts them all on green screens so much that they never had anything real to work with, and the writing was pathetic on every level. You know, all the great dialogue in Empire was NOT from George. It was Kasdan and Kirshner and Kurtz turning his plot outline into something great, plus some great ad-libs from Ford. Anakin goes from being an annoying brat to a whiny mass murdering psycho, to an even more whiny little snot that constantly blames everyone else and doesn’t have the balls to take responsibility for anything. How can anyone not see that Padme is a complete idiot for being hot for a sulkly psychopath who’s only discernable emotion is pissy annoyance with his teacher?And we are to believe that this thin spindly 5′ 10′ asshole is actually the 6′ 7″ seriously built badass-of-baddasses Darth Vader we’ve seen in the original trilogy. I think not.

    It’s common knowledge that Spieberg has been asked and refused to direct Episode 7 for Disney. He’d love to do it, but he’s friends with George, so that makes it complicated. He likes GOOD cinema too much to make a piece of shit, but if he actually made Episode 7 even partly good, it would show up his friend George for the hamfist he really is. George was a brilliant independent movie maker. I loved American Graffiti and Star Wars. I even loved what he was trying to do with THX 1138, even though the execution blew chunks. Over and over, we see that as soon as a filmmaker starts making serious money, their self-indulgence results in dogshit movies. Look at the brilliance of El Mariachi or Clerks compared with Spy Kids 3D and Kevin Smith’s later spoofy trash. Richard Linklater is the exception, having made the awesome Before Sunset after becoming famous. Of course, in his case, he went back to a non-existent budget and character driven cinema. Maybe all George needs is to make a movie with no money to get his groove again.

  58. I watched the prequels first, since I was too young back than and female to have heard of Star Wars. I came across the first one, and than I see the second one, where three of my favorite actors, out of whom my crush Hayden Christensen were playing, and after that passed, I waited for years for the third one. For many years after that I couldn’t bring myself to see the real deal, as I knew there was no way it could be as good as the prequel. Reasons of course the lack of technology, the weird acting they had in those years, and most important the weird Han Solo hair. I guess I am the only one who had to go watch Star Wars IV, V, VI to finish the saga. The story of course is great, but it cannot be compared to the prequels, that’s of course because it is a more developed production post 2000. And I just cannot understand how it couldn’t be liked. They criticized the acting? What? I was in tears when Anakin turned to the dark side, I was in tears in the last fight. And as for the special effects and the beautiful CGI, how can you not love the movies.

    1. I definitely agree. I am a girl and kid and I love Star Wars, but I like the new ones better. The old ones are SO BORING! My dad actually introduced my brother and I to Star Wars, but he grew up liking the ”Original Trilogy. My brother and I watched the first three and we loved Star Wars, but we so do not like the old ones. By the way, if you saw the old ones, in the end, Anakin turns good and is eventually ”The Chosen One.” I was so happy about that because Anakin was tricked! He wanted to save Padme/ his wife. I loved the three first ones. The actors were excellent, and the story was nice. The only interesting part of the old ones was the very end when Anakin turns good. Other than that, the ones ones are SO BORING! (Also, this is my brother’s account, just so you know because of the name.)

      1. The old ones were boring?!?! Were they boring in that they didn’t have enough CGI crap splattered across the picture, or that the the ‘characters’ (if I can even call them that) weren’t jumping around when in a lightsaber duel? The OT was memorable, and had REAL actors who played people WITH character, the PT’s characters were like cardboard cutouts because the acting was terrible! The stories in the PT were illogical, and the politics made absolutely no sense. Why? Because it was poorly written and it WASN’T NEEDED! It’s called a space adventure movie for a reason. Oh yeah, and Anakin was always bad, remember when he…oh what was it? Committed Homicide, not once, TWICE! He was whiny, a complete jerk, and just annoying. And can you please tell me who the main character was in TPM? If I haven’t convinced you enough, watch RedLetterMedia, I’m sure your opinion will change, I know mine has.

  59. You know you’ve made a bad film when even the people trying to defend it end up criticizing it. So, what you’re saying is that the only way for somebody to like the prequels is if they don’t care about the characters, the story or the dialogue, as if they were a kid. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t consider the Star Wars films pop-corn movies, at least not the originals. For another, every single scene in the prequels is boring, stilted and robotic. Everyone is a complete moron, the Senate, the Jedi, the main characters, everyone.

  60. I was an avid Star Wars fan at the age of 7. I had just woken up from an 11 hour sleep, and decided to watch Phantom Menace. I popped in the VHS(with some help from my mom, of course), and…it put me to sleep. No joke. I woke up about halfway through, and walked out because what was going on was too boring. Furthermore, in terms of how it explains what happens before: yes and no. While it does spell out what happened, the fans could more or less cobble together a semi-decent version of the events leading up to the original trilogy. In terms of “disappointment because it didn’t awe” is not accurate, because I quite enjoy most of the Star Wars material that is currently being released, regardless of how much it awes me. I wasn’t awed by any of the KoToR games, but I still enjoyed them. Surprised at times? Yes. Compelled to continue playing by the exciting and enjoyable narrative? Yes. But awed? Most certainly not. Teenage love story angle? I suppose I can agree. But, I find it hard to get behind the idea that all the Jedi died and almost the entire galaxy falls under Sith rule just because there was this one girl that one Jedi that was the “chosen one” found kind of cute, so he decides to become Sith to save her, just so that he can turn around, choke her, and kill her. (Technically, she “Lost her will to live,” but that is just about the most stupid and contrived death I have ever heard. And it isn’t even a force thing, since she wasn’t force sensitive, so she basically got kind of sad, so she just…died. And the fact that she lost her will to live immediately after giving birth to twins, meaning she is a selfish asshole. “I’m now the mother of twins, but my emo boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore.” What a load. But I digress.) Moving on, the “Ballet of lightsaber wielding protectors of peace and justice, who dispense of Sith and all the other troubles of the Old Republic,” I couldn’t have worded my next complaint better than your defense. Ballet. The fights seem so…lifeless, emotionless, overtly choreographed. Also on the topic of the fights, the fact that we, the audience, don’t have reason to care about the fight, and the fights have nothing behind them aside from “The audience is probably bored, so…LIGHTSABERS AND FORCE! That’s what you paid for, right, guys?” No, George. It isn’t. Leaping oh so gracefully from what I just said to my next point: The made the force into a crappy, poorly explained pseudoscience which gives the wielder a specific movepool based upon their alignment. Also, the midichlorians thing raises the question of “Then what the hell are the Light side and Dark side, then!?” Does being a jerk make the midichlorians mad, making them shoot lightning and choke, with committing acts of kindness giving only a few less useful abilities? And, I can’t help but notice that you didn’t even attempt to defend the CG, or Jarjar. Glad you see there are some things here that aren’t salvageable, regardless of viewpoint. Returning to your point about “Real Jedi”. It seems like you are implying that Yoda and “Old Obi-Wan” are not Real, simply because they don’t and can’t participate in overly flashy fights which are mere displays of force-related flips, jumps, and pushes with some visibly choreographed Lightsaber antics in there? And, Yoda said in the orginal trilogy many things that would imply that he almost never, if not never, participated in combat, and if he did, only relying on the force. Does the Prequel Yoda reflect this at all? (The answer is no.)

    *Looks Back at Wall of Text* Oh, God! What have I done? I just found this article while trying to find some good points on why people dislike the prequels so much! (Long story short, trying to introduce my mom to Star Wars and Video Games, and while we watch the Prequels, I would like to present the reasons people dislike them at relevant points in the films.)

  61. He says those who grew up with the originals basically want their childhood back and don’t enjoy the new ones, so they trash them out of nostalgia. Well I grew up WITH the prequels and I can say right now they are terrible films. Also, the story has a million plot holes, provides a lack of explanation, and their is no deceivable main character throughout the trilogy. It also makes one BIG mistake. This especially happens in Episode 1. We don’t get time to know and understand the characters before they are thrust into the action. This means we don’t care about what’s happening to them because we don’t know these people.
    Also the script is horribly written. Just watch the meadow scenes in Episode 2 and you’ll see.

  62. Thank you so much for clearing this all up. Many people think the new trilogy was a waste. Well guess what? I don’t think so because my favorite movies from all the Star Wars film are the new ones. The actors are better, and there is more action. The old ones were so boring, I fell asleep. The loved the new ones. Another thing. Why does everyone have a problem with Jar Jar Binks? He is a nice Gungan. He may be clumsy, but still that is no reason. Why don’t you talk about ”Princess Leia.” My brother and I don’t like her at all. She is rude and mean to others. Jar Jar Binks wanted to help others, he didn’t mean any harm. My brother and I are kids and we enjoyed these new movies better than the old ones. The new ones rocks. Overall, Star Wars rocks!

    1. Exactly my thoughts on Jar Jar! I didn’t find him annoying, I thought he was a fun and well-meaning character.

  63. I was a kid when I saw the original 4, 5 and 6 on TV and a teenager when I saw the prequels. I didn’t remember much about either trilogy and watching them again as an adult one after another chronologically, it was like watching another new movie. I do agree that the original trilogy has a way bigger impact on me after watching the prequels. What I can’t accept is you dismissing any criticism of the prequels as merely some warped childhood nostalgia. The original movies do have some incredibly cheesy moments especially the 6th one. The prequels are just bad overall, especially the CGI and dialog. Nothing is believable. Whenever they could have had depth and building for something big they opted for CGI action. When every scene is epic and massive the story has no heft. I don’t mid the teenagers having naive dialog, but I can’t believe all these Grand Master Jedis and Senators have nothing intelligent to say. It’s just cheesy one-liners after another. The original movies did have this same problem but they couldn’t cover up bad writing with extra CGI action. In terms of CGI, the prequels seem to have crashed into Uncanny Valley. In some cases I actually preferred the puppets and miniatures of the original. The special effects are just too obvious for me to actually enjoy and concentrate on the movie. At times all the actors look like weathermen. Also WTF is up with Padme’s ship? It looks like just a big blob of mercury or molten silver. It’s like a one-piece spaceship of polished aluminum and apparently no dust or sand can stick to it. I can understand it’s supposed to be all pretty, sleek and aerodynamic but we should be able to see some outlines of panels were stuff would pop out. It’s a big blob with no definition.

  64. I do not believe the force is with you. The prequels where terrible, not as well planned out, no corroboration this time with other artists, the dialogue was terrible, some of the characters where unbearable, your ‘real’ jedi? Maybe samuel L. jackson, that’s about it. He’s real and a badass mother f#[email protected]!. But even he must be disappointed with how the movies turned out, no movie fan, let alone star wars fan, can call these crap fests ‘good’. Sorry.

    “I’ve been dying a little bit each day since you came back into my life…” – Star Wars fan since seeing prequels.

  65. I saw the prequels first, and they are clearly inferior to the original trilogy. The original trilogy is a clever re-telling of the timeless quest archetype (orphan of noble/mystical birth, motley band of companions, evil object/entity of immense power, hoary sage who mentors the hero, then dies so that the hero must complete the quest “on his own,” etc.). The prequels, as you suggest, are not “political stories,” and they are about as subtle as a blunt axe. (Palpatine/George Bush analogy is embarrassingly obvious) House of Cards is an example of subtle political drama. The star wars prequels, by contrast, are dour, interminable soap operas.

    Furthermore, the love plot depicted in the prequels does not even rise to the level of “pulp teen romance.” And even if it did, that would hardly be a defense, would it? Nothing about Anakin and Padme’s awkwardness together on Naboo is charming or human, it’s just stilted and uncomfortable. It’s not a badly-written Romeo & Juliet — it’s a badly-written Scarlet Letter, where romantic love is some kind of unforgivable sin, and reproduction is tied to death and evil.

    Finally, it’s clear that the original movies stand alone, and need no “tying together.” The snippets of back-story which were provided in the original films’ exposition, and which Lucas got only half-right when he filmed the prequels (conflating 1,000 generations with 1,000 years, giving the Sith light sabres, changing “the force” from a mystical substance to a biological one, making Yoda fight with a light sabre, turning Darth Vader into “the chosen one,” etc.) were more than enough to suggest a rich world with depth and history.

  66. All six star wars movies have the same writer, director, music, and characters. The only difference is that the prequels are made with better technology. The prequels are better.

        1. …and writers (Leigh Bracket and Lawrence Kasadan wrote the screenplays for Empire and Jedi, and word is Coppola lent a hand in writing A New Hope) and characters (Luke, Leia, Han, not in the prequels, nor the actors who played them).
          But yeah, I’ll give you music, and John Williams’ score is about the only redeemable thing in the prequels. Sadly, we’re not talking about a music video, we’re talking about three feature length films.

          1. George Lucas is credited as having written the story or as a “writer” in all six films. He also directed four of the six.

            Yoda, Ben Kenobi, Emperor, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewie, and Anakin (in one form or another) are re-occurring throughout the series, all appearing in at least 5 of the 6.

  67. Oh man, how did I miss this wonderful piece of fan baiting. And what a fan-base to bait.

    The originals aren’t that good nowadays either, to be honest. But the prequels were utter dolphin shit.

  68. This is exactly the sort of review I would expect from someone who watches Dr. Phil.

    And no, this is very clearly not George’s story. That’s what the prequels prove more than anything: that George Lucas had as much to do with Star Wars’ success as Ringo Starr did for the Beatles. Actually, that’s insulting, I would like to apologise to Ringo Starr for that comparison.

  69. What a great article. First off it’s a Star Wars article that doesn’t bash the prequels. I love all of the Star Wars movies but the prequels are my favorite. The battles are much better. A lot of fans are so enveloped in the originals that they hate the prequels because they are different. Well of course they are different! If it was the same story it would be dumb because you would be watching the same 3 movies! But the bottom line is that they are all great and can’t wait for the next 3 movies in 2015.

  70. No, i was dissapointed because they ruined Anakins backstory. I had imagined a cooler version of Luke. A great man, who fell when tragedy took his life. Then i got a ten times as whiny as Luke, extremely unlikeable, annoying, egoistick prick, who i did not care about. In fact i was glad to see him get sliced in half, even though it’s supposed to be painful to watch. You may say that Luke was whiny as well, but at least he was whiny in a relatable way(and he doesn’t hate sand, lol). He at least had some optimism, guts and bravery. He was like a normal person. And almost all the other characters suck. They are boring, political monks, with no personality. In the originals, the characters act like real people, we can relate to. It’s hard to relate to someone does not have a character. It might be different for you, but it ruined something for me. I wanted Star Wars to be the most epic saga of all time, not 3 superb movies, two meh movies(TPM and AOTC) and one decent movie(ROTS). I wanted them all to be great. There are countless flaws, but i’m not gonna talk about them all.

    But i hate when people say: “If you don’t like the prequels, you are not a true Star Wars fan”.
    First, there are no true fans. There are just fans. If you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, you are a Star Wars fan, even If you only like Empire. Second, so when i go see TPM, and don’t like it, does it mean i stop being a fan? No!

    If you like and enjoy these films, awesome. Great for you, it just did not do it for me. I don’t hate them, but it’s Star Wars movies, i expected more.

  71. People expect an obvious good guy/bad guy distinction and so they miss some of the subtleties of the prequels, like when Anakin killed the younglings he was symbolically killing his younger self, as evidenced by the youngling who spoke to him looking just like Anakin at the end of Phantom Menace.
    I think people ignore how bad the acting was in the originals because they are blinded by nostalgia.
    Yes, Jar Jar was irritating as &@#$, and Darth Maul should have been kept on as the villain of the trilogy (in my opinion) because he was so much cooler than Dooku or anyone else. I think he was even better than Vader. But the prequels weren’t built around the Cold War fear that made everyone want blatantly obvious themes.

  72. “You don‚Äôt see seven year-old‚Äôs moaning and wailing about the quality of dialogue.”

    They occasionally eat boogers and shit their pants, too.

    Cognitive dissonance sucks, doesn’t it? ūüėČ

  73. No. It has nothing to do with nostalgia. I grew up with both trilogies, but even when i was a little kid, i liked the originals better. And also, there are many of my childhood movies that i now find unwatchable. However, Star Wars always stayed with me. The sense of adventure, fun, wonder, lovable characters and even the spiritual. No, the acting and dialogue in the original trilogy, wasn’t always the best, but it was better than the prequels. The prequels were soulless movies, that lacked the heart and humanity of the originals. The characters were monotone and one-dimensional. You can say, why not just enjoy them? Because they spit on the mythos of the original trilogy, and the just are not good. I will never accept them as part of the saga. They’re boring.

    Real Jedi. Yeah, and you know what? Wow, they’re were dissapointing. Dull, emotionless monks with no personality. And the lightsaber duels were not good. They’re overchoreographed, and i don’t care about the characters. In the originals, i care. The battles in IV-VI are real gritty and tense.

    The story was good, but poorly executed.

    The love story was bad. That’s it.

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